Professor fired for challenging new fad of letting children pick their sex

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They’re coming for you next: A University of Louisville (Kentucky) professor, fired for saying it is a bad idea to allow children to pick their sex, is suing the university.

The guy was chief of the university’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology. and merely said that it is a mistake to pump drugs into little kids just because they express confusion about sex.

Young children have nowhere near the life experience necessary to ‘decide’ they want to be a different sex. “When you think of it, children don’t know much about anything — and I say this with respect — I’ve raised three…but they don’t know anything at the age of 7, 8, or 9. Why should we listen to a 9-year-old about what time they’re going to bed?” Josephson said. “We don’t let them vote, we don’t let them drive, and so are we going to let them at the age of 8 or 9 decide they are no longer male or female? Unbelievable!”

…Instead of just putting young children on meds that block puberty development and cross-sex hormones, Josephson recommends a ‘go-slow’ approach (to, you know, let the kid grow up a little and get some more life experience). “In actuality, Dr. Josephson never refuted the existence of gender dysphoria; he simply advocated a different method for treating individuals experiencing it,” says the lawsuit.

Josephson, according to the lawsuit, has warned that trying to change one’s sex “often involves permanent social, medical, psychiatric, and other consequences that cannot be fully appreciated until adulthood (e.g., psychopathology, suicidal behavior, peer rejection, and permanent sterility).” He also noted that some kids and even teens who go through gender dysphoria will cease to experience it by late adolescence.

It appears the gay studies community at the university, upon hearing this professor’s opinions, then rallied to get him removed, with the full cooperation of university’s management.

Note that they aimed to get him fired because he expressed an opinion dissenting from the current gay agenda. How dare he! Such things are not allowed in today’s America. Doesn’t he know that the first amendment was designed to provide free speech only to some people, who have the right opinions. All others must shut up.



  • Orion314

    It is so sad that homo’s define themselves by what they put in their mouth. They all seem to operate with the same premise, i.e , homosexuality is the norm , and heterosexuality is the converse. A mental disorder if ever their was one…

  • Edward

    From the article: “Well, that upset the PC Gods at the LGBT Center.

    O.M.G! The professor triggered the SJWs. Clearly, the University of Louisville lacks for emotional support animals, such as fuzzy cats, to calm those triggered by inconsiderate people who express ideas counter to the politically correct thoughts of the day.

    Some snowflakes are just too delicate to be able to argue their own viewpoints, so they must shut up those who disagree with them. (5 minute embedded video)

  • Wodun

    A lot of homosexuals are relatively normal people and there is nothing about being gay that prevents someone from favoring a strong national defense, limited government, modest taxation, or western civilization.

    The people acting badly aren’t doing so because being gay makes them act this way. They act this way because they are cultural Marxists.

    For kids, it is especially troubling that the cultural marxists go out of their way to create confusion and sever children from societal and cultural institutions.

  • Jwing

    Warnung- “Kein Fehltritt”

  • Tom D Perkins

    ” Professor fired for challenging new fad of letting children pick their sex ” <– I expect he was actually fired for lying in the course of his challenge. For example, there is nothing about medical treatment for the transgender birth defect wherein children pick their sex.

    " just because they express confusion about sex " <– Who — other than the SJWs on the right, the Social Conservatives — pretend there is any confusion on the part of the children?

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