Leftist mob at home of Tucker Carlson: “You are not safe!”

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They’re coming for you next: A leftist mob tonight gathered in front of the private home of Fox anchor Tucker Carlson, making threats against him and his family.

They chanted, “We know where you sleep at night!” Then,

Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either. …Racist scumbag, leave town,” the group chants.

It is revealing how the left repeatedly demands that everyone but them tone down the rhetoric.



  • hondo

    someone is going to get killed.
    All in due time.

  • Phill O

    It is the responsibility of the government to provide safety. If the government will not do the job, there are several militia groups who will, Then things will get ugly.

    Old Trumpy needs yo have a seagent at arms at press conference now and take care of reporters who get out of hand as has recently happened with a CNN reporter. The general pub;is sees this and are emboldened. Jail time is required for control of the violent and peace disturbers.

    Can any one imagine what would happen if this was Bill Ayers? Wait, this did happened and he got backup from the cops!

  • Max

    Phill O said;
    “Jail time is required for control of the violent and peace disturbers.”
    I too believe in the rule of law, when we all (including law-enforcement) know where to stand, and what our limits are, we can be happy and free to color within the lines without being afraid.
    In this situation, face recognition software will identify everyone there and restraining orders will be issued. If restraining orders are violated, arrest will be made with fines and will be escalated from there.
    The escalation, I fear, will probably be a system like China is implementing. Don’t be surprised if the riots and unrest of recent years will be used as an excuse to create a database with a new “Big brother” government bureaucracy on American citizens, like the do not fly list, which will restrict personal rights.
    “Never let a crisis go to waste”
    Don’t fall for what happens during trumps media circus. He’s been in the entertainment industry too long not to look forward to, and manipulate the aggression for ratings and entertainment value. Yes, it polarizes the audience creating emotional response for, and against, CNN and the president. The news conference was replayed across the country a dozen times, therefore mission accomplished. I would not put it past the president to have staged the event, every bad man needs a demon to make him look good…
    The educational system seems to be primed to produce an over abundance of useful idiots… Even my grandchildren, who just started junior high school, come home singing songs of hate for President Trump and Republicans. When I ask them about it, they reflect their teachers hate and discontent along with swear words which are only tolerated in school when talking about conservatives. This open license to do what is normally forbidden has proven to be a temptation that they can’t resist…
    Zimmerman has shown that a culture of hate is being pursued in higher education for political reasons with diligence. (The spot light on the truth has won him no friends in this militant aggressive socialist media community) It is a “means to an end” using our own children and the next generation as Canon fodder for a revolution. “Common core” in grade school sow’s the seeds of illiteracy, making you feel smart for memorizing.
    I never thought I would be able to understand why Pol Pot killed all the university professors, modern universities have become reeducation camps 2.0 of the future…
    Who says government reeducation camps can’t be fun?
    Socialized healthcare (to be restricted for the geriatric useless eaters) will take care of the opposition for a brave new world… Here you go, a special immunization/flu shot for those over 60… Because you are special to us, and you don’t have a choice… You see, all you old people have a disease that is spreading to the young. This must be prevented at all costs, it is also necessary to scrub the Internet of your non-progressive ideas that is toxic to Utopia which is always just out of reach, but just around the corner. Your thoughts of truth and reality are a bummer, we sell fantasies and opium for the masses and there’s no way you can compete with that… The blood of patriots must be spilled every generation is coming to an end. Resistance is futile.
    Sponsored by Facebook, China, Google, United nations, Russia, European Union, The council of foreign relations, the not so deep state, and your local chamber of commerce…

  • wodun

    This is what the Democrats call “direct action” protesting. It is an accepted and core part of their activism. It isn’t something new. It has been going on for decades. Tucker is just a new target.

    The media portrays these as random spontaneous events but all of the Democrats militant activist groups are organized and funded by the party. They have a network of groups that shifts (launders) money around from group to group that shields donors from exposure. The money groups support all sorts of activities and causes from PBS and local radio stations to lawyers and medical staff for protests to environmental groups and on and on. The money groups support politics and civics groups and have co-opted what charity used to be and now use them to support party causes.

    ANTIFA is no more spontaneous than the YWCA being involved in politics.

  • pzatchok

    Just think.

    Al they needed was a nice cross to burn and they would be the new Democrat KKK.

    But they gave up religion so I guess they will have to burn that other symbol of hate and oppression, the US flag.

  • Orion314

    Why would a very famous multi-multi millionaire like Tucker Carlson not pay for human home security, or live in a secure area?
    I’ve been to rich enclaves with armed wackenhut security that would not allow protesters into the general area, let alone someones front yard. Is Carlson cheap/stupid or both?

  • Orion314: Or maybe Carlson is an ordinary family man who assumed that in the United States he and his family could live an ordinary life in an ordinary neighbor, safe from harassment. Up until the past decade such an expectation was normal. We were a free society that respected the right of all citizens to express their opinions freely, without threat.

    No longer. Because we no longer defend to the death the right of each citizen to live freely, we are going to be forced into “rich enclaves with armed wakenhut security,” becoming isolated pockets of feudal castles, unaware and maybe uninterested in the lives of those beyond those enclaves. This description applies to most rich Hollywood actors (most of whom are also leftists). Sadly, I think it will soon apply to everyone else.

    The coming dark age.

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