Obamacare sets record for unpopularity with public

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Finding out what’s in it: A new poll has found that Obamacare, five years after it was passed, is more unpopular now then ever before.

Which is why the Republicans should do nothing to fix it should the Supreme Court rule against Obamacare subsidies in states with no health exchanges, and instead stick with full repeal followed by specific fixes to the previous laws.

I am even more convinced that full repeal is the right political approach after reading this leftwing reporter’s take on the situation. He thinks the above plan is stupid, knows the Democrats and Obama will never agree to it, but also knows that the public does not blame Obamacare in any way on the Republicans. As he notes,

And one of the reasons why Democrats should not assume that a ruling for the plaintiffs in King will totally backfire on Republicans is the cynical, but powerful, source of leverage that Thune is tapping into here: Democrats passed health care reform, and thus Democrats will get blamed for anything bad that happens to the health care system.

The above poll confirms this. The Republicans had better recognize this if they want to take full political advantage of it.



  • Cotour

    “Democrats passed health care reform, and thus Democrats will get blamed for anything bad that happens to the health care system.”

    That may sound logical and the “poll” verifies it but I would not count on it being so. When a Democrat applies the thinking process to such subjects any actual logic is blocked and the circuit is shorted back on itself when they come to the part where they might have to justify supporting or voting for a Republican or a Republican / Conservative idea.

    Might this be a ploy to give the Republicans a feeling of self confidence on the subject? The general public long ago has forgotten from where Obamacare comes and from who’s party, and when a segment of the population has “their” naturally born right to healthcare taken away they will look to the “evil” “greedy” Republicans as the villain and those villains had better be ready with the real deal reasonable solution to that problem.

  • Cotour


    Whats really going on?

    Why do corporations want more immigrants (Obamacare recipients)?


    Why do Democrats want more “immigrants”?


    The American’s do not have chance until they get rid of this kind of thinking and this kind of politician.

  • “The general public long ago has forgotten from where Obamacare comes and from who’s party.”

    I think you are wrong about this. The 2014 midterm elections strongly suggest the public has not forgotten who gave them Obamacare. The name itself makes if hard to forgot who brought this upon us all. And as the law kicks in more and provides more hurt to more people, more people are going to remember.

  • Cotour

    I should have been a bit clearer in that sentence, the Democrat voting part of the public. They will not be able to put the two together and come out to a reasoned conclusion about Obamacare.

    And that brings us to why the Dems are pushing illegal immigration, numbers, numbers, numbers. Grateful and dependent on the Democrat party for their security in this country.

  • Cotour

    This IMO is the more disturbing poll about how Democrats think and is the indicator for the Democrat inability to think. What true and sane American could justify that an Illegal alien should be able to vote in elections? Apparently a majority of Democrats do. A true sign of insanity.


  • Cotour

    It would seem that on the trade bill the general public Republicans and Democrats can agree on something.


    Do not further empower this president or any other president. Both party’s are in the process of further selling out the American citizen. What a hot mess we have become.

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