Chick-fil-A banned from another airport

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They’re coming for you next: A second airport has decided to not allow a Chick-fil-A franchise there because its owners are conservative.

New York Assemblyman Sean Ryan, a Democrat, celebrated the decision by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) and Delaware North to not move forward with plans to bring Chick-fil-A to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. “A publicly financed facility like the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is not the appropriate venue for a Chick-fil-A restaurant,” Mr. Ryan said in a statement Friday. “I applaud the decision that has been made to remove Chick-fil-A from the plans for this project.”

Mr. Ryan said he opposes the popular chicken chain because of its “long history of supporting and funding anti-LGBTQ organizations.” [emphasis mine]

And exactly what are the evil causes that Chick-fil-A support?

The criticism of Chick-fil-A’s donating practices was renewed last month after the left-wing ThinkProgress released a report saying the chain’s foundation donated $1.8 million in 2017 to Christian and socially conservative groups with an alleged history of anti-LGBTQ bias, including the Salvation Army. The allegations are part of an ongoing backlash against Chick-fil-A that started in 2012 after CEO Dan Cathy, a conservative Christian, revealed his disapproval of gay marriage.

In other words, you are no longer allowed to express any dissent to the idea of gay marriage. You must be silenced, your businesses destroyed, and your families hounded from public life. In fact, why not simply round all these evil Christians up and put them in concentration camps? That would be the best way to stop them from expressing their evil ideas in public.



  • Cotour

    All un Constitutional and discriminatory, Chick Fil A should do well with their settlements.

    On a related subject: “Sheldon Cooper”, pajama boy for president.

    I honestly know absolutely nothing about Pete Buttigieg other than the Desperate Democrats are frantically searching for their savior in 2020 and this young man is on their radar. His boyish resemblance to Sheldon Cooper is unmistakable, and I have to assume because he is a married gay man that he is a very balanced and nice person.

    Is he going to be the president of the United States? I seriously doubt it. Looks like another Justine Trudeau to me, I can see them now having tea and having a mutual cry on a variety of subjects. I however also do not see him sitting across from Putin or Kim Jung un or the Chinese president for life, Xi and them taking him seriously.

    My DNC dream / nightmare is that AOC was old enough to run for president. I suppose that you can not have everything.

    PS: Joe Biden will fail to announce for president, he is in the process of being taken out by the DNC and the media. He just does not have the force of will nor the gravitas to put himself through it all. Hopefully he allows his own ego to dominate and fools himself to be a spoiler. Another dream, a sure 2020 BS loser.

  • wayne

    “Subliminal Messages in their sandwiches??”
    Glenn Beck/BlazeTV
    April 19, 2018
    [parody alert!]

  • Cotour

    On the subject of Biden: I just found this out.

    This surgery scrambles your brain, Biden had it twice, maybe it explains why he is so handsey, IMO a ticket to retirement.

  • Orion314

    yet another example of health care in the USA going to those who least deserve it.

  • Edward

    From the article: “Despite the controversy, the chicken chain is currently on track to become the third-largest fast-food chain in the United States.

    Despite he controversy? How about because of the controversy?

    I had never heard of Chick-fil-A until the LGBT community made a big huff about them seven years ago. About that time, the first one in my area opened. Once again, I wouldn’t have known about this new location had it not been for that big huff. I tried them out, waiting in a long line with a hundred others. I wouldn’t have gotten into the line, that day, but would have waited a week or so for the lines to thin out, except that there was a protest out front. So I walked over and told the protesters that because of their presence I was eating there that day. As I left the restaurant with my meal, one of the protesters was walking to her car to go home, saw me, and said that she hoped I enjoyed my meal. Overall, a good experience.

    There are now three restaurants near me, and three more that are out of the way. I have had many lunches and dinners at Chick-fil-A, over the past seven years, but for some reason never on Sunday. Hmm. I wonder why.

    Now with this new attack on the restaurant chain, guess who is having Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight.

    I’m going to help them become the third-largest fast-food chain in the United States.

  • pzatchok

    Our local actually had to open a second drive-thru. And even with that they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

    6 days a week open to close constant cars. Never a break. And he is right in between twelve other restaurants.

    I have seen employees outside directing traffic.

    Never a protest. They can not get close enough.

  • pzatchok

    By the way,

    the San Antonio airport used to have a firearms store inside it.
    Yes they sold guns inside Texas airports.

  • “A publicly financed facility like the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is not the appropriate venue for a Chick-fil-A restaurant,”

    But a bigoted, oppressive organization like the Democratic Party *is* deserving of public funding.


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