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Pushback: Doctor files $25 million defamation lawsuit against Houston Methodist for its COVID slanders

Dr. Mary Bowden, refusing to bow to the authorities
Dr. Mary Bowden, refusing to bow to the authorities

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Blacklisted Dr. Mary Bowden has now upped her game and filed a $25 million defamation lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas and its CEO, Marc Boom, for the slanders both published against her for her opposition to the COVID jab mandates.

You can read her lawsuit here [pdf].

Bowden had been suspended by Houston Methodist Hospital in November 2021 and was subsequently forced to resign because she publicly opposed COVID shot mandates and used ivermectin in treating her Wuhan flu patients. Both the hospital and Boom had accused her of “spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based on science” because she had successfully treated about 2,000 COVID patients, none of which ever needed hospitalization, with both ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies.

In February 2022 Bowden began her pushback when she sued Houston Methodist to get its own data on the success or failure of its own CDC-endorsed treatment of COVID, as well as its financial records to find out how much it had earned from that treatment.

…the suit — which was filed in state district court on Monday — is requesting “financial documents detailing all revenue generated at the hospital throughout he COVID-19 vaccination program, including details about reimbursements or payments from government, insurance companies, and patients.” The suit is also requesting information about “any financial arrangements with pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 treatments.”

Bowden’s suit also states that the hospital should make public the number of all recently admitted COVID-19 patients who were fully vaccinated and how many employees are experiencing breakthrough infections.

Bowden also pointed to the hospital’s 2019’s assets — which reportedly totaled approximately $4 billion — and said that the public is entitled to know how those assets have increased after 2019 and amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Though neither the new lawsuit nor the news story about it above provide any update on this earlier suit, it appears from the new complaint that the hospital continues to resist releasing this data. Bowden and her lawyers have apparently decided to proceed with this larger defamation suit because they believe the hospital’s stonewalling suggests the data will prove their case. From the new lawsuit:

Methodist and Boom knew from the hospital’s own data collected from its patients and from their review of scientific studies and reports about Ivermectin and other off-label medications and the efficacy and risks of the vaccines, including VAERS data, that Dr. Bowden’s statements were true and were supported by an abundance of reliable medical evidence, including expert opinions from other renowned medical professionals. Methodist and Boom knew that Dr. Bowden’s use of Ivermectin to treat patients with COVID had not harmed a single patient, and that there was no public record of any patient complaints. … Methodist and Boom published the Statements in spite of their actual knowledge of the truth, and in order to disparage and discredit Dr. Bowden’s professional reputation. [emphasis mine]

It is expected that during discovery the hospital will finally be forced to provide this additional information. At that point we can expect it will show that Houston Methodist and its CEO Boom knowingly made false statements to slander Bowden and damage her practice, even as the hospital was raking in millions by forcing its doctors to adhere to the failed policies imposed by the CDC and the Biden administration.

It is worth reading the lawsuit to get the full flavor of the slanders published by Houston Methodist and Marc Boom against Bowden. Their statements were ugly, destructive, and clearly not based on any facts.

Since the beginning of the year the number of similar lawsuits by blacklisted individuals has been growing by leaps and bounds. It is almost as if the leftists who blindly moved to blacklist and destroy people from March 2020 until the end of 2021 had inexplicably been consumed by hubris. Somehow they came to believe that the law no longer applied to them, and that they could do anything they wanted to enforce their edicts, even if their actions were illegal, slanderous, or disgustingly tyrannical.

The chickens are now coming home to roost. I hope and expect Bowden to win big. She could even end up owning Houston Methodist when all is said and done. And hopefully Marc Boom will be forced to find work more suitable to his abilities, such as working as a barista at Starbucks.

But then, I might be insulting baristas.


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  • Col Beausabre

    The poultry return to their natal nesting area

  • Cotour

    Lawyers, Courts and Money!

    First step to take to overhaul the CDC Ms. Walenski?


  • wayne

    This is as good a thread as any, to drop this in:

    Michael Shermer: How Scientific American Got Woke
    Reason TV (August 16, 2022)

  • GaryMike

    Back in the 70’s, I was working my way through school in a saw-mill machinery fabrication shop. Welding, grinding, drilling kind of stuff.

    In the evenings I was teaching Astronomy at the local community college.

    One day, at lunch, I was reading a Sci-Am article about Jupiter. The rest of the guys took it as an insult: I was acting brainier than them.

    They insisted that I read the article to them. That was when I earned their respect. I ‘was’ brainier than them.

    I was doing what they did every day. They couldn’t read Sci-Am and have a clue.

    I haven’t read Sci-Am in decades.

    The internet has ruined everything but nrop. (I’m trying to avoid a third strike. Figure it out on your own.)

  • GaryMike

    It was a relevant reply to Wayne’s post, if you’re asking. ;)

  • DefendUSA

    Likewise, Simone Gold, and all the others who denied going lockstep should sue. My husband always said to follow the money. And Whoop der it is. The new studies that have come from Thailand and the Philippines shows lower birth rates and excess death rates among the inoculated.. These American Doctors who were lockstepping killed people because they would not prescribe ivermectin or HCQ. They wouldn’t give Monoclonal AB to me unless I was compromised. And they could not even define “compromised” to me. I’m no idiot when it comes to medicine but nor do I have anything other than a bachelor degree and a passion to learn about the human body. First, do no harm.

  • Cotour


    * Joe Biden, the face of the now anti-American radical Leftist dominated Globalist “Progressive” Democrat party machine signs $740 BILLION dollar bill into law. Now where do you think all of that money is going to go? To Democrat aligned companies and they in turn will “donate” to fund the Democrats who fund them.

    And without it the Democrat party would wither away as they lose political power. That is why both Manchin and Sinema seemingly lost their common sense. Fear in all of its forms is a powerful motivator. Would you have the stones to tell the radical Democrats *NO* when such an existential moment presents itself? Few would.

    * Some of the newly empowered and entitled by the “Progressive” Democrats no bail no jail BLM inspired breaking of the rational law and justice system are violent and threaten everyone.

    * Some of the young and newly “Equity” empowered by the likes of BLM are angry:

    * And who are these now out of control individuals empowered by the radical “Progressive” Democrat legislators primarily harming and killing? Their fellow Americans who look just like them.

    * The DOJ and the FBI are being used as political weapons by the radical “Progressive” Democrat party machine: Republicans vow to investigate ‘out-of-control’ FBI if GOP retakes House | Sky News Australia

    * Joe Biden, the face, the facade, the tool of the radical “Progressive” Democrat party machine floods the country with illegals:

    You may be registered as a Democrat, but you can no longer afford to vote for these radical un and anti-American “Progressive” political manipulators and seekers of permanent political power. They the Democrat party now clearly threaten you and your family, your safety and your future.

  • Cotour

    I just received this from my older Trump hating Democrat friend:

    “I never, never hear U say one bad thing about corrupt Trump. U surely are not blind.”

    My response:

    “If you would like to point out some areas where you believe Trump is either corrupt or un or anti American I invite you to do so.

    My purpose is to identify and document the un and anti-American actions, policies and agendas that the current administration (D) is actively implementing and installing in America that from my point of view aims to destroy the country and its Constitution. And that is the difference.

    Trump? Not doing any of that from my point of view.

    This all comes down to the country and the preservation of it and the Constitution and it is NOT about one man that you personally despise. Although I understand your personal point of view.

    This is much bigger than one man and your personal dislike for him.

    If and when you can make that distinction that is the moment that every word that I have spent time writing will be worth it.

    I await for you to understand that distinction.

    Its not about Trump”

    Will she respond? Stay tuned for a glimpse into the mind and the rational of a Liberal and a myopic, confused American.

  • David Ross

    Ivermectin found to be… misinformation which is not based on science:

    She’s going to lose either in Texas or on appeal. She might even get ordered to pay Methodist’s legal fees.

  • Henry


    It would have been nice if the linked article actually cited the journal article so you could read the study… But not to worry, I found it listed with the other ivermectin studies using the link: The cited article’s reference is: August 18, 2022, N Engl J Med 2022; 387:599-610, DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2201662 –

    If you look at, you will find that there are 178 listed ivermectin studies, 125 of which are peer reviewed, 90 of which are comparing treatment and control groups. Taken together, the studies show an average of 62% improvement.

    Ivermectin has been officially adopted for early treatment in all or part of 22 countries and another 16 non-government medical organizations (NGMOs). These countries and NGMOs adopted ivermectin for a reason – it is safe, it is effective and it is inexpensive. The individuals who discovered and developed ivermectin won a Nobel prize in 2015 because it was so safe, effective and inexpensive. Ivermectin’s safety has been demonstrated for 35 years by a quarter billion people taking it long term.

    Isn’t it strange that the most developed nations in the world – the very same nations that have essentially banned ivermectin and other early treatment drugs – are also the nations with the highest hospitalization rates and the highest death rates?

    To get an idea of the wide range of uses for ivermectin, you may want to read: “Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations” – The Journal of Antibiotics (2017) 70, 495–505; doi:10.1038/ja.2017.11; published online 15 February 2017.

    To have the greatest benefit, ivermectin should be combined with nutrients and perhaps other drugs. A drug, for instance, can not be expected to make up for a low nutrient status. An antiviral still needs a working immune system to get the job done.

    You may want to look at the current best practices protocols – here is a commonly referenced one from FLCCC Alliance: The I-Care protocol covers early treatment. Dr. Mary Bowden worked with the FLCCC Alliance.

    But let’s get back to the study. Bad science and even fraud are unfortunately rather common in peer reviewed publications so you have to be very critical of any published peer reviewed study. A study can be designed to show lousy results in all sorts of ways.

    Take the above study, for example. A patient may not receive any treatment for 7 days and you still call this early treatment? The rather unreliable PCR test was used to determine COVID-19 status, a test which cannot tell the difference between COVID-19 and various other viruses – so you don’t actually know how many of the study subjects had COVID-19 or which variant they might have had. The ivermectin dose was half to one third of what is needed to properly treat COVID-19 and the treatment was only provided for 3 days – far too short to reliably treat the disease. All of the people were overweight which strongly suggests a higher probability of being malnourished but the study did nothing to address this. About half the people were vaccinated, which has been shown to adversely affect the immune system. And these are just the really obvious issues with the study.

    Bad study designs lead to bad data which leads to bad conclusions – intentionally or otherwise.

    If you want an example of pure peer reviewed fraud, see the retracted Lancet article published May 22, 2020 and retracted two weeks later on June 4, 2020: The study never took place – the data was fabricated. Someone went to a lot of trouble to pull off this fraud and the published fraudulent paper was cited as the reason to revoke the emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine, as well as cancel on-going clinical trials.

    It is too bad “fact checkers” cannot be bothered with science and reporters cannot be bothered to investigate. I guess propaganda pays better.

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