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Did the Capitol police instigate violence by firing on peaceful January 6th demonstrators?

Screen capture from bodycam of officer, preparing grenade to throw into crowd
Screen capture from bodycam of officer,
preparing grenade to throw into crowd.

Video evidence recently released by House speaker Mike Johnson, combined with many videos taken by participants during the January 6, 2021 demonstrations on Capitol Hill, now suggest strongly that the violence was instigated by the DC police, not the January 6th demonstrators, who until then had been peaceful.

The video at the second link above ties together police bodycam footage with surveillance footage and smart phone footage — all time-stamped — and shows the Capitol security police firing on the demonstrators, who until that moment were doing nothing wrong and were simply standing in front of the Capitol in a crowd, chanting “USA! USA!”

Furthermore, the firing began at about 1:07 pm, eight minutes before Trump had finished giving his speech blocks away. The audience to his speech didn’t begin arriving at the Capitol until more than an hour later, when they found doors to the building open and security police welcoming them in.

Thus, the violence, set off by the police, had nothing to do with anything Trump said.

It is quite possible that the officers in charge had panicked. They were undermanned (by order of Speaker Nancy Pelosi), and faced a large crowd of people with emotions running high. It is also possible they acted under orders to fire, working in tandem with the large cadre of undercover police agents (also revealed by this new footage) who were acting to spur the demonstrators toward violence, so as to create the impression of a violent “insurrection” that could be used by the Democrats subsequently for political purposes.

Either way — apropos of my essay two days ago about the soldiers who refused the Biden jab mandate, were terminated by the military without due process, and are now suing — the question that arises about this January 6th police behavior is the meek acquiescence of every policeman there to obey these foolish orders. No one had the courage to say, “Wait! Nothing is happening to justify firing into this crowd! Nothing! We should hold off.”

It was the obligation of these policemen to consider the morality and legality of the orders being given. None did so. Instead, like Gestapo thugs they fired rubber bullets and powerful smoke grenades into the crowd, injuring many and apparently even killing two people.

I must add that, in reviewing the edited footage at the link several times, I recognize that it might be incorrect and manipulated. There are some shots not time-stamped, which seem inserted for effect. Overall however the impression the edited video gives appears very correct, based on significant other data that has been accumulating for the past two years.

Thus, a major house-cleaning of the Capitol security forces, as well as the DC police, appears necessary, with the focus on the leadership that did this. As I noted, even if they simply panicked, that behavior is unacceptable and is grounds for dismissal. If they instead were part of an effort to smear these demonstrators, then criminal charges are justified.

This footage also calls into question the entire effort of the Biden administration and its Justice Department under Merrick Garland to prosecute and imprison these demonstrators, many for nothing more than simply walking through the Capitol building for a few minutes and then leaving. It now appears without doubt that this effort is nothing more than political persecution, aimed not at punishing wrong-doers but to instill fear into those who might oppose Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Has it made you afraid? Are you now willing to kow-tow to these thugs?

Or has it made you more angry and determined to throw these would-be tyrants out of power?

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  • Phill O

    The weaponization of the police and FBI, leads one to believe that the car bombing at the Rainbow crossing was indeed a terrorist attack.

    The size of the fireball along with the scattered body parts strongly indicates a bomb.

    You post here Bob, strongly demonstrates one can no longer believe the FBI or local law when there is any chance of being tied to democrat (or liberal party of Canada) agendas! There is strong evidence that the Trudeau government as well as the Biden admin are doing the same thing.

  • Phill O: Note my headline and the caveats I include in my essay. I am not entirely convinced the police did instigate violence. The evidence right now suggests they might have had very bad judgment, but even this is unclear.

    The question however must be asked. That mainstream journalists seem obsessed with burying this fundamental journalist question is disgusting. If true than this would be a major scoop. To run from it means you are not a journalist, but are instead a propagandist for the Democratic Party.

    As for the Rainbow crossing crash, the evidence strongly suggests it was NOT a terrorist attack. Don’t look for conspiracies everywhere. It weakens your argument when you do find one.

  • Garry

    The post at the link below is a long read, but, in my opinion, it’s the most plausible explanation of the events of that day. It’s the most eye-opening thing I’ve read in years. The explanation starts in the 5th paragraph, beneath the photos of Nancy Pelosi.

    The TL/DR version: Two representatives were about to make motions to suspend the election certification so that election fraud could be investigated. The disturbance enabled Nancy Pelosi to invoke emergency powers to suspend the certification. Once the certification was resumed, it was done under emergency conditions that forbade anything to be done other than certification, including any motions to suspend. Because of this, nobody has standing to challenge the election.  

  • Cotour

    Give the devil her props:,1645,x599,y379&width=2925&height=1645&format=pjpg&auto=webp

    She IS a master legislator, and a master criminal!

    You know, the legal kind of master criminal who the people (D) empower to do their dirty work.

    And her only real downside liability? Not being reelected because she disappointed her constituents.

    And that is how this game is played.

  • I can see a reason why they would want a distraction to allow them to change the rules of debate, to prevent suspension … for allowing further scrutiny risks people realizing the following:

    The compromises in the election processes – junk-mail voting, hasty changes in election rules, and irregular activity in counting the votes; perpetrated by judges, governors and other unauthorized parties in haste in a crisis-not-to-waste – tainted the election as much as bad police procedure taints courtroom evidence that leads to its exclusion … and the government, as opposed to its individual operatives, does not qualify for the presumption of innocence.

    And that the burden of proof is not on challengers to produce examples of fraud; it is on election officials to assure that no fraud – detected or undetected – has significantly impacted the results.

    Proof of integrity that, once the compromises had been made and the votes tabulated, would be impossible beyond “because we say so” … because of the secret ballot and its lack of personally-identifying information (which would, of course, present an open invitation for retribution by the Powers That Be on those that oppose them). There would be no way to assure:

    Only votes from eligible voters
    One vote each.
    Personally cast by each voter.

    were the only ones included in the tabulation, because of that lack of identifying information,

    Without meeting that burden of proof, how can the Congress, or the courts, declare (among other things) that there was not enough fraud to affect the results?

    The compromises are all the evidence that is needed, that the 2020 election can’t be trusted and should have been sent to the House per the Constitution to vote in a President, not merely certify a compromised election.

    (Of course, that would have led to Trump winning a second term, and they couldn’t validate 75 million deplorable people like that; that would have likely ripped big holes in their technocratic societal paradigm and threatened the value of their personal investments in elite status. Those who realized that their job was more than holding a seat and ruling us – including those whose respect for our institutions borders on backwards cargo-cult worship; which may explain Mike Pence – needed a push to prevent that.)

    And it was reinforced by the courts ducking their duty to adjudicate the process on technicalities … including dismissing lawsuits against the compromised states, by other states, on “lack of standing” regarding an election where the results of the compromised elections are imposed on all 50 states.

    It is the job of government to prove that this election was on the up-and-up. They lacked the capability to do so; that is a motive for at least some among them to leverage – or perhaps, foment – the protests on 06 January 2021 to push through certification without that proof.

    This is why a cloud will always hang over this election.

    The law is to serve liberty. Not the other way around … that is cargo-cult thinking.

  • Robert, I thought I had included a /blockquote tag after “presumption of innocence”. Looks like I didn’t.

    If you would, please correct that, with my apologies. WordPress enlarges the type in blockquotes, so it’s a little harsh looking IMO.

  • Thanks, Robert.

    Something else comes to mind; one of the compromises that I did not specifically list, was the use of third-party ballot harvesting that, while technically legal, inserts non-official actors (usually partisan) into the chain of ballot custody, absent adequate checks, cross-checks, and balances to assure they are neither casting ballots for those voters they “serve”, selectively “losing” the ballots cast for those they oppose, or inserting extra votes that favor their own choice in significant quantities.

    There are some in conservative circles who are encouraging the GOP to get into the ballot-harvesting game as the Democrats have. That IMO would be a mistake, for it would make the breaks in the chain-of-custody permanent, compromising every election form that point forward. Once both sides are doing it, we will never be rid of the compromises even if the Democrats were driven out of existence … that would be expecting too much from venal, corruptible human political operatives, for them to ever give up such leverage over the electoral process once they get it.

    The reason used to justify many of these compromises? Many Americans will not turn out to vote unless these “conveniences” and others (like early voting) are present. That is not the behavior of a serious, responsible people that values their rights and understands that securing those rights is why “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. … it is the behavior of unserious dependents in a technocracy where they place Flounderian trust in elite “leaders”, and outsource their decision-making authority to them, in a lack of confidence to make decisions from the standpoint of their own common sense.

    Another way our leaders are a not-so-beautiful reflection of US.

  • “And it was reinforced by the courts ducking their duty to adjudicate the process on technicalities ”

    And what individual judge would have the stones to determine that significant cause / evidence existed to hear even one of these cases?For to do so would give the Trump movement an advantage and a foothold in the judicial system.

    That would be none. And there was plenty of evidence floating around, but they were unable to individually detect any of it.

    Why? Because one way or another the people’s choice for president, Trump, must be denied a second term because he represented a “Threat to Democracy” for the Democrats, that was their fear mantra anyway. And for the Republicans and an upstart and outsider like Trump securing his unobstructed power over THEIR party was also just not acceptable.

    They were all happily on board.

    And where will we find all of this going in the 2024 presidential election? What ends will they, the uni party political machine that THEY control, go to thwart Trump and the people’s movement to take back THEIR country and government?

    Ask: JFK, Malcome X, RFK, Oswald, etc, etc, it is a long list:

    And I am surprised that the anti-gun movement does not use this list of assassinated American politicians more to secure the abolishment of the public possessing guns. Notice how many were dispatched by them.

    Ah, the Founders certainly understood the value of fear and the people being displeased with their politically empowered politicians. Having absolute confidence can only result in absolute abuse of power.

    Will Trumps momentum just be sooo monumental and the numbers be so insurmountable because of the now revealed to most of the country radical Leftist, Democrat, un and anti-American, uni party, Socialist, deliver America to the Globalist 2030 U.N., Sorosian agenda cratering of the entire country in all aspects just too much for them to corrupt and control?

    Will there just be too many of the everyday American patriot participation in the election system to prevent the efforts to once again pervert the system and ensure the “desired” result?

    And so, you must ask: To what extent will these un and anti-American, deliver America to the radical Leftist, Democrat, un and anti-American, uni party, Socialist, Globalist 2030 U.N., Sorosian agenda operators go to ensure their continued unobstructed control over American government and their power?

    All and every potential exists IMO.

    Where does the justification for such extreme political warfare manipulations to take place come from? Where might the justification for the Capital Police, the FBI and those who maintain control over them come from? Political warfare is warfare just the same, and what are the rules in warfare? There are none, all potentials exist in the furtherance of one side prevailing / winning and maintaining control over the other side. PERIOD!

    Are you beginning to get it now? The only solution? WINNING!

  • wayne

    question: I must ask, where did you get this-> “The size of the fireball along with the scattered body parts strongly indicates a bomb.”

    I wouldn’t dismiss ballot harvesting entirely. It’s ‘legal,’ but it sounds nefarious. And until we can get rid of absentee ballots, it would behoove us to utilize every tool.

  • Lee S

    I have no opinions on the above…. If you read the left wing press and the right wing press it seems like two different events. The truth is no doubt somewhere in the middle. The one thing I know for sure is that Jan. 6th is my ex-wifes birthday…. Both a terrible thing ( I was together with her for 15 years… ) , and a wonderful thing.. ( I have 2 wonderful kids). The truth, no doubt, is somewhere in the middle!

    Anyway, this is a call for help… My comments are so infrequent these days I have trouble finding them, thus cannot reply to any responses… I exclusively use my telephone for web browsing, is there anyway of searching for my comments, or replies to my posts?

    Thanks in advance for any help in helping me keep the token pinko commie flag flying!

  • James Street

    The cops ain’t on our side.

  • Related: Culture, where is it going?:


    “I know two Shane’s, and might the movie “Shane” figure into the name living on? I wonder?

    If I had to choose two films that I thought were just about perfect in story line structure, cinematography, script and message I think I would choose “Shane” and “Cool Hand Luke”.”

    Read the rest, it’s interesting, and remember to share with a friend on social media ……………

  • Lee S

    I will take that as both a “no idea” and also “no humour allowed”, thanks gentlemen….. ( Has anyone noticed the posters here tend to be gentlemen, very few of the fairer sex… “Strokes beard and contemplates”)

  • Cotour

    And so, you are intimating that only misogynists post on BTB?

    I would think that the subjects covered on BTB were generally more male oriented and so would generally be read and commented on more often by males. No?

    Remember: Every word that you choose, and every sentence structure is like an MRI into the brain.

    Open to interpretation, but an MRI into the brain of the person attempting the communication all the same.

  • pzatchok

    Please do not project Lee S.

    There are more males here because more males are interested in this science subject.
    I do not see a ban on women or any promotion of men here.

    If you want a more liberal female centered web site I am sure they are out there and your free to find them and post all you want there.

  • Mike a

    Phil’s comment aged like milk.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Lee S re: searching:

    In general, searching for your username on the “site search” bar above will not yield any results for your posts. At least, I typically get zero results when searching for my own.

    However, if you go to a search site such as and use keywords like behindtheblack plus your username, many results will populate.

    I hope this helps you find what you’re looking for!

  • Richard

    Whatever Pelosi did regarding security could not have been her alone. Supervision of Capitol security is shared between the Speaker (Pelosi) and the Senate Majority Leader (at the time, McConnell). There is this unfortunate tendency in conservative outlets to give him a pass.

  • wayne

    Update on the Rainbow bridge accident
    Kurt P Villani and Monica Villani, both 53, of Grand Island, New York. Apparently a beloved & successful local business family. The only upside is the Bentley they were driving has on-board telemetry, so we might get to know what happened. (Then again, like so many things…. “we may never know,”) ….I’m SURE the FBI is on top of things…

    Glad you brought up McConnell, it’s amazing we know absolutely nothing about his actions. (or those of his commie father-in-law.)

    Bonus Army Tragedy of 1932
    Forgotten History (Sept. 11, 2023)

    “On July 28, 1932, the U.S. government attacked their own, in a shameful display of power, using tanks, bayonets, and tear gas. To make matters even worse, all of this occurred under the leadership of textbook heroes such as Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton.”

  • Related, directly related:


    “MSNBC claims that Trump was overwhelmingly booed recently at the Palmetto Bowl.”

    Read the rest, you will be enlightened, and make sure you share it with a friend on social media…..

  • Phill O

    That reporter has recanted.
    However, there seems to be a loss of confidence in the authorities when the policing forces have been weaponized.
    1 The FBI raiding opponents of the left wing agenda
    2 The court system going after Trump while ignoring what democrats have done
    3 Going after the Trucker’s convoy while ignoring antisemitism

  • Gary H

    “ Or has it made you more angry and determined to throw these would-be tyrants out of power?”

    Why include the word(s), “would-be”?

  • Lee S

    @Trent Castanaveras,

    Thank you for the top! When this thread disappears from my feed I will try it out.


    I’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but some sort of search tool for threads with a certain posters comments would be very useful, and would definitely encourage more interaction. Just a thought.

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