Anti-Semite Democrat says Trump simply isn’t human

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They’re coming for you next: In a discussion noting similar immigration policies of both Trump and Obama, anti-Semite Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) said that the comparison was “silly” because “One is human. The other is really not.”

Every Democratic voter had better realize this basic fact: Too many of the people they are voting for see their political opponents in this light, which means it will be very easy for them to treat their opponents as bugs that should be squashed. And this is what almost always happens when leftist socialists gain power, in the Soviet Union, in Germany, in North Korea, in East Germany, in China, and in innumerable other places in the past century.

Omar is simply being honest about her hateful bigotry.



  • Steve H.

    Once you describe your political enemy as a “sub-human” , then ANY action you take is fully justified. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Castro (in order of mass murder rate) all used the same justification.

  • Cotour

    Yes, objectify your enemy it makes it easier. If you have compassion for and humanize someone who has a mother and a father and children then you have just chosen to complicate your job.

    These, our “Fellow Americans”, are in fact not our fellow Americans.

    If you listen to the droning on and the professing’s of AOC and her fully indoctrinated Marxist / American Communist perspective, and Ohmar and her tap dancing, and worse the Democrat leadership covering for these operatives by stating that they are just newbies and are not fully aware of what they are saying is perhaps the biggest indicator of the political chaos to come.

    To me what will happen in the 2020 presidential race is more predictable, I think these operatives are causing a schism in their party. The question that needs to be focused on however may be what happens in 2024 when more of these young and fully indoctrinated Leftist operatives come of age.

    The newly empowered congress people have no business being in our government. But there they are.

  • wayne

    “These, our “Fellow Americans”, are in fact not our fellow Americans.”

    I will second that motion.

  • pzatchok

    The old democrats are dead and just do not know it.

    The new young idiots will be fielding presidential candidates from now until they win and get a true communist in along with a communist congress and senate. They are young enough to wait and work for the next 50 years to gain this goal.

    How are you going to fight this take over?
    By force? No.
    By education. Teaching the young people. Start charter schools in your community. Staff them with vetted and chosen teachers.
    Teach the children to pass any tests they need to to graduate but also teach them the real history of the world. Teach them why Socialism/communism always fails in the end. Without having to teach all the extra socialist pablum they are pushing into kids now we would have twice the time to teach them all they need to know.

    We will not out elect them until we effect a change in the future voters of America.

    If we actually start now and work hard, we can save this nation in just 30 years. We can stop them without violence.

    If we turn to violence we will never gain ground and an eventual win. The young people will just see it as a last act of desperation, proof they are winning and correct.

    We can not use violence until they use violence. They must be allowed to go way overboard. If we are going to use violence the socialists MUST be forced to use state forces to kill unarmed opponents.

    But until then education is the only path to a real lasting win.

  • wayne

    “The Sum of All Fears”
    This Virus Is Airborne

  • Phill O

    Whoa! What she said is consistent with her Islamic beliefs! Totally! That is what the muslim teach about non-muslim.

    When the Nazis declared Jews non-human, we saw the outcome. This is less to do with political ideology and more to do with religion. No more separation of church and state for the muslim.

  • Exoafrican hominins are interbred with Neanderthals, Denisovans, and one suspected other Archaic subhuman species, so technically we’re not human.

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