Bigots harass white woman for singing music from India

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The bigoted left: Thugs at Brown University harassed a performer Thursday because she dared sing music from India even though she happened to be white.

But to some students, it was actually an intimate evening of gruesome cultural appropriation, because Grossman had the temerity to sing chants from India despite being white. “How does your whiteness impact how you engage with these cultures?” a student asked Grossman prior to her performance, according to The Brown Daily Herald. Another denounced her for “disturbing and appropriative language” on her website.

Eventually, Grossman’s performance began, but the protesters in the audience continued to shout out questions, which caused attendees who actually wanted to hear the performance to turn around and tell them to be quiet. Students were induced to move outside after announcing they would hold their own competing kirtan (notably, a photo of the protesters suggested only a handful were ethnically Indian).

What was really going on here was an example of pure bigotry. They attacked this woman merely because of her skin color. They hate her because she is white, and want to destroy her because of it.

Note that this isn’t the first example of thuggery by jack-booted brownshirts at Brown. Nor do I expect it to be the last..



  • Wodun

    Democrats are bringing segregation back.

  • Kevin R.

    The opposite of individualism, cosmopolitanism, and peace is tribalism, bigotry, and strife. The Left hasn’t even discovered civilization yet. They don’t simply destroy the economy of civilized life, they bring back the jungle.

  • Robert

    Bob, I don’t want to suggest thuggery but, in my part of Texas we’d likely end their rudeness with a bit of fist meets mouth, especially if they interrupted the performance and showed the slightest aggressivity. There is a sort of polite violence you know?!

  • Edward

    But, Robert Z, how can they be bigoted or thugs, because they “care” — if only for themselves — and as we all know, so long as they “care” then the self-interested, liberal, progressive, fascist, dictatorial, tyrannical ends (is there a difference between these six?) justify any bigoted, thuggish, bullying, selfish means.

    And besides, the liberals’ only argument is: Shut Up!
    Isn’t it against the First Amendment to take away their only effective argument?

  • Edward

    I find it fascinating that people who have blatantly appropriated western styles and customs are now complaining that “westerners” are sharing the joys of other cultures, such as Indian music. One would think that today’s American students would have been taught to do a little research, but apparently that is just too difficult, given that this generation has the hard-to-master internet.

    Americans of African descent gripe when Justin Bieber wears dreadlocks, but where did the Africans get them from?

    OMG! It turns out the Greeks wore them twenty-six hundred years ago.

    Apparently, some cultures assume that *they* have invented everything — then defend their misbegotten appropriation (dare I call it theft?) with hatred, racism, bigotry, thuggery, and shut-up-ery.

  • Mitch S

    I wonder if the singer wasn’t Carrie Grossman but was a person of African descent,or perhaps an immigrant from Egypt, would there be such a protest?

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