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Democratic NY mayor promises to redistribute the wealth of citizens

They’re coming for you next: During his state of the city speech today the Democratic mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, promised bluntly to use the force of government to redistribute the wealth of the city’s citizens.

“Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city,” his prepared speech reads. “It’s just in the wrong hands!”

I know whose hands this Democratic thug wants that money redistributed to: himself and his allies. This is what socialists/communists like him always do: steal from people to finance their own power and high class lifestyle.

And if you don’t live in New York City don’t make the mistake of thinking this doesn’t concern you. Politicians like de Blasio now run the Democratic Party, have significant power and control in many states and in Congress (with the willing support of large swaths of the populace), and are moving to institute these same oppressive policies nationwide. These mobs are coming, and they will be moving in on you, wherever you are, very soon.

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  • Cotour

    De Blasio and Cuomo are attempting to out “Progressive” each other in their attempting to position themselves for the race for president in 2020.


    “Where is it argued that healthcare IS a “thing”, IS a fundamental right of the citizens of a country? In places like the EU which is a much, much more socialist oriented collection of country’s. And what are the real costs of such thinking and actions on the part of a government which in this model is primary and the citizen is secondary? Higher taxation and a much, much higher level of government management and involvement in the personal lives of the citizens that populate it. Which is fundamentally at odds with the formulated intent and basic success of America where the individual, his or her wealth, right to private property and freedom is primary and not the collective as in the socialist “utopias” that exist to varying degrees around the world. Venezuela being an extreme example of what happens when this kind of thinking plays itself out and the state runs out of other peoples money.”

  • Edward

    From the article: “He cast himself as an aspiring Robin Hood — aiming to take from the rich and give to the poor

    Except that this was not the Robin Hood story until the liberals got hold of it in the 1930s. For centuries, the story was that Robin Hood robbed from the rich Normans in order to pay the ransom for King Richard, which Prince John was not sending to his captor, the Duke of Austria. Hood also supposedly helped those Saxons who were poorly treated by the Normans.

    (In reality, Robin Hood, or whatever his real name was, was probably just a regular thief who was popular with the public. Also, the ransom was paid by Richard’s mother, after heavily taxing the population.)

    Until the 1930s, the American Dream was to earn your way into prosperity, knowing that you left school with little but the knowledge in your head. It was the liberal mindset that made people jealous of those who had more. This jealousy causes people to prefer theft over earnings, because to earn your own wealth is just too much bother and takes too long. This is too bad, because it is the earning of your wealth that makes you produce the goods and services that add to the economy, but to take from the rich and give to the poor just encourages the poor to not be productive and thus to not add to the economy. And that keeps them poor rather than aspiring to riches.

    From the article: “‘This country has spent decades taking from working people and giving to the 1 percent,’ he said.

    He has it backwards, but his audience wants to hear about getting free stuff and how evil the rich are. Instead, the rich are the ones who are taxed most (taken from) and the working people willingly purchase (not taken from) the goods and services that the rich provided in order to get rich. You know, i-Phones, Microsoft software, purchases through Amazon, etc.

    Those who are receiving what has been taken are the least productive, not the 1 percent, who are the most productive (productivity is how they got where they are).

  • “It’s just in the wrong hands!”

    You know, not mine.


    The Progressives didn’t invent jealousy or the other base human emotions, but they sure use them. Progressives encourage the very behavior parents spend years teaching children to overcome. Childhood is oh so much easier than adulthood, with it’s icky responsibilities. It is one of the many examples of Liberal cognitive dissonance (and I’ve called people on this) that they all say they hate the rich, but they all want to be rich.

  • wodun

    It is demonstrably impossible to get enough money from rich people to do what the marxists want. Some of them are motivated by a good faith desire to solve a perceived set of problems but they are not open to other means of solving them.

    I see two problems in using persuasion. One, is that leftists view it as a moral obligation to target certain groups for punitive policies. Helping people isn’t the only goal, punishing people is too. So even if accomplishing stated goals doesn’t happen, it is still the right thing to do morally. Another, is that solving problems takes time. Innovation and creation don’t take place over night. It takes years, decades, and centuries for civilization wide improvements to happen. People are impatient and think they can dictate or control what happens and fear the unknowns of an uncertain future.

    A better way is a system that enables individuals to pursue what they think is important. This solves problems of different scales in unpredictable ways. This also creates a cycle of discovery that leads to serendipitous cross pollination between industries. This creates a strong economy and a strong society that over the long term, can give government more money and provide more tools for the government to employ to solve problems.

    I’ve been thinking that the best way to combat altruistic compassion is to get people to think in terms of outcome based altruism. The desire to do something must be tempered by the outcomes of programs. This requires getting program supporters to evaluate if the outcomes meet the goal and convince them to be open to changing approaches. The problem is that all of this is counter intuitive and requires not only a rational approach but also an understanding of how some of the foibles of human nature, or how our minds function, can lead us into making bad decisions.

    I’m struggling here to make the comparison but it is like how our eyes and ears don’t really perceive reality the way we think they do. It took some clever experimentation to tease this out because it takes a level of self awareness that is hard to grasp.

  • Cotour

    And listening to De Blasio the Marxist freedom fighter in news sound bites for the last couple of days related to his announcements about healthcare and other things, what is his emphasized word?

    Its “Free”!

    “Free” healthcare, “free” daycare, “free”, “free”, “free”. Doesn’t even explain who is actually going to pay for it, its just “free”.

    Attempting to paint the picture in the minds of the mass of the public that these things are all “Rights” and are “free” and he, the champion of the down trodden is the one who is delivering it all to the deserving public. He has established his bone fides as mayor of New York.

    He is also under the impression that he will play to a national audience in pursuit of the presidency, which I strongly disagree with. But then I also said that about the philosophical Marxist Obama, so my track record is not stellar on the subject.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “They Don’t Love The Poor, They Just Hate The Rich”
    [excerpted from ‘Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege’]

  • Cotour

    And I forgot, De Blasio intends to install a law that mandates that every business in NYC with 5 or more employees will be required to give those employees a two week paid vacation.

    And once again, its “free”.

    And I have to assume that Coumo will roll out some other Marxist level law proposals to compete with the mayors. De Blasio is out “Socializing” Cuomo.

    They both can not rush and pander to the extreme Left fast enough.

  • wayne

    I’d Love to Change the World (2004 Remaster)
    Tens Years After

  • wayne

    In the Alternate Universe– “dragged to the street, shot in the face.”

  • Col Beausabre

    If you make a decent salary in NY City – say $50K/year or have resources/property over $100K, the time to get out is NOW. The problem DeBlasio and his cronies have is they think that NYC is soooooo wonderful that the people whom they would
    tax for this can not / will not move. They will, of course. Then it becomes an ever decreasing spiral. The first people move, so the remaining people have their taxes go up to make up the difference, the next set of people are driven to move, taxes go up again, until you are left with nothing but a hard core of welfare cases in city limits. Then it’s demands for the suburbs to pay “their fare share” to maintain the city, then the region, then the state and ultimately, the Federal Government.

  • Max

    And move they will…
    There is a chart of apartment rentals that are dropping in price and competing because there’s so many empty ones. It started five years ago and it’s just getting worse. The 1% are moving out, and the people who want “free” are moving in by the bus loads. Rental properties are increasing in value in most of the red states.
    The change In Federal tax write off will cause panic for them this year, The quicker they become full socialist and confiscate people’s property, the faster the backlash to stop it before it festers like so many other countries.
    They promise them a chicken in every pot and hopefully no one will notice they are taking your cow so they can have steak…
    When you get something for free, you can expect to get exactly what you paid for. Zero value.

  • Col Beausabre

    Max, Thanks! From reading that article, rents are down 12 % in the borough of Queens, but apparently they are down in all the boroughs. Which means, given the business and property tax load in NYC, some landlords are going to leave the business as they’ll be losing money. So why does NYC need Rent Control (established as “emergency” measure in World War II – the “emergency” continues 74 years after Germany and Japan surrendered) ? Not to protect renters from too high rents, but to guarantee a minimum return to landlords to keep a large enough housing stock !

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