Farrakhan leads “Death to America” chants in Iran

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They’re coming for you next: Louis Farrakhan, friend and ally to the Democratic Party and its leadership, this week visited Iran where he led of chants “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan led a chant of “Death to America!” on a solidarity visit to Iran this weekend, according to Iranian news sources. He also led a chant of “Death to Israel!”

Farrakhan visited Iran ahead of the renewal of U.S. sanctions against the regime at midnight on November 5. The renewed sanctions are the result of the American withdrawal from the agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, which purported to prevent Iran’s development of nuclear weapons but merely delayed it.

Any vote for any Democrat on election day will essentially be an endorsement of this behavior, as the Democratic Party at all levels for many years has shown strong ties and sympathy for Farrakhan and his brand of bigotry and anti-American hate.



  • Noah Peal

    I suspect Iranians might connect the dots in seeing sanctions begin on November 5, a day after their “Death to America ” day commemorating the taking of U.S. embassy personnel hostage on November 4, 1979. Shouldn’t sanctions be a permanent feature in our relationship with any nation that has a “Death to America” day?

  • Cotour

    You have to wonder what the political calculation and strategy that Frarrakahn has in mind when he goes to Iran at this particular moment in time and says and does what he says and does.

    Who exactly in America is he pandering to? Every move now has an intended political purpose.

    Yep, you have to wonder.

  • Col Beausabre

    How ’bout we have a “Death to Farrakhan” rally? (sorry , Bob, can’t resist) Oh, no. Can’t do that. It would show we’re Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi, Hate Spewing, Deplorables as opposed to the peace-loving, unbiased, Left wing saints like Farrakhan. He’ll be hailed as a hero when he gets off at Kennedy Airport.

    Imagine an Iranian publicly denouncing his country in the West, then returning home. He’d be met at the airport by the political (hardly secret) police and that’s the last the World would see of him. And there’d be plenty of those in the West who’d tell us that the Iranians responded appropriately to such a “provocation”

    Cotour – Who exactly in America is he pandering to?

    The people who run the Democratic Party. Their loudest, most dedicated, most enthusiastic people are the Bernie (I am a socialist) crowd, Anti-Fa and similar crazies. This is red meat to them. They HATE their land of birth and think that all that is bad in the world has the US behind it. Not a sparrow falls from the sky without Trump causing it.

  • wayne

    “Zombie Jamboree”
    Louis Farrakhan 1954

  • Auth J. J. Hall

    The platform of the Democratic Party is National Suicide! It started with de-emphasizing American achievements, values and identity in our education system. It bore it’s poisonous fruit in the establishment of abortion. Now they want to finish the job with an influx of immigrants totally antagonistic to what makes America great.

    I have no doubt that many of today’s Democrats cheered him on! There is no longer a Harry Truman brave enough to drop the bomb on America’s enemies to save American lives!

  • Cotour



  • Phill O

    J.J. I would argue that the dropping of the atomic bombs saved many Japanese lives also. The rapid ending of the Pacific war saved millions of lives! IMHO

  • Max

    Col Beausabre said;
    “Imagine an Iranian publicly denouncing his country in the West, then returning home. He’d be met at the airport by the political (hardly secret) police and that’s the last the World would see of him.”
    That exact thing just happened recently with a journalist, born in Saudi Arabia, who was speaking badly of his sovereign King… The moment he stepped on Saudi embassy soil in turkey they promptly dismembered him.
    Perhaps it’s time to enforce the 14th amendment removing citizenship from those who aid our enemies. Starting with Diane Feinstein who had a Chinese spy on her staff for 21 years and did nothing about it.

  • Mitch S

    I know a Japanese man who as a boy lived near Hiroshima. He said he could see the glow from the fires the night after the bombing.
    It’s his opinion that the bombings we’re necessary and saved many Japanese lives including his own – even the youth were being taught to fight to the death though it’s more likely he would have died of starvation.
    The left has turned the atomic bombings into an “original sin”, another part of their delusional view of the world.

  • Col Beausabre

    Mitch S – “it’s more likely he would have died of starvation.”

    He’s quite right. From the book, Hell to Pay: Operation Downfall and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947,


    A US Department of Agriculture study predicted the 1945 rice harvest would be the worst in generations due to the lack of manpower and even if some areas generated a local surplus, Japan had no way to move to feed the urban population. (Japan had no modern road net, the combination of submarines and mines (21st Bomber Command had a entire wing – about 160 aircraft – dedicated to mining Imperial waters) meant that no coastwise traffic could operate and LeMay had declared the city-busting campaign virtually at an end with cities of less than 100,000 being checked off several at a time (Toyama – equal in size to Chattanooga TN – was 98 percent destroyed in one strike, killing virtually the entire population. Pictures show devastation equal to the atomic strikes – nuclear weapons were seen as just a more efficient way of doing the job, one plane rather than several hundred) and that 21st Bomber Command’s primary target was now transportation – primarily the railroads),

    Based on its estimate of the harvest and the destruction of Japan’s transportation infrastructure, Agriculture predicted mass starvation would begin in the Spring of 1946

  • Phill O

    Mitch S Yes, the A-bombs have been turned into the “Original Sin” by those who try to be pompous and oh so smart. I have a brother who is one. However, I know many of his “sins” which are far more numerous than Kavannaughs. He went brain dead when he started smoking weed to get off of alcohol..

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