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Subpoena issued to audit all Dominion machines in Phoenix area of Arizona

The Arizona state senate today issued a subpoena requiring the election board of Maricopa County, which covers the entire Phoenix area, to allow for a full audit of the Dominion tabulators and software used to count the ballots in that county.

More here.

I will repeat what I have said from the beginning. What I want, and what all voters should want, is a complete reassurance that these machines did not miscount the totals, and that the result as presently certified is correct. If the audit finds this is so, that will actually be a great relief, even if it means Joe Biden to my sorrow has become president. Having a reliable election system is more important than who wins any particular election.

However, if the audit finds the kinds of issues revealed in the audit of the Dominion machines used in several counties in Michigan, then the election for president is unreliable and should not stand. Once might be a fluke, or an example of a poor audit. Twice means the issues are real. Moreover, unlike the audit in Michigan, this one will be performed under the guidance of the legislature, not one specific firm hired by an attorney. It will therefore carry more weight, as it will have the input of the Democrats in that legislature.


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  • Phill O

    In order for the audit to be valid, chain of custody must be established. The delays ensured this is not the case. IMHO

  • V-Man

    Once is happenstance.
    Twice is coincidence.
    Three times is enemy action.

    You might have to shoot your way out of this one, I’m afraid.

  • Marcus

    I’m all for auditing and I’d prefer every state do a hand recount of paper ballots, but I don’t understand what you are saying about the machines in Georgia. The hand recount there showed no evidence of fraud. It did turn up the failure to count some relatively large number of ballots in a couple places, though not anywhere near the number needed to change the overall results. So doing a hand examination is a good idea. Please stop repeating the false information about Georgia, it’s not helpful.

  • janyuary

    V-Man: “You might have to shoot your way out of this one, I’m afraid.”

    Is it any coincidence that this coincides with a global virus that “devastates” by killing a tiny percentile of the national population, plain to anyone who employs arithmetic? And this credulous acceptance of masks and social distancing, resulting in economic and societal homicide and which look very much like evil to the unsophisticated and spiritual eye? After a full 20 years of aggressive marketing in the $billions by the medical establishment across all media?

    In truth, though, it was past the ballot box by 2016.
    Stand strong for liberty and self-ownership in the 21st century.

  • Col Beausabre

    Bob Z ” then the election for president is unreliable and should not stand. ”

    Bob, Unfortunately, you don’t have a constitutional leg to stand on. All the constitution requires is that the several states appoint electors. that the the electors meet and they vote .All of which have been done. Biden is the constitutionally elected president. That there were flaws or outright fraud in how the electors were appointed is not relevant from the standpoint of the US Constitution. Those are matters to be settled within the states (maybe by criminal trials of the fraudsters – which still won’t effect the election result). Even if the audits show massive fraud, there is no provision in the constitution to recall a sitting president or have a “do over” election.

    As far as using impeachment as a recall, what are you going to accuse Biden of….That he benefitted from the crimes of others much lower down the chain (and benefitting from another’s crime is not a crime) or that he masterminded a massive, nationwide conspiracy….try proving that one.

    Saying the election will not stand reeks too much of 1861 – what are you advocating, armed rebellion

    No. We will have to grit our teeth for the next four years and become the resistance! Do the minimal possible to work with the Left, throw as many stumbling blocks into Biden’s way as they threw into Trump’s, work like heck to recruit groups like workers, Latinos and Blacks and work even harder to vote our candidates into office. This should be a call to arms!

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Michigan legislature committees have subpoenaed election evidence from Detroit and the suburb of Livonia.

  • Edward

    Your link goes to your post on the audit of voting machines in Michigan, not Georgia. This may also be a source of Marcus’s confusion, whose comment was about a ballot count rather than an audit.

  • Edward: Thank you. I wanted the link to go to the audit in Michigan, but mistakenly wrote “Georgia” in the post’s text. I have corrected the text.

    I must note that the recount of ballots in Georgia was also highly useless. Mostly because of COVID-19 restrictions, it was not done in the traditional way that guarantees a more accurate count, especially in Fulton County (Atlanta area) where the most issues and complaints have occurred. To use it as evidence that there are no problems in Georgia is being willfully blind, especially since election officials in other counties have demonstrated the ease in which votes can be manipulated using Dominion software.

    The issues are the same in Michigan. We have not had a proper recount in any of these states.

  • Max

    The plot thickens, the constitution may not allow for this situation, the criminal charges for racketeering does.
    Joe Biden’s brother-in-law is part owner in Dominion Voting systems
    This was found while they were looking into if solar wind had connections with dominion which still has not been ruled out.

    Breaking this morning, china has been caught using Caribbean phone system to spy on United States. Between all the payoffs/Blackmail of the Biden family from China, all the way to TickTock spyware and back doors in to all computer systems made from China, is there any System that has not been exploited by China? It seems every congressman has their own Chinese staffers nowadays… not to mention sexual play things that also donate huge amounts of money to their campaigns.
    Even Mike Lee who used to have the best voting record in the Senate has been slipping downward since receiving $6 million from tech companies. He’s writing a bill that’s allowing an increase of foreign workers in to our tech sector from 10,000 to 100,000 per year. Trump has banned China from this, but Biden will lift the ban flooding the east coast with Chinese military spies/ Jobs stealing tech workers. Most of these foreign workers that receive less money and don’t pay any US tax are from India.
    How can they do this when jobs are already hard to fine in the tech sector? ( my nephew just graduated top in his class val victorian in a local university specializing in computer stuff and tech and cannot find a job) Are they going to require them to work from home in India the way US tech people do?
    Oh well, as Joe Biden says… All those coal miners can just learn how to code… then they can work for Dominion as the criminal organization undermines democracy across the world. The dark age is beginning.

  • Max

    I forgot to add the link to the latest spying sensation.
    I chose Russia times because of the irony.

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