Off hunting javelinas again

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A javelina

Posting on Friday and over this weekend will be nil, as I am leaving tonight, Thursday, and will be in the back country with no phone or internet service on my second javelina hunt. If we bag something early we will be back early, but that can hardly be guaranteed.

For a description of my javelina hunt last February, go here.

Note that there will be an evening pause on Friday night, regardless.

Update: Due to technical issues, I am instead heading out tomorrow afternoon, so posting will resume for the morning hours.



  • wayne

    I forgot if this came up last year– what do these animals taste like, pork or chicken?

  • Phill O

    They are a pain in the butt for farmers ranchers and acreage owners as they root out plants. I have two (with two kids) coming and robing my quail feeders. Bob, you should have given me a call! There is still time?

    People say they taste good if done right. The males are best made into stew or in strong sausage; I have been told!

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