Leftist rioters attack Trump supporters leaving Trump rally

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They’re coming for you next: As has become routine now from fascist Democratic Party supporters, a mob of several hundred rioters in Minnesota yesterday attacked Trump supporters as they were leaving last night’s Trump rally.

It appears individuals were surrounded and attacked. Others had their MAGA hats stolen, which were then burned. In addition, reporters were maced, and it also appears the police stood by while this was happening.

The Democratic mayor of Minneapolis vehemently opposed this rally, trying and failing to squelch it with an unreasonable security fee. It appears he has decided to allow violence to act for him instead.

This is today’s Democratic Party, a fascist operation that tries to squelch the free speech of its political opponents, by any means necessary. If legal manipulation fails, they then send out their jack-booted thugs.



  • Cotour

    Classic, Trump, behind enemy lines and he holds nothing back. He guts Biden and his opportunistic son who he allowed to cause his problems.


    Biden should have known better and stayed retired and his son raking in all of that dough. But he believed his own PR. Biden has a zero chance of even getting to the primary never mind having anyone actually voting for him for president, and he will retire in disgrace.

    20 thousand patriots packed inside, and another 20 K outside? (Lets see Biden do that in every city he visits. Not that it will matter, Biden will IMO be gone by the end of December? March of 2020? His grandchildren are calling, they need him.)

    You had to expect some form of frustration and acting out by these emotional children of the Left.

  • Robert Pratt

    The only problem with this in Texas is the Feds taking away our concealed weapons if we attend a Trump rally. Otherwise at any big GOP gathering in Texas only suicidal Leftists will attempt this.

  • Phill O

    “This is today’s Democratic Party, a fascist operation that tries to squelch the free speech of its political opponents, by any means necessary. If legal manipulation fails, they then send out their jack-booted thugs.”

    Sure looks like NAZIs to me!

    I am wondering if some were shipped in for other areas to instigate and get the Brown Shirts worked up!

    I remember the Tea Party rally followed by the dem’s occupy people. The former fallowed all legal requirements while the latter had no respect for the legal step that were required.

  • Col Beausabre

    With the police ordered to sit on their tails, someone is going to get killed.

    The Trump supporters will be blamed of course. And if it’s a leftist who dies, there probably will be a show trial with the verdict already decided.

  • wayne

    “Antifa; Mad World” (Parody)
    Zoe Does Life
    February 2018
    [adult content]

  • wayne

    Will Franken @ Comedy Unleashed –
    “Climate Change and Greta Thunberg”

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