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CNN panel of Republican women back Trump unequivocally

Pushback: A CNN panel of Republican women, when asked about Trump’s tweets attacking the Democratic congresswomen who have been pushing for communist policies, backed Trump unequivocally.

Furthermore, when the CNN reporter kept trying to slander Trump by claiming his tweets were “racist”, these women quickly challenged that false and slanderous description.

“Isn’t that what the president does with some of his own comments? His own racist comments?” the CNN reporter wondered.

“He didn’t say anything about color,” O’Briant responded.

“We know the president is not racist, he loves people from Hispanics, and black people, all across the board,” said Cami Dean, another of the eight women.

Video of this panel is below the fold. Watch it all. The panelists take the CNN reporter to task for claiming what Trump said was racist, quickly pointing out both the reporter’s bias and ignorance.

And just in case you have been living in a cave and missed it, this is what Trump tweeted:

So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.

Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. [emphasis mine]

There is nothing in this statement that has anything to do with race. What Trump is criticizing is the anti-American, bigoted, and communist agendas of congresswomen Omar (D-Minnesota), Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), Pressley (D-Massachusetts), and Tlaib (D-Michigan).

Granted, Trump is crude. He also is wrong to suggest all of these women came from elsewhere (only one did). Nonetheless, he is bluntly noting that these congresswomen have expressed nothing but hate and hostility to America, and should be called out on it (something that the Democratic Party seems unwilling to do).

The CNN panel shows that, for at least these women, the effort by the Democrats and their agents in the mainstream press to slander Trump is not working. They can read what both Trump and these Democrats have said, and recognize who the real racists in this battle are.


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  • Cotour

    That is funny. CNN could not find one woman to put with the others to tell that she was suicidal because of what Trump said?

    I just now had a woman tell me about a British show that she is watching and its about a family living through the Trump presidency and all of the crazy stuff that the Brits imagine will go on in their fantasy reality. It is really upsetting her, and its all made up. They just sold their house for $1 million pounds and deposited the money and because of Trump it just disappeared because of the banking crash that he institutes.

    She continued: And when it gets to 2024 Trump pushes the button on an island in the South China Sea and he nukes it.

    I told her that I am noting our conversation and I will remind her of it in 2024 and we will pick it up then.

    She then told me: “I hope it is done next year and his presidency is ended, I can’t take it”.

    They are collectively losing their minds. I can not imagine what mental condition they will all be in in 2024.

  • Chris

    I wonder how this reaction compares to the reaction to Ronald Reagan from the same population.
    As I recall they thought war with the Soviets and therefore the end of the world was inevitable with Reagan in office.

  • Cotour

    She was really genuinely upset. (Its a made up show on TV in another country making her nuts about her own country)

    Yeah, Reagan was suppose to blow up the world also.

    They confuse strategy and strength with irrational saber rattling aggression.

    I will find the name of the show.

  • Lee S

    I have tried to avoid commenting on any political posts here…. I am deeply at odds politically with both our host, and most of the commentators on BTB..
    But I was disappointed with the reporting of this story … He told no one to ” go back where you came from ” as the headlines make out…. Trump is not the best when it comes to being diplomatic, and the INTENT of his tweet is obviously not racist…
    Yawl know I’m a leftist… But I’m also disgusted with the handling of this comment by the main stream media….
    At some point the pendulum will swing back… And it will become ok to point out bullcrap… And to champion truth .. but I guess we just have to wait……

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    “And it will become ok to point out bullcrap… And to champion truth .. but I guess we just have to wait……”

    You are witnessing bull crap right now and have identified it, maybe there is hope. What “truth” are you now waiting for?

    You are going to be detecting a whole lot of other truth before the pendulum swings back to where you think it should be.

  • Lee S: I know we disagree on the extent in which we should use government, but you might have noticed that my issue here is with the slander being put forth by the Democrats and the press against Trump. That you see where I am coming from I find incredibly hopeful. I am too used to those on the left refusing to see this, as we can see by the journalist in the clip that I posted here.

  • Phill O

    I am total agreement with Trump that, anyone slandering the country they live in without trying to work out differences in an adult manner, should leave.

    The restoration of national pride (in a country worthy of it like the USA) is a prerequisite of establishing dialogue to “fix” areas which do need work. No country nor those who govern, are perfect until all humans are removed from the country. That is the human condition we are stuck with. Building bridges gets things done.

  • Edward

    Phill O wrote: “I am total agreement with Trump that, anyone slandering the country they live in without trying to work out differences in an adult manner, should leave.

    At the very least, they should not be in the government. From the words that they speak, it is clear that they are more interested in changing the form of government than in making America a freer place in which to live. That “Green New Deal” idea is not so much a deal as it is a burden that would have been directed from an overbearing government.

    Many of us can take care of ourselves and our families, although maybe that is just in America and the rest of the world is raised differently, raised to be babysat by their governments. Not everyone is the reason that there are directions on shampoo bottles. (“wait,” the congresswoman asked, “isn’t it rinse, lather, then repeat?”)
    The fact that they can’t correctly use shampoo doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. In fact, it means just the opposite.

  • wayne

    Indianapolis speech (parody)
    Louder with Crowder

  • Buzz

    CNN – Clown News Network

  • wayne

    the clown car is broken….

    WE WON!
    “Dr. Trump”
    Official Music Video (Parody) | Louder with Crowder

  • Dena Miller

    You can hear the points we made that weren’t aired in the edited for time CNN taping tomorrow on 660 am RADIO, One Nation Under God 5-6 pm I believe, comes on right after Sean Hannity radio show. #TOA ( Trumpettes of America) National President.

  • Cotour


    Yes, that’s right, only Trump can beat Trump in 2020, no one else will touch him, and for good reason.

    All of Trumps competition consists of either full blown Socialists and philosophical Marxists (If you believe in some form of Socialism as a system of governance you are by definition a philosophical Marxist of some degree, please stop fooling yourself). Or they are just weak and pandering candidates and are spending their time and money apologizing for everything they did in the past that they believe the people who they are pandering to want to hear. And that is going nowhere no matter how much money you throw at a political race.

    Maybe you wish Trump would be a bit more judicious and strategic with his Tweets? I know I do sometimes. But his ability to cut through any media filter and speak directly to the people of America using Twitter and social media has its advantages, and disadvantages. It is without doubt a powerful tool of communication, certainly a very sharp double edged sword few have mastered to its best effectiveness.

    Trump is disruptive to what we will all agree is a very perverted and corrupt government that has abused its power, our legal and political system. That is Trump’s primary function in this era of the American political system. That is why I hired him and why I continue to support him. Why is Trump so successful? Depending on your perspective of course. Because his message is simple and he delivers on it every day. Make America Great Again.

    What American can not agree with that? (Depending on your perspective of course)

    I hired Trump to disrupt that system and cut through the biased media and government filters that encourage and allow those who become empowered in politics and within government and protected by that biased media to be as perverted and corrupt as they have become, and Trump effectively facilitates that mandate using Twitter.

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