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Mueller’s testimony today proves witch hunt failed

There have been numerous stories today in all the press, both left and right, about Robert Mueller’s testimony today in Congress, mostly concluding that Mueller came off very badly, thereby bursting the balloon of the continuing empty and largely disproved accusations by the Democrats that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. If anything Mueller proved by his stumbling answers plus his refusal to answer more than 150 questions that his effort was at best incompetent, and at worst a partisan witch hunt.

This conclusion is not a surprise however to anyone who has paid even the slightest close attention Mueller’s work, both now and in the past.

However, the short clip below the fold, taken from Mueller’s testimony today, best represents how corrupt and incompetent Mueller really is. It took place during questioning by a friendly Democratic congressman as he was attempting to demonstrate how honorable and fair-minded Mueller is. Instead, it proved why almost everything attempted by our so-called elites in Washington fails. They don’t have to be corrupt because they are also incompetent.

The clip comes from a story at PJ Media. For Mueller and the Democrats, it is embarrassing. For Trump and the Republicans it is laughable. For the American people it is distressing, because we all know that Mueller is very stereotypical of most of those running Washington.

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  • Cotour

    I watched most all of it, at the minimum a sideways move to a net negative move for the Democrats as far as their strategy goes IMO.

    I expect that no matter what they will move ahead with an impeachment, because that is all really have. They have a plan and are working their plan. Unfortunately a plan that does not grow and further support your premise needs to either be reformulated and redirected or at some point someone must have the ability to say, enough. I suspect that they are so committed to this lead balloon plan that no one has the ability to either reformulate or abandon it. Full speed ahead.

    The best was when Mueller came back from lunch and had to restate his answer to Congressman Liu I think it was. Not good for the Democrats, but good for America in the long run. The Republican questioners were respectful but strong and made very consequential and substantive points that revealed much of what was wrong with the entire operation.

    Mueller was ready to make the point that he “Was not interviewing for the FBI Director job” when meeting with Trump the day before he was made Special Investigator as a result of his good friend Comey and his treachery. Kind of childish IMO. Of course he wanted the job, I would guess that that is why he was there. Just not believable.

    What will the Democrats do when these other investigations that focus on the FBI, DOJ, CIA leadership and their treachery begin to roll out? This political theater certainly will not serve to counter it. Joe Biden? He will be gone soon enough.

    Don’t bet against Trump, its just his way to go to the edge, and then win.

    Destiny? Providence? Good Luck? Maybe all three?

  • Cotour

    This point made initially by, Rep. John Radcliff and then by this man, Rep. Turner about the word “Exonerate” is the one and single word chosen by the Mueller team that reveals it to be what it is, exclusively a political document.


    1 : to relieve of a responsibility, obligation, or hardship
    2 : to clear from accusation or blame

    A word that has no meaning in the context of the job that Mueller was assigned to do, find evidence of collusion or conspiracy between Trump and the Russians, which was not found. And if the president obstructed the investigation, which was also not established. That was Muellers job, period. No more, no less. But he and his team wanted more.

    But Mr. Mueller, a seasoned prosecutor, apparently invented a new power that he apparently possessed, the power to exonerate. And the only reason that he did so was to make a political point in the minds of the public and to give the Democrats the reason to proceed with impeachment IMO.

    I made a post recently about the definitions of words and terms and how the Left is always attempting to redefine them to serve their own political purposes. And what do we find at the highest levels of the Justice Department in the form of a Special Prosecutor by the name of Robert Mueller and his hand picked team investigating a president? The redefining of words and terms, and essentially the inventing of a legal power that does not exist.


    Mueller claims again a “Special circumstance” and attempts to support the creation of this new power that does not exist. He was clearly charged to do a specific job within specific instructions and he attempted to over interpret and in fact create something that does not exist in law “Exoneration”.

    The Left and all they undertake must rely on fraud and the redefining of words and terms and now powers in law in order that they be able to win. If not they would never get near the levers of power, never.

  • Slatey Cleavage

    “If this were a boxing match, it would have been called by 9:15.”
    – Howie Carr 7-24-19

  • Gary

    The Democrats will try to make lemonade out of this by saying Mueller was incompetent so there has to be ANOTHER investigation to get it right.

  • Cotour


    Robert Mueller is asked about Fusion GPS, Glen Simpson, and the Trump Tower meeting, and he responds. “That is outside of my purview”.

    1. The body or enacting part of a statute.
    2. The limit, purpose, or scope of a statute.
    3. The range or limit of authority, competence, responsibility, concern, or intention.
    4. Range of vision, understanding, or cognizance.

    Given the definition of that word that Mr. Mueller was so taken with using during his testimony I must conclude that he was forbidden to look into Fusion GPS. And Mueller must have known that the head of Fusion GPS, Glen Simpson, met with the female spy who met at Trump Tower with the Trump team the day before the meeting. And interestingly, the day after.

    And this, what appears to me, as being a very integral component of this entire investigation, the investigation of the Trump Tower meeting, is not looked at by Mr. Mueller and his team? That does not compute.

    Why was investigating the head of Fusion GPS, who was hired by the Hillary Clinton for president campaign, the company that Hired Christopher Steele to produce the “Trump / Steele Dossier” outside of Robert Mueller’s Purview?

    I would think that Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS, especially since he was so overtly connected with the Trump Tower meeting and the Russian woman that met with the Trump team. Meeting with her the day before the meeting and the day after the meeting that he would be very high on the list of people to be well within Robert Mueller’s purview if you were a prosecutor investigating that particular meeting.

    Does not compute, Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS are clearly at the nexus of the entire investigation.

  • Edward

    Gary wrote: “The Democrats will try to make lemonade out of this by saying Mueller was incompetent so there has to be ANOTHER investigation to get it right.

    At least now we know that Trump would have been completely justified to have fired Mueller.

  • Cotour

    There was never a doubt about whether Comey should be fired.

    Whether it was the Democrats who won or the Republicans that won, day one Comey needed to be fired. Why? Because he acted well outside of his job description.

    And that will further be revealed when he is indicted for his actions. Like when he chose to leak his secure communications with the president of the United States to his friend who in turn was to leak it to the NYT’s to set off a Special Investigation (Among other acts).

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