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Key legal issues behind the Texas petition to Supreme Court re election issues

Link here.

The author reviews the petition, the logic behind it, and the legal possibilities. She also cogently reviews the worst examples of misbehavior in the four swing states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, that justify Supreme Court action. If you are one of those people that refuses to recognize the illegalities in the handling of the election in those states, you should read this article to education yourself.

The key point however is this:

These injuries, Texas asserts, demand a remedy. But the remedy sought is not what some may surmise is the goal—a second term for President Trump.

No, what Texas seeks is for the Supreme Court to mandate that the defendant states comply with the Constitution, and that means that electors are selected by the states’ legislatures. Texas makes this point clear, stressing: “Plaintiff State does not ask this Court to decide who won the election; they only ask that the Court enjoin the clear violations of the Electors Clause of the Constitution.”

Texas is essentially demanding what I suggested several weeks ago: If election issues are not fixed, elected state Republicans must refuse to certify.

Texas is demanding that these four states put the decision to the legislatures, since their election counts cannot be trusted. While the arguments are sound, it remains to be seen whether the Supreme Court will listen.

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  • archie

    Trump knew. Pence knew. The GOP knew. Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Fox, et al knew. You knew. Everyone knew months, years, or decades ago.

    And yet the democrats may have pulled off the greatest stunt in recent memory.

    Maybe god is punishing you for being incompetent. Stop blaming the other side for your mistakes.

  • OldFert

    Whether or not the election results are modified, Trump and/or other parties should pursue civil action regarding the improprieties. Criminal action would be good, too, as applicable.

    Keep this stuff in the courts for as long as it takes for the proper remedies to be attained.

    And throw as many of the perps in jail as possible. Not just the worker bees, but the bosses all the way up to Mister or Ms Big, whomever that may be.

  • Brian Hauptman

    @archie Maybe everyone knew, but not everyone was in a position to act. Texas had an idea what the Dem counties were up to before the election, and the AG took them to court early to prevent hanky-panky with mail-in ballots. Would that it were so in the 4 defendant States, but the when the people in charge of the election are in on the con, what can an outsider do? This lawsuit seems like the most reasonable response to such a flagrant act of fraud. Hopefully SCOTUS will see it the same way, otherwise we’re down to the ammo box.

  • LocalFluff

    A civil action. Was that how the US was founded, by a court process in London?

  • GWB

    We have to do the work of evangelizing Americanism, too.

    People are starting to wake up to the shenanigans and malarkey. But, they still tend toward trust of the judicial system. They were indoctrinated into a belief that it’s generally impartial (except where it’s flagrantly racist against black men, of course *eyeroll* ). So, when justice is not done in the courts, a great many people will accept it – “SCOTUS said so!” Only if we educate in the principles – yes, starting with the fundamentals – of our Constitution and way of gov’t, the pillars of Western Civilization (including morality – call it self-governance, if you will), etc., will there be the sort of support we need to reclaim our free Republic.

    I’m all for jury boxes and for the occasional lamp post. But if we don’t evangelize and educate folks then they’ll simply continue to vote the Swamp/nannies/tyrants into office. And they will continue to have inordinate power that was never intended for them to have to screw with our lives.

  • mrsizer

    Mister or Ms Big, whomever that may be.
    He or she may not exist. If one sufficiently indoctrinates and motivates the plebes, they don’t need direction, even at the “meddlesome priest” level of plausible deniability. The fraud is so poorly done that this seems likely to me.

    when the people in charge of the election are in on the con
    They don’t need to be “in on it”; not caring or not wishing to rock the boat are sufficient.

  • Cotour

    ALL IN 100 YEARS

    Anyway you look at it the Communist Chinese are very ambitious to say the least and have been very aggressive in their “Investing” in upcoming politicos in American government. To say the least.

    All and every exchange student in our country is essentially a Chinese spy, and there are many others that are installed and operate at the highest levels in our government also are associated much too closely with the Communist Chinese government and are spy’s. And they need to be unceremoniously removed, excised just like a cancer from our country. The Chinese are playing 4 D chess, and we are playing tittly winks.


    Bejing 100 years ago: ; 4 min.

    Bejing today: ; 4 min.

    Eric Swalwell demands probe into revelation of his friendship with Chinese honeytrap Fang Fang | Daily Mail Online

    AOC Partied With Alleged Chinese Communist Party Spy (

    Hunter Biden receives a $1.5 Billion dollar deal from the Communist Chinese government.
    Vanity Fair: Hunter Biden’s $1.5B Bank of China Deal ‘Looming’ as Campaign Scandal (

    The Chinese make their “Investments”, ask Bill Clinton. Remember, Charlie Trie?
    Charlie Trie Indicted – January 28, 1998 (

    All will be revealed in the era of Trump.

    (Joe Biden? Not so much)

  • Cotour


    Its called the Lois Learner / Christien Blasey Ford, “Good Soldier”, technique, which gives the “others” plausible deniability. No direction needed.

    Once again make note, its the women of the Left that are the best and most obedient “Good Soldiers”.

  • Cotour

    And if Trump and Texas is not successful?

    Then what will we be seeing? Another woman who is a “Good Soldier” for the Democrats and the Leftists?

    After it is determined that a Joe Biden presidency can not happen for the many, many reasons that that is so?


    Just a “Good Soldier”.

  • Jeff Fauva

    “..since their election counts cannot be trusted.” Based on what – being trounced in courts all over the swing states? Already amassed a 1-55 court record – just more smokescreen.

  • M. Rad.

    @archie and @Brian Hauptman: You know who else knew? Someone trading on the cryptocurrency betting markets. FTX issued TrumpWin & TrumpLose tokens (only one of which pays off on Inauguration Day) and someone was buying up Lose and selling off Win in large chunks relative to the organic trading volume, depressing the predicted odds of a Trump win. At the time it seemed like a propoganda op by a Soros-connected group (who are good at wasting the billionaire’s money on such harebrained schemes), but in hindsight it looks like insider trading by the election-fraud bagmen. It is also a paper-trail to identify the perps, if this ever gets investigated.

  • pzatchok

    I just want to see federal elections regulated by federal law. Including Senators and Congressmen who are sent to Washington.

    Once the federal elections are monitored and made legitimate then state elections will follow a lot easier.

    The idea of the secret ballot was not used in the US until the middle of the 19th century. Until then things were quite out in the open.
    But as soon as the secret ballot came about the ability to scam the system became possible. Stuffing that good old ballot box.

    Your personal number should be affixed to your ballot and you should be able to check your vote up to 60 days after the election. How else are you going to be sure that your vote was tabulated correctly? After that all evidence is destroyed.
    Nothing needs to be seen by a human or recorded past that time.

  • Questioner

    LIVE: Georgia State House Election Hearing (Dec. 10) | NTD

  • Brian Watkins

    This take has some fairly severe unintended consequences. Imagine a state with a Democrat legislature and a Democrat Secretary of State. The electorate is leaning Republican, so all the Secretary of State has to do to throw the election is to implement a rule arguably at odds with the Elector Clause. Boom. California sues, and the election gets tossed to the legislature and the Dems win.

    That isn’t too far off the mark here where, as in Georgia, any errors were the fault of Republican election officials. I suspect laches will be held to apply, if not for this express reason, but based on the intuition that you can’t screw up the process yourself and then seek to have the results tossed only after the election doesn’t go your way.

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