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China’s Kuaizhou-1A rocket fails during launch

China’s Kuaizhou-1A rocket experienced its second launch failure on December 14th, though few details about what went wrong have been released.

The Kuaizhou-1A rocket is built by one of China’s pseudo-private companies, Expace.

Expace had been encouraged by three successful Kuaizhou-1A launches across September, October and November, which followed the Kuaizhou-1A being grounded for one year as a result of a failure in September 2020.

Since the rocket’s first three stages use solid rocket motors, it must have been derived from military missile technology. Thus, the company is not private, even if it has obtained Chinese private investment capital, but closely supervised by the Chinese government and its military.

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  • Andi

    Small edit in second paragraph: “rocket is built”

  • Jay

    Bob, you are right, the Kuaizhou-1A is based off of the DF-21, the so called “Carrier-Killer” missile. Exspace does launch commercial satellites, but is entirely state-owned, and dare I say the commercial arm of the PLA.

  • pzatchok

    China has a social ranking system.

    Its enforced on both citizens and companies. Even foreign owned private companies. If you want to do business in China you follow the system.

    Through this system they tend to extort cash from companies. Not back to the government like a tax but in a quietly directed investment.
    These investments give the companies social credit and thus less onerous regulation.

    Thus Niki could be a major investor in a rocket company.

  • pzatchok

    This social system is going to be implemented by the left in the next few years.

    You will need a good social rank to use google facebook tik tok and of the social media on the internet.

    then it will spread to news services and any other posting sights.

    Then hosting companies will implement it just to have a web presence.

    then you very own ISP. No access to the internet if you can not keep a good social rank.

    Every teen alive now will be used to it by the time get out of collage. They will accept it as normal.

    The constitution will no longer be taught in any school. Not even law schools.

  • Is Social Ranking so bad?

    If you have a planet of billions of individuals who have been taught autonomy, and that in keeping with the natural inclination of life, how do you prevent total anarchy?

    Well, you start with Law. But Law is only as good as the people implementing it. When that fails, as it has, there is Force. And not ‘The Force’.

    In China, there is Force. In the US; still Law, but rapidly being replaced.

    I am thinking that freedom and liberty, although highly desired, are an aberration. Everyone says they want it, but no-one wants to work for it.

    Mr. Spock : Curious how often you Humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.

    ‘Errand of Mercy’


    23 May 1967

  • Lee Stevenson

    @ the last 2 posts …
    If often been said on these pages.. “the sky is NOT falling in”, but from a different perspective I guess.

    The free world is not going to follow China into communism. Full stop.

    The US had a full term of a pseudo right wing government with Trump, the people’s decided they didn’t like it, so voted him out in favour of “sleepy Joe”… Democracy in action, in your self professed ” greatest democracy in the world”. ( You guys should really have a look at a broader democratic system… A 2 party system is never going to give anyone the candidate they want, or deserve. A possibility to build a coalition government comprised of politicians who actually know that of which they speak about could work wonders for the US)

    All that said, yes it is no doubt a Chinese puppet company, and it’s a bit of a shame it failed. This rising tide we are lucky enough to be living in genuinely lifts all ships. Actually not this particular ship.. but the launch rates for this year speak for themselves. A major gripe here is that China uses stolen US tech… Very possible. But if you have any faith in your government agencies, don’t worry, if China jumps ahead in the space race, I’m pretty sure the US will be stealing their tech back as soon as it is developed.

    Don’t worry guys, communism is not coming to the US ( or Europe, or the UK anytime soon! )

  • wayne

    Ref– “The US had a full term of a pseudo right wing government with Trump,…. ”
    With all due respect– are you crazy? That was 4 years of “pseudo right wing government?”

    Ref: “Don’t worry guys, communism is not coming to the US ( or Europe, or the UK anytime soon! )”
    Holy cow Lee, do you really think there’s a substantive difference between socialism and communism?

  • pzatchok

    Law is being replaced by social force.

    The Kyle Rittenhouse trial for the latest. An innocent man brought to trial just to appease the social voices.

    Protesters forcing companies to donate to programs they never would have before. Employees fired for incorrect thinking.

    Social media editing posters comments. Not just for outright rude and insulting comments but for simply saying something they do not like.

    The rule of law is getting lost. Being replaced by social pressure and those willing to apply the most pressure will be making the new rules.
    Laws are there to protect the citizen against other citizens. Social pressure is nothing more than rule by force.

    And our children are being taught that that is correct and right.

  • pzatchok

    Whats the difference between

    A democratic government were any citizen can be elected to any government post

    A communist government were any citizen can be elected to any government post.

    A dictatorship were the dear leader is the only one who can run for the top office

    A communist government were you can only vote for approved people from one party

  • Lee Stevenson: that was a nice dance, and avoided the points. Also possible I was not clear in my expression. I do believe you have too much faith in human nature; and there’s only a few thousand years of evidence to observe.

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