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Nurses fired and blacklisted for either being white or Christian

In today’s blacklist story, I tell two different tales, both of long-time nurses of great experience were not only fired from their jobs because one was white and the other was Christian, but are now apparently blacklisted from getting new work for the same reasons.

I tell two stories today because I am finding I have so many blacklist stories in the queue that many are getting dropped because they are getting stale in terms of the news cycle. Since none of these stories are stale to the individuals being persecuted, I feel a need to tell more than one per day, for a few days, just to catch up.

Laura Morgan, blacklisted
Laura Morgan

First we have Laura Morgan, a nurse with 39 years experience. Morgan was fired by her employer, Baylor Scott & White Health, when she refused to take a new anti-racism course required by her employer that specifically accused her of being a racist, because she was white.

Morgan said her “ordeal” began in September 2021 when her company, Baylor, Scott & White Health, directed annual training for clinicians that this year included a course called “Overcoming Unconscious Bias.”

After reviewing the course, she requested a meeting with the nursing director and the human resources manager. Both blew her off.

“The idea of implicit bias is grounded in the belief that white people treat those who aren’t white worse than those who are. It’s part of the woke assumption that society, including healthcare, suffers from ‘systemic racism,’” she wrote. “Accordingly, my own supposed implicit bias, which is a euphemism for ingrained racism, must be rooted out. Not only that, it must be replaced with preferential treatment for the nonwhite.”

“I fail to see how real racial discrimination is justified by my nonexistent racism,” Morgan added.

Morgan also added in a Wall Street Journal op-ed,

“After 39 years of providing equal care to all my patients without regard to their race, I objected to a mandatory course grounded in the idea that I’m racist because I’m white,” Morgan noted. “I fear every healthcare professional will soon be forced to make the same awful decision I did: Falsely admit to being racist or abandon the medical field.”

Since then she has been unable to get work. It seems she is now on a blacklist, unqualified after 39 years as a qualified nurse because she refuses to bow to the new anti-white equity thugs and admit herself to be racist, simply because she is white.

To put it more bluntly, she is being blacklisted because she is white.

Valerie Kloosterman, blacklisted
Valerie Kloosterman

Next we have the story of Valerie Kloosterman, a physician’s assistant with seventeen years experience who was fired by the University of Michigan Health System because her Christian beliefs made it impossible for her to use fake pronouns as well as recommend the castration and mutilation of young children, as now required from all hospitals by the masters of the queer agenda.

Valerie Kloosterman is a third-generation employee of Michigan Health, following her mother and grandmother, but she was terminated in 2021 about a month after she objected to using transgender patients’ preferred pronouns and referring them for cross-sex surgeries following a diversity training, according to a press release from her attorneys. After her initial objections, a diversity representative allegedly called Kloosterman “evil,” blamed her for the suicides of transgender people and told her she couldn’t bring her faith or the Bible into her work.

Koosterman is now suing, with the non-profit legal firm First Liberty handling her case.

In both cases, these women were fired because they refused to participate in what they believed were morally wrong programs. In the first case the program had nothing to do with Morgan’s nursing work, making her firing a clear violation of her rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Similarly, Kloosterman was fired because the company would make no reasonable accommodation because of her Christian religious beliefs, thus also violating the Civil Rights Act.

In both cases, the people who fired these women believed that that Civil Rights Law simply did not apply to them. They had the right to do whatever they wanted, to anyone, if it served their political agenda.

Their actions are part of a larger phenomenon. Because the radical left has been given a pass time and after time since the 1960s whenever its proponents broke the law, that radical left (which is now no longer radical but the dominant faction on the left) now believes it is above the law. Their progressive values trump everything, allowing them to riot, burn, loot, and fire, censor, and blackball anyone who dares disagree with them, all in violation of numerous laws, with the nonchalant and sadly correct assumption that they will never be held accountable under those laws.

This reality proves once again what many have noted in the past few years: We now have two sets of laws in the United States. One, applied strictly to conservatives, punishes them harshly for the slightest misstatement. The second in turn is an unstated rule that says all Democrats or their supporters are immune from prosecution, no matter what they do.

The recent actions of Biden’s Justice Department illustrate this double set of laws most starkly. The DOJ has indicted eleven pro-life activists for simple participating in a peaceful protests. Yet it apparently has not even investigated the more than 150 terrorist acts — including arson, vandalism, and violence — that have occurred in the past few months against churches, pregnancy centers, and pro-life organizations. In some cases, the leftists who committed the crimes were very public about it, claiming credit while threatening further violence.

Coming to America
Genocide is coming to America if decent Americans
do not act soon to stop it.

Many of the attacks over this summer were carried out by pro-abortion zealots calling themselves Jane’s Revenge, as noted by Daily Caller. The group has claimed responsibility for at least 17 attacks, some of which included Molotov cocktails and arson. But again, the FBI has made no arrests stemming from any incident involving Jane’s Revenge, according to Fox News.

This group even had a webpage at one point, designed to garner support and financing.

Our country cannot survive under this double standard. Either it will be fixed, or we will be engulfed in an brutal unimaginable upheaval as both sides ramp up the violence, either in self-defense on the right, or because of the left’s belief that it is immune from punishment.

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  • Rigoberto Gonzalez

    I fully support the lawsuits these employees are pursuing, but…

    Too often, resolution of such lawsuits results in the employee being restored to their job, with their earned back pay, and “that’s that.”

    That [deleted] has to stop – not only should the employee be restored to their original position of employment with all earned back pay, the lawsuit should inflict extremely painful penalties on the offending organization, and I emphasize “extremely.” Unless there is very substantial pain for violation of rights that organization, and others like it, will not change in even the smallest way. If very large monetary damage awards jeopardize the organization’s survival, so be it. One option might be: Immediately replace everyone in management with entirely new personnel who have no previous association or affiliation with the organization or any of its business operations and who are subject to constant – as in “daily” – examination and review of their job activity and performance and we’ll accept a 50% reduction in the financial penalty.

    Unless organizations such as these are crippled or destroyed the abuse and malfeasance will continue, probably just more well hidden.

  • Robt

    @Rigoberto Gonzalez Totally agree.
    I’d add that lawsuits should also be aimed directly at the individuals who are implementing / enforcing these ‘rules’. Make it hurt

  • Cotour

    Just a touch of irony?:

    “her company, Baylor, Scott & WHITE Health”

    I would fully expect them to have to change the name of their company because they are being overtly racist and “Triggering” by having the word “WHITE” in the company name.

    THEY! Are the racists.

    Eventually “Politically correct” stupid must be recognized for what it is, and if not, everyone dies.

  • Sandra Larson Gonzales

    Once said “job” is reinstated, the Administration will make it as impossible as it can to make it awful for the individual so that they quit, or find a way to fire them, this time for work related issues.

    Sad, but true. As a nurse I know the ways they can and will try to destroy them.

  • Sandra Larson Gonzales

    Baylor, Scott & WHITE is an extremely huge medical monster in Texas.

  • Cotour

    Every person of color who works for this company should be paid at least $10,000.00 each because the company is forcing them to say the word “WHITE” when asked where they work, and the word is plastered all over their pay checks.

    As a matter of fact, because of this forcing of people of color to live with such a triggering offensive mandate all employees should be fired, and the company be dissolved in order to rectify this fundamental racist act of oppressive, white colonialism.

    And if one were to follow the logic of these fully indoctrinated (D), (L) people who intellectualize their reality to suit their subjective narrative that is exactly what would have to be done.

    And then executives involved would be required to jump off the highest bridge in order to in some way rectify it all with the universe.

  • Milwaukee

    I am a White, Christian, male, and a nurse. I quit about a year ago. After 6 months in a new position, at the beginning of August, I requested a week off in the last part of September. The response was, “We’ll see.”. When asked when I should expect to know, they said the beginning of September. So my pretense for resigning was a need to visit my mom before new Covid travel restrictions. The Director of the facility asked me “Why don’t you request emergency leave?” I assured him it wasn’t an emergency. Another nurse made the same question, both being White males. The Hispanic female Director of Nursing said nothing. I miss caring for patients. I don’t miss the other chaotic insanity.

  • Cotour

    And what have we learned over the last several years?

    Anyone who attributes morality or a sense of justice or “Social Justice” to either government or a corporation is deluded and needs a good smack in the Cabeza.

    Why? Because both are fundamentally from their inception and structure soulless entities that react via their leadership to outside influences in order to appear to be in possession of a soul or morality or a sense or measure of justice.

    And anyone on the outside who understands this condition will be able to pressure either to do as they command and disgorge either rules, regulations and laws and or monies and both can be considered extortionists.

    And what is the brightest star of an example today in America?

  • James Street

    I hope you all had a wonderful International Pronouns Day on Wednesday.

    “Woke Democratic lawmakers celebrate ‘International Pronouns Day’
    Several woke Democratic federal lawmakers celebrated “International Pronouns Day” on Wednesday by sharing which pronouns they go by.”

  • Dave in Denver

    There must be something in the water. This is insane. I think that could be a clinical diagnosis.

    I would examine the Chinese Cultural Revolution for parallels. Why did that actually happen? How was it encouraged? And beyond general ruin and fatigue, what were the outcomes?

    Who’s pulling these strings today?

  • Rigoberto Gonzalez: I do not allow obscenities, even if you disguise them slightly. I have deleted yours.

    You are welcome to comment here like an adult, but if you can’t you will be banned.

  • pzatchok

    If she sues and wins she should get back her seniority. One year short of 40 could mean something to her retirement.
    Besides by the time it goes through court she could be at her 40 and have no need to ever go back to work there anyways.

    Add in lost wages and any damages she could have a nice retirement vacation coming.

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