Whose side is Obama on?

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I ask this frightening question because it is becoming increasingly clear that Obama’s loyalties do not seem to be firmly lodged on the side of western civilization, the United States, or even our allies in the Middle East, both Jewish and Muslim.

To give you an idea, here is a small selection of links:

The last is interesting in that it includes these comments by Obama:

In a Nowruz (Persian New Year) video address, Obama said that a “reasonable nuclear deal… can help open the door to a brighter future for you, the Iranian people. I believe that our nations have a historic opportunity to resolve this issue peacefully — an opportunity we should not miss,” added Obama.

The collection above is only a sampling in the past week. It ignores past stories, such as Obama’s snub of the Charlie Hebdo demonstrations in France, for example.

I repeat: Whose side is Obama on? The evidence sure is mounting that he is not allied with the United States.



  • Cotour

    667 days, 2 hours, 50 minutes & 20 seconds left from right now. Who knows how far he intends to go and more importantly, how far Congress will allow him to go.

    Nothing will surprise me.

  • Daniel Baumann Sr.

    Our Congress does not have the BRASS to confront POTUS on anything, they are afraid that they will be labeled RACIST !!

  • Jwing

    His natural father left him and his mother.
    His stepfather left him and his mother.
    He didn’t look like his mother or grandparents.
    He lived in Indonesia from 6 to 11 years of age then to Hawaii.

    He has no allegiance to anyone let alone to this country.

    He didn’t seek the Presidency out of a loves for USA but to fundamentally transform it…and punish it. He is a very angry, angry man. He always has been, sadly.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Have to agree with all your comments. It’s shocking, really – most likely any other president would have been impeached, convicted & removed by now for multiple treasonous actions that have put us at much greater risk. How long will it take for the general public to wake up to the fact that this man is NOT a patriot. In fact, based on what we’ve seen, he’s not just a mere traitor, selling out his country for personal gain, while retaining some small measure of feeling for his country (if it is INDEED his country…) – rather, he appears to be an outright enemy of all that was ever good about our nation.

    Aside from all that, he’s blatantly hypocritical – claiming he couldn’t invite Netanyahu to the WH because it was too close to the Israeli election, while at that very moment sending his political operatives over there to openly oppose the PM & do everything in his power to defeat him. It’s beyond disgraceful – as always, I can’t even find words strong enough to express my contempt for this petty little man…

  • D.K. Williams

    This must be how the Romans felt under Nero.

  • Al

    Judge a man not by his words, but by his actions.

    His actions have been telling the whole story since before he was even elected to office. Unfortunately, most people want to believe that he is someone other then who he truly is.

    I’ve said before that impeachment doesn’t go far enough. The man needs to be tried for treason.

  • Publius 2

    All shadows of doubt have evaporated. As terrible as it is to contemplate, this president is a traitor to his country. He has violated his oath of office many times now, and thousands are now dying each month all over the world because of his weakness, his misguidedness, his mendacity and his extremist ideology. Whispers can now be heard about what must be done — something unthinkable in our history: This crisis cannot be solved by an election; the members of our military who understand their oaths must exercise their power to protect us all from this domestic enemy.

  • Cotour

    Here’s another impeachment avenue to follow, among the many others:


    I was listening to Stephen F. Cohen last night (who I have listened to many, many times before) who is a well known and respected expert on Russia.

    Combine Cohen’s observations about Putin who has no fear or respect for Obama (with good reason) and the fact that Obama will not meet with the general that runs NATO and I realized that Obama is either so naive and ignorant about the buttons that he is pushing or he is well aware of the buttons that he is pushing that either way the end result may well be extreme military actions will take place between two of the nuclear powers on the planet, America and Russia.

    Is Obama’s hatred for America so intense and his need to diminish America so profound that his agenda would include such an extreme and purposeful agenda? Like I have stated before, NOTHING WOULD SURPRISE ME.

  • PeterF

    Perhaps he is loyal to…

  • Cotour

    There will come a point in the near future where that reasoning will no longer be palatable and actions may well be forced to be taken. And that is where this all may be going. Obama from his point of view wins either way.

    Sometimes you just have to do what must be done and screw the push back.

  • Publius 2

    Agree about Cohen’s expertise.

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