Senate considers rules change permitting dismissal of House impeachment lacking submission

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The Republican Senate leadership is considering a rules change that would allow them to dismiss the House impeachment of Donald Trump if the articles of impeachment are not delivered in a timely manner.

The resolution would give the House 25 days to send articles of impeachment over to the Senate. After that, a senator could offer a motion to dismiss “with prejudice for failure by the House of Representatives to prosecute such articles” with a simple majority vote, according to Hawley’s proposal.

I should note that the Senate is entirely within its rights to do this. The Constitution does not require the delivery of those articles in any specific manner, as has become customary. All it says, literally, is that the House “shall have the sole power of impeachment,” and that “the Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments.” That’s it. If the Senate wishes to dismiss an impeachment that the House passed but didn’t deliver officially, it can do so.

This Democratic clown show and attempt to overturn an legal election they lost is about to end quite embarrassingly for these Democrats. Hopefully however the embarrassment will be multiplied many fold come November, with a wipe-out landslide for Trump and the Republicans. It is long past time to clean house in the Democratic Party.



  • Kyle

    Do you think the radical Dems will still be trying to overturn the 2016 election, in say 2026? I think they will be, they seem to like revising history to fit their aggenda.

  • Cotour


    “By any means necessary”.

    That is the Democrats one and only strategy. Why?

    Because they have long ago abandoned and become anti American and they are in the process of using the Constitution against itself in order to stifle a president that day after day becomes a bigger and more ominous existential threat to them and their existence. And that makes them very dangerous.

    But why did they loose their way? Because they have been infiltrated by Leftists and promoters of the culture of dependency because that is in fact where they find their only base of power in America. And as Trump reveals them for what they are they are even loosing that power base. This is the “Progressive” Leftist agenda and that agenda is focused on rendering our beautiful Constitution to a world government model, plain and simple.

    A cornered and wounded animal is very dangerous, and so is a dying political party.

  • David M. Cook

    Robert, I always refer to them as the ”democrat“ party, not the ”democratic“ party. Small distinction but it makes a difference.

  • Tom

    Mitch McConnell should take a page out of the Pelosi play book and simply “deem” the articles as having arrived and then act on them immediately. Nancy “deemed” that a vote had taken place and passed the Obamacare bill using this approach. If it can work for the House, it can work in the Senate.

  • pzatchok

    I say leave Nancy alone. Let her hold onto those papers for the next year or more.

    Why you ask.

    She is setting the example that the president (from another party) can be impeached for anything and the impeachment can be held for the rest to the presidents term.
    As soon as the opposing party has a majority in the house they can do this every time and hold it over the head of the president forever.
    They can add every verbal slip and policy mistake to the indictment/impeachment that a president ever makes and leave it to the Senate to go through them one at a time and throw each one out.

    Or just wait until they take over the Senate and then deliver the papers.

    Could she be waiting for the election just hoping for a senate switch?

  • Cotour


    Trump continues to put up win after win both in the courts where the Democrats continue to seek to ham string him and his simple and pragmatic pro American agenda and in the court of public opinion.

    Trump’s very simple “AMERICA FIRST” mantra and delivering on it is far superior to the Democrat mantra of “AMERICAS FAULT”.

    As the new year rolls into the next presidential election the Democrat leadership continues to be forced to reveal themselves for what they are, un and anti American and they seek a Globalist and non American Constitutional model for America and the worlds future.

    And that is just not acceptable to any rational American, whether they be born here or a naturalized legal citizen.

    The desperate Democrats and the Leftist media that support their un American efforts are failing in spectacular fashion. Democrats, I could not have designed a better strategy for you to reelect president Trump. Well done.


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