Ocasio-Cortez wins primary with 70% of vote

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They’re coming for you next: Proudly communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) today won her Democratic primary in New York, garnering 70% of the vote.

I know that many conservatives believe that the madness of the past four months will finally convince voters that it is time to reject the Democratic Party. I have seen no evidence of this. Instead, what I see is a Democratic voting block that remains set in concrete, immune to any facts or ideas that challenge its position. And it has remained so my entire life.

This victory by Ocasio-Cortez illustrates this. Despite her campaign to kick Amazon out of New York (costing her district tens of thousands of jobs), despite her clear lack of coherent knowledge of history or science, despite her Marxist agenda (as very well illustrated by her Green New Deal), and despite her generally hateful and racist rhetoric towards those who disagree with her, the voters in her district want her, and voted overwhelmingly for her.

In New York there is no viable Republican Party. Ocasio-Cortez has essentially won another two years in office tonight, as well as an endorsement of her race-based policies.


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  • DJN

    that would be D-New York

  • DJN: Eek! Stupid typo. Fixed.

  • wodun

    Not surprising. Marxism is ascending.

  • A. Nonymous

    And fascism. They may claim to sympathize with the marxists, but Big Tech is aiming for something much more akin to fascism in practice, in which they will be “controlled” by a government while retaining the ability to make profits (which will be shielded from any form of competition that is not also controlled by government). The difference from a hundred years ago is that fascists and marxists aren’t fighting each other in the street yet–although that may change, once they finish us off and start to argue over the spoils.

  • Cotour

    The Leftist media darling political cancer prevails in the Bronx, district 14.

    The Leftist “Progressive” agenda, just like in Seattle, wins and the contest was not even close, but it did not take much. A total of 37,310 people voted in the primary and AOC won by a margin of 72 percent (27,103) and her closest competitor was at 19% (7200). Out of a district population of 706,440 total residents.

    And I think that is the real take away here.

    Not a good indicator.

  • Cotour

    And lets not forget that AOC remaining in Congress keeps the Leftist heat on Pelosi and the other Socialist panderers and that serves the country as a whole because they will not be able to deny what it is that they are essentially supporting, Socialism in America.

    And unless the Democrats can commit voter fraud and stuff the ballots throughout the country, and don’t believe they are not at this moment in time scheming how to do just that, the meat and potatoes tax paying Americans in the greater parts of the country do not like what they are seeing coming out of the Democrat party.

    AOC serves a greater purpose here IMO.

  • wayne

    Her partner in Jew-hating & America-bashing, is Rashida Tlaib, running in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.
    –This is John Conyers old district, basically western Detroit and the downriver-section. (gerrymandered, maybe 5% Republicans in the 13th district… I believe she faces the same democrat primary challenger she did 2 years ago, who is a career democrat hack.)
    She’s been spending heavily on statewide radio-spots, for some reason.

  • Cotour

    A move to the Senate?

  • wayne

    my knee jerk supposition was, purely a fundraising thing.

  • Cotour

    America, we have a problem:


    (Like we did not know it before?)

    The young people who have grown up in the bosom of freedom (That they had nothing to do with securing) have become the enemy within. I fear they know not what they in the long term do.

  • James Street

    “I know that many conservatives believe that the madness of the past four months will finally convince voters that it is time to reject the Democratic Party.”

    That’s a small part of winning people’s hearts and minds.

    I do see evidence that President Trumps strategy is working. I live and work in the Seattle area and one of my coworkers is from Africa and is liberal. He lives in Seattle’s Chinatown which is just down the hill from CHOP. I couldn’t believe it the other day when he said to me with a smile “Everyone knows what this is about. It’s not about Black lives. It’s about hating Trump”. That’s one example of what I’m seeing here.

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