NOAA declares record-setting warming where it has no data

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NOAA’s September update on the climate has declared that central and southern Africa experienced “record warmth,” even though NOAA itself admits it has no ground data for this region, and the satellite data shows temperatures normal.

Except for the satellite data, which comes from a different research source, all the graphs at the second link are from NOAA itself. Despite admitting in one graph that they have zero data for most of Africa, they declare in a different graph that most of Africa experienced record-setting warming.

This is not the first time NOAA has done this. I noted similar intellectual dishonesty by NOAA two years ago. In the interim they have followed this pattern repeatedly, claiming new warming records all over the globe in many areas where they have absolutely no surface data and the satellite data remains inconclusive.

There is an intellectual corruption in the climate field, especially within government agencies like NOAA, that is ruining our ability to really learn what is going on with the climate. And until someone in power steps in and either demands a forthright explanation that justifies these actions (something that I think is impossible) or demands that it stop, this corruption is only going to get worse.



  • LocalFluff

    It is an improvement. At least they didn’t falsify data. They are maybe learning.

  • Edward

    In 2015, NASA declared 2014 to be the warmest year ever recorded, but it later came out that they were 62% sure that the statement was wrong. So much for honesty.

    From this year’s claim, it also looks like they did not evaluate temperatures from the polar regions. Since the major reason for concern from global warming is that the oceans will rise and drown London’s pet dogs, the temperature at Antarctica is important to know. Since for this report it is unknown, the danger of the melting of the antarctic ice, which causes the oceans to rise, is also unknown. Perhaps there is less danger of sea level rise than previously anticipated; we don’t know.

    If we have temperature rises over the other continents then do we have a problem or do we have a better crop growing season?

    LocalFluff wrote: “At least they didn’t falsify data.

    Maybe not, but it looks like they are drawing conclusions from a lack of data. That is not very honest of them.

  • Chris

    The Trump appointments need to speed up! Or, is this a declaration from a Trump appointee?

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