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A good summary of the FBI coup attempt against Trump

Link here. After more than two years of “Trump colluded with Russia!”, it is now been clearly documented that there was never anything to this, and that it was instead a ploy by the Democratic Party, the FBI, and the hostile Democratic mainstream press to overturn the legal election of an American president.

This article provides a concise and clear summary of the FBI’s illegal and criminal participation in this coup attempt, now admitted to by fired FBI official Andrew McCabe. It lists and details the following seven takeaways:

  • 1. McCabe Proves Trump Firing Comey Was Justified
  • 2. McCabe and His Co-conspirators Only Ever Had The Dossier to Go On
  • 3. Much Of This Seems Like A Cover-up
  • 4. The Conspirators Might Be Turning On Each Other
  • 5. McCabe Might Be Telling The Truth About Rosenstein
  • 6. The Whole Russia Probe Is Tainted And Corrupt
  • 7. Comey, McCabe, Clapper, And Brennan Are Unpatriotic Dopes

For emphasis, I want to quote this description of McCabe’s actions, from the start of the article:

Here we have a formerly powerful and unelected government official, for all the world to see, admitting that the FBI tried to launch a coup against the constitutionally elected president of the United States, in only the first few months of his tenure.

McCabe however was not alone. He was part of a cadre of upper FBI management that teamed up to try to overturn an election, many of whom are still in office. We shall see if the new attorney general, William Barr, is willing to clean house. If he isn’t, this kind of misbehavior will only get worse.

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  • Cotour

    McCabe (And the arrogant and very superior, Scott Pelly and 60 minutes) are attempting to sell and justify to the American people that he, McCabe, and the DOJ, who the FBI and McCabe is inferior to, and the FBI had reason and therefore cause to be the arbiters of who should be president of the United States and who should not be president.

    Its funny, I missed that part of the Constitution that gives them that responsibility and legal authority to do so.

    Q that Scott Pelly may have missed: Did the leadership of the FBI take similar actions when Mr. Barak Obama was elected president? After all if you were to look for five minutes into Mr. Obama and where he came from and who were his associates and his personal and professional activities you might reasonably come to the conclusion that he might also fall into this special “extra Constitutional” legal responsibility that the FBI leadership has created for itself.

    And then you might ask a more speculative question: Were you in the FBI leadership ready to do the same when Ma Barker was made president? Because you would not have to look too far to find actual and real bribery and sedition related to the Russians, Ma Barker, Uranium One, lots of money, and this was all known by and secured by Mr. Robert Mueller himself in the capacity of the director of the FBI. The tip of the Ma Barker iceberg.

    In the end the Mueller special investigation should and I suspect may be ruled to be illegal and everything that has come as a result of this poison tree be dismissed. A fraud from the jump, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, all of them and I believe there are at least 30 of them, are dirty here and all need to be reconciled with the laws that they have blatantly and plainly taken upon themselves to violate.

    So Mr. McCabes explanations and rationalizations to Scott Pelly, arrogant and superior as he is, to the American people will IMO fall on deaf ears for the most part, just an attempt at legal PR damage control.

    From Comey on down, they all should have resigned instead of violate their fiduciary responsibilities to their agencies and more importantly the Constitution of the United States. Treachery and sedition are what they have committed no matter the excuse. You know damn well you should have all known the difference. (And you all did which makes this probably thee most seditious acts ever attempted against a duly elected president. How dare you! And how dare the media allow you and even cover for to to do so.)

    Bill Barr is going to be a very busy man.

  • Des

    If this is true, then why did James Comey publicy reveal in the week before the Presidential election the reopening of the Clinton email investigation while keeping the collusion investigation secret?

  • Cotour

    St. Comey allowed himself to be painted into a political operative corner.

    I actually had some compassion for him at the time, but in the end St. Comey needed to just hand over his report to Loretta Lynch and HER deputy should have dealt with the decision to prosecute Ma Barker or not, not the director of the FBI which is an investigatory agency and is inferior to the DOJ which is the prosecutorial agency that should have dealt with her. But they could not because of Lynch and her closeness with the Clinton crime family and the infamous Tarmack Meeting. Nothing unusual to see here, keep moving.

    The nerve, we are all just too stupid to see this for what it was? No, their arrogance and need to stay out of prison was more important than anything else.

    Comey had no business doing what he did and at that point no matter who won the presidency he was going to be fired. I remember stating that if I was Trump the first order of business would have been to fire him, day one. He doomed himself.

    The Trump / Russia “collusion” investigation was based on the Steele dossier and that was done in the FISA court, which is secret.

    A Star Chamber.

    “In July 2013, The New York Times published disclosures from anonymous government whistleblowers of secret law written by the court holding that vast collections of data on all Americans (even those not connected in any way to foreign enemies) amassed by the NSA do not violate the warrant requirements of Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It reported that anyone suspected of being involved in nuclear proliferation, espionage or cyber-attacks, according to the court, may be considered a legitimate target for warrantless surveillance. Acting like a parallel U.S. Supreme Court, the court greatly broadened the “special-needs” exception to do so.[2]

    The newspaper reported that in “more than a dozen classified rulings, the nation’s surveillance court has created a secret body of law giving the National Security Agency the power to amass vast collections of data on Americans”.[2][a] It also wrote, with respect to the court:”

    A rubber stamp to spy on the American public, and we can plainly see that it has been abused in the instance of the “Trump / Russia Collusion” none situation, and how many more times?

    A secret court used as a political weapon.

    Congress is filled with seditious characters that sell the American public out every day, always with the best intentions of course.

  • wodun

    2. McCabe and His Co-conspirators Only Ever Had The Dossier to Go On

    IIRC, this isn’t exactly true. Didn’t the dossier reference meetings that were set up by American intelligence assets with Page and Papadopolous early in the election? There were also unmasking of conversations between Americans working for Trump and foreigners that looked less like spying on foreigners but using the foreign contact as a pretext to spy on Americans.

    When we look into how the dossier was constructed, it shows involvement of our government and foreign governments. When we look into how it was used, it wasn’t just used to justify spying on the Trump campaign but was used as an industry wide media operation. We will never get the full truth because the media participated in the attempted coup and wont willingly expose their own corruption to the public.

  • wodun

    February 16, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    If this is true, then why did James Comey publicy reveal in the week before the Presidential election the reopening of the Clinton email investigation while keeping the collusion investigation secret?

    The collusion investigation wasn’t secret. The media was constantly talking about it. Hillary and the DNC hired Fusion GPS and Fusion GPS and Fusion shopped articles to every media outlet. Also, corrupt members of the Obama administration were continuously shopping their own articles to the media.

    This is why Trump constantly confronted Comey, and others, to make public statements about what was going on.

    As to why Comey announced that they reopened the investigation into Hillary, he was forced to by a local LE office that found something like 700,000 of Hillary’s emails on the laptop of a person who was being prosecuted for sexual predation of minors and who happened to be married to Hillary’s number one employee. Comey either had to tell the public or the locals would.

    The discovery of these emails showed just how rigged the investigation into Hillary was. This computer was never seized, it had more emails than team Hillary or the DOJ said existed, it had a lot of classified material on it, it showed a reckless disregard for handling classified information, and even though Comey said they magically looked through all of those emails, it turns out that was a lie.

    To reiterate, Comey was forced into reopening the investigation because it was about to be revealed that it was a sham investigation. It was an effort to help Hillary, not harm her. And he rigged the investigation into the new tranche of emails just like he did the rest of the investigation into Hillary.

    Also, the same DOJ employees that rigged the investigation into Hillary were charged with investigating Trump and many are now on the Special Counsel.

  • wodun

    Oh and Des, don’t forget that every single email sent on Hillary’s server was CC’d to the Chinese. This was known but the Obama administration and corrupt DOJ covered this up.

  • wayne

    “You mean, like with a cloth or something?”

    What we really need to dig up, is every single email sent from/to a GMail account, from anyone who worked for the federal government, during the entire 8 years of the previous administration

  • wayne

    Levin TV
    “Mueller’s ‘Silent Coup’ Not So Silent Anymore”
    December 2017

  • wayne

    If I recall correctly– McCain initially ponied up $50K to get the dossier started, then HRC weighed in with $12 million to Fusion GPS for the final Draft.

    Hillary for Prison Song
    (Beatle’s Parody)

  • Wodun

    I think that turned out to be false and was just a way to deflect blame onto Republicans. Some Repiblicans did employ Fusion, but not for the dossier which was put together by the British spy and paid Russian sources.

  • Cotour

    Two words:



    Our Constitution and the rule of law are now balanced on his shoulders, is he up to it?

  • Edward

    wodun wrote: “<IIRC, this isn’t exactly true. Didn’t the dossier reference meetings that were set up by American intelligence assets with Page and Papadopolous early in the election?”

    My recollection is that Papadopolous was set up separately from the bogus dossier, using an Australian diplomat.

    I also recall that the Clinton campaign used the bogus dossier a couple of weeks prior to the election as their October surprise strategy. This is undoubtedly why they hired the creation of the bogus dossier.

  • Jason Hillyer

    This is how you get a second Civil War…

  • Cotour


    Everything leads to Ma Barker (Hillary Clinton) and the efforts by the Obama controlled and Trump despising leadership of the FBI and the DOJ under the leadership of Loretta Lynch and James Comey. And the evidence that supports this contention is the fact that I think there have been at least 25 people between the leadership levels of the DOJ and the FBI that have been out right fired or demoted or who were forced to retire and basically thrown out of each. That does not happen as a matter of whim it happens for extreme cause. These are government workers, they are not fired for no reason. EVER. ; Senator Graham calls for a special council to investigate the two sets of laws and the corruption that plainly exists in our government. Anything up to and including murder to acquire or retain power, ANYTHING!

    There were clearly two sets of laws fashioned by the leadership of both government agencies to support one candidate and give her a pass in the existing law. Any rational American can plainly see this as being the truth of the matter.

    Now we wait and see what kind of Attorney General the American people have been given in the form of Bill Barr. This cleansing MUST take place for everyone’s sake in America and the world, party affiliation aside. It will be contentious and chaotic, but it MUST happen.

    Even if after all is said and done there are pardons given to those who to this point in time have been protected from the massive damage that they have perpetrated against us all and our Constitution and the rule of law.

    Everything, all of the chaos and extreme contention the American people have been through in the last 2 years which includes witnessing the self destruction of the Democrat party who found itself out of the power which they were certain was theirs leads to one person, Hillary Clinton and her and those who endeavored to ensure her presidency through overt corruption to make that so.

    Plain and simple, now it must be reconciled and fixed.

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