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Democratic doxxer threatened to also release the health data of the children of Republicans

They’re coming for you next: The Democratic congressional aide who has been arrested for releasing private information of at least three Republican elected officials also threatened to release the health information and social security numbers of their children if anyone turned him in.

Jackson Cosko, who recently worked for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, was arrested for allegedly posting the personal information (or “doxxing”) of a number of senators including Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah on Wikipedia — with information such as their home addresses and phone numbers. Graham, Lee and Hatch’s information was published on Thursday.

According to a sworn statement by Capitol Police Captain Jason Bell, a witness Tuesday saw Cosko at a computer in a senator’s office, where he used to work, a day after two other unnamed senators’ information had been put on Wikipedia. Cosko worked for other Democratic senators including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., and former Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. While earlier reports identified Cosko as an intern for Jackson Lee, his lawyer said that he was working as a fellow in her office, paid by an outside institution.

Sources familiar with the case tell Fox News Cosko was in Sen. Hassan’s office, where he was caught using a login he was not authorized to use. Cosko earlier was let go by Senator Hassan’s office. A spokesman for Hassan says she “strongly denounces the alleged actions.”

According to Bell’s statement, Cosko is alleged to have been confronted by the staffer and then walked out. Hours later the witness received an email from “” saying: “If you tell anyone I will leak it all. Emails signal conversations gmails. Senators children’s health information and socials.”

While his actions have been disavowed by the Democratic lawmakers for whom he worked, his actions reveal once again the fascist and hateful culture that presently permeates the entire left. They are willing to do you real harm, and if that doesn’t make you shut up and stop opposing them, they will go after your children.

Don’t believe me? You still think this is only a rare exception? Then read this letter from the wife of Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky):

Paul wrote Wednesday that she and her family had “experienced violence and threats of violence at a horrifying level” over the past 18 months. “I now keep a loaded gun by my bed,” she said. “Our security systems have had to be expanded. I have never felt this way in my life.”

For decades the Democrats have allowed this kind of behavior to go unpunished. It is now getting out of their control. Bad things are coming. If you don’t tow the leftist line, get ready. Be prepared. You will need to defend not only yourself, but all your loved ones.

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  • Cotour

    As disturbing in reality as this all is it is but another good sign. The Democrats on so many levels are desperate and so out of control that they are laying bare their desperation for all the world to see. And it ain’t pretty and now their bad deeds will begin to be identified and prosecuted.

    And they can not control it, can’t moderate it its all on auto pilot and the people of America are watching. From their conspiracy with the deep state FBI and DOJ players to remove a president at the max to lowly street operators releasing personal information of their opposition to create a fear and chaos in the street.

    They are a party of no principles nor any recognizable American focused philosophies, they are now just a party of and for themselves and their re securing their rights to power. (which do not exist)

    The people are watching and they will be commenting soon on what they find agreeable and American and what they find offensive and repulsive and un American.

    Its all good in the age of Trump.

    Prepare for battle, and winning is the only solution.

    (Trump is a true leader, something unrecognizable to most Americans and there is not one true leader among the Democrats. Not one)

  • Steve Earle

    This all started to come into focus for me a couple of years ago when I heard this quote:

    “Conservatives believe that Liberals are Mistaken, but Liberals believe that Conservatives are Evil…”

    And when your opponent is “Evil”, you can self-justify any type of action needed!

    And also I have learned a great deal from the “New American Civil War” segments on the John Batchelor Show (which I found by way of BTB :-) Especially the concept of “Othering” that precedes any open conflict.

    Add to all that the idea of S.O.M. which I was introduced to by our good friend Cotour (thanks Cotour!) and you have all the elements necessary for a full-on societal descent into anarchy and a true Civil War.

    I didn’t think it could or would ever happen here, but from what I have seen and heard (especially from people I thought were rational…) I am sadly forced to admit it just may happen…..

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Integrated Aggression vs Cowardice Disguised as Morality”

    >>To really say “no” means:
    “There isn’t anything that you can do to me, to make me change my mind. Or conversely, I WILL play for higher stakes than you will!”

  • D Ray

    Reminds me of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Now that turned out well for the establishment figures that spurred it on.

  • hondo

    Never lose sight of the fact that many of them are nothing more than angry Blue Smurfs – and judging by this guy’s actions – not too bright (they are passionate geniuses in their own minds).

  • Col Beausabre

    Hondo – You make the classic misteak of underestimating the enemy. Some examples from my old days – The British in Malaya, US in the Philippines, Custer at Little Big Horn, US in the Ardennes, USN at Pearl Harbor, MACV during Tet , UN Command in late 1950 Korea. Experienced troops may despise the enemy but they respect him. I always assumed that any capability we had was matched by the other side and planned accordingly. You would be wise to do the same and not dismiss the Left as just “angry blue smurfs”. Let them underestimate us!

  • OM

    I saw Tucker Carlson talking about white genocide the other day. It’s already happening people. The civil war has started and our true leader will win it. It will end when the liberal leftist fascists and their families have drowned in their own blood.

  • Dave B

    Just looked up jobs for jobs in “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”.
    There are loads of 6 figure jobs”Officer/Chief/Leader” in Universities , Health field and Industry.
    I think its happening.
    Didn’t the Soviets have a Party political officer in every working group?
    Conform to the party or Siberia, comrade.

  • eddie willers

    Cosko worked for other Democratic senators including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., and former Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

    All women.

    Scott Adams has observed that the Democrat party has moved from being a pro woman party, to a party for and about women to this new Anti-Male party.

    Guys like this hope to be the last to be eaten. But he WILL be eaten.

  • commodude

    When was the Democrat Party pro women?

    Pres. Clinton, Sen. Kennedy, VP Biden….the list goes on, and on….

  • OM

    “All women.”

    There are already too many women in politics. I’m glad that we’re taking back the Supreme Court. First up: ending the horror of abortion in the United States, although I would be just as happy if they stopped having homosexuals marry. It’s time to start putting people back in their place.

  • Cotour

    1. Fewer women in politics is just not realistic, however being empowered must be based on ones philosophies and understanding of history and the nature of the position you seek and not JUST because your sporting lady genitalia. Being a woman is no qualification for any office, ask Ocassio Cortez who thinks she has been or will be soon inaugurated. Fun to watch as the Liberals among us display their ignorance about most everything but not something to endow with real power.

    2. Abortion, specifically in the first trimester is going nowhere IMO, (The sooner the better if that is the path being chosen). Like it or not the government has just so much reach and control into this issue and I see no argument that is going to reverse this base thinking about just how much government needs to be in an individuals life. There must be some parameters set and to me the best minimum parameters give the responsibility to the woman for her to choose and live with the consequences of her choices, what ever they may be. Outside of those parameters however the government will have much more to say, thats just the way things are.

    3. Its all about capitol “N” normal verses normal lower case “n” and transmogrifying the one into the other as you would turn lead into gold. In the Globalized and no religion future everyone is the same, there is no such thing as “normal”. And somewhere in there people should be free to associate as they please without government intervention or disruption.

    And I generally define “normal” as being what 50% or more of the population does in the natural course of their lives. So we all are lower case “normal” to some degree but in the calculation of what the general public naturally does in the course of their lives is the definition of “Normal”. Is gay marriage “Normal”? Only in lower case “N” terms.

    But I do not think that the government will be adopting my definition any time soon. Just more redefining of words and terms, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the detriment of America for sure.

  • Edward_2

    Have ALL congressmen/women and Senators take the SAT. If students can take them, so can our Law Makers.

    Let’s see how smart they are.

    I suspect Maxine Waters would score VERY LOW.

    Let voters see how smart their current and potential representatives are.

  • Cotour

    Being elected a representative in the Congress or Senate has nothing to do with how “smart” you are or not. Smart enough for what ever reason to become elected and empowered? Thats good enough.

    Its up to the people to determine the qualifications of their representatives because it is they who will live with the consequences of their choices.

    What is “smart”? A very subjective question. Passing an SAT test? Thats what makes you smart? Really? I know some pretty dopey people who passed the SAT and passed many other like tests. George Washington never passed and SAT test, neither did Einstein.

    Smart is not the metric, its wisdom that is the metric and the ability to learn and keep a balanced disciplined and rational and sometimes intuitive perspective that I suspect you are looking for.

    SAT? I could care less.

  • Edward_2

    Contour, The SAT test was first administered to American college students in 1926.

    That tidbit takes care of your George Washington and Albert Einstein arguments.

    Let the voters know what kind of people they are voting for. If a candidate scores lower than a college bound student, that might help the voters decide whether a candidate is qualified to represent them and make Laws.

    Give the people more information.

  • Cotour

    Institutional measures of “smart” are not a prerequisite for anyone to become a city, state or federal government representative. It may make you feel good but it means nothing other than what it is, an institutional measure of some level of learned knowledge.

    Soon the government and the institutions of learning that they control will have the say in who can be and more importantly who can NOT be and represent the people.

    No thank you. You are setting up a false test that will leave government as the only “true” arbiters of who can be in government and who can not. Your test becomes a barrier.

    What you propose is that universities must produce government representatives. Think about what is now going on in universities for just one moment.

  • Edward 2: What you are proposing is a variation of the bureaucratic tests the Chinese would use to determine who could be their governors and administrative leaders, for more than a thousand years, based on Confucian philosophy. It worked for awhile, but in the end it produced a fossilized bureaucracy with no desire for change or improvement. Like all governments, it existed only to perpetuate itself.

    No test system will ever work. What will work is a determined and responsible electorate demanding better from their elected officials, that also has no allegiance to any of them, and is willing to dump all of them immediately at the drop of a hat.

    Our biggest problem today is the laziness of voters, repeatedly voting blindly for incumbents, sometimes merely because they recognize the name.

  • pzatchok

    The Row vs Wade abortion debate has been hijacked by the left.

    The SC did NOT rule on a woman’s privacy. She has no more privacy than anyone else does on medical matters.

    They did not rule it was her choice what to do with the unborn baby.

    They rules that the SC does not have the authority to declare when a fetus becomes a human. Science did not answer the question and they did not want to use a religious test. Or even just a belief.
    So in the end they allowed the ruling to stand that the fetus was not a human YET and because of that the woman was allowed to do with it what she wanted.

    Overzealous leftist prosecutors later went stupid and added a second charge to a suspect because the woman was pregnant. IE Two attempted murder charges because the woman was pregnant and thus it was two different lives that almost died.
    That argument was that the SC left a loophole in the law. If a man didn’t want the baby he could illegals cause the woman to have a miscarriage or “abortion” and he could only be prosecuted for assault. In effect they came right out and said the fetus was a baby, human, alive and a separate person.

  • wayne

    If you want to regain some measure of control over these people–repeal the 17th Amendment! Federal senators are no longer accountable to, or under the control of the separate & sovereign States, which created the federal government.

    “The Seventeenth Amendment (Amendment XVII) to the United States Constitution established the popular election of United States Senators by the people of the states. The amendment supersedes Article I, §3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Constitution, under which senators were elected by state legislatures.”

    And while were at it (Article 5 Convention of States) we can repeal the 16th Amendment as well;
    “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, *without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.*”

    –for the 1st 125 years of our Country, no taxes could be levied on the people, unless they were directly apportioned among the States, using census Data. And taxing “income” was always considered one step from tyranny.

  • Cotour

    Like I said previously, Kavanaugh is not my guy, too close to the Bush family and the Patriot Act.

    The new Cheny movie with Christian Bale might be instructive.

    Someone must set the agenda, the strategy, and be willing to execute that agenda or strategy and there in lies leadership, good, bad or otherwise. We attempt to see these actions in as an objective a way as possible to truly understand what is actually going on. Good, bad or otherwise. But we tend to only be able to see it in moral terms because that is the nature of people who tend to live in relative peace.

    Morality is in many ways a luxury, just like Liberalism. Everyone is fundamentally a Conservative, the overlay of of varying degrees of Liberal theory or thinking is a luxury when you live in relative peace and quiet. And the mistake is to confuse the harsh reality of existence and existing with Luxury thought as an overlay. They are not equal for one second.

    Why? Because our perspective is that of the moral public that exists in the Pedestrian Realm and these actions, these agendas, these strategies are necessarily conceived and implemented by those who find themselves empowered and in the leadership position where someone must lead (Good, bad or otherwise). This is the Political Realm where leadership finds itself empowered (By the people) and so they execute the strategy that they believe is necessary, for what ever reason determined by them, to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities as per their interpretation of their job description. This is S.O.M. (Strategy Over Morality).

    And who is to say what is necessary and what is not? That is a very subjective question and so we understand that there are real consequences to who the people elect and empower, always a calculated risk. So do we look for the most “MORAL” person that we can find to fill that job?

    NO, for there in lies the moral zealot. Too much morality is just as bad as the complete lack of morality. So we look for some reasonable compromise who has compassion and reason but who also understands that there are times when real business must be taken care of and where sometimes the ultimate price must be paid, hopefully by the “other” guy.

    So while morality is a Pedestrian Realm ideal it is not an absolute ideal when we are discussing the Political Realm and “Taking care of business”. There are in fact two political realities. We the people exist in one, the Pedestrian Realm and those in the Political Realm actually exist and operate in a second reality. But they are required to give the impression that they exist and operate in the one realm, the moral realm. These are the two political conversations that are on going, but the public really has only one perspective, their moral pedestrian perspective.

    Somehow through all of this we MUST survive and how that survival equation is solved is and can be a very messy and confusing equation. But we must survive and the road map to survival lies in only one place and that is the United States Constitutions that lays out the rules of operation that understands these two realms and the nature of man related to governance and power.



  • Cotour

    Those who can not win without lying must have the rules changed. “We must end the Electorial College”, You do not need to have an I.D. to vote, you don’t have to prove you are a citizen to vote, etc, etc.

    Democrats need to change the rules because if they were to be honest about anything they intended no one would ever vote for them. Ocassio Cortez, who is about the most uniformed and confused about what is what makes the point perfectly on so many levels.

  • Cotour

    Two IMO related things:

    One is the medias doxxing of a private person accused of creating a negative Nancy Pelosi video. He will probably sue. Will they ever learn?

    And the New York Times I suppose is attempting to at least appear objective, they have banned their people from appearing on some cable news shows, like Rachel Madhouse and Don Lemon. These are two of the worst.

    There does seem to be an attempt here and there at the reigning in of some of the crazies on the Left and there does seem to be other positive indicators saying that someone somewhere knows things on the Left have gone much too far.

    If the Left / Democrats can not straighten this crazy perception out that many in the public now have of them they will be totally lost in 2020.

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