Pennsylvania: 79 average age of COVID-19 deaths; 67% in nursing homes

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What was obvious two months ago has now been confirmed again in Pennsylvania: The average age of those who died from the Wuhan flu was 79, and 67% of the deaths occurred in nursing homes.

Moreover, almost all of those who died also had some underlying other chronic illness.

In other words, the early data that said the disease is really only a threat to the elderly and the ill has been confirmed, again, and that shutting down the whole society and destroying the economy made no sense. If you an ordinary healthy person COVID-19 is not a threat to you. In any way at all.

Meanwhile, what about that worry that the disease’s arrival would overwhelm the healthcare system? Well, this same Pennsylvania report found that, as of yesterday, of the 37,000 hospital beds in the state, only 2,572 were in use, meaning that 93% of the beds were empty.

In other words, we cancelled all other medical procedures, actually causing some people to die because they could not get treatment, and ended up with so much spare hospital capacity that hospitals are going bankrupt because they have no patients.

But don’t worry. Our politicians are godlike and know best. Kneel before them and obey their commands, without question. You will be saved.


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  • Max

    If only those people in nursing homes would’ve just stayed at home, worn masks, and did social distancing… Sorry, terrible sarcasm.

  • Cotour

    If you are the governor of a state it is one way of dialing down your Medicaid overhead.

  • Max

    I have also noticed that that the blue states which have unfunded liabilities in the retirement system and are facing crisis of unheard of proportions. They also have the highest death rate of people on retirement income.
    Florida has more older people, but many of them are receiving income from colder states and their death rate is much lower allowing Florida to cash in on that retirement.
    Italy has become the retirement center for the European Union.
    China has a similar issue with the one child policy. It’s called the 421 problem. Every child takes care of two parents who takes care of 4 grandparents who are no longer working. In a technocracy, this is an a in efficient resource allocation, a virus that removes the elderly is an efficient solution.
    The mayor and legislature of New York agree with the Chinese, and purposely sent infected people to live in extended care facilities across New York.
    This is not the work of stupid politicians with their “yes men doctors”, it is a deliberate action of euthanasia for the greater good. Think of it as late term abortion’s. A God like ego that will live in infamy.
    It’s all about the money, power and money!

  • Cotour

    And if so it would be a very dark strategy in deed.

    NAH, they would never consciously do such a thing…….nah.

    (My comment was really more tongue in cheek, but I never say never any more, not after what we have all witnessed over the last 20 or so years that has gone on in our country, in politics and the world, and especially over the last 4 years. No, I never say never any more)

  • Cotour

    Continuing: I think that the statistics comparing the red and blue run states and their death rates in their nursing homes might be an interesting study to see completed. Numbers usually don’t lie.

  • Ken

    Who knew the public health bureaucracy is run like the SLS program?

    What’s especially egregious are the public health bureaucrats acting like it’s still early February and they just don’t have enough information. Combine that with politicians willing (dare I say eager) to trample on the rights of the citizens in the quixotic attempt to stop all death. I think that we need to have a 3 month government lockdown, furlough anyone on the government payroll and have citizens enjoy their God given liberty.

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