How tiny cowardice is destroying us

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This is how culture wars are lost: through the slow accumulation of individually defensible but collectively unjustifiable decisions not to resist. It’s the decision that objecting during diversity training simply isn’t worth the hassle. It’s the decision not to say anything when you see a colleague or fellow student facing persecution because of their beliefs. It’s a life habit of always taking the path of least resistance, keeping your head down, and doing your best to preserve your own family and career. The small fights don’t matter anyway, right? I recently spoke to a mid-level executive at a major corporation who had been forced to sit through mandatory “inclusivity” training. The topic was transgender rights, and the trainer proceeded to spout far-left ideology as fact, going so far as to label all who disagreed with the notion that a man can become a woman “transphobic.” I asked if anyone objected to any part of the training, and the response was immediate. “Are you crazy? No one wants to deal with HR.”

Read it all. We are faced with bullies, who run away and hide the instant someone challenges them. The problem is that too many people are unwilling to challenge them, so they win time after time after time.



  • Steve Earle

    This is on the mark. The analogy I have most agreed with is the cultural ratchet.

    Progressives have used their different times in power since at least the 1930’s to slowly, step by step, move the culture to the Left.

    The Right has failed repeatedly to move the culture back in any real way, and lately has not even effectively stopped the ratchet, never mind moving it back.

  • Edward

    Three decades ago, I worked for a company that had had a scandal, and all the employees had to take ethics training (no, we weren’t part of the scandal, but we “got punished” anyway), which really turned out to be an early form of diversity training. The unfortunate black woman who was conducting the training wasn’t just embarrassed for teaching us the kind of BS that is now an accepted norm, but she apologized in advance for teaching it.

    There once was a time that we all knew BS when we heard it, and rejected it as being what it was. Now our children believe the BS just as much as we believed in Keynesian Economics, because our teachers said it worked.

    Or that we believed that Social (In)Security would be there for our old ages (it certainly won’t be there for our children’s, and I have doubts about “getting my money back” — the attitude that keeps this Ponzi scheme alive).

    Or Medicare.

    Or Obamacare — OK, bad example, we didn’t get fooled by that one.

    But, man, we sure got suckered into bankrupting companies because they want to follow their basic First Amendment rights, just so someone doesn’t have to walk down the block.

    And now we let men into the little girl’s room, and teenage boys into the girls’ locker room. (BTW: although they won’t notice, I am no longer shopping at Target, and I am still buy-cotting Arizona as much as I can.)

  • Joe

    I have to think that this PC and ethics training started for me about 30 years ago, it has gotten so bad that you actually consider weather or not to say hello to the office females for fear of incurring their wrath, let alone say something like “you look nice today”, nope, they get there nice safe space and everyone’s got an attitude.

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