Second Atlas 5 launch in only six days

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The competition heats up: Only six days after its previous launch, a ULA Atlas 5 today successfully launched an American surveillance satellite.

This was the shortest time yet between Atlas 5 launches. While the most likely reason for the quick turnaround was centered on the needs of the satellites, I also suspect the increased competition for launch services has prodded ULA to demonstrate improved capabilities.


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  • geoffc

    To be fair, that was two launches from different coasts. Two different launch facilities makes the two launch flows mostly independent of each other, and can be run in parallel.

    Should be interesting to see what SpaceX can do, once LC-40 (Current pad), LC-39A (Old Shuttle pad they are going to use), SLC-4 (Vandeberg pad), and Brownsville, TX are all up and running.

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