Some suggestions for keeping ISS occupied

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Some suggestions for keeping ISS occupied.

I especially like Harman’s suggestion that the Russians consider landing in the U.S. during the winter, thereby allowing them to extend one crew’s occupancy of ISS into December, January, or even February. Also, he proposes the Russians send an unmanned Soyuz to ISS during testing of the rocket, thereby providing the crews onboard a fresh lifeboat. This is something they have done in the past on their previous space station Mir.


One comment

  • Kelly Starks

    Agree about the winer landing site in the US. It might even be politically acceptable to the Russian’s since it keeps Soyuz as the worlds preeminent maned space craft, and even Russians admit their winters suck.

    Sending up replacement Soyuz unmaned though might not sell since the point is concern about the boosters. If the booster fails – they have no replacement Soyuz, and that assures a long unmaned spell for the ISS.

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