August 17, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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  • Localfluff

    Yeah, let’s go with John Batchelor’s idea and call the Chinese far side Lunar rover “The Winnie the Pooh rover”! To make the emperor happy.

    I hope that the Chinese Lunar mission in December is a resounding success, and that they land near one of the poles. That might put it on the White House political radar and make them scrap the FLOP-G to instead go for the surface. I don’t know whether it is a good idea to organize the space force as a separate branch of the military or not. But it seems as if Trump wants it that way to make the US space military ambition more visible and to use it in international politics, in the game played against Russia and China. A space race to the surface of the Moon might very well be attractive to him as a kind of bargaining chip. As a threat to China but also as a potential for cooperation with the friends of the US.

    I think that the emperor will not outlive Trump’s administration. Rational Chinese will get rid of him to save their fortunes and go for a mutually fruitful cooperation with the US. The Chinese people love money and trade, to see their (risky) investments grow. I’m lousy at East Asian history, but AFAIK aggressive expansion is not what the Chinese have been doing the last several centuries. They’re not at all like the Prussians. If they can feel safe with their coastal waters, I think that there won’t be much popular, or elitist, support for risking a war. US Soviet cooperation in space after Apollo is something Trump is certainly well aware of. A coordinated US-Chinese Lunar surface program would be a wonderful futuristic symbol for long term forward looking peaceful cooperation once the emperor is gone.

  • Captain Emeritus

    We won the space race to the surface of our moon in 1969.
    Open up the FP-45 Liberator production line from WW2 and send a few million units to Chinese insurgents.
    They’ll know what to do with them.
    Meanwhile, embargo and boycott ALL Red Chinese products to the U.S. until the communists are overthrown.

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