Identifying the real racists.

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Identifying the real racists.

A very honest, thoughtful and blunt look at the source of today’s racial hate.

Note that I comment very little on these despicable criminal acts that are all the rage these days in the media because that’s what they are, criminal acts first and foremost. To emphasize the racial component of either the victims or the criminals, which is what too many journalists and pundits on both the right and the left are doing, would be to play into the hands of the bigots. I won’t play that scorecard game.

What matters is the crime itself, and the use of the law to find a just sentence.


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  • wade

    this guy Has to Go. he won office on Popular Vote and has Systematically brought Our Nation to its knees . he is Deeply Racial when i thought we got Over That more than 10yrs Ago. he is Guilty of 35 acts of Impeachment and More. he is slicker than a two-bit used car salesman in recourse and harps about Nothing while playing golf instead of dealing with World Issues. This guy has Ruined our Privacy and Any Hope

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