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  • Edward

    I agree. The next Kennedy-like speech should not be for a major project in space but for economic freedom and property rights in space. These are the two concepts that have worked best on Earth. As with the laws of physics being constant throughout the universe, the laws of economics or human behavior work the same way in space, too.

    Allowing economic freedom and property rights in space may be a political challenge that could be as difficult to accomplish as the technical challenges of building the Golden Gate Bridge, building the Panama Canal, building the Transcontinental Railroad, or going to the Moon. Too many people in political leadership positions are there not because they actually want to help people but because they want the power and control over everyone else. Breaking that desire will be difficult for the world’s leaders to do, as they have no incentive to allow liberty and freedom and every incentive to desire power and control, even in space.

    Ask not what space can do for you — ask what you can do in space.

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