Oregon fines salon owner, goes after her children

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They’re coming for you next: For simply running her business in defiance of Oregon’s government-imposed lock down because she needs money to feed her children, petty dictator Kate Brown (the governor) has fined her $14,000, and sent Child Protection Services to her home to threaten her and harass her three children, all under six.

“On May 7 child protective services showed up at my home. They questioned my husband and I. Questioned my child without me present. They searched our home,” she said as tears welled up in her eyes during a press conference Friday. “And I never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing could ever be done to me or my family because I’m trying to earn a living. Because I’m trying to work,” Graham added.

Why should anyone be surprised? By law, Brown’s emergency shut down edicts can only be in effect for 28 days. Yet the courts have now ruled she can extend them at will, for whatever reason. With such power, we should expect such power-hungry people to act vindictively.

And to repeat:They’re coming for you next:



  • Edward

    Giving the governor absolute power has absolutely corrupted.

    Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has lost her moral compass and is willing to let her people starve, lose their businesses, and suffer terribly rather than admit that she was wrong about the state’s participation in The Great Oppression. It even appears that losing their children has become a possibility.

    “There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm”

    The only evidence for lockdowns is the desire that lockdowns worked. That, and the embarrassment (and worse) in admitting to error. What politician anywhere will cop to ruining their economy and the lives of millions of their citizens? Who can say “Ah, it was only a few trillion”? This will not happen. It just won’t. All politicians will and much go on repeating that their lockdowns “saved lives”.

    They have to. It’s suicide not to.

    Even if they have to continue oppressing their populations in order to get them to see “truth.”

    Meanwhile, we continue to approach the number of deaths that Fauci said we would have had without the Great Oppression. The Great Oppression continues to do far more harm than good.

  • pzatchok

    As expected.

    Threaten to take the children.

    A simple fine was not enough.

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