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A gun-control Democrat in Chicago calls for defunding the police

At least one Chicago alderman is now demanding that the city defund its police force as her solution to the rioting and looting and gun violence occurring there and nationwide.

She is also clearly in favor of the strict gun control laws in Chicago, which means she, like Democrats in California, New York, Minnesota, and elsewhere, sees the lawbreaker as her base and the ordinary and innocent citizens as her enemy.

UPDATE: It occurred to me that there is another aspect to this story that needs noting. If you go to the link, you will see a video news report that includes an interview of alderman Rodriguez-Sanchez as well an “activist” and a representative of the ACLU, all strongly in favor of defunding the police. Amazingly, the reporter, Will Jones, apparently never once thought to ask any of these individuals about the strange conflict between their desire to defang the police, while maintaining Chicago’s very strict gun control. Tells us a bit about his own biases, or maybe his own lack of depth in thought.

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  • Cotour

    From the mouth of a real world expert on the use of guns and crime:

    Just another stupid and reactionary response from the Left.

    DO IT!

  • Chris Lopes

    Civilization, it had a nice run but it’s time for Mad Max and Thunderdome.

  • I have updated my comments in the post. People should refresh to read them.

  • James Street

    It’s ironic but Democrats are fantastic for gun sales.

    Because of reduced hours due to the “pandemic” I’ve only been to my local shooting range in the Seattle burbs a couple times in the last 2 months. I went last Saturday for the first time in a while and every parking space was full with cars of newbies. The fullest I’d seen it any time the past was 25% once and I had to wait 15 minutes for a booth to open up on the range. So Saturday I didn’t even try to go in.

  • LocalFluff

    I’m not an American, but I’ve kept half an eye on American politics for a decade now since Ron Paul ran for R-nomination.

    Obama, Bush and Clinton would immediately have federalized everything with this “crisis” as an excuse. But Trump has let the governors run their own wild races. What do you think that his purpose is for this? He’s not a Ron Paul constitutionalist, so is he just letting all stupid regional D-politicians make fools out of themselves by letting them “handle” this imagined crisis in ways that he knows will fail very badly for their re-election?

    It’s so funny to see Trump dominating silly people around him wearing gags! What next, everyone wearing powdered wigs to prevent lice? Or jumping around on one leg? I’m usually good at predicting political things, but I’ve ran out of imagination now.

  • TGeorge

    Ahm… Disband the police and put instead the People’s Liberation Militia (PLM)!
    After having that thought I realized “plm” is an abbreviation for some obscene slang in my native tongue, so it’s only fitting.
    And, you know… When commies got into power over here they renamed the police into “the militia”. Various intelligence (and other) agencies were consolidated into one huge Department of the State’s Security, having lots of Directorates ranging in competencies from riot control, paramilitary troops and others, all the way to foreign intelligence. I can’t remember now but I think the militia was part of DSS.
    All that, of course, under the careful supervision of our soviet friends. Military personnel went over to USSR for 2-4 years scholarships and got back with russian wives. Even now we’re not entirelly sure who’s who over here.
    Your soviet friends (and others of their ilk) I think – as you previously said – have already established a presence in the US since a few decades back and they seem to be… patiently working towards fulfilling their mission.

  • LocalFluff

    Without a government, the criminals are just a gawking rabble that is easily, very easily, taken care of by spontaneous civil society without any central coordination. That’s why there were so very very few crimes committed in the world before the governments was instituted and there existed no police. For example, in Sweden there existed no employed policeman until 1850. Only a few part time assistants to the regional government, who were more like a spontaneous civil guard than today’s police.

    It’s when you are fooled to believe that “someone else” (God or the government) will take care of a problem, that the problem can grow without bounds.

    Getting rid of the government’s police force is a good thing! The best way to fight crime. The idiots who “believe” that their government is their God who will keep them safe and give them eternal life (if they give away all their monies and wear a gag), many of those will of course be killed. But that is just a bonus! And they will get killed anyway because they are too stupid to survive under any condition. That’s how human kind evolves, by getting rid of the failing genes. It’s only their own responsibility to take the consequences of their own choices in life. They need to learn it the hard way, and in any case the gene pool will get wiser from it. We need to care about our children’s future!

  • LocalFluff

    This thing with Police officers kneeling.
    Wasn’t it EXACTLY what killed George Floyd? Why do they want all Police to repeat that? It’s just random what symbols they choose.

  • Cotour

    The kneeling symbolism is related to Colin Keapernick and his Black Lives Matter kneeling during the pledge at football games.

    And yes, the kneeling symbol in this instance does send a paradoxical message.

    In the end all of this Black Lives Matter driven protesting is based in Marxist / Socialist models and is doomed. This is the double edge sword that will destroy the Democrats in the end. Defund the police, disband the police, good luck with that symbolism. DOOMED.

  • pzatchok

    I love hearing about the fanciful dreams of the young. Reminds me of songs from The Beatles.
    They are about as shallow as a 2 minute song. Just not as well thought out as the song.

  • Cotour

    Im weeping listening to this:

    Just imagine, in another world, on maybe another planet, maybe in another dimension.

    Yes, John, you were a dreamer, I imagine where you are now its very peaceful. And you were put there by someone who was a real world nut, and the real world unfortunately is filled with nuts, and worse amitious politicians.

  • Col Beausabre

    The Left are uneducated fools who have never read any of the great books that define our culture. Like Thomas Hobbes’ “Leviathan” which claims that mankind in a state of nature is involved of in “a war of all against all”, hence the need for government with the power to govern. ” The obligation of subjects to a sovereign is understood to last as long and no longer, than the power lasteth by which he is able to protect them.” I don’t agree with all Hobbes says about the need for a powerful central government, but in this case, he is dead on. The principle role of government is to keep the peace and enforce the laws (impartially – if the police have violated the law, they have forfeited their immunity as agents of the state and deserve punishment)

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