Judge rules in favor of telescope protesters

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A Hawaiian judge has ruled that the state’s emergency order that had forbid camping on the mountain was invalid.

The state says that it will still prohibit anyone from blocking the road, but I don’t know how they will be able to do that if a large number of protesters camp on the mountain, ready to move and block any construction vehicles trying to get to the mountaintop.

I think it is time for the makers of the Thirty Meter Telescope to consider a move out of Hawaii. I believe they will never be able to get the telescope built as planned.



  • Mark

    Hey, if Hawaii doesn’t want the telescopes, I’m pretty sure they’d be welcome here in Colorado Springs, up on top of city-owned Pikes Peak. The altitude is about the same, though they’d have to plow the (paved) road during the winter.

  • wodun

    I wonder if these protesters follow an actual religion that had been practiced by the islanders prior to the modern era or if they are like the neo-pagans who decided to just make up a new religion borrowing the names of old gods but whose rites and rituals are modern. I have trouble trusting in the sincerity of Democrat environmentalist activists.

  • Chris L.

    As a fellow Springs resident, I think that’s an awesome idea, though you are right about the snow issue.

  • Nick P

    A true tragedy. A waste of $100s of Millions and years in planning.

    That mountain top should be seized under something resembling eminent domain. There are only 2 places in the world of this caliber and that means there are no other alternatives.

    For those who suggest Pikes Peak, my understanding is that the Rockies do not have the stable air needed.

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