Six likely events that will follow an economic crash.

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The most pessimistic view: Six likely events that will follow an economic crash.

I have doubts about some of the predicted events, but I have no doubt about the precarious state of the United States’ financial situation, as described here. Nothing good can come from this. Nothing.



  • Jetjockey

    The way the treasury is printing money to monetize the debt hyperinflation will be next. I believe the Chinese currency will collapse just prior to our own. Time to invest in precious metals! Lead and brass!!

  • ted

    I have to wonder if the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were seen as opportunities to train our troops for domestic urban pacification. Add to this the recent distribution of surplus armored vehicles and weapons to small town america. Not good.

  • joe

    Actions by the current administration seem committed on pushing us off of this fiscal cliff, prior administrations have been pushing at this also. In the 1970’s the united states government gave Japan the steel industry to prevent Japan from turning communist, at the expense of domestic steel production and the middle class, this lunacy to make the rest of the world like the U.S. is not to the advantage of the middle class.

  • David Hollick

    I agree with the Jetjockey that precious metals is the way to go right now, although my choice is silver. Lead and brass will have increased demand as well, but it just takes so much of them that storage would be a problem. Paper money is only worth the value of the paper and ink; silver and gold have intrinsic value. Furthermore, you have to possess the metal – silver and gold stock certificates are just paper. Buy it in small enough quantities, over a long period of time, to leave no paper trail.

  • Cotour

    I think this guy, Harry Dent has the best approximation of whats to come. He bases much of his projections on demographics.

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