SpaceX raises $346 million more in investment capital

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Capitalism in space: According to Elon Musk, SpaceX has raised an additional $346 million more in investment capital.

According to the very short article at the link, this brings the total raised during this latest fund-raising round to $567 million. This is puzzling, as in March SpaceX announced that it had raised $500 million in this round. If the company has raised an additional $346, the total should be higher.

Either way, this brings the total raised by the company to close to $2 billion, almost all of which is being dedicated to building Starship & Super Heavy. Compared to what NASA spends on SLS/Orion — about $3 billion per year with a total about $50 billion when its first manned mission occurs finally in 2024 — this is chicken feed. However, for a private company fueled by competition and good management (unlike NASA), it is likely more than enough to get the job done.


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  • pzatchok

    Is this an investment in Space X rocket launch company or in his Starlink Satellite company. If they are separate.

    Or will both continue to be the same company so investing in one is investing in the other.

  • pzatchok: SpaceX has already stated, and I have reported it here several times, that this investment money has nothing to do with Starlink. They are funding that in house. The investment capital raised must be almost exclusively going to developing Starship.

  • pzatchok

    But whats the billion dollar profit these investors are seeing to get their money back on?

    Unless they are told this is also an investment in the potential trillion dollar profit from Starlink.

    The capital could all be going to Starship but the return must come from something salable.

    Unless he plans on selling a few billion dollars worth of Starships. Directly to the US government. I can not see him renting out 3 billion or more in Starship launches to the US government.

  • Max

    I did a brief search to find out if any capital was pulled out of starship due to economy/economic pressures.
    Saudi Arabia is rumors, and China is playing games because of political issues. ( just recently they announced they are absorbing Hong Kong and declared they are planning to take Taiwan)
    Elon’s declaration of leaving California has brought on reprisals and threats like this;
    (warning, this socialist rant is full of profanity)

    I find it hard to believe that any part of this article to be taken serious or believed. It gives me insight to what is wrong with Kalifornia.

    “”California does not need capitalism, nor does it need manufacturing or automobiles. California needs free healthcare, clean air, clean water, open borders, free abortions, and free needle exchange programs. California needs progress, not industry. Californians want to live at one with Gaia.””

    Elon’s response “if you don’t make stuff” “you don’t have stuff”

    “$39.5 billion”
    “Elon Musk’s reported net worth, as of March 2020.”

  • Dick Eagleson

    Starlink is not a separate company. Elon has said it is going to remain part of SpaceX. Therefore, an investment in SpaceX is also an investment in Starlink.

    As to what the outside customer revenue potential of Starship is, long-term, that is unknowable with any precision at present. But Space Force seems bent on deploying multiple large satellite constellations over the next decade. As that generic task will also be Starship’s first job once operational in 1st-generation cargo-only form, it would seem Space Force might well find Starship extremely useful for the same purpose as SpaceX itself. Given SpaceX’s proven expertise in satellite design, Space Force’s interest may well also extend to the design and manufacture of some or all its future constellations. I expect SpaceX to do a huge amount of work for Space Force in the coming decade, far beyond the NSSL Phase 2 contracts for which I also expect it to be one of the two winners.

  • Star Bird

    How long before we can start mining for the Delithium Chrystal’s?

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