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Protests by union teachers forces Indiana legislature to gut bill banning critical race theory

Owned by the teachers, the unions, and the state
Owned by the teachers, the unions, and the state. Parents be damned!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Because of the threat by Indiana teachers to quit en masse, as well as teacher protests, the Indiana state legislature has gutted a bill that would have have attempted to ban the teaching of the Marxist and bigoted critical race theory (CRT) program in the schools.

The quotes from teachers are somewhat hilarious, in a terribly depressing way. From the first link:

“I will have to quit, or I will have to ignore it,” Lang said, the Indy Star reported. “I will not comply. I can’t. It’s that bad.”

From the second link:

“It’s the last nail in the coffin,” Suzanne Holcomb, an elementary school teacher in northern Indiana, told the Star. “I don’t know how we would move forward from this. It would just make teaching impossible.” Holcomb added that the bill “feels like an attack on education,” “an attack on our integrity,” and “Quite frankly, it’s insulting.”

“As long as I still enjoy the job, feel effective at the job, I see no reason to leave,” another teacher, Sandy James, said. “This bill could change that for me.”

The bill also has students training to be teachers rethinking their career paths. “Anyone I know, within the last semester, has said out loud ‘I’m not sure if I’m able to do this,'” said Abby Martin, a junior at Indiana University Bloomington studying to be a high school teacher. “It’s alarming.”

These complaints are all balder-dash. All these teachers really are saying is that they believe the kids belong to them, not the parents. Any advice or consultation from parents must be blocked.

Note too that the teachers’ union, Indiana State Teachers Association, organized the protests, which also suggests that a large number of the state’s public school teachers agree with these teachers. They support critical race theory, want to teach it, and will do whatever they can to keep parents from having any say in preventing them from doing so.

Thus, if the bill did pass and these teachers did quit, that would be the best possible thing that could possibly happen for Indiana’s school children.

Sadly, these teacher protests succeeded in scaring the politicians, who quickly gutted the bill so that it essentially accomplishes nothing.

To be blunt, however, the bill was always meaningless and unenforceable. The only way the bigoted but deeply entrenched critical race program can be removed from the public schools will be to cut funding, forcibly and without pity or fear. This would either force the schools to change, or result in the firing or voluntary departure of these teachers so that the school system can be rebuild from scratch, with different people.

It appears sadly that Indiana’s state politicians do not have the courage to do this. Instead, they propose feel-good legislation like this bill, and then chicken out when union-organized protests occur.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Tom Billings

    It comes down to University certification.

    Education Majors, for 40 years, who refuse to give the the instructor back what will be amenable to State control of children simply do not graduate. CRT is derived from CT, … Critical Theory. As early as summer 1965 I attended a one-day seminar at Reed College about Critical Theory, and through all the class bigot trash in that course one thing stuck out. In spite of the German accent of the old professor, it was clearly this:

    “All human relationships are based on power”.

    Nothing else was acceptable in Critical Theory as a reason for human actions.

    That is the core of both CRT *and* Critical Legal Studies, which started to corrupt legal liability law at Harvard Law School as early as 1969. Its basis is commonly accepted throughout Sociology, Social Anthropology, and a whole host of other majors, and in many Universities, that includes Education Departments. It, and logic based on it, are now spreading far into STEM majors’ assumptions about how graduates should think.

    While the social institution of the University has most often been biased toward the institution of the State, which it was originally founded to serve in 1088A.D., the introduction of Critical Theory has been a new inflection point in University-inspired campaigns to have all government clerks certified by the University, and all work controlled by the State. We are quickly arriving at a point where *some* replacement for the University as the basis of passing knowledge from one generation to the next is needed to preserve industrial society. The only counter to the University embrace of “All human relationships are based on power”, … is to walk away.

    We must find a way to transmit knowledge without Universities that have whored their future to the continual focus on power over others.

  • Cotour

    This is the transformation and fundamental change in America.

    What drives the continued masking of children in schools throughout the country?

    The teacher’s union.

    Who heads the teacher’s union? Randi Weingarten, Leftist.

    You’re a parent and you think you have a Right in what these elite Ivy League intellectuals teach and indoctrinate your children with?

    How will the transformation of America be accomplished? This is not rocket science, that’s their plan anyway.

    Keeping in mind that the Left and the Leftists that they have created within these halls of “higher learning” who know better than you and everyone else what America should and should not be have had a long time running silent and clandestinely.

    But now they are all being revealed for exactly what they are, they can no longer hide.

    Now judge them America, reward them with additional power, or relieve them of their power. Choose.

  • Skunk Bucket

    What good has ever come from Public Employee Unions? They were rightfully illegal for most of our country’s history and even FDR resisted the idea, knowing how catastrophic it would be for the country. Unfortunately JFK made them legal (as payback to the union goons that got him elected) and now we’ll likely never get rid of them. I rarely praise FDR, but he was right on this one.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Get your kids out of public school

  • Phill O

    The Alberta teachers union is trying to get masks in the schools permanent!

    Fire the whole works of them and open up private schools!

    The number of friends we have who are home schooling is growing exponentially!

    Better yet, use the Trudeau tactic of using the Emergencies Act to go after political opponents!

  • Jester Naybor: See: December 1, 2020: The muzzle of oppression

    If people don’t start un-muzzling themselves, the future will be grim indeed. Go back and watch any number of distopia movies from the past half century. All describe horrible oppressive societies just like the one being imposed on us now with these mask mandates. Do you really want to live like that? Or are you a free soul willing to stand up for your right to live your life, as you choose?

  • James Street

    I just got back from a late Friday night trip to several grocery stores and I noticed groups of high school kids going in not wearing masks. I’m wondering if they are starting a movement. Things are happening so fast it’s dizzying. Good things.

    This is a 6 minute video by one of the spiritual leaders on our side, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, encouraging the Canadian truckers. It’s interesting how knowledgeable he is of the big picture, like Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Leaders. Another one of our leaders, Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, has been arrested with no bail for speaking to and encouraging the truckers.

  • wayne

    “They take and take and take from us, tell us what and who to love,
    Swear I’ve finally had enough, time to rise above.”

    “Take down the CCP”
    Miles Guo

  • Phill O

    James Street

    Great post!

    While being a confirmed user of vaccines, the cause of freedom is the bigger picture!

  • Cotour


    The irrational concept being sold by Democrats on the Left:

    “It’s much easier to frame people who steal baby formula and medicine as monsters to be jailed than acknowledge our politics and economic priorities create conditions where people steal baby formula to survive,”

    The reality:

    “Except then the grocery stores and the pharmacies decide it’s no longer worth having an outlet there and close. Empty storefronts feed more despair, more unrest. There are fewer jobs. Quality of life decreases. And who suffers? The poor.”

    And what does the “Social Justice” Liberal now Leftist Democrat party agenda incentivize and create through the no bail no jail theory of criminal empowerment?

    “Many of these cases are mass shopliftings, people who grab armfuls of popular goods to sell on the street and turn a black-market profit. The arrests she complained about were for $1,800 worth of household goods. These end up on blankets on street corners, on eBay, sold for a fraction of the price (because the cost was zero).”

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said capitalism is “not a redeemable system” for Americans, and represents the “absolute pursuit of profit” at all costs.

    And so, one must ask the question: Exactly what in your opinion is the viable real-world alternative? And the answer is in the real world, there is none. Socialism, Communism and “In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy” as per the World Economic Forum is irrational and un and anti-American. Are you irrational, un and anti-American? Do you not believe in the Constitution and what it structures? I did not think so.

    So what exactly as an American are you going to do? Are you going to continue to vote for and empower these politicians and their irrational un and anti-American concepts?

    (She is soooo cute :)×450.jpg&t=1645282212&ymreqid=dc7face7-d905-7706-2f2c-5a039201c200&sig=WfezW1MTRknO1DyFdDBrXw–~D

  • wayne

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks to Canadian Truckers
    “Hold the Line, Stand your Ground!”

    “…they have the guns, but you have the power…”

  • wayne

    You’re gushing on AOC, again….

    ->Ginger, or Mary Ann?

  • Questioner


    Elon Musk Deletes Tweet that Compare Canada’s Trudeau to Hitler

    “Musk, 50, was replying to a post by cryptocurrency trade publication CoinDesk about Trudeau’s emergency orders aimed at cutting off funds to protesters who have blocked border crossings and camped out in Canada’s capital. Musk tweeted a photo of Hitler with the text “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau” at the top, and “I had a budget” at the bottom.”

  • Cotour


    Hmmmmmmm……… knee jerk, right off the bat, Maryann. But Ginger has her certain abilities to get my attention. And AOC? Soooo cute. The most dangerous Leftist, delusional 118 lbs in America, but soooo cute :)


    Musk made his point with his depiction referencing Hitler and tying his actions as being similar to what Trudeau has created for himself by refusing to even speak with the people that he is supposed to represent.

    And let Trudeaus actions getting things to the point where he has now classified a segment of the Canadian population that he does not particularly like as “Domestic terrorists”. And so what is he able to do under these “Emergency” conditions? (Biden, the Democrats and the RINO’s are doing the same in America)

    *Seize bank accounts.
    * Seize property.
    * Seize pets.
    * Have protestors arrested.
    * Conduct cyber investigations into anyone who dared contribute to any fund that supported the protestors and seize their property or in some manner legally cause problems for them.
    * Seize cyber wallets that contain cyber currency.

    And given these realities IMO there must be fashioned a new and more effective manner in which to pressurize the government in Canada and in America that does not allow the government such an easy way to slap down their opposition.

    Maybe like a protest where say truck drivers commit to not drive for a week or two, or a month nationwide. Just stay off the roads, call a sick out. And while the blocking of an entire city is immediate and effective, but it is a bit too material and gives the government the ability to do what they are doing, seizing property and prosecuting people legally. That is costly on many levels.

    And this even in Canada reveals one of the problems with the cyber / crypto money concept. The governments around the world cannot allow the control of currency in all its forms to slip from their control.

    And so let this be a lesson to all who view government as the protectors of the people Rights. The entity government is in fact an ever-stalking potential direct threat to the people’s freedoms and Rights under normal and extraordinary situations. What is it that is the only thing, specifically in America, that protects the people’s freedoms and Rights? The Constitution which structures both the entity government and the people’s freedoms and Rights. They are not intrinsically the same things. Related but a function of something else that is primary to them both.

    Is *IT* (The Constitution) perfect? No, but it’s the best and most effective scheme ever devised by man on planet earth to accomplish the stated goal, recognizing and providing individual freedom and the establishing of the people’s Rights, from which their prosperity emanates, and what the government must never do in relation to them.

    And that is why we all are witness to the overreach, manipulations and perversions that we all see government executing.

    From S.O.M. : “CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.”

  • Questioner


    Musk is an interesting case that comes across as politically divided. On the one hand, he appears to be on the side of the critics of world government and globalism, on the other hand, his entrepreneurial goals are actually pro-globalistic. In any case, the matter is not as clear-cut with him as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates.

  • Cotour


    I agree, Musk seems between a rock and another rock.

    He is pro capitalism, possibly the ultimate capitalist, but he plays with the Chinese who might represent a viable Globalist model for the future, BUT they are Godless genocidal Communists that cannot be allowed to own the future of planet earth and humanity. They are a bit too objective IMO.

    A Musk conundrum for sure.

  • Questioner

    “CrossTalk on Russia vs NATO | Home Edition | Invasion Cancelled?”

    “Talking at cross purposes – this is at the heart of the west’s narrative claiming Russia plans to invade Ukraine. From the Russian perspective Ukraine is a symptom of a much larger issue: NATO’s relentless drive eastward. There is a solution: security for all.
    CrossTalking with Peter Kuznick, Sara Flounders, and Jeremy Kuzmarov.”

  • Col Beausabre

    1) One thing that strikes me is that Musk seems to be a living John Galt and therefore a figure of terror to Leftists and the establishment everywhere. Ayn Rand looks down and smiles with approval

    2) “Ukraine is a symptom of a much larger issue: NATO’s relentless drive eastward. There is a solution: security for all.”

    Which is the whole purpose of NATO and its expansion. The countries that suffered under the Russian boot for half a century knew that the Bear would try to come west again and begged to join it for protection. NATO is no threat to Russia as long as it pursues a good neighbor policy. It is a threat to Putin as stable, prosperous neighbors would cause the Russian people to ask the question, “Why not us? Putin’s answer of blaming it on the West, instead of reforming a police state is what you would expect from a KGB colonel (he wasn’t smart enough to make general – after a series of mediocre assignments he wasn’t one of 2 Bolshaya Lubyanka Street’s bright young men)

    If you ask what does the US get out of it, the answer is we haven’t had to fight a third major war in Europe in a century.

  • Questioner

    Col Beausabre:

    For me, Putin’s Russia is a defensive post against the globalists and the decanted, dysfunctional societies of the West, which have drifted far to the left and are symbolically fighting for global gay marriage. The American empire is the main part of this evil alliance against self-determined nations and peoples.

  • Col Beausabre

    So you’d prefer to live in Putin’s Russia, a true police state ruled by a dictator?

  • Questioner

    Col Beausabre:

    Why not? But you are trying to justify a conclusion that does not necessarily follow. That is dishonest. If I agree with a political partner in certain points, I am not identical with him for long. In the end I stand for the interests of my own culture and my own people.

  • Col Beausabre

    Which are what, pray tell?

  • Cotour


    Oh, it be.

    There is a “problem” in the world, and that problem is called: The American Constitution and Democracy. Both are very inconvenient to those who seek absolute power.

    I do not say that, that is according to the Globalist / New World Order / World Economic Forum and those who follow their philosophy. And who is an insider of this Geroge Soros, Klaus Schwab movement in the world?

    Justin Trudeau, 2014: “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime (emphasis added). Trudeau went on to explain the advantage of that system of governance: “There is a flexibility… having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

    The Leftist / Socialists want unrestricted political power to do what *THEY* want. Democracy is too complicated, contentious and time consuming.

    2014: Justin Trudeau’s ‘basic dictatorship’ – LifeSite (

    2022: ‘Dictator’ Justin Trudeau blasted by European Parliament member | Daily Telegraph

    And you keep watching as Joe Biden and the now politically desperate Democrat party machine realize that they are about to lose their political power in the midterm elections. The president and the Democrat party will attempt go to where now dictator; Justin Trudeau has gone and call those who oppose them “Domestic Terrorists” and attempt to destroy Democracy and by extension the Constitution.

    It’s really the Constitution that they are after, *IT* is the one thing that stands in their way.

    Are you paying attention America?–~D

  • Shaun

    Cotour – I disagree about AOC. I personally think she has the face of a chihuahua. Something about the bulging eyes…

  • Questioner

    Understanding Putin.

    Michael Millerman reads: Putin on the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians

  • Cotour


    I hear you, to each their own.

    But I think you will agree with me that she is the most dangerous 118 lbs. in American politics today. As incoherent and disconnected as her reasoning is.

    Think about it, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the rest of the alleged Democrat party leaders fear that bug eyed bean shooter 118 lbs. and have allowed her and others to run rough shod over them. Why? Because she is among the upcoming young and influential Marxist / Socialists social media Savey (I think AOC has north of 9 million followers) in their party that are breathing down their necks and making them do the very stupid and weak things that we all are witness to them doing. All to please her and her ilk.

    (Fear and weakness are their own rewards, and you deserve what you get. The Constitution allows you, forces you to reveal yourself to the people.)

    And because of their weakness and unwillingness to actually lead they empower this, IMO cute and she gets cuter every time I see a picture of her, the lens loves her, dis and mis informed, installed Leftist Democrat political player. But then again, the Democrat party machine has no pro American agenda to push, all they have are anti and un-American agendas in order that they retain and acquire political power.

    AOC without doubt has an agenda and is able to articulate it to some degree, she has a belief system that she is committed to and a cause that she truly believes in. And that is 90 percent of the fight.

    Pelosi and Schumer? They long ago forgot about having a belief in something. They believe in one thing, retaining their political power in the political warfare that they are engaged in. Period. And that is the foundation of their pandering weakness.

    So, AOC cute? Oh yeah. And she knows it and she uses it to her advantage, more power to her.

    But that can only get you so far.

  • Questioner

    Cotour and others:

    John J. Mearsheimer here confirms what I’ve always suspected. The dominant political ideology in America is progressive liberalism. And this applies to both the dominant political factions, the Democrats and the Republicans. Both, including the Republicans (!), are essentially progressive liberals. Both parties are for positive rights.

    This also confirms my view that the majority of people who identify themselves as conservatives in the United States are also, in reality, progressive liberals, perhaps with a slightly different molding of the details. There is no real conservative political force of any significance in America. The fraction of the classic liberals (= libertarians) are also practically meaningless. They rarely get above 3% in presidential elections.

    “Republicans talk like classical liberals, but act like progressive liberals …”

    Look at minute 40:00 min.

  • Cotour

    ““Republicans talk like classical liberals, but act like progressive liberals …””

    True of RINO’s. RINO’s are weak and seek “Bipartisanship”, when they should be looking for compromise. Two very different things to my mind.

    You must however draw a distinction between the everyday man and woman in America (Those in the Pedestrian Realm) who are rational, pay their bills and taxes and think in rational terms for the most part (Even everyday Democrats), and those who have become politically empowered and or politically interested radical operatives (Those in the Political Realm) from which they come.

    The political empowerment causes a perversion of rational though once someone becomes empowered and they see things ONLY in terms of what is in their opinion in their political self-interests, I.E. Liberal now Leftist Democrat party machine leadership.

    Political: “Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.”

  • Cotour

    In today’s never before seen tech dominated and accessible to most all people of world how can those in the Political Realm push and promote their shaped “Interpretation” of exactly what the truth and reality is to those who they oversee and represent in order to retain their political power and control?

    “CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to ‘tell the truth'”

    The truth in the two conversations between the Political Realm and the Pedestrian Realm gets harder and harder to hide or obfuscate. And so, what happens? Those in the political Realm are forced to employ more less “friendly” coercion methods of control.

    * Call those in the Pedestrian Realm “Domestic terrorists”.
    * Declare national health and security emergencies.
    * Threaten the validity of elections.
    * Use agent provocateurs to set off national emergencies that demand action by government.
    * Just outright lie and refuse to talk about or release information.

    S.O.M.: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

  • wayne


    Budweiser TV Ad (1993)
    “Ginger or Mary Ann”
    –> Mary Ann or Jeanie?

    Putin = KGB.
    Ref- RINO’s–we know them as progressive republicans.

  • Cotour


    Do you deserve the truth from government health agency officials when they are suggesting, mandating where they can, you have a still experimental drug injected into your body? The CDC apparently says no.

    (When is the Covid mRNA *NEW* technology “Vaccination” possibly suggested? Generally, if you are older and in poor health from what I can detect. With risk must come choice.)

    Gateway Pundit:

    “FDA Expert Urges CDC to “Tell the Truth” and “Present the Data” After it Refuses to Publish Data on Booster Shot Effectiveness Over Fears of “Vaccine Hesitancy”

    “Kristen Nordlund, a spokeswoman for the C.D.C., said the agency has been slow to release the different streams of data “because basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time.” She said the agency’s “priority when gathering any data is to ensure that it’s accurate and actionable. Another reason is fear that the information might be misinterpreted, Ms. Nordlund said.”

    “The performance of vaccines and boosters, particularly in younger adults, is among the most glaring omissions in data the C.D.C. has made public.”

  • Questioner


    Putin, our hero and our hope against the evil empire of globohomo!

  • Questioner

    Against liberalism, an nice read;

    “Tingling food for the brain”

    “Alain de Benoist, philosopher, publicist and mastermind of the “Nouvelle Droite” takes on the “universal human rights” in this treatise on 160 pages, including various references to the substitute religion. He succeeds relatively quickly and conclusively in depicting the nonsense of the same. He describes the law on which “human rights” are supposedly based as “morally contaminated law” and then explains this in detail. Loosely based on Arnold Gehlen, he speaks of the “tyranny of moral hypertrophy” and also sheds light on the role that the Catholic Church played and still plays here. Even the basis of “universal human rights” is not given – since they are individual rights that simply “are there at birth” without any obligations, so to speak, the logical conclusion is that no organization as such can guarantee these rights. And rights that cannot be “protected” by any organization whatsoever and do not have a clear relation to “duties” are worthless and mere ideology. Benoist also points out many cultural differences that make it almost impossible to arrive at practical universal rights. There can also be a cultural right to child marriages, which would then be contrary to (Western) human rights. Or in the USA you have the right to sell your own blood, in France for example this is strictly forbidden. The question of the death penalty is very difficult – if in a separate legal area = state the vast majority of citizens vote in free and secret ballot for the death penalty, how can that violate human rights? Only some kind of egalitarian world government would be able to enforce something like this, fortunately there is no such thing and hopefully never will be. Because it is the diversity of cultures that makes our world so colorful and interesting, and not a unified (western) pseudo-moral.

    It is also interesting that, for example, the strictest rules were imposed on medical research with embryos, while at the same time abortion by the millions does not pose any moral problem. Hegel already pointed out that “nature” is hardly a suitable starting point for inferring “the equality of men”. Rather, people are inherently unequal, which cannot be denied in the natural sciences either. If one now talks about “the dignity” of human beings, a massive paradox arises – because if, in the course of egalitarian egalitarianism, every human being is born with “the same dignity”, i.e. this has nothing to do with his merits or qualities , so this dignity is a kind of characteristic of human nature, so it is no longer worth anything. If everyone is “worthy”, then no one is “worthy”. The next crucial question is – who decides what human rights should be anyway. Who rises above everyone else and finds this unchangeable? Specifically, it was the western victorious powers of the Second World War, and not a delegation of all nations, ethnic groups and cultures on this planet. So these “human rights” are more like a kind of whip that the West likes to wield. And woe to the state or the political figure who does not want to submit to it…

    Universality as such is also up for discussion, because what should it be? A geographical, a philosophical, a moral? And who can define this? Who decides that it has to be this way and not otherwise? For example, the Asian concept of morality is very different from the western liberal one. It goes on and on and Benoist piles contradiction upon contradiction. In the end you ask yourself how it even got to this point. In any case, human rights have now mutated into the absolute favorite excuse for crazy uprisings and wars, and there is no end in sight.

    Benoist contrasts this with his idea of ​​”civil rights”, which are fed by the relationships between people, by the balance between rights and obligations, participation and contribution. Because: “Anyone who wants to be a simple individual in order to enjoy a maximum of freedom forgets that there are no human rights without a state legal system.”

    That’s why you can’t just give away human rights, you have to make them politically realizable. Citizens have to stand up for their rights. If a majority of citizens freely and secretly decide things that do not correspond to the conventional definition of “human rights”, then this is their right. For – who should stand above them?”

  • Cotour

    This lies at the bedrock of “Social Justice” rational and thinking.

    “If a majority of citizens freely and secretly decide things that do not correspond to the conventional definition of “human rights”, then this is their right. For – who should stand above them?””

    A subjective interpretation of what Rights are and are not.

    Law and justice as structured by logic and the Constitution is objective and not subjective. Subjective justice is a kangaroo court flavor of justice and is where chaos and radical actions live.

    Valadimir Putin is in the process of exercising his interpretation of Social Justice today in Ukrain as an example.

  • Questioner

    Why the West – Not Putin – Is Responsible for the Ukraine Crisis, lecture by John Mearsheimer

  • Cotour

    I agree, *WE* have been weak in our international leadership and when you project weakness this (Putin) and other things like this (XI) are the result.

    Create a void and some thing or someone will fill it.

    Its a simple equation.

  • Questioner

    The goal of the US and its European vassal states is to detach Ukraine from Russian orbit and incorporate it into the West. Putin: “It will never happen and I will do everything to prevent it.” This can be fully understood. Key Elements in evil West’s strategy; NATO enlargement, EU enlargement and promoting an Orange Revolution.

  • Questioner

    Former U.S. Secretary Of State Is Proudly Praising Putin

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine in a February 18, 2022 interview, saying Putin is ‘very shrewd, very capable. I have enormous respect for him.’

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