Christians flee Islamic jihadists in northern Iraq

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The religion of peace strikes again! Hundreds of thousands of Christians flee northern Iraq as Islamic State take over the region and jihadists tear down churches and destroy Christian manuscripts.

This analysis of the situation now in northern Iraq asks some pointed questions of President Barack Obama, who withdraw American troops from that country far sooner than any military or local expert advised.

This analysis explains why President Barack Obama seems so unconcerned about the fate of these Christian refugees. To use his words, this kind of violence and terrorism and genocide is just an example of these groups acting with “extraordinarily irresponsibly”.

I ask: When are the American people going to finally get tired of electing children to office and have the courage to elect an adult?



  • wodun

    We helped Islamic militants overthrow the government in Libya based on humanitarian concerns and we almost went to war in Syria for the same reason. But when it comes to Iraq, Obama wont take any action against the Islamic militants putting bodies in mass graves and heads on sticks. The same Islamic militants out of Syria that Obama wanted to use to overthrow Assad.

    Obama creates problems in the region but he wont take any steps to fix the problems his policies have created. It is a disgrace. He may finally get around to doing something after all the people who need help are dead.

  • danae

    Obama may be pressured into to providing aid, based on political calculations. He will never, ever admit to having a hand in the mess that Iraq has become as a result of his decisions.

  • Pzatchok

    I can’t wait for the left to realize that some large portions of Islam are in a religious war against non Muslims and especially Christians and Jews.

    The left thinks its just a few in a political war doing terrorist acts.

  • Dick Eagleson

    I suspect the solution to the ISIS problem will be the Saudis supplying the Kurds in lieu of the feckless Obama, perhaps even having the Royal Saudi Air Force fly close support missions. The Saudis have a very strong interest in seeing ISIS put down, they have money, they have lots of American weaponry and they won’t be hectoring the Kurds about politically correct rules of engagement.

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