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Judge to blacklisting Maine governor: The lawsuit against your COVID jab mandate will continue

Democrat Janet Mills, a proud dictator

A federal district court judge ruled last week that a lawsuit by seven former health employees in Maine can continue, dismissing the absurd argument by Maine’s Democrat governor, Janet Mills, that even though these employees were illegally denied a religious exemption and got fired for not getting the COVID jab, the harm they have endured no longer exists because Mills eventually stopped enforcing her mandate and will repeal it later this month.

The lawsuit in question — Alicia Lowe, et al., v. Janet Mills, et al. — alleges that the State of Maine violated healthcare workers’ First Amendment rights by refusing to allow a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate. The healthcare workers argue that healthcare facilities should have offered reasonable accommodations for employees who objected to the COVID-19 shots for religious reasons.

Because of Mills’ vaccine mandate, which specifically barred any religious exemption, healthcare facilities were unable to offer a testing option for employees. As a result of this, several healthcare workers were fired after requesting a religious exemption to the mandate. Some of those workers have now filed a lawsuit against both members of the state government and their employers.

You can read the judge’s ruling here [pdf]. Though it involves a number of obscure legal precedents, the essence is really plain: You can’t make believe you never fired anyone for not getting the COVID jab mandate for religious reasons, just because you later cancelled the mandate. Those employees still do not have their jobs, and you still violated their rights under numerous civil rights laws as well as several amendments in the Bill of Rights.

As noted the day of the ruling by the non-profit law firm that is representing the fired workers, Liberty Counsel:

Their lawsuit against Governor Mills, health officials of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and five of the state’s largest hospital systems, challenges the Maine law that requires employees of designated Maine health care facilities to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 shot. Governor Mills ordered employers to deny all religious exemptions and ignore the federal employment law known as Title VII that affords employees the right to request reasonable accommodation for their sincere religious beliefs. Governor Mills also threatened to revoke the licenses of all health care employers if they did not abide by her rule. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted sentence in the quote provides a perfect window into the mindset of today’s Democrats: They are above the law and can ignore it at their whim in order to viciously squash any opposition. What makes this abuse of power even worse is that Mills now wants to be made immune from any consequences, simply because she has later canceled her mandate. If that insane precedent is allowed to stand, then future lawmakers could institute any illegal action and get away with by simply cancelling it later, after it has done its harm.

The discovery phase of the lawsuit will now go forward, and will quite easily demonstrate this illegal behavior. If there is still justice in America and we remain a nation of laws, then Mills and the other health officials who teamed up with her to violate the law will then find themselves paying for that illegal behavior.

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  • David Telford

    “Progressives” and leftists have no concept of personal liberty, personal sovereignty, natural rights. We are herd animals to these people. How else to explain it?

  • Pepper

    The hospitals will be paying (well, patients will be) but Mills and the other gov’t stooges won’t personally pay anything. It will be the taxpayers. This has to change. Personal action, personal pay.

  • Chip

    Anyone else sick of white, no hormone, crusty, women running everything when running anything is above their pay grade

  • Chris

    Bob, I think “several amendments in the Bill of Rights” is redundant.

  • TrumpsUrDaddy

    The problem with lawsuits against State or any government officials or bureaucrats is that those tyrants are largely immune by statutory law from personal liability for their unlawful acts done in their official capacities. We the already abused taxpayers are soaked to pay for their transgressions against us. Double soaked, as it were. We also pay their contracted defense attorneys to defend against our own allegations of Constitutional and statutory violations against us. Perhaps more thought should be put into limiting all that sort of nonsense, as a matter of law.

  • Jeff Wright

    Mills needs a coronary

  • Jan_in_NH

    These thugs who rule like dictators should be bounced from office. That includes government employees, even those elected and judges.

  • Concerned

    Fantastic comments. At every level of government , when on the rare occasion corruption is successfully prosecuted in court, the perpetrators rarely pay. This needs to change.

  • David Ross

    I don’t believe in “religious exemptions” in the case of public health. Either there’s an emergency which requires everyone get the jab, or else there is not.
    All you do when you claim a “religious exemption” is declare your religion to be a dangerous cult.
    If you’re claiming that the emergency is not an emergency, then make that case.

  • Chuck Brandon

    After reading these comments and agreeing that government officials should have some skin in the game when it comes to payouts in some lawsuits, maybe laws could be passed that their salary be withheld for a year or so. Otherwise if there’s no punishment for them they are just going to continue to do whatever they please. Voting them out is the only option and we know how that usually works. Here in Michigan, Whitmer was re-elected even though she sent Covid patients to nursing homes knowing full well that none of the homes were capable of keeping nursing home patients safe. Over two thousand people died. Just talk to any nursing home employee and not any government official.

  • James Street

    Life is tough. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have financial worries, a loved one with cancer, car problems…. And then these evil monsters are happy as they do illegal things to frighten and harm people.

  • Cotour

    The slippery slope: A s per Youtube you are not allowed to know or even consider another opinion regarding your health.

    Dr. Berg censored:

    Google / Youtube now aligned with the dictates of the W.H.O. / WEF / U.N. and what THEY say must be.

    And they all did such a great and competent job dealing with Covid and the experimental mRNA shot and getting out the actual real-life effects of both.

    Can only be Subjectively good.

  • Questioner

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom: “Origin of Covid & Whistleblowing w/Jeffrey Sachs”


    “Thank you Judge for bring Professor Sachs again on your show .
    Professor Sachs is integrity itself a eyewitness to the past 35 years.
    The Truth the facts ( not always the same these days), coherent logical Moral , old school the original , non biased , Rare. Very rare, these days.
    Please have Professor Jeffrey Sachs back soon.
    Judge outstanding
    Liberty is not dead , but there are many dark dark forces against.
    Thank you”

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