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Another obvious hoax paper published by peer-review journal

Alan Sokal strikes again! Using fake names whose initials spell out SOKAL III, several anonymous scientists were successful in getting the peer-review journal Higher Education Quarterly to publish a completely fake paper, with numerous errors on every page, no data, absurd math, and whose authors gave themselves fake credentials.

Peer reviewers failed to perform basic due diligence on the paper submitted in April and approved in October, neglecting, for example, to verify that authors “Sage Owens” and “Kal Alvers-Lynde III” were UCLA professors as they claimed. Owens even used an encrypted email service for correspondence with the journal.

They didn’t check whether the conservative foundations named as active funders of higher education actually existed. The “Randy Eller Foundation” is made up, while the Olin Foundation shut down in 2005.

The author who goes by Owens told The Chronicle of Higher Education that the journal didn’t even ask to see their data: “Every page has some glaring errors.”

The paper was quickly retracted by the journal, but appears so fake that the entire editorial board of this journal should resign.

Alan Sokal by the way did this exact same thing in 1996, proving that most social and gender study journals were utter bunk. Not that his hoax accomplished much, as these brainless departments marched on until they have permeated all of academia with their nonsense, with Critical Race Theory now leading the way.

Read the whole article. Based on some comments by Owens, it is very possible that these hoaxers have gotten a slew of similar papers published, and are only waiting to pull the string.

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  • Cotour

    All fraud, perversion and corruption all the time. (Just keep the money flowing)

    And people are asking: How did the Chinese develop hypersonic missile technology that apparently works, and that can release payloads while in flight?

    We are asleep and in the process of self induced suicide and are lazy, and the Communist Chinese are not lazy, are aspirational and they are not asleep.

    Eventually if not addressed properly by adults that have existential interests in America and its survival then a new balance will come to the world. And these frauds and the likes of, John Kerry and lazy apathetic Americans will have had a major hand in crafting it.

  • Cotour: As far as I can tell, the Chinese have done no such thing. All the evidence points to a Pentagon disinformation campaign making up the existence of this hypersonic test to gin up panic and money from Congress.

    Absolutely no evidence has been presented by anyone in the military to prove this happened. All their statements are unconfirmed, and do not match facts that are available.

  • Cotour

    This is what America is about, simple:

    Titans Of CNC : All in 2 min.

    This model is essential to the survival of America and freedom in America and the world. And the Liberal, now Leftist Democrat party machine and the RINO Republicans want to eliminate this model from America and replace it with the government.

    And its just that simple.

    If there are no people who are incentivized and willing to risk their private capital on others who have an ability, vision and drive to *DO* then we are all slaves to that government.

    If this Leftist / Communist / Democrat party machine condition is allowed to be fostered and to persist in America in the name of “Equity” then all opportunity for the everyday man and woman is over. There will be no reason, incentive or ability for the every day man or woman to found and build a business. And those who are successful will not be able to do the same with their private capital. Its a beautiful, “Vicious” Capitalist cycle.

    Not unless those empowered in government allow it that is.

    Its just that simple.

    The Leftists like, Richard Wolf, Socialist / Communist professor of the Left always promotes the “Collective” and employee ownership as being the solution to the woes of the world. Which is fine if you freely choose to engage in that business model. But when it becomes mandatory as per government mandate and control then these near sighted Leftist ideologues and their half baked economic models of fairness an “equity” fail every time.

    Without investment capital and the risk reward model and the incentive of all party’s to win and lose then we are all the property of the government. And THAT is exactly the opposite of what the Founders intended.

    Its just that simple.

  • Cotour

    I can not confirm or deny either, but that is what was in the media. It may well be an attempt to either force funds into programs, or it is a justification for the U.S. to stand down if and when the CCP military moves on Taiwan? Stay tuned.

    I just used that as an example. The hypersonic missile may well be a fraud as you propose, and if so that just further cements the idea that we are in a self induced childish self delusion of fraud, corruption and perversion.

    Either way, its not good.

  • Cotour wrote “But that is what was in the media.” So of course it must true. :)

    On this media, here at BtB, the reporting was a bit different.

  • Cotour

    Trust none of them.

    I had not heard of the possibility that the successful hypersonic CCP test was less than real.

    Information? Or disinformation? I will look further into it but you must propose it because you have some insider perspective.

    Its all a psyops.

    To report such a “success” on the part of the CCP military and it not be true would be quite the psych. Leave the CCP scratching their heads?

    But again, is it an attempt at forcing funding. OR is it the set up to justify not confronting the CCP?

  • Cotour: That you come to my webpage every day and do not read it is quite embarrassing, to you. See this post on October 19:

    Did China test a hypersonic weapon in August?

    My conclusion:

    Thus, I remain skeptical. The U.S. and Russia have been attempting to build a hypersonic missile for decades. Both the U.S. and Russia have claimed recently to have successfully tested such a rocket on a short flight (see here and here). Neither have come close to launching something that could circle the globe. Then again, neither have used a rocket to lift their hypersonic missile into orbit first.

    For China to suddenly leap ahead of both seems unlikely. It is not impossible, but until the story is confirmed by more reliable sources or by another independent news organization, it remains questionable. More important, someone is going to have to identify the missile’s actual launch, which at this time remains nonexistent.

    Or maybe you should have read this post on October 29:

    VC of Joint Chiefs: Not one, not two, but “hundreds” of Chinese hypersonic tests!

    My conclusion:

    As I say, Hyten’s goals — fast testing, fast development, and not fearing failure — are all correct and laudable. But to suddenly turn a questionable story about a possible single successful Chinese hypersonic test flight, based entirely on anonymous sources, into “hundreds” of flights, strongly confirms to me that the original story was planted by the military to create fear in Congress and the public so that both would eagerly give the military more money.

    You might really make at least a minor attempt to read this website that you visit so often.

  • Chris

    “We are asleep and in the process of self induced suicide and are lazy”

    I think we are not asleep nor lazy, but that we are in deep conflict with each other. And that this is caused by China and/or Russia (and that what was sewn by the USSR). I think that we are NOW feverishly working to prevent “the other side” from gaining ground in this just barely non-violent civil war between the Left and Right or Blue and Red – pick your metaphor.
    I think this is the result of decades of pushing from the Left – powered by the likes of Soros AND from the Right being polite for the same decades and letting too much go. *** Perhaps here is where we WERE lazy and did not fight hard or hard enough.
    Now we have a situation where we are at ropes end, our last compromise is gone and the true colors of the Left show openly.
    I don’t think we are lazy any longer.
    And while we fight here in America for the soul of the country – the Evil of the World play.

  • Cotour

    Yes, embarrassed, thats me, what can I tell you?

    The subject really did not interest me that much to be honest, I have been immersed in the various levels of the Covid / Vaccine frauds and manipulations.

    Speaking of which I see you weathered the storm well.

    And that is a good thing.

  • Cotour: You should at least do searches here on such subjects, when the subject finally interests you. You would be enlightened.

  • Chris

    Cotour – It’s an observation.
    Be well

  • Cotour


    “I don’t think we are lazy any longer.”

    Remains to be seen, the allure of the “Free” stuff payoff being fashioned by the now Leftist Democrat party machine is a powerful aphrodisiac of the masses.

    Americans are not by nature a lazy people. BUT the left seeks to destroy all incentive and reason to be industrious. Its a part of their culture of dependency. Its a sickness, a mental illness that they are afflicted with.

    And they need to be cured of that illness. And America can cure them or at least dial them down to a point at which they are not as effective as they have been over the past 50 years in drugging the general populous into the stupor at least some of them are now in.

    We wait, and we wait for the sane amongst us to comment in the next election. At some point something is going to give in a big way if no one shows up, or the elections are demonstrated to not be in the least honest and fair.

    And that condition of fraud and corruption IMO was clearly apparent in the last presidential election and it needs to be revealed and dealt with.

  • Max

    I watched an episode of the reboot of CSI Las Vegas last night, the main character exclaimed that “the truth you can prove in court is no longer relevant”.
    That omission surprised me, it’s all about political experience and optics, political correctness and how you feel. The truth is what we want it to be, and how it makes us feel in the moment.

    I forgot who gave the best explanation of the “hypersonic missile” on BTB, that it is merely a ballistic missile that enters orbit and waits there until targeting data and activation sends it back to earth at hypersonic speed.
    The pictures that they show us are of models or cruise missiles.
    I have often wondered what an earth observation satellite is and why they need so many of them.

    Cotour, can you find out for me if it was Fauci’s daughter who banned Trump from Twitter?
    “Another relation, Alison Fauci – daughter of Christine Grady and Anthony Fauci, works as a software engineer for Twitter”

  • Americans are not by nature a lazy people.

    But we are easily persuaded to believe that the “little intellectual elite in a far-off capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves” because society has recognized them as paragons of intellect, wisdom and virtue on the basis of mere appearances … then misplace our trust in them, thinking that our own proximity/consequence-informed insight and common sense are irrevocably inferior to these paragons, without regard to the fact that they possess the same human frailty, perceptual limits, and potential for failure as the rest of us.

    BUT the left seeks to destroy all incentive and reason to be industrious. Its a part of their culture of dependency. Its a sickness, a mental illness that they are afflicted with.

    That is the flip side of the flawed belief above … the Left really do think that they are smarter/wiser/more virtuous than you and I and therefore should be making our decisions FOR us, as though they are omniscient and infallible.

    As I often say, this is the problem behind the problems … this lack of confidence in ourselves, in favor of outsourcing the decision-making to “recognized authorities” who lack the insight, virtue, flexibility, and accountability of consequences to reliably arrive at the varying solutions that are right for EACH of us.

    OTOH, if we become willing to assume the risk and effort of managing our own lives with our own common sense, at most looking to the elites for advice while retaining decision-making authority for ourselves, we will find that we will resolve problems faster, better, and more economically, in both the micro (individual) and macro (societal) levels.

    But that takes each of us to assume the courage to risk failure, in the face of the self righteous who will grind us into the powder of humiliation in their smug arrogance of Knowing Better™.

  • Cotour

    Another example of dishonesty and or science going against the accepted and mandatory (?) political narrative?

    Bret Weinstein / Heather Heying / Dark Horse Podcast:

    Subject? Myocarditis following Covid vaccination.

  • wayne

    random fyi–

    You might enjoy the “No Agenda” Podcast: Adam Curry (from MTV fame) and John C. Dvorak (from Silicon Valley).
    main page is here:
    (and available on multiple platforms)

  • Jeff Wright

    Peer review has been sadly lacking for quite a while now

  • John

    Publish those papers clown world.

    Report the news corporate media.

    Teach the kids national federation of teachers.

    Investigate criminals FBI.

    We trust you.

  • Mike Borgelt

    Re hypersonic FOBS type weapons: May I remind everyone that the USAF has the X-37B which is an orbiting vehicle capable of remaining in orbit for longer than a year and landing back on a runway and I’m sure has a payload bay capable of accommodating a nuclear weapon.
    Sounds like a just fine, handy-dandy FOBS with maneuvering hypersonic re-entry vehicle.

  • wayne

    Mike Borgelt–
    I like that idea.
    Our W87 (Mod. 1) thermonuclear warhead allegedly weighs between 400-600 lbs. with a yield of 475 kt.

  • Cotour

    M. Borglet:

    Good point.

    Q: What if you are an enemy that understands that your enemy that possesses the X- 37B and other devices of increased air pressure and the ability to deliver them at its disposal has a president and his administration who are in essence in the process of delivering your country to their defeat?

    Both the Chinese and the Russians appear to be setting up to make their moves in some way shape or form on the real estate that they see as valuable and belonging to them early in the next year.

    And if they coordinate their moves to occur at the same moment in time and the president is unwilling to take care of business in some significant manner, why would they hesitate? Joe Biden and company are at the minimum incompetent, and at the max they are stone cold traitors. Choose one.

    Aside from the massive international disruption, but in the end after it all settles down what are we left with? A defeated and complacent America that cannot stand in the way of the Globalist agenda being fully realized.

    I hope that my projection of future scenarios is based in my ignorance and my imagination of what is actually in play, but that is exactly what it looks like to me. Walks like a duck.

    Next year the power equation in America is going to change drastically and I can see the Democrats through their clear distaste for America as founded being relieved of the political power in D.C. for the next 10 to 15 years? And they should / will be replaced by MAGA concerned Americans. And that eventuality and those long term consequences for the Democrats and our enemies, that being so it may be imperative that this paradigm shifting scenario be executed.

    Like I said, hopefully its just my overactive imagination and I am over thinking it all.


  • Cotour, I hope we’re both wrong, but it looks more and more like the world’s gonna party like its 1914 … because Western leadership is as feckless as it was in 1938.

    In my view, Russia faces less risk than China, because it is facing feckless Europe who won’t like rise up to defend Ukraine, then the Baltics, then the old Warsaw Pact nations. I think that not only Taiwan, but Japan, South Korea, India, and perhaps even Australia (once the reality of war overrides their panic-demic obsessions) have more resolve, and can at least make a Chinese advance a Pyrrhic advance. And China has a serious vulnerability with Three Gorges, should things go kinetic, that will wreck their economy and in turn their ability to wage sustained war.

  • Cotour

    To my point about paradigm shifting events being a possible reality:

    If the Chinese and the Russians are serious about reacquiring their dirt, why would they hesitate? Are the long term benefits worth the short term risks? Or maybe they are just using the current tensions in the world as levers for their long term interests?

    IMO, Biden and his “Woke” general, Milley will stand down.


  • Cotour

    The Three Gorges Dam is a great point.

    What a massive liability if taken out.

    That alone is a good reason to not push the button on the part of the CCP.

    Gets more interesting.

  • From the Goodwin article With apologies to Mark Twain, reports of the death of the political center were exaggerated. It is alive and well, and holding its ground against the socialist onslaught.

    While it is better than letting the radicals run amok, holding the center is not enough, for that ground is undermined with the tenets of social technocracy. Building on the center leaves the door open for the radicals to return over us in the future.

    And as long as we assume government is there to make our lives easier by outsourcing our responsibilities to them, not even a move to the Right guarantees a healthy nation, for there are protectionists and moral busybodies on the Right who, given the chance, will simply co-opt the institutions of our social technocracy to impose their will, to the cheers of some among us who welcome such “help” at the expense of even their liberty,.

    While we need to treat the symptoms and stop the bleeding, our recovery is not assured without that fundamental change in the attitude of the American people that I described earlier. Until that happens, we are left with making the best of a bad situation.

    Move not to the Right, nor to the Left – but to respect for individual liberty and the expectation of individual responsibility as primary values within our governance and society. To do otherwise is just fooling ourselves. To do so, will restore our resolve to defend liberty and keep the peace through the credible confrontation of tyranny.

  • Blowing the already-questionably-stable Three Gorges Dam will make the 1993 floods in the American Midwest look like a busted pipe.

    And there are a lot of families who raised a “little prince” in China, under its One Child policy, that will deeply resent them being used as cannon fodder by Pooh Bear.

    OTOH, Russia has the ability to threaten the feckless of Europe with a cutoff of their gas supply. They don’t have a vulnerability like Three Gorges, but neither do they have the economic heft of China to sustain a conflict, especially if the Pseudodent comes to his senses and turns on the all gas and oil taps expeditiously that he previously turned off.

    Of course, if they think they can get away with it, both Pooh and Putin (more likely, Pooh) might choose to use nukes, and the resultant destruction could totally wreck global civilization, even without taking environmental issues into account.

    Frankly, we could be in more danger of nuclear war now, than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis – and you can add to that the potential breakout of operational nuclear weapons in Iran.

  • Mitch S.

    Ok, a little reality check, hitting or even threatening the dam is a ridiculous escalation.
    It would green light China to target US cities with nukes.
    And with “Brandon” in office it could backfire: China attacks Taiwan, US knocks out 3 Gorges, China announces all their nuke forces have been set on DC, NYC, LA, and tells Brandon to surrender or else (and as incentive if the US surrenders a nice fat deal will be made with Hunter).
    Brandon, the Dems and the Media elite would rather live in a ChiCom controlled country than risk being vaporized and have K Street, Zabars, and Spagos left in radioactive ruin. Milley would go along if the Chinese promise to make him the new colony’s “head of gender sensitivity”

  • Mitch … who says hitting the dam is even under our control?

    Taiwan itself could pull that off in a non-nuclear parallel to the Israeli “Samson Option” … and once it happens, China will likely be too busy dealing with the damage to pursue further action against Taiwan. If they use nukes at all, they risk not only military but economic retaliation unless others use them first … and as far as we know, India is the only nation with skin in this game that has a limited capability of doing so if we choose not to launch.

    And if they dare to try and take over the USA, not only will they shoot themselves in the foot economically and logistically, they will find problems behind every blade of grass outside of the urban feedlots. So will Brandon, Hunter, and Milley all of whom will be marked men in an armed nation, as a lot of people will realize that they have nothing more to lose.

  • Cotour

    I really do not think the Kinetic option is realistic, the Chinese are more interested in everything up to kinetic, like election tampering, biologicals, psyops, threats, blackmail, etc, etc.

    Sun Tzu all the way.

    But the potential certainly exists for the kinetic option if the wrong signals are sent from a weak American leadership especially as it transitions to a strong leadership. I think that is what might concern me more.

    Nukes? No one wins if it gets to that point.

    Like Einstein said: I dont know with what weapons world war 111 will be fought with, but world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

    How close are we? The weaker we are the closer we are IMO.

    Only trouble comes from weakness, especially in international relations.

  • pzatchok

    The claim that the Chinese hyper missile dropped a payload is highly suspect.

    First off its not big enough to carry more than one bomb and it does not have landing capability. So why use it like a bomber to be reloaded?

    Just use it like a missile and carry a nuclear bomb right to the target.

    As for using something like this to just take out ships. Such a waste to take out just one ship.

    As for intercepting one of these hyper missiles. Think of the old game missile command. You take out one nuke missile with another. Even they can not dodge a nuclear explosion.

    If China starts a war they will lose all of the richest customers they have for their exports. North America and Europe for starters.
    They will then have to deal with “wolf packs” hunting down their shipping fleet and either taking the goods or sinking the ships.
    And sorry but China no longer has the ability to feed itself for longer than a year without imports. Millions could start to die and then a huge part of China’s military will have to be used just to keep power inside their own nation.

    And we will never start a war with them.

  • wayne

    America Declares War on Japan 08/12/1941
    British Pathe News

    “No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.”

  • Cotour


    If a hypersonic missile could deliver / off load an initial payload to one target AND THEN deliver a second payload to another that may well be a valuable trick to be able to perform from the same missile. No need for anything to be landing.

  • Andi

    If that “one ship” that gets taken out is a carrier, they may not think it’s that much of a waste.

  • Edward

    Mike Borgelt suggested: “Sounds like a just fine, handy-dandy FOBS with maneuvering hypersonic re-entry vehicle.

    However, if the test were an orbital craft and only hypersonic on reentry, then which Chinese launch put it into orbit, and when did it reenter?

    In another thread, I wondered what nations it overflew, if it were an airborne rather than orbital hypersonic vehicle. If the Chinese have one, I don’t think that they tested it in the way that the U.S. government agencies have suggested.

    We do seem to be susceptible to hoaxes.

  • Cloudy

    As to what the true capabilities of China or America in a war, there are many interesting theories. However, there ha not been a major power war since World War II. It is hard to guess what capabilities will really matter and which are just money pits. It’s also hard to know whether a decisive outcome can be expected early, or if things will drag on. We can throw invectives on those who must make policies in this field, but it’s best to be aware they have tough jobs.

    It’s also easy to say “Trust no one” – but this is not doable unless one has a limitless amount of time. 99.999…% of all the things we believe in every day are based on trust. I believe in general relativity, the existence of the country of India, radial tires, etc:. I have not personally seen or evaluated any of the evidence for the above. To a great degree, the scientific method depends on trust. It is possible to present what appears to be a credible attack on any fact by simply refusing to trust those who present evidence for it while trusting uncritically those who present evidence against it. The trick, then is knowing who to trust about what and for what purposes. That requires humility, hard work and maturity. These do not seem to be generally admired qualities nowdays..

  • ” . . .radial tires . . .”?

  • Cotour observed: ” . . .replace it with the government.”


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