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Data: Vaccines don’t stop COVID, but COVID is not that dangerous

UK COVID numbers in late October 2021

The graph to the right was created from the data produced by the United Kingdom Health Agency covering the period from October 25, 2021 to November 21, 2021. It shows the percentages of the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who became infected with COVID, were hospitalized by it, and even died from it.

As you can clearly see, it apparently makes no difference anymore whether you received no shots, one shot, two shots, or three shots. Your chances of getting infected with COVID is just as likely if you are vaccinated than if you are not. The shots don’t protect you.

The graph is part of a long article detailing how in the UK, COVID appears to no longer be a virus of the unvacccinated, but in fact is now a virus of the vaccinated. Apparently, you stand a higher chance of getting sick from COVID if you have been vaccinated than if you have not.

The story however distorts the truth badly, since it exaggerates the danger. This graph was produced based on these numbers:

The report reveals that there were 833,332 recorded Covid-19 cases, 9,094 Covid-19 hospitalisations and 3,700 Covid-19 deaths from October 25th to November 21st.

When we run the actual number of deaths against the number of people infected with COVID, whether vaccinated or not, we find that 99.5% easily survive the illness. This confirms previous numbers I have cited covering the entire United States. COVID, like the flu, is relatively harmless to almost the entire population. Only the elderly, the sick, and the chronically ill are threatened seriously by it.

So, what take-away should we take from this information?

1. All vaccine mandates are irrational. They do nothing to reduce the risk of COVID. To impose such rules based on this data suggests that the Biden administration is completely divorced from reality in its policy making.

2. The virus itself is not a serious threat and never was. 99.5% of everyone survives it. Since we now know that the lockdowns, the mask mandates, the vaccines, the installation of plexiglass everywhere, and the social distancing rules did nothing to limit its spread, we should stop all these crazy irrational policies now. Return to normal life, and let the virus finally spread through the population in a way that will allow natural immunity to build up. Only then can we finally choke this thing off for good.

I think the public is finally ready. I think that most everyone is sick and tired of stupid rules and irrational policies and will resist strongly any attempts at new rules. You might see them imposed in fascists states like California and New York, but in general the country, even the world, is ready to tell power-hungry politicians to go jump in a lake.

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  • Mitch S.

    Without more info I find this chart and the ones in the source article, meaningless.
    Take the hospitalizations bar in the chart above.
    35% hospitalizations unvaxed, 65% vaxed.
    What if the total population is 20% unvaxed and 80% vaxed?
    So for every unvaxed person there are 4 vaxed. 35 hospitalized vaxed would relate to 140 unvaxed, less than 1/2 of whom are hospitalized.
    Eh, maybe that isn’t clear but without accounting for the number of unvaxed vs vaxed in the general population, stating numbers of hospitalized/deaths does not indicate whether unvaxed or vaxed are more likely to end up in the hospital or dead.

    Also since vaccinations were initially focused on the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, it’s quite possible the vaxed population has a much greater percentage of those at-risk people than the unvaxed population. Do the unvaxed numbers include children under 12? – they are known to be much less severely affected.

    I’m not taking a position on the effectiveness of vaccines or the risk of being unvaccinated, just pointing out that the article sheds no light on the matter.

  • Ralphie


    Even though the chart does not get at the rate of death per 100,000 residents, vaxxed vs unvaxxed, it still shows that backed people are dying at a much higher rate than they would be if the “vaccine” is actually as effective at preventing death as it was initially claimed to be. Further data is out on the net that indicates that vaccine effectiveness is trending into negative territory which means that recipients are more likely to die if they are vaccinated than if they are not. This probably indicates that the immune system of such vaccinated victims is being gradually destroyed. If so, things should get interesting in the next year.

  • Mitch S.


    The charts are only for Covid deaths (are there any other deaths these days?…).
    The vax is claimed to reduce death by Covid, not other causes.
    If there are figures for all causes of death (even better, all non violent, non accidental causes) comparing vaxed to non vaxed, and they can be adjusted for age, I’m interested in seeing them.

    As I mentioned above, I expect the death rate to trend upward (until boosters became more common) because the vax was initially given to the old and sick and the vax effectiveness wanes over time.
    Also unaccounted for among the unvaxed population is how many have natural immunity from being previously infected (and I have seen reports indicating natural immunity is more robust than that from a va.
    “The immune system of such vaccinated victims is being gradually destroyed.”? If so then we’ll see a rise in non-Covid diseases among the vaxed – so far I haven’t seen that.

    Bear in mind the words attributed to Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

  • Jason Lewis

    I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen some critical analysis of this particular chart where someone pointed out that these vaxed and unvaxed groups have very different demographics which likely explains the apparent ineffectiveness of the vaccines. I’m sorry that I can’t find a link.

    I do have a link to some analyses that I’ve done that shows a strong correlation between US state’s vaccine rates and total delta cases and deaths since July 1, 2021. States with high vax rates had lower cases and deaths. Feel free to tinker with the dates and parameters in the interactive charts in the link below.

  • I think everyone is completely missing the point of this chart. I posted it to simply illustrate the growing ineffectiveness of the vaccines against COVID. That’s the point.

    If you want a better more detailed look at the larger picture, go to the link and view all their charts, created from the UK report. You can also download the report itself.

    As noted by some, there are many uncertainties here. I agree. However the obvious data point remains the most important point: The increasing failure of the vaccines to do what politicians and drug companies claim, stop the virus.

  • Compounding the failure: not just ignoring, but suppressing, the use of therapeutics in the face of the less-than-effective vaccines. As ignorant as putting the WuFlu-infected back into nursing homes.

    Because some among us who see compliance with established authority as the best answer, to the point of coercion and deception.

  • wayne

    “even the world, is ready to tell power-hungry politicians to go jump in a lake….”

    In the Alternate Reality it would be more along the lines of, “rendition to a friendly world country for enhanced interrogation.”

  • Don H.

    I agree with Robert that the vaccine is not doing what the politicians say it should, which is stop the virus. None of the measures that the “experts” have imposed on us — lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc. — have worked as promised. In April of 2020 I used Kinsa fever data to posit that 1) the virus arrived on our shores much earlier than thought, probably around early December 2019 and 2) the initial wave of lock downs in the spring of 2020 were ineffectual, since fevers were declining in every one of the lower 48 states before the lock downs were imposed, in many states dramatically so. Red Cross blood bank data subsequently confirmed the earlier arrival of the virus, and numerous statistical studies have shown that the lock downs did not work, that they closed the barn door when the cow was already out in the field.

    However, between 80-90% of the UK is now vaccinated. Let’s say 85%, which means 15% are unvaccinated. According to this chart, they account for around 40% of the cases, which seems to show that the vaccine has some positive effect on the likelihood of you getting the disease. But it seems to have no effect on deaths, with the unvaccinated accounting for around 15% of the deaths. Conclusion: if you are more scared of getting the virus than getting a vaccine whose long term side effects are unknown, then by all means get the jab. But if you think it’s going to lower your chances of dying, you’re mistaken.

    Finally, if you look at some of the most highly vaccinated areas — Singapore, Gibraltar, Israel — it looks like the incidence of the disease is more closely correlated with vaccination rates than it is in the UK, seeming to show that the vaccine has little effect

  • Tallman

    Mitch (et al)-

    The data you are looking for is available in the government report linked at the source that Robert linked above, but is not included in the analysis in the linked article or in Robert’s analysis because it does not fit their narrative. The raw numbers of deaths and hospitalizations are, in fact, meaningless without the added information regarding the denominators for those numbers. The following is from table 11, page 33 of that same report and details the rates of hospitalizations and deaths….so includes the denominators.
    Rates of hospitalization in vaccinated and unvaccinated persons by age:
    Age Vaccinated Unvaccinated
    =80 51.8 152.5

    Rates of death within 28 days in vaccinated and unvaccinated persons by age:
    Age Vaccinated Unvaccinated
    =80 55.6 145.5

    There is no possible interpretation of this data that could conclude that the vaccines are ineffective. To say that the vaccines actually increase the risk of hospitalization or death is to simply ignore the data altogether. To post the limited data that Robert has and use it as justification for the accompanying interpretation demonstrates either a fundamental lack of understanding of how to interpret this information or an intentional attempt to spread misinformation.

  • Tallman

    Well…looks like my attempt to post text-based tables did not work. the following are the number in those tables in the format (age range, vaccinated, unvaccinated)
    Risk of hospitalization:
    (=80, 51.8, 152.5)

    Risk of death within 28 days:
    (=80, 55.6, 145.5)

  • Tallman: But I am not claiming what you say I am claiming. No where do I claim that vaccinations “increase the risk of hospitalization or death.” I do not buy those arguments at all.

    All I am showing is that the claim that the vaccine will protect you from getting COVID is simply false. It does no such thing. It might mitigate the severity of the illness (a fact as yet unproven) but it does not protect you from COVID. You are as likely to get infected with or without the vaccine.

    It is as simple as that.

  • Tallman

    Outstanding. Still doesn’t work.
    The link to the government document can be found at the website that Robert linked above. As I stated above, it is table 11 on page 33 of that document. The rates for both hospitalization and death are higher in every age range for the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated., generally by a factor of about three. Feel free to refer to the document yourself for more details on the numbers as it seems I cannot post a formatted list or freehand table here.

  • And by the way, if you don’t believe me, ask my wife Diane. She got her jabs in March/April, and three weeks ago got infected with a mild case of COVID. The jab was irrelevant.

  • Tallman

    My statement:

    “There is no possible interpretation of this data that could conclude that the vaccines are ineffective. To say that the vaccines actually increase the risk of hospitalization or death is to simply ignore the data altogether.”

    You are not claiming the second statement to be true, but you are making claims that the vaccines are ineffective. My statements stand and reporting the raw numbers as you did is a false representation of the data. Whether that false representation is due to an oversight on your part or a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation is the only issue that you truly need to consider.

  • Tallman

    You should very well know that anecdotes do not equal data. I am glad that your wife is doing well and also that you seem to be getting over your infection. But those facts are meaningless in the broader interpretation of the efficacy of the vaccines.

  • Questioner

    “The performance of the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test as a tool for detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection in the population: A survey of routine laboratory RT-PCR test results from the region of Münster, Germany”

    Results: “Among 162,457 individuals, 4164 (2.6%) had a positive RT-PCR test result, defined as Ct<40. Depending on the national test strategy, higher positive rates were associated with testing predominantly symptomatic people. Children (0-9 years) and older adults (70+ years). Only 40.6% of test positives showed low Ct values < 25 (potentially infectious). The percentage of Ct values below 25 was lower among children (0-9), adolescents (10-19), and among the elderly (70+ years)."

    Conclusions: "RT-PCR testing as a tool for mass screening should not be used alone as a base for pandemic decision making including measures such as quarantine, isolation, and lockdown."

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “I think everyone is completely missing the point of this chart.

    And how! First we were told that the faux vaccine was 95% effective, that by getting poked we would stop the spread. Stop it, they said, through herd immunity. Then we were told that the faux vaccine didn’t prevent infection, that it only reduced the severity of the symptoms, thus faux vaccine or not, we are all going to eventually get infected anyway — meaning that the faux vaccines don’t work at all and the spread would continue unabated. Shortly after, we were told that, jabbed or not, we still had to wear masks in order to prevent the spread to the unvaxxinated, meaning that the vaxxination victims had been turned into biohazards — there were no advantages to the faux vaccines, only disadvantages, such as enlarged hearts and blood clots; sometimes these were fatal.

    Now we learn that shot or not, when we get infected — and we all will be infected — we are 66% more likely to be hospitalized (1.37% vs. 0.82%), four times more likely to die (0.67% vs. 0.17%), and if hospitalized we are more than twice as likely to die (48.88% vs. 21.30%). The faux vaccine isn’t just ineffective, it is worse than useless! Now we know why more people have died under Let’s Go Brandon’s regime than under Trump’s. The vaxx he mandated is deadly.

    Getting poked is getting screwed, dropping the survival rate from 99.83% to a mere 99.33%.

    For the unvaxxinated, the survival rate is 99.83%, which is close to the survival rate for the regular flu.

    Robert has made this point many times, in the past two years, and has often gotten flack for it. For a new outbreak, this is mild, and for a regular flu it is more like a bad year. Our panic has been much ado about nothing, a case of Chicken Little panicking the whole kingdom over a mere falling apple; it may be bad for a little chicken to get hit on the head by an apple, but it is not worth the panic for those who are not under such a threat.

    If the Exposé article is correct, “that the Covid-19 vaccines interfere with the immune systems ability to produce antibodies against other pieces of the SARS-CoV-2 virus following infection,” then:

    the unvaccinated population have absolutely nothing to worry about, but the vaccinated population have everything to fear in regard to the new “worst ever” Covid-19 variant.

    If the Exposé article’s statement “that they are decimating the fully vaccinated populations immune systems” means the entire immune system, not just the SARS-CoV-2 (Wuhan flu) portion, then we are more likely to be sickened or die of much more than just the Wuhan flu. There isn’t just a “growing ineffectiveness of the vaccines against” Wuhan flu, there is a growing danger in getting one of these faux vaccine shots.

    The question to answer now is: are we now forever trapped taking the boosters (as though we were addicts) in order to remain healthy, do the boosters do more damage to our immune systems over time, or once we stop the boosters do our immune systems eventually recover from the damage we have done to them? It is humbling to realize that those who were not fooled into taking the faux vaccine shots are the smart ones, and that we vaxxination victims are not as smart as we thought.

    The FDA was created specifically to prevent hazardous “snake oil” products such as these from being thrust upon the public, yet here we are, stuck with a government that demands under pain of punishment that we take this snake oil, which is shown as neither safe nor effective.

    Mitch S. asked: “Take the hospitalizations bar in the chart above. 35% hospitalizations unvaxed, 65% vaxed. What if the total population is 20% unvaxed and 80% vaxed?

    This question shows that Robert’s point was missed.

    The case hospitalization rate, case fatality rate, and hospitalization fatality rates would remain the same with an increasingly vaxxed population. These rates are independent of the number or ratio of vaxxination victims vs. unvaxxinated. The rates are normalized on cases. For example, 0.17% of unvaxxinated cases die, no matter how many people are unvaxxinated, and 0.67% of vaxxination victims die no matter how many vaxxination victims there are. But even if the entire population had the faux vaccine, the survival rate would still be a whopping 99.33%. (Ivory soap bragged about being 99.44% pure, so 99.33% survival rate can’t be all bad.)

    The article asks the question:

    Does this make sense to you when the fully vaccinated account for only 47% of cases and the vaccines are alleged to reduce the risk of death by 95%?

    For the numbers that Mitch S. chose, in which 80% are assumed to be vaxxination victims (supposed to have a 95% reduction in death rate), then out of every 24 deaths, 4 should be vaxxination victims and 20 should be vaxxination free. At the expected 95% efficacy rate, to get four vaxxination-victim deaths out of every five deaths overall (the rightmost bar in the chart), the population would have to be almost 99% vaxxinated.

    Tallman is wrong in his comments, above, as everyone has already admitted that the faux vaccine is ineffective, and Tallman didn’t answer Mitch S.’s question, once again missing Robert’s point, even after he explicitly stated it. Robert is right, the efficacy is not as advertised. Our fearful leaders have already told us that the faux vaccine does not prevent infection, illness, cases, or the spread. We are supposed to go back to wearing masks because it exacerbates the spread rather than diminishes it. When we get the Wuhan flu — and we will — our chances of hospitalization and death have been increased by taking the jab.

    Tallman fails to recognize the caveat for Table 11:

    Please note that the following table should be read in conjunction with pages 26-28 of this report, and the footnotes provided on page 34.

    Here, he would have discovered that vaccines are not 100% effective. Add that to the admission that this faux vaccine is not at all effective, that we will all get the Wuhan flu, vaxxinated or not, Table 11 on page 33 of the latest report is irreverent (Week 47, buried inside the article, not the three listed explicitly: ). The rate of cases is not the issue here. For Robert it is that the efficacy is not as advertised. For me, the efficacy of the faux vaccine after infection is the issue. We will all get it, there is no stopping that. What happens to us after we get it is all important. Do we live? Do we die? Do we find what our kids want for Christmas? Because the supply chain fiasco screwed us for no good effect.

    The report’s Figure 3 stops reporting effectiveness data after week 20, claiming that it does not change after that time, but I have seen date and charts that show the effectiveness not only decreases but drops below 0, meaning that it becomes harmful rather than helpful. This is why we are required to get additional booster shots twice a year in perpetuity. Our fearful leaders agree that the efficacy decreases over time. Table 3, thus the report, is misleading, perhaps due to confirmation bias by people who desperately want something to go right in this Cluster Brandon.

    The data shows that the death rate is worse for the vaxxination victims than for those who were not fooled into getting vaxxinated. Since we are guaranteed to be infected at some point in the future, we are better off being vaxxine-free.

    My point is a bit different than Robert’s. My point is that had we done nothing more than usual, washing our hands, the survival rate would be far better than it was for all the poor decisions that our fearful leaders made.

    Our fearful leaders have screwed us virtually every time they made a decision, from telling everyone to go to Chinatown for Chinese New Year, last year, to the outrageous(!) and inexcusable decision to send the contagious ailing into nursing homes (collections of the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable population), to destroying the education of the least vulnerable (we protected the least vulnerable and infected the most vulnerable), to quarantining the healthy rather than the ill, to delaying cancer and heart-disease screenings and surgeries, to shutting down the economy and interrupting supply lines (resulting in shortages and maybe even starvation and illness in countries that can no longer get needed food or medical supplies), to banning and confiscating therapeutics, to unsecured elections, to vaxxation mandates, to firing medical staff (already resulting in the inability of hospitals to give necessary care) who are too smart to risk their own health by getting vaxxed. The full extent of the damage that the false panic has caused can never be truly known, but it is substantial. They violated centuries of lessons in how to and how not to handle diseases and disease outbreaks. This all reinforces what someone once said: Government isn’t the solution; it is the problem.

    The faux vaccine mandate directly loses us an additional 0.50% of the population unnecessarily, and we cannot measure the indirect losses. Out of every four Wuhan flu deaths of the vaxxinated, three would have been saved had they not been shot. We need needle control. These shots are killing more people than guns.

    This whole thing has been a Cluster Brandon from the moment our current fearful leaders directed us to join in Chinese New Year festivity crowds. Wuhan flu is real, but the magnitude of the problem is imaginary with imaginary solutions, none of which has worked as promised, contraindicated by centuries of medical research and practice. For all the sacrifices that We the People have had to make in order to obey these solutions, we should expect the solutions to work, and for their abject failures our fearful leaders and their friends (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) and promoters (e.g. Fauci) should not be enriched with fame and money.

    Who would have thought that we would be wishing for the bad old Obama days, when we were begging for the good old pre-Obama days. We are approaching the Venezuelan border, have your vaxx passports ready. When we let government be in charge, we get messed up healthcare, economy, education, and supply chains. Back when free market capitalism was in charge, we got what we wanted, at the time we wanted it, and at prices we were willing to pay.

  • Edward: The bottom line that keeps getting confirmed again and again still needs to be restated again and again:

    99.5% of everyone that gets COVID survives. And the bulk of the 0.5% that does not is centered in the elderly, sick populations that are on the verge of death already, struggling to survive. The Wuhan flu, like all flu’s, sadly carries them over the line.

    For everyone else, COVID cannot kill you. You get sick for awhile, but you get better.

    We need to stop obsessing with fear about this thing.

  • m d mill

    I agree with the overriding sentiment of the post. The number of people in the U.S. mortally threatened (ie needing hospitalization) of covid was about 4 in 1000 per year. The number of covid-19 induced deaths is about half of that…hardly an existential crisis warranting the egregious devastation of an economy, personal finances, private businesses, education, and the social health and happiness of entire societies. However Covid -19 was about 15 times as lethal as normal flu, for the usual susceptible groups.

  • Max

    “The shots don’t work!” unless the purpose of the experimental gene therapy “vaccinations” is to spread Covid as the data suggests…

    “Successful vaccine rollouts have failed to stop Covid transmission, with new data showing the prevalence of the virus “increasing” in fully jabbed individuals, according to a medical study in The Lancet”

    “In the space of three weeks in Britain, 100 Covid cases were reported among individuals who are 60 or older. Out of those infections, 89.7% of people were fully vaccinated, while 3.4% were unvaccinated.

    More concerning for researchers, in Israel, an outbreak that infected multiple healthcare workers and patients, as well as their family members, came from a fully vaccinated hospital patient.

    Backing up the fears expressed in the study, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently lists four of the five areas across the US with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals as high transmission counties”

  • Max: Once again, the panic in Israel, in Britain, over these outbreaks needs to be tempered by the reality that very few people who are infected are dying.

    Why do we not want to see this? Who cares about these new cases, these new surges? They are merely an example of the winter flu season arriving, though with COVID all is distorted because of the panic and the vaccines.

    Regardless, getting the virus is no big deal. Why are we still obsessing about it?

  • Edward

    We need to stop obsessing with fear about this thing.

    Excellent bottom line.

  • Gary H

    Can you imagine being in the travel/hospitality business in Australia? Many of us can, because this virus has been the excuse to crush many dreams. Ultimately, I think we have learned not to trust our government, media, or tech gurus. Faith in our neighbors has been seriously challenged. I’m hoping that the tyrannical nature of the present government is enough to turn people around, because if it isn’t, we’re in for dark and violent times. For the first time in my life I’m preparing my family for that eventuality. Hope for the best but plant…Right?

  • Max

    We are obsessing (I’m obsessing) about it because of the end game. Every detail we’ve been told from the media and the politicians is a lie, and they keep doubling down on the lie.

    COVID-19 is not the issue or the problem (as you just pointed out). The real weapon of mass destruction is the killer shots!
    As you and I have illustrated, the shots are neither safe nor effective… Yet dozens of countries are mandating the shots (Austria just announced that the unvaccinated will be dead or in prison by February) why promote a product that’s obviously defective and in some countries has killed more people than the flu has?

    Here’s a virologist, four weeks ago, going over data from the United States “that appears” that the shots are slightly working. (Briefly, no more than four months) But then he expresses concerns over the small population sample and of the inconsistencies. And then he points out the Israeli studies using 100,000 participants that show the opposite results. His conclusion that the shots formulated for COVID-19 or ineffective against the Delta variant which makes up 90% of the cases now. 14 minutes

    Same virologist in a more recent post is excited about what he calls. “a game changer”
    The confirmed results of the spike proteins analysis. (most definitely a negative, potentially devastating outcome for the vaccinated and the human race)
    The scientific proof that the spike protein does indeed enter the nucleus and not only alters the DNA, but cuts it in half… splicing what the body needs to repair it’s self… Destroying the immune system. Drastically shortening the lifespan.
    This is what’s in the vaccine.

    Cotour posted the discover/creator of the genetic modification. He hoped to cure type one diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and other genetic inadequacies… The pharmaceuticals had other purposes in mind, to trick the immune system to produce its own antibodies… But it has a “Trojan horse” embedded that destroys the DNA preventing the body from healing causing premature death. The vaccine juice has been shown to particularly collect in the ovaries and in the bone marrow.
    2022 will be the year of heart attacks, blood clots, sterility/birth defects. And that’s just the beginning… Makes a person feel helpless…
    Millions protesting in the streets across the planet.
    Hundred thousand dead from overdose, suicide, or fentanyl that’s a relief from the overwhelming pain and helplessness of their particular situation or health problems from the shots.

    I myself was able to receive a prescription today for a year supply of ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Both are effective in all the studies against most viruses including the common cold, and more importantly they slow down the effects of the spike protein. (my effort to save my family)
    The writing on the wall is clear to read, those who are not prepared now… Medication and other necessities will soon be unavailable, either by shipping problems or by mandate, as the screws of control squeeze tighter every day.

    The flu is not consequential, in that we agree. It’s the means to an end, to stampede the herd with fear and panic, to give up our rights for the promise of safety and security but receiving neither…
    The dark age is here, and getting darker with every unconstitutional dictate.

  • Max: As long as you play the fear game yourself, you are playing into their hands. Since COVID is overrated as a threat, it is always important to note that fact, in everything you write about the jab.

    Without that context, you appear to be simply another fear-monger.

  • Cotour

    I am listening to the Charlie Kirk show at the moment, and he is aggressively talking about the fact that everyone who is at risk of succumbing to Covid is universally deficient in Vitamin D.

    From the start that subject specifically has been talked about and posted here on BTB to inform people, primarily by me and several others after investigating the subject.

    Kirk accurately points out: And the government nor any of their talking heads has once mentioned talking this supplement in particular nor any other supporting supplement to stave of the worst of Covid. All they have to say?


    And we see where we all are related to Covid because of that policy. (Or is it agenda? If it looks like a duck.)

    Even though through a peek at Fauci’s email stream that he himself takes 6000 IU of Vitamin D. BUT HE WILL NOT TELL YOU TO DO THE SAME! Nor will he discuss the reason why he does such.

  • Cotour

    This is the article by, Daniel Horowtiz that Kirk is talking about:

    “Horowitz: Studies show an aggressive vitamin D campaign could have prevented nearly all COVID deaths”

    “What if we could simply have advised everyone last March to supplement with vitamin D (and active forms of D for those with absorption issues)? An endless stream of academic research demonstrates that not only would such an approach have worked much better than the vaccines, but rather than coming with sundry known and unknown negative side effects, it would have induced immeasurable positive side effects in the population for an array of other health concerns.”

    Our own government and the other governments around the world and those that they have empowered to consult and advise on such subjects as viruses and vaccines through their ignorance? Fear? Agenda?, choose one or all, have failed.

    And their failure apparently has cost many their lives unnecessarily.

    Government at its best and is a blunt instrument and will harm you, and at its worst will kill you.

    All with the best intentions of course. (Right)

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “We need to stop obsessing with fear about this thing.

    I think that I am obsessing with anger. It is hard to not obsess over the Wuhan flu and the horrific, deadly, and inconsistent government reactions to it, as we have to live under the imposed tyrannies every day. It is all just so angering.

  • Max

    Well said Edward, it’s not the fake flu pandemic, that is just a “means to an end” to break our country and impose indentured servitude against our will using modern technology.

    The next step was voted on yesterday, and passed the house with Republicans help. (all four of Utah representatives voted for it, breaking their promise)
    A violation of your fifth amendment rights.

    Miller contended that the government has “no reason” to collect more vaccination data on Americans.

    “As I’ve said many times before, the government is not your doctor. The federal government has no business inserting itself into private healthcare matters of Americans. There is no reason for them to collect this data, it is an affront to our liberties and health freedoms,” she said. “This kind of legislation is always passed because the government has its hands in everything nowadays, often at the expense of the freedoms and privacy of Americans. This bill would allow the government to collect, study, and share your private health data. There are endless ways the government could potentially use that information against you – purposefully and accidentally.
    Your new vaccine passport, drivers license, credit card, social score permission for various activities including travel is nearly ready.
    This bill also extends the power of the CDC (which is mostly funded by pharmaceuticals). The public/ private partnership.
    It also permits the CDC to organize it’s own policing powers. Medical mandates will override Congress and constitutional rights. Will the CDC become your mandated healthcare provider?

    This isn’t the only thing happening at the same time. The elimination of paper money in every nation to adopt the digital currency.

    The same website also reports a new directive;

    “The U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) is now responsible for taking entire privately hosted websites offline, as they seek to take total control of the flow of information and establish their “Great Narrative.” CTED notifies domain registrars of “extremist” sites — i.e., those that promote narratives they don’t approve of — ”

    The massive black listing of even personal servers by the UN counterterrorism force… Your new overlords. Your favorite websites for information are about to go black and never return. Wrong think is terrorism, you will be punished.

    This in conjunction with revising history, the erasure of the killing of millions during the rise of socialism and communism including the holocaust is now being… Corrected.

  • Max

    Zimmerman said;
    “Tallman: But I am not claiming what you say I am claiming. No where do I claim that vaccinations “increase the risk of hospitalization or death.” I do not buy those arguments at all.”

    Plenty of others are making this claim, including leftist organizations. Here’s a recent example…

    The American heart Association has issued a weak but acknowledging abstract of the heart damage caused by the vaccinations.

    “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

    (even as I was writing this, the quote I copied and paste above was no longer available to me… Deleted?)

    More judges have struck down the Biden vaccine mandate that Congress is attempting and will soon make legal.
    It’s interesting to read the reasons why, including that there’s no evidence that the vaccine is working or is in anyway effective. Strong evidence to the contrary. The advising doctors (we are the “Science”) are doubling down and blaming the unvaccinated… So irrational words escape me.

  • Questioner

    To all:

    Here is a sensational and meaningful interview with Prof. Dr. Paul Cullen (molecular biologist, medical laboratory and internist, head of 350 employees in his laboratory) on the overall problem of Covid, in which the government narrative (better government lies) is being dismantled bit by bit. He is an Irishman who lives in Germany. Therefore is in German. Please use the subtitle function.

    The video has gone viral and is approaching a million views. It’s a wonder it hasn’t been banned from YouTube yet. Please forward the video. Thank you.

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