Google censors Project Veritas expose on Google censorship

Leftist fascism: While I have noted this in my earlier post about Google’s effort to block both Trump’s election and many conservative sites, it is necessary to highlight: Google, the owner of youtube, has removed Project Veritas’s video expose from youtube.

The only reason they could have to do this is to block people from knowing about Google’s partisan and fascist behavior. You can still watch the video at the Project Veritas site.

As I said, people have to stop using Google. Both DuckDuckGo and StartPage are viable search engine alternatives, though the former is preferred because the latter depends on Google’s search engine.

If you have gmail, find an alternative. There are many.

And as I have said numerous times in the past, I would love it if those suggesting evening pauses for this website could find alternative sources other than youtube for those videos.


  • Col Beausabre

    Which company used to have the motto, “Don’t Be Evil”?

    Of course, conservatives will be silenced, they are, by definition, evil

  • Cotour

    Jaron Lanier:

    (Jaron is unique to say the least, and he knows exactly what he is talking about, he is one of them.)

    Why does Google do what it does?

    Because they can. It is the nature of man. And this kind of tech is on an entire other level than has ever existed before on the planet.

    Are they “evil” or are they “stupid”? Maybe a little of both?

  • Tom Biggar

    Unfortunately, as of 5:30 pm today, Vimeo has banned project Veritas from its site. Not just removed the video, but banned them. The free universe keeps shrinking.

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