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Oregon & Washington politicians considering supervision of parents of all newborn babies

They’re coming for you next: The Democratic politicians in both Oregon and Washington are pushing new legislation that would mandate supervision by government health care workers of the parents of all newborn babies.

According to the Beaver Valley Times, “When the program is complete, every new parent — this includes adoptions — would receive a series of two or three visits by someone like a nurse or other health care practitioner. The visits could include basic health screenings for babies; hooking parents up with primary care physicians; linking them to other services; and coordinating the myriad childhood immunizations that babies need.”

The program has been piloted in Lincoln County but has not been tried statewide.

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-Beaverton), who sits on the powerful Ways and Means Committee that will hammer out the language of the legislation, has said that universal home visits are a priority for her.

And Oregon is not alone in the push for “universal” home visits. Washington Governor Jay Inslee tweeted earlier this month, “My budget would also offer universal home visits. This gives every new parent the opportunity to get a visit from a nurse during the first few weeks back home with their newborn to share important information and build confidence.”

While it’s not clear whether either of these programs would be mandatory, the use of the term “universal” suggests that they would. It’s frightening to think about what would happen to parents who refuse such visits.

Read it all. It is obvious to both the author and I that while the present programs are vague about their mandatory nature, the goal is that they will soon become so.

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  • Cotour

    Sounds very similar to the Chinese social credit system to me, there are social monitors that “Keep an eye” on those citizens that they are assigned to “watch”.

    Q: Is it free?

  • jburn

    Bizarre. Lincoln County is an isolated, low population county with only two small towns on the Oregon Coast. The emphasis should be geriatric concerns versus “all newborn babies”, given the demographics of the area.

    How can this possibly be used as a model? I guess it fits the agenda more than the reality — typical.

  • Andrew

    To Quote my girlfriend, mother of my firstborn and mother to her other son of 7.

    “Oh Hells NO! That is MY time with My Baby!”

  • wodun

    Father opens the door and lets in the government minder. “Come on in. Our baby boy is doing great as you will see.”

    The minder’s eyebrows stab toward her nose which crinkled up to meet them.

    From the back room came a yell, “I told you not to say that.”

    “Sir? May I address you as sir or do you go by something else?”

    “Sir is fine.”

    “You offspring is not developed enough to choose their gender. This is one strike against you. Also, our records show that you have not connected the free baby monitor to your wifi yet.”

    “We don’t use the computer to monitor it. We just use the base station.”

    “Well, we need you to hook it up to the wifi so we can make sure everything is OK with the potential child.”


    Nicolas Cage just had a movie come out set in a dystopia like this. The citizens who didn’t measure up were sent to camps.

  • Cotour

    I will refer back to the Chinese social credit system. In the system just like during the reformation you can conveniently buy back favor with the government a raise your rating. How you might ask? Well you of course can buy it from the government.

    Imagine the amount of money that the government amasses in executing a system like this. This is way better than just a regular tax.

  • Col Beausabre

    What you people clearly don’t understand is that children don’t belong to their parents, they belong to the State aka “The People”

  • Noah Peal

    The logical next step to “It takes a village.”

  • Max

    I can’t help but wonder what their criteria will be, marijuana drugs and alcohol in the home will be OK. But if you have a gun or go to church… Or what if the the mother has six children already? would this be considered child abuse? Homeschooling would definitely be on the naughty list. Children not in a state school is withholding federal funds from the system which is a crime.
    Would women who had abortions be allowed to have children? You never know what is in your past record that could be held against you. Even your credit rating or affiliations will be considered.
    They cannot discriminate against credentialed state workers who wish to go into other peoples homes and —- their children. The amount of people hired will be considerable. Probably as numerous as there are teachers in the state. And who are going to watch the watchers? It would seem that the potential for abuse will far outweigh any good that it may perform. Has anyone heard of where this has been tried before? I bet it did not end well… (Hitler youth comes to mind)
    After all, they have the best of intensions… even though every house they go into the family is treated as suspects to a crime, where innocence must be proven in the absence of any proof to the contrary.
    Using unproven methods and assumptions and best guess as healthcare for your child. Witchdoctors would have more credibility. Of course, witchdoctors are paid by the parents…which brings up the problems of bribes and favors associated with this system. Which occurs to me is probably the point of this system anyway… Every socialist utopia has to have its undercurrent of criminality to support it.
    Here is an example where the law forced the state to do it’s job and they admit they haven’t done it in 30 years. The government keeps you safe by the power of suggestion, pure faith based science.

  • Max

    Eight of our 10 bill of rights are dead.

    While we were talking about Trump and the wall, Brexit and yellow jackets, a Republican House and Senate submitted a bill putting the final nail in the coffin of our right to privacy, updating The patriot act… And signed by Trump into law. (we thought they were just sitting on their thumbs)

    This is how Oregon/Washington dares to do this, it is now legal and is the trial case for the rest of the country. Reading through the bill I picked out a few things that stand out to me;

    (a) In General.—Chapter 3 of part I of title 5, United States Code, is amended—

    “(c) Consultation.—In developing the plan required under subsection (a), the head of an agency shall consult with stakeholders, including the public, agencies, State and local governments, and representatives of non-governmental researchers.

    “(16) the term ‘data’ means recorded information, regardless of form or the media on which the data is recorded;
    “(19) the term ‘metadata’ means structural or descriptive information about data such as content, format, source, rights, accuracy, provenance, frequency, periodicity, granularity, publisher or responsible party, contact information, method of collection, and other descriptions;
    “(C) not encumbered by restrictions, other than intellectual property rights, including under titles 17 and 35, that would impede the use or reuse of such asset;

    That’s just for starters, they will target everyone in evidence building, specifically against children in high school, college.
    No privacy in finance, medical, or in your home.

    (3) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by this subsection shall take effect on the date that is 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act.

    Ҥ 3520. Chief Data Officers
    “(a) Establishment.—The head of each agency shall designate a nonpolitical appointee employee in the agency as the Chief Data Officer of the agency.

    Republicans created a new agency that will have access to all the mega data they been collecting for the past 20 to 30 years. The Democrats will fill the key roles in this agency with their own, now that they are in charge.

    I used to say that the government is a bird with the left and right wing working together to enable it to fly, I now think of it as a boxer who fakes with his right to slam you with his left… As with all tools, it can be used for good as well as the evil.

    The dark age?

    As a sidenote on forced vaccinations,

  • Max

    We are from the government, we are here to help you. As many times as we wish for as long as it takes…
    (don’t take it personal, it’s better to be well paid to be the victimizer then to be the victim… Until we run out of victims)

    “The U.S. healthcare system is a leading cause of death
    A 2016 report from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine shows that medical errors in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are incredibly common, and may now be the third-leading cause of death in the United States — claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s. ”

    Wayne wrote in another thread
    The judicial is seizing control like dictators changing the rule of law, which is a very good point on how the present constitution (or a new one under article 5) would be in jeopardy if we do not enforce the oath of office to the constitution that they all take. The moment the congressman, senator, judge breaks their oath, they need to be charged with sedition or treason and relieved from their duty and possibly their citizenship.
    Wayne says we should rise up and seize control, that is exactly what we see the left currently doing, burning the system down around us like a fire. The conservatives have the only fire extinguishers… The rule of law.

  • Max

    I forgot to add ;
    The Empire strikes back.
    It’s become an emergency, we must save the children! This crisis has risen above all others other than global warming, we must act now!

  • wayne

    People Will Die!
    Reason TV June 2017

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