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The muzzle of oppression

WHO's do's and don't's for mask use
For the full images, go here and here.

Previously I had labeled the masks that our control-freak society is demanding everyone wear, wherever they go and whatever they do, as a mask of ignorance. While the evidence is still uncertain on whether high quality masks, used properly, can stop the spread of COVID-19, the improper use of masks guarantees that they will contribute to the virus’s spread.

Take a look at the WHO graph to the right. Do you use the mask as they advise? I guarantee you do not. Masks are routinely handled all the time, are reused, are not kept antiseptic, and are not made of the right materials. Rather than blocking the virus, people are instead wearing a pathogen gatherer on their face, exactly where they breath.

No wonder the number of cases have been skyrocketing worldwide. I would not be surprised at all if the widespread improper use of unsanitary masks since the early summer has contributed to that rise.

I however no longer see masks as simply a symbol of ignorance. I now see masks as a symbol of oppression, and the willingness of Americans to submit to that oppression, without a whimper. In fact, the mask will prevent anyone from really hearing that whimper. It tells everyone you are willing to be silenced and subjugated, like a dog..

Consider: Half the country voted for Trump. Moreover, if you talk to those Trump voters (which I do), you find that most think masks are stupid, useless, and a waste of time.

One would thus think that these same people would try hard to avoid wearing masks, whenever possible. Here in Tucson for example the local ordinances mandating masks are very clear. You do not have to wear one if 1) you can maintain six feet distance from everyone, whether indoors or out, or 2) you have any medical reasons to refuse, reasons that you are not required to document.

Under these rules, most people can avoid masks in about 90% of all circumstances. I refuse to wear one, and have found I can enter almost any business that demands masks, and go about my business without anyone questioning me. The one time I was questioned, I simply said I had medical reasons, and the store clerk immediately said, “Fine, thank you,” and left me alone.

Yet, everywhere I go almost everyone is masked. Even more ridiculous, I have seen Trump supporters get out of their car, put their mask on to enter a restaurant, walk to their table and take it off for the rest of the meal. They then put it back on when they got up for that short walk back to their car.

This is not only irrational, it is downright stupid. That mask they put on is often coming from their pocket, and is not antiseptic. The odds it is a carrier of the virus is not trivial. Putting on your face, even for a few minutes, is counter to everything the mask control-freaks claim.

So why do they do it? They do it because they want to avoid trouble. They don’t want to risk an argue about the mask, with anyone. And they also tell me they fear the possibility of being verbally accosted by a control freak, and want to avoid that above all.

Worse, no one believes me when I tell them that none of that happens. No matter how many times I tell them that no one will question them about their lack of a mask, they still put the mask on, in fear.

For conservative Trump voters who claim to be lovers of freedom to bow so easily to fear and bullying bodes badly for the future of our free society. Seeing everyone wearing muzzles enforces the belief that peer pressure rules, and that you must obey the orders from on high. It makes it easier for the power-hungry to demand more, knowing from the sight of all those masks that no matter how unreasonable their demands, their servants will obey.

The thugs in power will take full advantage of this voluntary muzzling. They will know that if they can get away with that, they can get away with anything.

I’ll say it again. Take off the damn mask. Refuse to wear one. Make the other guy sweat. Stop bowing to peer pressure and the control freaks of our society. You will be happy you did. For example, the only time I have succeeded in getting a conservative friend to not wear a mask as he entered a restaurant, as he sat down he couldn’t help saying, “What a liberating experience!”

The more people do that, the more likely we will see more people unmasked, making it easier to do without.

And those that wish to continue to wear their masks? That’s their prerogative in a free society. They however do not have the right to force that prerogative on everyone else.

If people don’t start un-muzzling themselves, the future will be grim indeed. Go back and watch any number of distopia movies from the past half century. All describe horrible oppressive societies just like the one being imposed on us now with these mask mandates. Do you really want to live like that? Or are you a free soul willing to stand up for your right to live your life, as you choose?

As long as I see muzzles on everyone, it seems we are choosing the former, and are giving up the latter.

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  • Greg

    I totally agree, Robert! Great article!

    I don’t wear the confounded mask either, and don’t get any people in my face. Also, I give my business to those that DO NOT require masks. I bet, here in Abilene Texas, 85% of people are wearing masks and cases are going crazy. I’m sorry, but I cannot be convinced that they work, and heartily believe masks actually make the problem much worse. Every other commercial on local TV is pro-mask propaganda. Since they obviously don’t work, there must be another agenda. I suppose it could be collective insanity, but I doubt it. It is, as you say, conditioning for accepting continuously worsening oppression.

  • m d mill

    ” It tells everyone you are willing to be silenced and subjugated, like a dog.”

    Isn’t equating people who disagree with you to a dog name calling. Name calling is not allowed on BTB unless you are Robert Zimmerman.
    If someone had equated RZ “like a dog” or phobic, or a “denier” they would be banned.
    If someone had equated some group “like a dog” or phobic, or a “denier” they would be banned.
    It was an unnecessary denigrating comment, and that was the purpose.
    But, if RZ does it it is OK, and RZ does it repeatedly…its good to be king.
    An excuse will likely be forthcoming…or a banning.
    I only decry the hypocrisy, not the act.

  • m d mill

    The purpose of low leakage multi-layer cloth masks is primarily to prevent the spread of spittle from an infected person to another.
    If an infected person touches his own mask it does not matter.
    If an un-infected person touches his own mask it does not matter…unless the mask has effectively filtered viruses from out the air, which RZ has assured us it incapable of doing since it is simply a “useless talisman”.
    These first few paragraphs are simply irrational, and the WHO is often irrational as RZ has often noted. So why does he use their recommendation as a proper recommendation?

    “They however do not have the right to force that prerogative on everyone else.” An inane statement.

    Are “prohibition of public nudity” laws constitutional and legal?
    The answer has been yes for hundreds of years.
    Is the prohibition of the public “nudity” of the mouth and nose (ie must wear face mask) constitutional and legal?
    Yes in principle, unless the laws were enacted outside a legal and constitutional process.

    It is irrational that some (who irrationally denunciate the general effectiveness of low leakage multilayer masks to reduce the spread of spittle from an infected person) do not mind public decency laws that legally require bodies to be clothed at all times in public places, but then deny the “right” to enforce masking of our mouths for a short time during a particularly deadly (for certain groups) pandemic.
    this is completely separate from the question “if and when” masking should be required by government or private businesses.
    If very few people are infectious and very few infected people are in any significant danger, then masks may be unnecessary or not worth the trouble to the general public, regardless of how effective they may be in general. Also, as a society we may view viruses as a natural inevitable risk and require isolation/avoidance to be the responsibility of the individual. These are valid and essential questions.
    If masks are to be required they should be required to be low leakage multilayer because these do greatly reduce the transmission of infected spittle from highly contagious persons to other persons or objects.

  • Lee Stevenson

    “It tells everyone you are willing to be silenced and subjugated, like a dog..”

    A little bit OTT isn’t it? Even for this hotbed of right wing righteousness!
    I don’t wear a mask, but I’ve had the virus… However my family in the UK, and many of my friends and colleagues here in Sweden do, and to label them as dogs is more than a tad offensive… Indeed, you yourself Bob are the one that’s sounding more rabid every time I check in here.

    And you seem to be completely missing the point that a mask is to help prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, not to prevent the wearer from catching it.

  • Lee Stevenson wrote, “You seem to be completely missing the point that a mask is to help prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, not to prevent the wearer from catching it.”

    No, it is you that is missing the point, or have not read what I wrote, at all. I make it very clear in the essay that the improper use of masks, which is widespread, obvious, and undeniable, does nothing to stop the spread, and could very well be contributing to the virus’s spread. That spread goes both ways, to the wearer and those around him or her.

    The rise in cases illustrates clearly that masks have been a complete failure. They didn’t slow or stop the spread, and if anything the rise proves my point that they likely contributed to it.

    As for noting that to me a crowd of people mindlessly and meekly wearing masks, improperly, simply because they have been told to do so, looks like a bunch of subservient dogs, too bad. That is what it looks like to me. And that is where I think this submissive behavior is taking us, to a society of servants and slaves.

    That this irks you only means to me that I have hit a target. It wasn’t meant to insult. It was meant to make people realize how mindless and irrational they are behaving. And you prove this by your refusal to deal with the reality that the way everyone is using their masks is wholly against actual medical advise. Read the WHO graphic again. Do you really think people are even coming close to following these guidelines?

  • eddie willers

    No, it is you that is missing the point, or have not read what I wrote, at all.

    Nor the WHO pamphlet you reproduced. You know….the people liberals worship because they follow the science!

    If more than 2% actually follow those do’s/don’ts, I’ll eat my hat.

  • wayne

    among the more publishable terms I’ve heard recently, as applied to these ‘masks,;”
    =Fear Compliance Device.

  • Byzantine General

    “like a dog” denigrated nobody. I can easily ken how one who is ashamed of their submission to nonsense might *feel* attacked by such words. One on the other hand who Buys The Terror of a bad flu season might honestly *feel* imperiled by a non-complier. Strangely. it is the noncompliant rather than the sincerely* frightened who seem most outraged by “do what I tell you, not that I will” petty tyrants…
    * you infer sincerity from rigid *personal* adherence to best practices. Getting in the face of noncompliers speaks more to “who’ll go Stasi?” than to actual fear of harm from the deadly contagion being broadcast by same,

    i willI will

  • Bob Smith

    “Worse, no one believes me when I tell them that none of that happens. No matter how many times I tell them that no one will question them about their lack of a mask”

    That certainly isn’t my experience here in Palm Beach County FL. Door monitors will throw you out, regardless of your claims to medical entitlement. You will be threatened with arrest if you don’t immediately comply, and some will threaten that the other patrons might attack you. Other times, like in Five Guys, they simply refuse to take your order and demand you leave. They too didn’t care what medical exemptions I claimed, which at the time were entirely legitimate (recent surgery to my face, which was quite visible to them).

    Other than perhaps true belief in the masks, I think they are more afraid of fines by the county for not enforcing masks more than they are afraid of the years-long lawsuit it would take you to win in civil court.

  • Byzantine General

    An innocuous posr was “forbidden” as spam. As I wasn’t promising $192/hr or hawking ED pills, I surmise that “petty tyrxnt” triggers your filter. That right there is a self-referential knot. Oh well. What ARE the criteria?

  • Bob Smith

    “And you seem to be completely missing the point that a mask is to help prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, not to prevent the wearer from catching it.”

    If that is the goal then masks have been manifestly worthless at accomplishing it, and we all know what to call repeating an action over and over and expecting different results. Continuing with the charade that masks are doing something does nothing but instill fear, which I believe is the point of the exercise.

    In May Robert Redfield’s CDC published a summary of several studies proving that masks offer no statistically significant ability to block the spread of respiratory viruses. The next month he was in front of national television claiming that masks are better than vaccines and asking for a 6-12 week national mask mandate.

    Anthony Fauci was claiming in March that asymptomatic people play no significant role in pandemics and that masks offer insignificant protection. Now he’s claiming that up to 40% of infections are from asymptomatic carriers and that masks are an important means of preventing infections. As time goes by their lying gets more and more brazen, as if they don’t care whether we know they’re lying.

    A John’s Hopkins researcher published a paper showing that covid-19 has resulted in effectively zero excess deaths. That is, all 200+ thousand deaths attributed to covid-19 substituted for deaths that would, statistically speaking, have occurred anyway. Everything from serious diseases to accidents are all down this year. Strange that covid-19 has reduced the number of heart attacks. The university pulled the paper as “harmful misinformation”, or as I like to say, it ran counter to the required narrative. The author still stands by it.

  • JR Ewing


    I’ve never used that particular phrase, but had the same thought almost from the beginning.

    When all of this covid flu nonsense started, way before Texas had a mask mandate, I went into a big box store. About half the people inside were wearing masks and everyone was trying very hard not to get close to other people. There was just a general air of fear and anxiety. Everyone seemed suspicious of everyone else. It was an awful feeling of subconscious dread.

    Around the end of May, the attitude around here started to lighten up. People were starting to get past the hype and get on with their lives. Things seemed to be going back to normal and that’s when the local politicians started clamoring for mask mandates. They even said, “we can’t let our guard down and pretend this isn’t happening.”

    The point is, it’s very clear to me that the purpose of mask mandates isn’t to protect anyone. The data is clear that it doesn’t make a difference. Covid is spiking everywhere whether there is a mask mandate or not.

    The purpose of the mask mandate is to not let people forget that this “crisis” is going on. I’ve heard people joke that “people need the masks to be reminded” but that’s exactly what it’s about. To remind people to be scared. Even though I knew rationally at the time back then that all of this is overblown out of proportion, when I was in that store back in April, I was still unnerved by all of the masked people around me.

    So, to me, the mask mandate is a violation of my freedom of conscience. By putting on that mask, I’m being compelled to spread a political message with which I do not agree. Namely, that this is the end of the world and something to be SCARED about. Objectively and empirically, it’s simply not as bad as they say it is, and I’m not going to communicate to anyone else – whether verbally or nonverbally – that I think it is. Nobody knows my opinion when I have the mask on, but the simple act of wearing the mask still spreads that message of fear whether I want to or not. It’s the exact some thing as wearing sandwich board that says, “Covid is so scary I’m suspicious of everyone else.” That’s just BS and it’s not true and I resent being used by politicians in that way.

  • JR Ewing

    Also, the trope about “asymptomatic spread” or even “presymptomatic spread” is BS. No other virus works that way.

    There is a kernel of truth to the loathsome “my mask protects you” propaganda, but only if the wearer has symptoms. If the wearer doesn’t have symptoms, then there is no virus (or at least no critical viral load) within the secretions being caught by the mask and therefore there is no need to wear a mask.

    Viral symptoms – any virus – are a byproduct of the virus infecting cells and repurposing them to reproduce itself. Some symptoms come from damage caused by the virus itself, some come from one’s immune symptom fighting against it, but all symptoms are the result of a viral infection. If cells are not infected, then virus cannot reproduce and therefore it cannot spread. Accordingly, the virus is not reproducing and spreading if you don’t have symptoms.

    The reason so many people are found to be “asymptomatic” is because the PCR tests are so sensitive. These tests are are finding tiny viral participles in people’s noses that are either dead or below the criticality threshold to cause illness. It’s not an “asymptomatic infection”; it’s literally just detritus in someone’s nose. But it’s used for propaganda just the same.

    There used to be a time in America when people would be asked to be responsible and courteous and stay home or wear a mask if they were symptomatic. Yes, there would always be a risk of people disregarding those requests, but until very recently governments realized that they couldn’t FORCE people to take precautions and appealing to people’s good nature was the best they could do.

    Somewhere along the way the politicians realized they could make authoritarian demands and the people decided that they would comply, so here we are today. Politicians have just decided that it’s easier and more preferable to order people around rather than let them rely on their on conscientiousness.

    All that being said, when I’m asked why I don’t wear a mask, my answer is simple: “I’m not scared and I’m not sick. There is no other reason for me to wear one.”

  • Mike

    I sneeze and cough into my elbow/sleeve. I bath routinely and wash my clothes. I don’t pass gas near other people. I wash my hands after using the bathroom.
    No one requires me to do these things. I do them because its polite to those around me, and provides a net-benefit to community health. Others don’t do this and that’s fine. I don’t hold it against them. I may avoid associating with them, but I don’t force my behavior on others.

    Masks are stupid. And the data to date suggests that it is so highly contagious that masks are ridiculously ineffective and I fully expect they are actually detrimental to spread of the virus. But, they make people feel empowered. I wear a mask because I don’t want to be rude to the check-out person at the grocery store who has to deal with potentially infectious idiots all day long. If I can provide a few minutes of politeness to their day, I consider that a good thing. no different then tipping. same with the wait-person at the eatery, the older lady in the grocery store trying to avoid people, etc, etc.
    It is irrelevant if the mask is beneficial/detrimental to covid transmission. At this point in time in our society, politeness demands mask-wearing. Not wearing a mask is roughly on par with passing gas in an elevator. People may not say something, and you can legally do it, but you’ll get a glare from those around you and make their day a little less pleasant. I don’t wish to do that to others, whether its a little extra discomfort holding it in, or putting a useless bit of fabric on my face for a little while.

  • Peter Gent

    Actually, take at least 10,000 IUs of D3 a day and forget about COVID entirely. You need to get your blood serum level above 65 and you will not get sick. Your body will deal with the virus naturally.

  • Peter Gent

    Even 30 ng/ml of vitamin D3 reduces the risk of dying from COVID.

    However, you will not find one person admitted to the hospital fo COVID who has a serum level of 55 ng/ml of vitamin D. Taking 10,000 IUs a day of D3 will eventually get your serum level above 65. It you want to raise it quickly take 50,000 IUs or more a day for 3 days. A day at the beach will give you 100,000-150,000 IUs of D through your skin, so this dosage is not a problem. My serum level was 77 when last measured.

  • Rather than blocking the virus, people are instead wearing a pathogen gatherer on their face, exactly where they breath.

    My school-nurse daughter brings up another point: once the mask catches the spit of an infected person, unless it is changed IMMEDIATELY their breathing can then aerosolize the virus and saliva, perhaps even in particles small enough to get through the cloth masks worn by those around them.

    I live in NY – they demand masks AND social distancing, not either-or, in many places. Yet if your activity is politically favored? No hassles about either. This also calls into question the need for a mask, and the view that it is a badge of compliance that – by donning it without resistance – signals our “leaders” that they can expand demands for “crisis compliance” into other areas.

    If our “leaders” would have acted to secure both life AND liberty in the face of this disease, their demands would have more credibility. But instead they chose to go all Assumption Five … … and fling out rules in a manner reminiscent of wall hangings in the monkey house at the zoo.

  • Wayne Burke

    Thank you for your excellent article! I also refuse to wear one. As a science teacher, I am well aware that the masks that people are wearing are as effective at stopping the virus as a chain link fence is at stopping mosquitos!

    I do respect our local pharmacist’s request to wear a mask, but it is one that says “Practice Socialism Distancing”. I have never had anyone tell me to put on a mask.

  • Craig Austin

    Dust masks designed to stop particles measured in microns can not stop viruses measured in nanometers. Dunce caps at least have a point and tinfoil hats do block some radio waves, dust masks are pointless and don’t work. Cotton masks stop aerosolized viruses using the same mechanism that cotton underwear uses to stop aerosolized farts.

  • Nom de Blog

    I prefer “face conform of submission” when I am talking about the stupid masks. Feel free to kick the tires and take that expression for a test drive.

  • David Hawley

    Craig – Bravo!
    Robert – Bravo!
    Our esteemed Governor of the State of Ohio was recently asked, in a genuinely neutral tone, by a reporter at a Zoom press conference, why have cases skyrocketed here, despite the fact that we’ve been under a mask mandate since mid-July. And the reporter quoted the Gov and the CDC Director, who made the claim at the time back in July that if “everyone wore a mask we could drive this virus in the ground in 4 to 6 weeks.” Instead of even attempting to answer the question, the thin-skinned politician got visibly angry and agitated and then brought on a Doctor from Ohio State who quickly shut down any discussion by vehemently stating “Masks Work! They Work! There is overwhelming evidence! Case closed.” And that was the end of it, no follow-up question, no attempt to try to explain why case counts were climbing while we “dogs” continue to do our masters’ bidding. I know that the terms “dog”, “masters” and “thin-skinned politician” will offend m d mill, and Lee, but I don’t really give a hoot. We are a doomed society right now, and we don’t seem to care. I do my daily duty of not wearing my mask, using my medical condition excuse when neccessary, and it is “refreshing” to breathe in the little rebellion.

  • Byzantine General: My rules are very clearly stated in the box right above “leave a reply.” I also state there that if your comment goes into moderation I will get to it. Be patient.

  • I would ask Americans, and others who consider themselves ‘free’. Why are we even talking about this?

  • janyuary

    Wayne — “Fear Compliance Device” == EXCELLENT.

  • Jeff Mason

    If masks worked, we would have the current spike in cases. I only wear one when entering a business that requires it – it’s their property so they make the rules. Otherwise I am breathing fresh air. I too live near Tucson which recently instituted a curfew from 10pm to 5am (the socialist mayor wanted 8pm but the council demurred.) That is stupidity on a grand scale. Maybe we should start calling COVID the Vampire Virus since apparently it only comes out at night and not during the day when the vast majority of people are active, working, and socializing. Control – not disease prevention- is the goal.

  • Cotour

    I think this point better boils down the mask issue:

    If you or someone around you has a cold with the sniffles with sneezing and a cough, do you believe that you should at least cover your mouth and nose if you are sneezing, or coughing?

    Your mother told you to, “Cover your mouth if you are coughing or sneezing”, “And wash your hands!”.

    To think about the mask in any other terms other than to some degree controlling the particulate that may be emitted from ones mouth or nose while sick is not rational. The mask as worn by the public can accomplish not much more than exactly that. N95 mask in the public realm? Not much better than listening to your own mother.

    The issue becomes the government either mandating or strongly suggesting that a mask be worn in certain conditions.

    And that is where we find ourselves, government tends to overreach in their attempting to ultimately some how control the numbers of people using the healthcare system and it not becoming overwhelmed. And THAT is really the governments one and only concern IMO.

    Government being a monolith and bureaucracy does not communicate as well and as seamlessly as it might. Its the nature of the beast to do so and to when push comes to shove abuse their power in times of fear.

  • janyuary

    JR … pure gold …. very well put: “So, to me, the mask mandate is a violation of my freedom of conscience. …. Nobody knows my opinion when I have the mask on, but the simple act of wearing the mask still spreads that message of fear …. I resent being used by politicians in that way.”

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who continues to support and push for this mask and social distancing nonsense, is an accessory to economic and societal homicide.

    As your post makes so wonderfully clear: this is not a form of economic or societal suicide.
    No, at this point it is homicide inflicted on victims by others, and those who continue to support it are accessories to misery and death.

  • janyuary

    Cotour … government has zero business in the health industry. Government is a servant … a dangerous servant that has now become a fearful master. Like fire. It must be doused. SOON.

  • Cotour


    Can I stand in front of you and sneeze in your face, my mouth and nose not at least covered by my hand? If you would prefer that I not then I suggest you reconsider at least some of your argument.

    And your point about, “Government having zero business in the healthcare business”, you may be correct, but the issue is not about the government being in the healthcare business. The issue is, due to a virus epidemic / pandemic condition in our country what can government do being empowered to “DO” so in times of declared emergencies to mitigate the healthcare system from being over run and burnt out there by threatening everyone’s security and primarily the country’s security?

    So, its not about government being in the healthcare business, its about politically empowered people who have been empowered to interpret their fiduciary responsibilities in government being in the government business. If only things were as simple and straight forward as you propose they were. Your not even having the correct conversation.

  • janyuary

    Cotour: “Can I stand in front of you and sneeze in your face, my mouth and nose not at least covered by my hand? If you would prefer that I not then I suggest you reconsider at least some of your argument.”

    How would it make any difference? If you are rude enough to do so and I am dumb enough not to have expected it from you (I wouldn’t expect it from anyone except a small child or pet) … I have no idea what you’re saying or implying, actually. :^)

    When government presumes to mandate how free people deal with their own personal health habits and choices and liabilities, then yes, government is involved in the health care industry because it makes its decisions based on the prevailing medical theory. It is an infringement of a basic right. The right to make that decision belongs to the individual.

    The bottom line is that medicine and science are really replacements for religion today, they are supposed to guide us morally and they are as flawed and potentially tyrannical as religion. This is why I say the simple solution to this very complex problem is to separate medicine and science from government, and for the same reasons, as the separation of state from church and religion.

    America needs a political party and movement to pioneer that kind of liberty in the 21st Century.

    Government’s job as a dangerous servant is to defend my rights when they are infringed. Those in power want to cite science and medicine (religion is off limits) to overrule my rights to self ownership and basic rights, and they use fear to convince their victims to submit or be judged immoral.

    I know that seems off topic to you, but ignoring those truths is how we got here and seeing them is how we will find liberty. Forest, trees.

    Which founder was it who said that government is like fire … a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

  • Cotour

    To be clear, I am not justifying anything that any empowered politico in government does. All I am doing is pointing out what in fact is going on.

    What is the takeaway here? There are consequences to elections. So be careful who you the every day American chooses to empower.

    And, if you at least think it is reasonable and even civilized to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and you are essentially following your own mothers advice then the use of a mask in some instances is not the violation of ones freedoms as a general rule that it is being portrayed as.

    Again, when the people empower others to have a fiduciary responsibility related to how government is run and where the line between the general good of the general public and the individuals freedoms lie, then make sure you choose well. There are consequences to elections. If you tend to vote for Democrats then prepare for oppression and authoritarianism because in their interpretation of their empowerment and fiduciary responsibilities that is exactly where they go. Its their default position.

  • Col Beausabre

    News Flash – Biden is now getting intelligence briefings….

    We can only hope they work

  • Cotour

    The only thing that the government need be concerned about:

    “The White House coronavirus task force is issuing a dire warning to states, writing that given the already rampant spread of the virus across the U.S., a further surge in cases following Thanksgiving threatens to overwhelm the health care system and compromise patient care.” PERIOD.

    And all of the contortions and contradictory edicts issued forth that the government and those who are empowered within it are issuing are trying to accomplish this one goal. And in getting to that one goal there can be authoritarian actions taken that are seen as going too far as balanced against the rights of the individual. The more fear and uncertainty the more that more authoritarian measures can be justified to be taken. (From those empowered and held responsible that is)

    Again, not making any excuses for the actions of government, just pointing out what is underway.

  • Edward

    janyuary wrote: “America needs a political party and movement to pioneer that kind of liberty in the 21st Century.

    We have a Constitutional amendment that does exactly that: The Tenth Amendment forbids the Federal Government from power that are not explicitly delegated to it, but it is allowed powers that are prohibited for the states to have.

    Science and healthcare are not among the powers that the federal government is allowed. Neither is education. However, it seems that the federal government has long ago usurped these powers.

  • wayne

    –pleased you were amused! (“fear-compliance-device”)

    ((pivoting tangentially—again, I’m all-in on your plea for separation of State and Medicine.))

  • CW2isComing

    Nowhere in the above article and comments is there mention of the use of HCQ or Ivermectin for those persons either exposed to a SARS-Cov-2 source or in the early symptomatic stages. The use of either medication (Ivermectin is rather spectacularly more effective IMO) can vastly reduce viral load, eradicating replicating virions within 48 hours or so.

    Rather than lockdowns, masking, social distancing, shaming and the like, were our “authorities” (health & politicos) truly concerned with the health of the individual & all of our communities, they would institute the immediate availability of Ivermectin/HCQ (both, in conjunction with ZnSo4 (zinc sulfate) and either azithromycin or other antibiotic).

    The above medications are inexpensive, nearly free from side-effects and ought to be available to all who request them when exposed/symptomatic.

    To be seen by an E. R. physician, diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2, then sent home to convalesce & to return “if you have breathing difficulties” is akin to medical malpractice, besides being insane. Insane–and monstrous–to ignore known treatments to halt the virus in its early stages.

    Mind boggling, really, to see a clear pathway through this, only to observe the entire medical/political and dumbed down populace ignore reality, embrace the rabbit’s foot and reject/ignore/fail to develop an actual plan of action when ill.


  • wayne

    Michael Malice “Your Welcome” Episode #132
    Tom Woods – On Failed Prevention
    “Author and historian Tom Woods joins Michael this week for a discussion on the recent pulling of Tom’s videos criticizing the lockdown, how Japan’s suicide total for one month topped their number of COVID-19 deaths for the entire year, Governor Cuomo winning an Emmy award while New York has the second highest Coronavirus death rate per capita, President Warren G. Harding’s campaign for a return to normalcy, Dr. Fauci flip-flopping on the possibility of a second pandemic wave, and more….”

  • Cotour

    From : Study: Absolutely NO excess deaths from COVID-19

    “And I like Dr. Campbells observation that NONE of these simple and apparently effective supplements in mitigating the effects of Covid are identified or promoted in the Main Stream Media. And that would be for an obvious reason to my thinking, they are cheap as he observes, and the big pharma advertisers that are developing the high end Covid therapies frown upon the informing of the public regarding these inexpensive therapies. Just my take, too cynical for you? If it walks like a duck.

    (Thats is what I am assuming that the doctor wants to say but is not saying. But that again is my assumption)”

    Not so much of a mystery.

    We are all essentially on our own, the government, as many believe is its job, cares not one second for an individuals health or freedom or anything else. And that is why these what can be argued as over reaches and degrees of abuses of power that focus on what people can do or must wear are so contentious and counter intuitive to many. (But are also so reassuring and comforting to many who are politically unconscious)

    IMO it comes down to the power of money, the profits of international business interests which flow into the Globalist / One World Socialist agenda model that is all about the ultimate Orwellian control of the individual. For the overall good of the entire planet that is.

    “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”, they made a commercial promoting it all:

    (Very similar in pattern to the name: DOMINION. They tell you exactly what they intend. Paranoia you say? When someone tells you what they are going to do, and then they do it, I think at that point you might want to start paying attention to what they have been saying)

    And in order to fully accomplish this there must one thing be done, the evisceration of America and the Constitution. Plain and simple.

    Doctor Campbell intimated what *might* be the cause of some first world governments not promoting and pushing their population to take or have on hand supplements and other over the counter therapies clearly demonstrated to mitigate the effects of the Covid 19 virus in a good percentage of the population. But of course the good doctor can not say plainly what I am without doubt stating.

    What other conclusion could be arrived at when these governments of the first world and those who are empowered within them have chosen to actively keep their people ignorant during a state world wide / pandemic virus event?

    What other conclusion can be arrived at when the empowered within government also allow the radical among the population to violently riot and burn and destabilize their own cities?

    Fear and chaos are great motivators and tools of control. And lets not forget what lies at the foundation of all of this, and that is IMO the pandering to the ultimate beneficiary of this “Politically correct” Globalist drive for Socialism in the world, the Communist Chinese.

    That and the perceived massive cash flow from the CCP is what is driving all of these perversions in the entire world. But don’t worry those same international corporations have developed a vaccine to solve the problem that can from the same place that seeks to dominate the entire world. Sounds just like a Hollywood treatment for a sci fi / political thriller movie, no? Written by the Chinses Communists themselves.

    And I say, no thank you.

  • Cotour

    China plays hard ball, and we, if Joe Biden becomes the president, will be playing badminton?

    “Australia is ‘not going to cede our sovereignty’ to China”

  • Jane

    In late March I went to Colorado to visit my son. When I saw EVERYONE at the airport wearing masks (I wore a shield for medical reasons and had a mask over only my mouth), the first thing that came to mind was how similar it is to muzzled dogs. Everyone was scared of everyone else, there was very little eye contact, no interaction when there often is in normal circumstances, and no talking back and forth. Those who bought food took off masks and ate for 10-15 minutes “unprotected” and everyone was fine with that. I could barely understand the flight attendant, and could barely breathe even with the mask only over my mouth. I now wear only a half shield, and in my town that is fine for shopping and other situations. A close friend was kicked out of a small clothing shop with the clerk (the only other person in the shop at the time) vehemently telling her that a face shield isn’t good enough. She was so filled with fear, she couldn’t even begin to understand how that fear is ruining her health. I am amazed that people don’t listen to anything but mainstream media and are completely ignorant of Facebook and YouTube removing any information contrary to the leftist narrative. I hate what is happening to our country by power-hungry and controlling officials behind all the mandates.

    I’d like common sense to become common again!

  • tim

    It’s interesting to me that in blog post that presumes to discuss efficacy, so much of the topic reverts to the alleged psychological effects of mask-wearing. Yet those psychological effects are only discussed with regard to Americans’ attitudes towards masks, and not those cultures for whom mask-wearing doesn’t prompt irrational and emotional responses of fear and being silenced. Cultures, I might add, that are not exclusively authoritarian.

    Additionally, the reactions are virtually baseless: in fact, no one is silencing me, controlling me, or limiting my activity when I choose to wear a mask. We not only know we don’t have the same reactions toward health care professionals who wear masks while working – we understand why they do so. I’d love to see an honest blog post regarding just WHY we view masks differently than other nations for whom masks have provided documented health benefits, as opposed to a subjective assertion of the psychological impacts of masks. I can tell you that I don’t have the emotional reaction that you and some respondents describe, not to any degree.

    Secondary to my fascination with the baseless, irrational and emotional reactions from a distinct minority of the population to wearing masks is my fascination with the politicization of science and medicine. Why, for example, does the term “liberal” or “conservative” arise in the comments? I’d look forward to honest, comprehensive thoughts and observations on these topics. If I want an explanation of the medical efficacy of masks in a pandemic of a respiratory virus, I’ll seek the opinion of qualified medical professionals. A room of novices led by other novices, all opining, is more apt for philosophical debate..

  • Edward

    You wrote: “It’s interesting to me that in blog post that presumes to discuss efficacy, so much of the topic reverts to the alleged psychological effects of mask-wearing.

    You commented in the wrong post, as this one is about oppression, not mask efficacy. American culture is all about freedom and liberty, not oppression or even mandating articles of clothing or personal protective equipment. Liberty is even expressly mentioned in the Constitution, as a blessing to be handed down to posterity.

    Additionally, the reactions are virtually baseless: in fact, no one is silencing me, controlling me, or limiting my activity when I choose to wear a mask. … I can tell you that I don’t have the emotional reaction that you and some respondents describe, not to any degree.

    Of course no one harasses you for wearing a mask. Those in favor of choice respect your choice. Those in favor of tyranny want to control those who would choose differently. The rule of the tyranny is: comply or suffer. No choice allowed. Jane’s tale, the comment just above yours, is just one tale of tyrannical woe.

    I’d love to see an honest blog post regarding just WHY we view masks differently than other nations for whom masks have provided documented health benefits, as opposed to a subjective assertion of the psychological impacts of masks.

    This essay gives links and papers written by qualified medical professionals that explain the efficacy of masks:

    For decades, scientists and doctors hoped that masks would be beneficial at preventing the spread of disease, but their experiments proved otherwise. Indeed, some trials showed that they barely provide protection from post surgical infection, and may even be counterproductive.

    There are no documented health benefits for masks. There have been some post-Wuhan papers written, but considering the decades of evidence to the contrary, and the disappointed researchers, it looks like those recent papers are only kowtowing to political pressure, similar to most mask wearers in America.

    Indeed, the behavior of many of our leaders who insist that we wear masks shows that they do not believe masks to be beneficial. Or lockdowns, or shutdowns, or forbidding indoor dining, for that matter.

    A room of novices led by other novices, all opining, is more apt for philosophical debate..

    Do be careful of your glass house. Not everyone here is ignorant of science, technology, and research. You may be a novice, but some of us are not.

    Since we are not governmental policy makers, here, but are just a bunch of people debating philosophies, politics, technology, engineering, and science, I think we are in the right place. Welcome.

  • TMD

    Finding this article a little late, probably because of use of an alternate search engine that allows me to see such sites instead of filtering them out which is deliberate suppression of information.

    It is good to see that there are still those that are able to apply some reason and logic to the wearing of the mask and how effective it is. Indeed, fashioning a rag into a mask is doing nothing more than getting the wearer to be compliant. Only masks designed for and used by medical professionals work as intended – that is if the threat actually exists as political figures, the mainstream media and prominent medical personalities would have us believe.

    But it shouldn’t be about politics even though the wearing or not wearing of the mask has been politicized to a large degree. Governors from both sides have granted our incoming president that which tops his wish list – the wearing of the mask by every American – and interestingly, months before he even takes office. This is being accomplished through state mandates issued by these democrat and republican governors that, in my state, require a mask before entering and when occupying any public space, building or business. Those businesses have been threatened with punishment for employee and customer mask non-compliance. In addition, the governor in my state created a new COVID task force with people that make unannounced visits to businesses to check for violations. There is even a hotline that can be utilized by anyone to report infractions.

    At this point it is no longer about living in fear of a killer virus. The fear now lies in getting into trouble at work, being intimidated at the door of a business and possibly being denied access and being scared of what our fellow citizens think of us if we don’t wear the mask. The general mindset now seems that if it allows people to go about their daily lives with some “normality” then they will continue to put up with it.

    Final thought: if this virus were as contagious and as deadly as “they” say it is then there would be no need for mandates or strong-arming of the public. People would be able to recognize it for what it was and take measures accordingly.

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