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Biden administration to formulate new regulations governing in-space commercial activities

We’re here to help you: The Biden administration has now officially announced its plans to formulate new regulations governing in-space commercial activities, such as satellite repair, orbital refueling stations, and removal of space junk, as part of a space strategy workshop statement released last week by the FCC.

The new White House initiative is a follow-on effort [to one started during the Trump administration], aimed at fleshing out the domestic rules, and possibly future regulations, for “non-traditional” space activities that today either fall between jurisdictional cracks or simply are not covered by current law, according to a US government source involved.

Another thrust of the Biden administration effort is to get in front of the governance issues in order to shape future global norms and rules, including for military activities — ahead of China, which also is seeking to be a leader in how humankind expands its reach to the stars.

Kamala Harris announced this new regulatory effort, outlined in this strategy document [pdf], and added that it will be led by the National Space Council, despite the fact that the FCC scooped her by a full week in announcing it. This quote below from her speech announcing this initiative also illustrated her empty-headed, cliche-ridden mentality:

“We will do this work to make sure our nation remains a role model for the responsible use of space,” Harris said in a speech during a visit to the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, Calif. noting that the US “must write new rules to provide the clarity” needed by government and industry for 21st century space operations.

“We must think about where we now stand and where we must go,” she said. “The opportunity of space must guide our work in the 21st century. to do so, must deepen our partnerships with the private sector.”

Despite the vapid content of Harris’s speech, make no mistake she and the federal bureaucracy that is dominated and controlled by the Democratic Party knows exactly where it wants things to go: It wants power and control, and is very unhappy that in the past five years private enterprise has wrested that power and control from it in space. These new regulations will be shaped entirely with the goal of squelching the freedom of private companies so that the government runs things again.


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  • Bob Wilson

    Mr. Zimmerman, are there any compelling reasons for space companies to be headquartered in the US? if I recall my elementary physics, there are advantages to launching closer to the equator. The Webb telescope launched from French Guiana. The Democrats can pass all the rules they want but they have no way to enforce them with non-US companies.

  • Bob Wilson: I’ve answered this question so many times I am sick of it. I’ve now made a text file of my response the last time someone suggested SpaceX instantly flee out of country, and will cut and paste it into my reply now every time someone asks again. To quote:

    Why is it the first reaction of so many people when I post stories like this is to suggest that Elon Musk flee, to run away? Not only can’t he do it (both for legal and practical reasons), it is the worst possibly reaction to this government overreach.

    It is time all Americans stopped running. There really is no where else to go. We need to stand and fight, and force the government and its intolerant minions to back down. Otherwise, freedom will continue to lose ground everywhere.

    I expect Musk to fight, as he has fought and won previously.

    As for moving:

    1. Legally he can’t. SpaceX as a rocket company falls until strict federal regulations. No matter where he moves those regulations will apply, especially because much of his work force and materials will come from the U.S.

    2. Practically he can’t. The qualified workers and infrastructure doesn’t exist in these other locations. You can’t simply recreate this kind of hi-tech company in South Africa, in Mexico, or any other third world country.

  • Edward

    Bob Wilson asked: “are there any compelling reasons for space companies to be headquartered in the US?

    Many countries encourage space companies to form or to operate within their borders. Luxembourg is an excellent example of an encouraging country. There are certain advantages for being a U.S. company, and other advantages for being a U.S. space company. Rocket Lab could have been a New Zealand company but chose to headquarter in the U.S. Technical advantages include a knowledgeable workforce for space design, construction, and operations. The U.S. still has a lot of freedom. Just because Let’s Go Brandon wants to limit our freedom does not mean that he has destroyed it. Yet.

    if I recall my elementary physics, there are advantages to launching closer to the equator.

    Equatorial launches have some advantages, but the most advantageous latitude to launch from is the one corresponding to the orbital inclination. The energy needed to go northward (or southward) from French Guiana begins to exceed the advantage of the extra “throw” that the rocket gets from the equatorial launch. It isn’t a lot, but it reduces the maximum payload that any given launch vehicle can take to that orbit. If I could only have one launch pad per planet, it would be at the planet’s equator, but the most efficient place is at the latitude of the equatorial inclination.

    The Webb telescope launched from French Guiana.

    Webb was launched on an Ariane V because it had the widest fairing at the time of design. This allowed for Webb to be designed at a larger size than it could have been if it were designed to launch on any other launch vehicle. The Delta IV could carry more weight, but for the Webb designers, size mattered more than mass.

    The latitude was not a driving factor. Arianespace launches from French Guiana because its target market was geostationary satellites. When Congress nearly destroyed the U.S. launch industry in the 1980s, Arianespace gained many payloads that would have gone to U.S. launch companies. It has taken over a third of a century for the U.S. launch market to recover from Congress’s horrific error.

    If we let government run things, all we get is what government wants. When We the People run things, we get what we want.

  • Bob Wilson

    Robert Zimmerman wrote: “I’ve answered this question so many times I am sick of it”
    that was not the question I was asking and I do not appreciate your condescending attitude, There are many space/rocket companies in the world other than SpaceX and there are other countries where they can be headquartered. I believe in free enterprise and the capitalist system and the future of space travel. If for the reasons you cite SpaceX cannot leave the United States then let them try to fight the US political system. Godspeed to them. But if they fight and lose and the market exists, other companies will spring up in other countries.

  • Bob Wilson: I apologize if I came across as condescending. At the same time, people keep suggesting this idea as if it is as easy a thing to move a rocket company as it to hire a UHaul and move. It isn’t. not even close, and if people would just think about it just a tiny tiny tiny bit that fact would immediately become obvious.

    SpaceX must fight the growing government leviathan. So must every space company and every American who still loves freedom. Running from California and New York or even the United States won’t solve anything anymore, as the thugs are everywhere and are cutting off any real escape.

    We must take a stand, where we are now. If anything, the U.S., with its Constitution and legal system, is the best place to fight. And if we don’t, that dark age I see dawning now will come on far faster than it has to.

  • ” . . .that dark age I see dawning now will come on far faster than it has to.”

    You assume that a Dark Age is inevitable. I happen to agree, but primarily because of the way the Universe works. Humans have much less Free Will than some imagine.

    Curious juxtaposition: a Dark Age dawning.

  • Gary H

    Yup..the administration will make anti- competitive moves and hand over leadership to China. Biden and Xi are rumored to be meeting “soon”. This can only result in further US self criticism and most importantly, reinforcing Xi’s perception of US weakness and decline. Taiwan can’t be feeling comfortable with so little real support..massive weapons shipments to Taiwan PRIOR to invasion.

  • James Street

    “her empty-headed, cliche-ridden mentality”

    The scary thing is Kamala Harris has speech writers who wrote this speech and she’s just reading it off a teleprompter. The naive leftist idealists running our government are that insane and evil (and I mean “evil” in the theological sense).

    I’d feel better if Biden and most of DC weren’t on the godless Chicom commies’ payroll.

  • pzatchok

    I can not think of a better place to live than the USA.

    The lack of ground level corruption is one reason. I have had to deal with it in Mexico and can only imagine how bad it is in other less developed nations.

    I like to hunt small game and sometimes go out with my son deer hunting. I can not think of anyplace in Europe that would let me do this for less than 100 dollars a year total.

    I like to buy any gun I want at anytime. Mostly without any waiting period or state permission. Full auto weapons and silencers still requires a background check and 200 dollars for the paperwork but that is affordable. Any other first world country do this?

    I can alter any car I want in any way I want with out permits or checks. To a point. No weapons without applicable permits. Any first world nations that allow this?

    And thats just personal freedoms I use everyday that not all others use.

    Others may say something about the healthcare in the US but I have insurance and still take home 65% of my wage. Even adding in my personal retirement fund I still take home 50% and live rather well. I have friends who make less and they do not seem to be starving or homeless.
    Our homeless problem is made up of 90% mental patients or drug addicts. The other 10% are there only temporarily. We do need a better metal health care system and better protective laws for those homeless who need the mental help. As it stands we are not allowed to institutionalize them until they commit a crime and then its jail first unless they are talking to ghosts insane. Then they are let out as soon as a doctor says that if they stay on their meds they are fine.
    That is our only real medical care problem.

    As for business freedoms. I can start any business without any real problems and mostly without any idiotic permits or onerous taxes and or outright bribery to local officials.

  • Gary H


    Clearly, you don’t live in California. We will all be unable to modify cars, or buy guns without state approval, which will be difficult to obtain should Biden’s left continue in power.

  • Max

    pzatchok, nicely said.

    Our country has a lot of problems, but it’s still the “best” of all the bad countries in the world!

    We the people, to form a more perfect union… And if we have to, we will do it again… because “we the people” are the sovereign and the government is the servant.

    The Stalin style show trials of January 6 are void of any substance or opposition showing how utterly powerless those who believe themselves to be rulers actually are. This is probably the reason they’re activating the FBI as a Partisan goon squad against trump. (and parents in school board meetings)
    They’re losing control and the Republican enabler‘s are unable to fix it. (yes, they’re working together… Republicans are the silent partner in this)

    Kamala Harris said;
    “The opportunity of space must guide our work in the 21st century. to do so, must deepen our partnerships with the private sector.”

    The “not so secret” phrase of the cabal, “public/private partnership”. You see it everywhere as private companies enjoy freedom‘s unheard of without fear of imprisonment by unfaltering loyalty to government cooperation. (such as operation warp speed, the marriage between government, military, and the pharmaceutical companies)(particularly with the news media and their inability or unwillingness to stand against government corruption) (or Facebook and Twitter silencing the opposition despite first amendment rights)
    Untouchable, unquestionable, and believed to be unstoppable. Even as we speak a private/public partnership (known as the federal reserve) is hiring 830,000 new IRS employees with an 8 billion grant by the Democrats. (Nearly $1 million per employee?)
    The job description for 800,000 of them is “must be willing to use deadly force…”
    That’s right, they’re not bean counters, they don’t even need to do math, they are a private/public army.
    (When they are done with us, you will own nothing and be happy… Or else)

    Most of the industrialized world are already members of the economic forum. Even if Elon musk could leave the United States, it be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire because he would have less control elsewhere.
    They do not wish to stop him, just to control him.

    They will not kill the goose that lay’s the golden eggs… they will become his partner, one way or another.

    Even his oil platforms being rebuilt for space launch systems won’t be a haven to run to… If he hires battleships from China, Russia, or wherever to protect them, they also will come with strings attached to control him.
    Should he ever make it to Mars, the big brother of world government will be looking over his shoulder, even there. (at least he will forever have the glory of this accomplishment, if he makes it, they will never be able to take that away from him… A worthy goal worth achieving)

    Outside of Elon musk creating a secret base on island like a James Bond movie, his best hope is here in the US paying off the right people to throw cogs and spanners into the congressional works in the tradition of the American way.

    The Biden administration knows how to shake down a Mark as they have with China and Russia… They don’t need the money, but criminals, crooks, and scammers have a mental illness that causes them to be unable to help themselves, because there’s never enough. It’s such a rush… which is their addiction, it is such a high every time they get away with it, no matter who or how many they harm.
    Just look at the guestbook for the Lolita express, Melinda divorced Bill Gates over his lack of morality, visiting Jeffrey Epstein‘s island many times to sample the under age girls… which was also being provided for thousands of the world leaders and rulers. (yes, Bill and Hillary and Donald Trump‘s name is on that list too)
    Never forget the obvious. Even though Donald Trump is our best hope, (Elon‘s best hope) he spent most of his life as a Democrat. Most of his career in the entertainment industry. 14 years working for NBC building his credentials as an authority figure, an actor improving his brand. In the end, is he what he pretends to be? Or is it just an act in a role he’s playing for the audiences entertainment…
    It appears that’s what the Democrats were counting on when they picked him as the Republican candidate. Giving him $1 billion worth of free advertisement against all contenders. No wonder they hate him so much. He wasn’t A RINO mitt Romney that was easily controlled.

    In a way, that’s all we all are as we pass through life. Actors in a role where we appear to be normal, hoping to be better. And in that way, making a better world.
    The difference he made will be felt for many years, proof that a person can rise above expectations and do the right thing, or at least the best he could with the bad information he was being given from all sides.
    His eyes are open now, but he still believes everyone should have an experimental useless shot, despite thousands that are dead. Some people can never admit when they’re wrong.
    (i’m picturing Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown to kick… No matter how many times good hearted people are hurt, they can’t believe that someone would do this to them again, and again, and again…)

  • D. Messier

    Your chronology is confused. The White House published the policy document in April. FCC then made its announcement explaining what it is doing to support the policy. Then Harris discussed the policy in a broader space about commercial space. The VP was not “scooped” by the FCC. All these things are coordinated between the White House, agencies and offices.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Kamala Harris mocked for Nasa video with paid child actors
    (October 2021)

  • wayne

    Have not read the PDF.
    I did however suffer through a speech from our VP.
    She doesn’t strike me as someone who has a firm grasp of the material she’s reading off the prompter.
    The guy who wrote the stuff on the prompter– I’ll be maga-polite and say, ‘ignorant.’

    VP Harris Speaks on Supporting the Commercial Space Sector
    Chabot Space & Science Center. (8-12-22)
    (This is not complete but I’m too lazy to search c-span right now, and nobody really needs to watch more of her to get the picture.)

  • Col Beausabre

    “The scary thing is Kamala Harris has speech writers who wrote this speech”

    Know what’s even worse, you and I – the US taxpayer – are paying their salaries.

  • Star Bird

    I would like to see Biden and his Entire Band of Scoundrels and Lowlifes all sent into deep space

  • Edward

    You have mentioned several freedoms that We the People still retain, but some very large ones have been lost.

    Part of the reason that your health insurance does not cost you an arm and a leg is that your employer pays a large portion for you. Health insurance under Obamacare is so expensive that even the highly paid Congress petitioned Obama for an exemption, stating that they and their staff could not afford it. If they can’t afford it, what chance do the rest of us have? By the way, I do not have health insurance, because, like Congress and its staff, I cannot afford it anymore. In my state, I am a scofflaw.

    We the People have been prevented from working, and some of our jobs hinge on our willingness to be guinea pigs for experimental pharmaceuticals that are proving to be more harmful than beneficial. Let’s Go Brandon promised that if we remained fully vaxxed then we would remain healthy, yet he not only became ill but tested positive again shortly after his recovery was complete. His full vaxination appears to have eliminated his natural immunity and who-knows what else.

    The government is now telling companies how to conduct their business, and now they are extending that to space businesses, regulating activities that have yet to be tried. We don’t know how to do some of the things that Brandon and Komie Harris already want to regulate, so how do we know that they won’t regulate successful operations out of existence before they can even exist?

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