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Supreme Court dismisses Texas suit on election

The dead Constitution

The Supreme Court today dismissed the Texas lawsuit asking it to invalid the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia because of election law changes made by bureaucrats rather than the state legislatures as directed by the Constitution.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday evening rejected the state of Texas’ challenge to the 2020 election results in four battleground states, extinguishing one of the last remaining hopes for President Trump’s campaign to reverse Joe Biden’s lead in those states.

“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution,” the justices ruled. “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

No one should be surprised by this. It is not the court’s job to give permission to the state legislatures to do their job. It is their responsibility to act, and they have ample evidence that the vote has been, if not stolen, very unreliable and not trustworthy.

They are just too cowardly to do it. They’d rather have an excuse to cop out. They will now do so, saying that they can’t do anything because the Supreme Court told them they couldn’t. This is a lie, and a joke.

The election has been stolen. Do not expect there ever again to be a legitimate election in the United States. Expect Democrats to begin winning every race, in every battleground swing state.

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  • James Street

    The Texas lawsuit was just one path to victory for Trump, and it actually came on the radar just recently. There is still all the work that was being done before it by Trump’s legal team Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis as well as the work being done by people like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

    The lawsuit brought by Texas would have been a tidy way to resolve the election fraud. The longer this drags out the nastier it will be for the swamp.

    China is playing a much larger part than we’ve known in all the thuggery going on in the U.S.

  • Marcus

    Seems problematic, or at least annoying, to have states trying to tell each other how to conduct their own business. I wouldn’t want say California telling us what we can do here in Texas, even if I agreed at times.

    Another, admittedly vague thought… I can’t figure out why it’s so popular to make accusations without presenting evidence. I get the idea of not losing sight of the big picture, but I have trouble with it when all the details I can actually verify contradict said picture.

    Now back to reading Starship news

  • Lee Stevenson

    Considering you guys have the greatest democracy in the world, there seems to be an awful lot of arguing over the results over there…
    As a bystander a continent away, I don’t really care if you end up with a geriatric or another term with a TV star….. But seriously guys and gals…. Sort your voting system out. India has a much better system… It involves bits of paper and ink on the finger that takes days to go away…. The news from the US is starting to get boring.

  • pzatchok

    The problem is that the voter can NOT verify their own votes after they have voted.

    We can not verify if the voter is a legal voter for national elections.
    Non citizen residents (illegal aliens) can vote in most states just by presenting a utility bill in their name. They are not supposed to vote for national elections but we only rely on their word for that. National elections are presented on the same ballot as the state and local elections.(thank the Democrats for that one)

  • MDN

    What struck me was that Texas had to bring this suit and not a legislature of any of the 4 states which Rs control and whose constitutional perogatives WERE ignored. Of course that would require 4 separate actions by 4 separate legislatures, whereas the TX suit was an attempt to get all 4 in one go.

    All 4 state legislatures should immediately Copy/Paste the TX suit into 4 State specific derivatives and file them post haste. Theirs IS a matter of constitutional law and not an issue for their state courts as it is their US CONSTITUTIONAL authority that was usurped.

    Let’s see the supreme court tell them THEY don’t have standing. That’s a much smaller fig leaf this way imho and could win over the Trump appointees.

    Standing is the key, because on the merits thiese cases are very sound.

  • mpthompson

    I believe we are witnessing the Californification of the rest of the United States. Here in California I can vote for any candidate I please as long as they are a Democrat. Welcome to the party.

  • wayne

    Good stuff. Nail on the head.

    When other States violate their own Constitution and/or the Federal Constitution in matters relating to the election of the President, everyone’s rights are violated.

    That would be…

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    “Space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement
    And Cobain, can you hear the spheres, singing songs off station to station?
    And Alderaan’s not far away, it’s Californication
    Born and raised by those who praise control of population
    Well, everybody’s been there, and I don’t mean on vacation….”

  • Jeff Fauva

    “No one should be surprised by this. It is not the court’s job to give permission to the state legislatures to do their job. It is their responsibility to act, and they have ample evidence that the vote has been, if not stolen, very unreliable and not trustworthy.”

    Courts have rejected this “ample evidence” in over 50 cases. We are a nation of laws. Courts weigh evidence and apply those laws. ‘Stolen vote’ is partisan propaganda, period.

  • Cotour


    There has never occurred a political contest in America where a Democrat did not cheat in some way shape or form. And to not recognize that is willful ignorance. Both parties are corrupt in their own ways, and cheating is the Democrats way. Its at their foundation, without it they would never prevail.

    In the era of Trump all will be revealed.

  • NavyNuke

    “Courts have rejected this “ample evidence” in over 50 cases. We are a nation of laws. Courts weigh evidence and apply those laws.”

    School House Rocky has a better understanding of our judicial system than this. There are lots of screenings that takes place on a complaint before it gets to the point of being ruled on. First there is the technical screening done by the clerk to even get on the docket, then whether the court has jurisdiction, does the plaintiff have standing, etc before the merits of the case are argued and considered. To the best of my knowledge none of the “fifty plus cases” have advanced to the res judicata phase. The implication of your third sentences is that the evidence has been ruled upon 50+ times. Journalists (and their editors) are more interested in clicks than educating their reader/listener.

  • Cotour

    Ignorance is its own reward.

  • Jeff Fauva

    NavyNuke: Thanks for the reply.

    Congrats on your command of legal procedure. I’ll break it down for you – just show me ANY court where the evidence presented by Trump’s team was found to be credible? Simple question. Here’s a case where the evidence was found not credible:

    “A district court in Nevada shot down the campaign’s claims Friday, finding “that there is no credible or reliable evidence that the 2020 General Election in Nevada was affected by fraud.”

    I can find these all day.

  • janyuary

    Mr. Z (my personal American hero these days): They are just too cowardly to do it.

    It has gone past the ballot box.
    A native-born Californian who spent several decades in the thick SoCal metro loving life and thriving … I knew by 2014, when the California Bag Law passed, and I saw my ballot go into a “provisional ballot” box on the pretense that I had messed up some mail-in detail (I have never voted by mail and plan to keep it that way).

    It had gone past the ballot box beyond state to nation; California’s leftism came from outsiders like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein. Sure we have our wild cards like 5th-gen Moonbeam Jerry, but on the whole we came from stock of the likes who risked it all to get here from the Midwest, the East Coast, the Deep South, even the Southwest deserts. It didn’t really change until the advent of commercial air flight as opposed to four or five days’ train trip. You took a big risk for big opportunity. We are Californians and Mexico is a sibling, “they” are “us.” It’s just the way it is.

    Folks, please think abut it next time you drive over Donner Pass, who to blame instead of “those damned Californians.”

    And think about a California Sheriff, DA, and City Council under severe lockdown, refusing point blank. The DA said that it wasn’t their job, and said he wouldn’t be part of criminalizing someone for trying to preserve their mental, physical, and economic well being. Think about the gunstore owner who kept his shop open, unmolested, during the first lockdowns. Californians.

    California is a wild card and very much misunderstood.

  • Cotour

    There are no low level judges, state senators or congresspersons who are willing to find much of anything here.

    And why is that?

    No one wants to get on the ANTIFA / BLM Christmas list this year.

    So what will be done is that it will all be passed up and on in the legal system and the only place that a decision will be able to be made on the big issue, will be the Supreme Court.

    And it will be the cumulative rock solid evidence gathered among all counties and states that will tell the true story of the 2020 presidential election.

    Ask Richard Nixon about where the truth in contentious American elections lies.

    To hang your hat on: “No court has found any credible evidence”, is just a self serving masturbatory meme.

    I know it, you know it, and most everyone else understands and knows it.

  • Jeff Fauva


    “To hang your hat on: “No court has found any credible evidence”, is just a self serving masturbatory meme.”

    That’s Trumpism in a nutshell. Courts, facts, experts – all waved-away in service of Dear Leader. He cannot be wrong, he can only be wronged. All hail Dear Leader!

  • Cotour

    Your inability to redirect my opinions and observations to serve you ignorant narrative must be very frustrating to you.

    There is no “All Hail the Dear Leader”.

    Its all just about the Constitution and understanding the intent of the Founders here. And that is it.

    No one is worshiping Trump or anyone else. And again, your Chairman Mao reference reflects what the democrat party is actively attempting to facilitate. And I do not know whether you are just aping that narrative or if you really believe it. Maybe a bit of both?

    You will find no traction for your arguments here, and your arguments are to a one, ALL hollow. It is plain to me you bring nothing new to the conversation.

    All such arguments are seen clearly here, you are unable to cloud the argument which is the typical democrat / leftist mode of operation. You may have to be trained or actually bring someone on board who might have a different ability than yours. And to be honest like I have pointed out before, and I do this a lot, I have never met one of you that could actually honestly communicate.

    Why don’t you just default to honesty? Trying being more like AOC.

  • Andrew_W

    The conservative right in the US think they’ve got a monopoly on levelheadedness, but on some things (their belief in their own virtue and the lefts evilness) they’re as nuts as the progressives are on things like wokeness and identity politics. The widespread accusations of fraud are not based on evidence, they’re based on self-righteous anger – “we can’t have lost – they must have cheated!!”

    The reason that the court cases against the election results have failed and continue to fail is because, after years in law, Judges are really good at detecting BS, the fact that most of those spouting BS don’t recognize their own BS doesn’t make it any less BS.

  • Michael Mangold

    The court said that Texas lacks standing because it “has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.”

    So…since Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona all have Republican-majority legislatures, the other states would have no standing to prevent these legislatures from choosing Republican electors? Not that these Republican legislators would have the spine.

  • James Street

    Along the lines of what MDN was talking about:

    Trump Approves Filing Retooled Texas-Style Election Challenges: Giuliani

    President Donald Trump’s legal team is planning on filing retooled lawsuits, his lawyer said Saturday.

    “We move immediately, seamlessly, to plan B, which is to bring lawsuits now in each one of the states. We had them ready. They’re just a version of the one that was brought in the Supreme Court. So last night, the president made the decision,” Rudy Giuliani said during an appearance on “War Room: Pandemic.”

    “If the state doesn’t have standing, surely the president of the United States has standing. And certainly the electors in the states have standing. So they will be bringing those very cases right in those courts, starting today,” Giuliani said. “And let’s see what excuse they can try to use to avoid having a hearing on that.”

    Courts have been using the matter of standing to dodge facing the facts, he alleged, adding, “Nobody wants to face the reality that this election was stolen.”

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    Watch this: Representative, Cynthia Johnson, Michigan:

    What this vial woman voices is what many on any court or in any governing body fears, retribution for supporting what to many is plain, the corruption and fraud that is without doubt a part of this 2020 election. And it exists at a level that is able to effect the result.

    No one on a lower court or in government is willing to bring what she threatens to THEIR door.

    This is political warfare, and she is just one “Good Soldier” on the Democrat side, its where her bread is buttered.

    Both you and Jeff are arguing naked. How does that feel?

  • Cotour

    And if you are not aware of what she threatens I will tell you.

    She threatens everyone and all with the wrath of the likes of ANTIFA and BLM, the fear and enforcement arm of the Democrat party. Their Street Soldiers.

  • Lee Stevenson

    As an impartial bystander I can honestly say both the American right and left have not made a good impression to the rest of the world this year.
    Both sides have become rabid beasts… ( Including our host…. It was a bit like hearing my mother swear when Bob cussed!)
    I have no dog in this race…. Biden is a geriatric, Trump is orange… Neither make me spit blood, indeed I believe Trump to be a better leader than he has been given credit for…. He lies and bluffs, but has got stuff done.
    ANYWAY…. ( This is my last comment on anything political this year!) How on earth can their still be any doubt on the vote count over there? If the voting machines were rigged, where are the ones that were rigged for trump? In a country of your size I can only imagine that any voter fraud would be fairly evenly split. Republicans are not by nature any more honest than democrats.
    It’s been a few hundred years since we British let you guys govern yourself.. the rest of the world outside Russia and North Korea manage to hold free and fair elections. How hard do you guys have to make it?

  • Cotour

    1. ” If the voting machines were rigged, where are the ones that were rigged for trump? In a country of your size I can only imagine that any voter fraud would be fairly evenly split. “.

    Most all and every municipality and the people who inhabit them who are tasked with the counting are without doubt Democrats. Period.
    And this is especially so in the counties and municipalities in question. And that is just so and if you are not aware of that you are not informed enough about any of this to be judging what is good, bad or otherwise.

    And 2. You have a direct interest in the goings on in America and who heads its government. I will let you figure that out for yourself. Do you speak Mandarin?

  • Cotour

    Lee Stevenson: Here is a hint for you:

    If America does not prevail, what will constrain the Communist Chinese in the future, both near and far?

    You and Sweden have a direct interest in the success of Trump or who may come after him.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Which is a follow-up to this illuminating article:

    Should be an interesting next couple of days.

  • Trent Castanaveras: Thank you for the two links. You are presenting data. It doesn’t matter how many courts rule however they wish. We will be able to see this audit, in all its detail, for ourselves, and then make up our own minds.

    If it shows that the Dominion machines tabulated the count accurately, then the argument by Trump supporters that the election was stolen will be weakened considerably. I would still demand more such audits, in Georgia and Arizona and in every state these machines were used, to establish this fact solidly. This would reassure the nation that the vote was legitimate, which can only be for the good.

    If the audit however shows that the count was tampered with by these machines, it invalidates the election throughout every state that used these machines. Audits must still be done, but until a better sense of the real count is obtained. the election must be declared invalid and untrustworthy.

    A viable democracy and its citizens can do no less.

    The real problem I see is that partisan Democrats and leftists will simply refuse to look at that audit in the latter case. They will dismiss it as fake, without a second glance, as they did with the evidence from the Biden laptop, the evidence from the Mueller report that proved that there was no collusion with Russian and that the claim was a lie, the evidence showing Obama and the FBI were spying on Trump, the evidence that the FBI faked warrant applications to the FISA court, the evidence that Trump never endorsed white supremacy, the evidence that Trump has never been a racist, the evidence that the BLM/Antifa riots are occurring, the evidence that lockdowns and masks don’t work, and so on and so on.

    The problem is that the only facts that matter to the Democrats and their supporters (such as those who comment here) are facts that support their position. All other facts must be dismissed, without comment or consideration. They will deny this, but the fact remains that when I link to such actual data, including surveillance videos that show questionable activities, these partisan Democrats never address this data. They ignore it, as if it does not exist.

  • Gary


    It seems that you do not recognize your own prejudice, or your own assumptions.
    I believe we do have Republicans that cheat, but it seems that the Democrats are much better at this. You see, when the left controls academia, mass media, and social media, who is left to report the news in a balanced way? Who is there that can break the censorship barrier? A representative democracy is based upon the fundamental and necessary principle there exists a free and open distribution of information and a balanced education, where the electorate actually are educated as to the affairs of state and history. Being British, I think you have us far outstripped on that last account. I have met many people from India, Nigeria and other areas colonized by you Brits and many seem better educated as to the fundamentals espoused in this country at its foundation and subsequent history then most of my friends who were born in the United States and grew up here.

  • Cotour

    For everyone who thinks they have all the objective information they need to be informed on the 2020 presidential election, or the Hunter Biden / Joe Biden pay for play RICO cash flow arrangement, or any substantive issue in the world, both foreign and domestic.


    (You are not being allowed to know certain things that you need to make decisions for yourself and your government in a Democracy. And that information is being actively controlled and throttled by the MSM and the Social media giants in support of their preferred politics. And those politics are Left leaning and are in fact Leftist and and are in the interests of the Communist Chinese which is who they pandering to and $eeing as having their future and financial interests. The MSM and the Social Media Giants are selling out the United States)


  • L. Schoen

    I really, really hated how all the Democrats running for the House last month won, boosting the Dem’s majority therein. It is a harbinger of what’s to come just like Robert wrote!
    Wait a minute…

  • Michael Mangold

    Lee Stevenson – the quality of American politicians is an embarrassment. That said, find me politicians who will build a wall on our southern border, keep our embassy in Jerusalem, continue the pattern of brokering peace between Israel and Muslim nations like Morocco, Sudan and the UAE, continue reducing burdensome regulations on business, and support American fossil fuel independence who *aren’t* orange, and I’ll prefer them. Until then, Trump’s my guy.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Robert and Trent:

    The links “presenting data” about Dominion are to an obvious right-wing hack and a Chinese website? Thanks, but I’ll wait until a court inevitably calls this hogwash and I will expect a retraction of these bad faith claims.

  • Edward

    Lee Stevenson,
    You wrote: “Considering you guys have the greatest democracy in the world, there seems to be an awful lot of arguing over the results over there…

    Thank you for thinking that we have a great democracy. This is the second time you have said so, but democracy is not working over here anymore. It is clear that the election was stolen, just as other tin-plated dictators steal elections in banana republics. As mpthompson and Wayne have pointed out, California eliminated democracy a few years ago. On my ballot, last month, there were two positions that had only Democrat candidates. The election laws here were changed so that not only is this possible but is likely. We do not have a choice of philosophy in this state, only a choice of who will implement the government-favored philosophy. That is hardly a democracy. We are not free to choose the direction of our future, just the person who takes us into the government-chosen direction.

    the rest of the world outside Russia and North Korea manage to hold free and fair elections. How hard do you guys have to make it?

    Considering that our Democratic Party favors both Russia and North Korea, we can conclude that they, too, do not like free and fair elections. Since it is a large portion of our population, they are capable of making free and fair very difficult indeed. All they need is control over the elections in a very few cities and, voila!

    I love how Jeff Fauva didn’t pay attention to your comment. You said: “Journalists (and their editors) are more interested in clicks than educating their reader/listener.” but Jeff replies by clicking on journalist’s (mis)interpretation of what happened. The good news is that he is proud that he can click on them all day. If the internet says so, it must. be true. He is not nearly as smart as we think he is, and that is a pretty low bar.

    So much for his congrats and respect of your command of legal procedure.

    Wisely, Jeff Fauva fails to understand that we are asking government to admit its own corruption. Wisdom like that deserves all the respect that it deserves.

    James Street pointed out: “Nobody wants to face the reality that this election was stolen.

    Thus democracy dies in America, not with a bang but with a stolen election.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    A clip from the attorney in the case Matthew DePerno stating what little he is allowed to say:

    I tried to find it on the original broadcast, but had to settle for a copy recorded by a “right-wing hack” website lol

  • Trent Castanaveras

    And also today:

    And you can even watch the show on Tuesday, at the provided court webcast link.

    As I said, it will be an interesting next few days.

  • Edward

    Jeff Fauva,
    You wrote: “The links “presenting data” about Dominion are to an obvious right-wing hack and a Chinese website? Thanks, but I’ll wait until a court inevitably calls this hogwash and I will expect a retraction of these bad faith claims.

    You do realize, don’t you, that you have just made Robert’s point for him?
    The real problem I see is that partisan Democrats and leftists will simply refuse to look at that audit in the latter case. They will dismiss it as fake, without a second glance … the only facts that matter to the Democrats and their supporters (such as those who comment here) are facts that support their position. All other facts must be dismissed, without comment or consideration.

    You did pay attention to that passage before you made your comments, right?

    I love how you leftists move the goalposts. A while ago, a court had to accept the case for anything to be considered actual evidence, but now it will have to rule in Trumps favor in order for you to ponder whether the evidence real. The goalposts keep moving. A month ago, people of your ilk considered that there was absolutely no evidence, then there was not enough evidence of fraud to change the election, now it has to be court-accepted in order for it to be considered evidence.

  • Trent Castanaveras: This is Michigan. We also have the many questionable issues in Georgia, the sources and data of which one can easily review by scanning down and looking at a number of my past posts. The questions are not our imagination. They exist and are real.

    One would think that every voter in the United States, both Republican and Democratic, would be passionately eager to confirm the robustness and validity of the vote count. For Republicans it will tell them whether Trump lost legitimately. For Democrats it would prove that Biden won fairly.

    To make all kinds of excuses for not reviewing the vote count (“That comes from a right wing site!”) is intellectually dishonest, and suggests to me that the person doing it knows the vote has been tampered with, and doesn’t want anyone to take a close look to find out.

    And as I said already, the problem is the eager willingness of partisan Democrats to instantly dismiss all facts that they don’t like. They don’t review the facts and point out the weaknesses. Their kneejerk response is to find a reason to make believe the facts don’t exist.

    In the end, the ordinary people of both sides are going to suffer, because this willful ignorance gives the power-hungry sharks that are our politicians an opportunity to sharpen their election-tampering skills for the next election, knowing full well there are large swaths of the population who will allow them to do it.

    I am reminded again of that German woman (described in this post) who survived the Nazi death camps, but always considered the most horrible part of her experience her inability to get anyone to believe her when she would tell them what was happening. As I wrote,

    To her, their calm nonchalant dismissal of the Nazi bigotry and oppression of Jews — too unbelievable to take seriously — was what had horrified her the most. Even twenty years later, it was this dismissal that appalled her the most, despite her time in a concentration camp and the death she had seen around her.

    We are seeing this same blindness today.

  • Cotour

    ‘One would think that every voter in the United States, both Republican and Democratic, would be passionately eager to confirm the robustness and validity of the vote count. For Republicans it will tell them whether Trump lost legitimately. For Democrats it would prove that Biden won fairly.”

    Possibly the funniest thing I have ever read here on BTB.

    Warfare, particularly political warfare cares not for any of that.

    The enemy must be gotten into a full nelson and choked out and once they have come too made to submit through the brutal revealing of cold and hard evidence that can not be un seen once revealed.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Very well put Mr. Z.

    I do feel however that this is the first domino to fall, this little county in Michigan. This case is the only one so far to allow a forensic audit on voting machines that still had their data from November 3 and beyond. It was performed by a third party independent investigative team, Allied Security Operations Group. Despite what the MI Attorney General and Secretary of state have declared, this team specializes in this type of work, and has pursued vote fraud quite a bit in recent times. Their site (the vote fraud page):

    Given the ubiquity of the Dominion Voting machines in 20+ states (including my own Wisconsin), just one proven instance of these machines allowing vote manipulation in any of the claimed methods inherently means that all are suspect and MUST be audited.

    And that’s precisely what this suit has stated.

  • Cotour: You find it funny, I find it horribly sad.

    The voters are not politicians. They are ordinary people who simply want the freedom to go about their lives. The Constitution (that you properly revere so much) was designed to protect these ordinary people from the politicians who love to play political war. It was designed to put restraints on those sharks.

    However, for the Constitution to work it requires the public to be allied as a group against the politicians, to distrust them all, and to demand them to follow the law at all times, or get fired on election day.

    We no longer have this. Today, the public prefers to align itself with the politicians, though they do so by picking one party or another. The result is that no one wants to validate the vote. They’d rather become politicians themselves and play factional war games.

    I ally myself with ordinary Americans. I want the vote looked at to prove it has either been tampered with, or is legitimate. I don’t care in this matter who wins. I might prefer Trump, but it is far more important to guarantee the vote is done right, to protect me and all those ordinary citizens.

    I however am alone in this. Today everyone else picks sides. We will, as Washington feared, tear ourselves apart in factional warfare.

  • Cotour

    “We no longer have this.”

    We NEVER had this.

    Where do yo think Washington got his fear from?

    Washington, as were all of the Founders, immersed in treachery, corruption, fraud, cheating and abuse of power. (Which is where I get my total admiration for them from. How the hell did they accomplish what they accomplished?)

    The thinking that, “If it could only be the way it used to be in the good old days”, is an ideal that has never been true. When did you become an idealist?

    Times throughout history were different for sure, but just as filled with corruption, fraud, cheating and abuse of power. If that is not so, then where did the need for the Constitution come from?

    No, the cold hard evidence must be attained and our opponents must be made, forced even to recognize it for what it is by what ever means necessary. Period, the end. Will it be difficult? Yes. Will it be contentious? Yes. Might it become violent? Possibly.

    Do you have a hat? You might want to begin wearing one, I think that Arizona sun is getting too strong for you. (Im going to send you one)

  • Cotour: “We NEVER had this.”

    You are wrong. I am a historian. I’ve delved into too much original source material, plus my own memories from the culture I grew up in. People in America once made a real effort not to be partisan, to put the Constitution and the law above partisan politics. They do not do this today.

    And don’t twist my words. I am not saying corruption and fraud and power plays never happened. I am saying that we once had a much more civilized culture that put the law first. No longer.

    I personally think you have lived in New York too long. I moved out because of its incredibly corrupt culture, and found things different (for almost a decade) elsewhere. You need to discover that the world is not New York.

  • Cotour

    Explain to me why the Constitution was necessary.

    And it was not because people were so much more civilized and caring.

    Things are without doubt different in how a segment of our population views the importance of the Constitution, they see it as a buffet, choose what you like and ignore the rest.

    To me we have to look to the future and how we are going to communicate what needs to be communicated to people who have come through their indoctrination by the Leftists that have taught them and come to the conclusions that they have come to.

    Understand the past and the nature of man, but we can not look back and lament that we no longer live there.

    (What size hat are you? You probably have big fat head filled with all of that studying, I will send an adjustable hat.)

  • Cotour: As usual your writing slips into a condescending tone. You are twisting my words, or not reading them. I am no innocent as you are trying to imply. I am merely pointing out where we as citizens need to go if we are to regain some of the civilization we once had. You are not the only one looking to the future. Some however have different perspectives on how to get there.

    By the way, your approach, harsh and brutal, might very well be required (“Freedom refreshed with blood” and all that). I still hope there are enough decent people in the country who might prefer a more civilized solution.

    Personally I have little hope left for my preference, as I don’t think right now we are very civilized. Witness how difficult it is for me to maintain such a simple rule as “no obscenities” on BtB. Such a rule once went without saying, and was obeyed by everyone. No longer.

    However, by demanding it I have actually returned a little bit of that civilization to my website, though I have to fight to maintain it. No blood required, just simply decency. No reason this can’t be done by everyone.

  • I must also add that if you have been reading anything I have written, I am no milquetoast. My biggest complaint about Trump is that he wasn’t brutal enough in his first term. He didn’t clean house when he had the chance, and thus allowed the bad players to gain more power against him.

  • Cotour

    Not as condescending as Jeff F. I hope. His faux superiority condescension just falls so flat. I mean my condescension and write it to annoy and make my point. Sometimes a good metaphorical slap in the head gets someone’s attention and makes them think.

    As usual we are generally on the same page but I think we have got to get where we have to get a bit differently, and drag along those values that we both recognize as being fundamental and essential.

    (The Constitution was not written because all the nice people in the country and the world needed something to do on those cold nights and hot days)

    And I am not for one second promoting anything other than getting there through civilized although possibly messy and contentious means here and there. It is just the nature of the endeavor.

    And as to the obscenities issue, I gave you my comment box suggestion that might better deal with having to constantly remind people to be civil. If someone is intent on commenting your warnings and rules are for all intents and purposes invisible.

    Again, you insist on your “old” way, you posted your rules. Try something a bit different that you might not ordinarily try. Might help, might not. I “see” the other things on the page only if I am looking for something specific, otherwise I see nothing.

    And your rules are very valuable as is your vigilance. And although I can run to be condescending here and there your rules have made me a more competent and thoughtful commenter, as it has others. If in the end you are writing something and no one can see or understand your point, than what is the point?

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Robert: I completely agree that media has a clickbait bias. I’m certainly not saying that we should not endeavor to make sure that the vote is accurate. My time is valuable and I cannot read everything online – particularly propaganda outlets. If this investigation gains traction in court, then I will absolutely pay attention.

    I would caution folks against making Dominion Voting Systems into this year’s Russia before there’s any real evidence.

  • Cotour

    Yeah, I think the Russians spent some money on social media ads and they played both sides in order to cause chaos. And the “Russia collusion” fraud was in fact a Hillary necessary scheme to draw the heat off of Hillary and Bill and their many acts of corruption and cash flow from the Russians them selves. Remember the name Uranium One? And Brennan, Clapper and Comey were right there to help the “Next” president of the United States Of America, Hillary herself. And I am certain you know nothing of any of this.

    (Just one more hollow Potemkin narrative offering from Jeff)

    Remember, everything in modern American politics leads directly to one person, Hillary Clinton, Ma barker. At the time, who would dare appear to stand in her way when everyone knew she would be the next president? Not many I can tell you, could you imagine that woman being in the position of the president? That is truly a chilling thought.

    The Dominion issue will it looks like turn out to be a long term investment initiated by the likes of Chavez and Maduro and now by ultimately the Chinese through their cash flowing to purchase the company. An extensive investment was made in hardware and programming in order to create a voting system that ultimately could be controlled and manipulated by actors through the internet in other country’s in order to disrupt and choose political leaders. How better to fight a foe that you can not beat from the outside?


    And remember, our system being what it is we invite these players into out country freely and openly. No so for their country’s because they are Communist, Socialist and the like.

    And you know the CIA has its hand in all of this at some level.

    And I could only imagine the sales pitch that was made by those Dominion sales people in those one on one moments where all of the features and “Potentials” of purchasing these systems could provide were laid out. Not to mention the kick backs for the politicos that OK’d and signed the checks. I can only imagine.

    And Jeff and his fellow Democrat true believers will go blank faced when presented with the reality of it all. And they will see nothing and move on. But there it will be all the same.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Just read that we will likely find out the Dominion audit results on Monday.

    Attorney Matthew DePerno has filed an emergency order asking Judge Kevin Elsenheimer to lift the protective order prohibiting him from sharing the results of the inspection, calling it a matter of “national security.”
    DePerno asked for the preliminary results of the election to be released to the people of Antrim Co, of the State of MI, of the USA, and to the President and Vice President of the United States, as well as Chad Wolf, Sec. of Homeland Security and DNI John Ratcliff.
    According to DePerno, the hearing will take place at 8:30 AM EST on Monday, before the Michigan electors are set to cast their electoral votes.
    This is corroborated here:

  • Trent Castanaveras

    And while we’re at it, the Dominion Voting Systems Manual is certainly worth a read. As Cotour says, “It’s a feature, not a glitch!”

  • Schneider

    What I don’t understand is that specific instances of fraud have definitely been confirmed by multiple observers, in Detroit, in Georgia, in Nevada, I suppose others. Not withstanding whether an illegally cast ballot is “Democrat” or “Republican”, any or just one instance is, I believe, a federal felony. Yet we have AG Barr, hundreds of pontificating judges, and even the Supreme Court saying “not enough to influence the election!” That is not Barr’s or any other judges’ or court’s position to determine (they do not know); but it IS their position to hear and prosecute that case, even if only one instance. A judge doesn’t declare that because one bank robbery isn’t going to bankrupt the bank that that instance shouldn’t be heard, or prosecuted. IOW every declaration of “not enough to influence the election” is simply another case of politically legislating from the bench. If nothing else Trump’s position must be to expose election fraud at any level.
    What I think is really going on is that Donald Trump, for me one of the most out front, courageous and accomplished leaders we’ve had in a very long time, is NOT a lawyer, and “they” can’t have that.

  • Jeff Fauva wrote, ” I completely agree that media has a clickbait bias..”

    Except that nowhere in this thread did I say anything about media clickbait bias. I have not brought up the media here at all. Thus, I wonder if you even read what I write.

    Jeff Fauva also wrote, “My time is valuable and I cannot read everything online – particularly propaganda outlets.”

    That might be the lamest excuse that I have heard yet, especially coming from someone who has in the past two weeks spent a lot of that “valuable time” writing comments on this site trying to discredit any evidence anyone brings up. Rather than spending that time writing these lame comments, you could have used it to actually watch some of the videos and actually read some of the evidence, something that everyone you are dismissing has done.

    But no, that would be too much work. You’d rather depend on your lords and masters in government to tell you what to think.

  • Questioner

    Gen. Flynn: “SCOTUS doesn’t decide, we decide the election of president of the United States”

    Lt. General Michael Flynn spoke in front of a large crowd that rallied on Washington on Dec. 12, 2020.

    Commenter “Ica” wrote: “Trump should impose the Insurrection Act to arrest all those involved in election fraud!”

  • m d mill

    RZ has made the case that republican controlled legislatures had control of the election processes in many important swing states that could have given the win to Trump, but have foolishly allowed electronically tabulated results (easily manipulated by a single well placed person) and late mail in ballots with virtually no accountability for validity (ie no signature verification, etc.), and have demanded little auditing where warranted…even though they have constitutional authority.
    I concur with this analysis …they are ultimately responsible for the election mismanagement. It is very difficult for them morally and legally to invalidate the result now. The dominion machine audit however will be very telling.

    RZ: “I don’t care in this matter who wins. I might prefer Trump, but it is far more important to guarantee the vote is done right, to protect me and all those ordinary citizens. I however am ALONE in this. Today EVERYONE ELSE picks sides. ”

    You really do have a tenancy to express an outsized vision of your own SINGULAR virtue that is unwarranted and inexplicable.

  • Questioner

    I just discovered this video that I want to introduce to yours. Do we see the effect of “Hammer and Scorecard” here or is there another explanation?

    “Vote Switches Broadcasted on ELECTION NIGHT? Submitted to the SC!”–E9wBLk

  • Andrew M Winter

    Supreme Court is correct, period.

    The Federal Judiciary, indeed the Federal Govt et al. isn’t supposed to have any authority at all in how, when, where and WHY a state appoints the electors that they will appoint.

    If a state is corrupt, then it is up the citizens of that state to rise up and do something about it. That is their JOB as Sovereign Citizens of The Republic. Those people in those states have a duty. Their failure to perform that duty has no legal standing in the Federal Courts.

    Do I like it?! No. I’d love to rattle their little cages til they fall apart. But what goes in those STATE elections that the STATE LEGISLATURES use to see what their people want THE STATE LEGISLATURES to do vis-a-vis the presidential election is none of anyone elses business.

    If Texas doesn’t like it they can leave.

    I hate it, but that is the reality of today. The Republic is only as strong as it’s sovereign citizens. Since 2000 they have gotten stronger, yes. But from the FDR to the present the strength of the sovereign citizens has been sapped over and over again until we right up to the election of 2000. That was when people really started waking up again and realizing that they have duty too.

    We ain’t done yet. So Trump lost. He or a disciple can do it again in four years. Please remember that Biden is a TEMP, with no contract clause for renewal.

  • Cotour

    You know, I was going to take today off, and then I see something like this:

    “If a state is corrupt, then it is up the citizens of that state to rise up and do something about it. That is their JOB as Sovereign Citizens of The Republic. Those people in those states have a duty. Their failure to perform that duty has no legal standing in the Federal Courts.”

    And what do the good citizens do when their state government in all of its many incantations is corrupt and they violate the Constitution that all states are to abide by? And in their corruption whether overt or nicely hidden they have essentially cancelled out the good citizens vote for eternity through their corrupt acts. And when their corrupt government works in concert with corrupt news media organizations and corrupt and out of control Leftist dominated social media entities that have actively and effectively censored those citizens and what they were allowed to know and have not presented reality to them.

    Then what do the good citizens do Andrew W?

  • janyuary

    “It’s been a few hundred years since we British let you guys govern yourself…

    Really! Do say. Thanks, guv’.

  • wayne

    Andrew M. Winter:
    –with all due respect; I disagree with a number of your points.
    Highly advise you get the lengthy PDF file of the actual Texas filing. It’s a slow/tedious read but the Constitutional questions appear evident, at least to me.
    SCOTUS has original jurisdiction over all disputes between States, and nothing is more of a Federal question, than a Presidential election.
    Q: what does the phrase, “Sovereign Citizens of The Republic” mean. To whom are you referring? (I’m a citizen of the State of Michigan, which is part of the United States of America. The separate & sovereign State’s of the union, created the Federal government.)
    Ref: (the Commonwealth of) Pennsylvania itself:
    Whether or not they (or any of the States) legally complied with Article 2, is an open question in my mind.

    tangentially– Mark Levin spent literally hours last week on his radio show, explaining the actual points of law in question.

    Personally, I’m not hopeful. And this isn’t the first time SCOTUS has punted the ball, every time to the detriment of freedom and liberty. Biden will be installed and within a very short time Kamala will be running the Country.
    I assume Georgia will let everyone down and elect 2 America-hating senators, and then our fate is sealed. Welcome to Obama’s Amerika.

  • Jeff Fauva


    No, I don’t have time for questionable sources. I don’t have to read them to predict how this Dominion story will go:

    – Some right-wing hack claims to have explosive evidence
    – Court finds nothing
    – Right-wing hack claims that the evidence is being suppressed by a corrupt judge who’s afraid of antifa or some nonsense

    Surprised you all have not figured-out the grift yet – there’s always more evidence juuust around the corner. Stay tuned! Perhaps I am wasting my time on this site.

  • wayne

    glad you checked in!

  • janyuary

    md mill: You wrote to Mr: Z: You really do have a tenancy to express an outsized vision of your own SINGULAR virtue that is unwarranted and inexplicable.

    I read Mr. Z’s commenting rules. He’s a stand-up guy clearly because he didn’t delete your post even though you ignored the posting rules, as I am doing here as well. Your comment made it about Mr. Z — wrong topic and over the line.

    It’s about cheating in elections. Again the Achilles Hell of those who want to apply the scientific method to everything, is that common sense and anecdotal evidence — dismissing out of hand the extreme value of both is just plain stupid, yet anecdotal evidence is as valuable and useful as any other kind of evidence; the question is one of trust.

    Anyone who has been paying attention here in California has known for a long time that the ballots are manipulated. But since smart folks have been trained to reject perfectly good evidence and reasoning in lieu of time-consuming production of data to prove it … well, he who hesitates loses, as my dad used to paraphrase.

    And you, md mill, are out of line I think in making any post about Mr Z and “shortcomings” you perceive in him.

    It is, I am sad to say, past the ballot box. It has been for many years, it has only come to head now.

  • Cotour


    What incentive will the voters of Georgia have to go to the polls in the special election? What will drive them to the polls?

    Their legislature refuses to see what is apparent to many, there was extensive fraud and corruption in their election, AND the machines that they voted on were compromised and more than likely the results were changed to favor a candidate that is without doubt financially under the influence of the Communist Chinse. And that is without question.

    All because those who had the information and the power refused to do what must be done, their job as legislators. And that goes to their reasonable fear of the Democrat party and their enforcers, ANTIFA and BLM.

    Now tell me, what do the voters in Georgia do?

    Who will have any confidence in the vote in the future? I know I will not, any confidence that I had left the year that NYS went to the electronic system.

    Andrew W: Please tell everyone what it is that you understand about the Chinese and their aspirations regarding their domination of the planet. How they buy their way into company’s that freely operate within our own country. As a matter of fact they have apparently made a recent purchase, just before the 2020 election, they transferred $400 million through a Swiss company and they apparently bought a vote tabulation company. What is the company’s name? D O M I N I O N.

    And lets all remember how this game is played just to let everyone know what is what:

    DOMININION: DEF: Domination or control, supreme authority.

    Just to rub your nose in it.

    And to be honest our CIA has done similar throughout history, but that being said we should not understand the potentials that exist in this global power game and allow it. Some have in fact invited it and revel in it.

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

    Its not: Know the game, play the game, bend over and submit.

  • CAPT Constitution

    I’ve been lurking awhile (great site).

    Yes, we all have cognitive biases, and consciously or unconsciously use heuristics to sort information and make decisions. Some questions, though:

    Jeff, Andrew, et al: At an honest news broker, you’ll not see a news article about something that didn’t happen. If all news brokers were honest, you could therefore assume that if it’s not reported, it didn’t happen. Are all news brokers honest? Have some outright abandoned the pretext and just gone full propaganda machine, especially in the last 20 years? As an aside, where did the big media outlets publish their 2000 Florida recount results…the one that they collectively funded to show Gore actually won Florida and that SCOTUS stole the election from him? Was it on page one, above the fold? Or was it buried?

    You’ll also not see a news article at propaganda outlet of your choice if it goes against their narrative, and you may read about things that didn’t happen if it forwards their narrative (as has happened many times in the past, most famously with Walter Duranty and the NY Times…DuckDuckGo it and you’ll find plenty of info). So which is happening here? (I myself was witness to the Washington Post doing this in regards to President Clinton in 1993. I was present at an event the WP reported on, and read the WP article on that event the next day. I had to re-read it because the spin didn’t describe actual events…it was my ‘red pill’ moment, as I was a big-L Liberal.)

    Is NTD allied with the Communist Party of China , or is it in opposition? What is the history of Communists/Fascists (and other Leftists) in regards to propaganda? What about nationality…are all Chinese sites bad? Taiwan is ‘part of China’…are Chinese reports that originate in Taiwan bad or discountable? What would Joe Biden or Tedros Ghebreyesus do? (a spin on “What would Jesus do?”–har har)

    Did Dominion end up using open-source software for its voting machines? (If you only trust left-leaning folks’ information, try listening at 51:55 to Steve Gibson’s Security Now podcast of February 2020…or 1:53:05 of March 2019’s podcast {transcripts of the show are available and} Does the Michigan AG and Sec of State’s motion on December 10th let us infer that Dominion’s software was still proprietary as of Nov 3rd? If Dominion still distributed its proprietary software for November 3rd, how (besides reverse engineering it) would you test to see whether the software gave faithful outputs to its inputs? Maybe by doing this ( Or by doing a forensic investigation as mentioned above? If the software were open-source (for instance, available at GitHub), could anyone with the skills and inclination inspect and affirm its integrity? Are the machines tamper-proof and air-gapped during voting? What about during tabulation?

    Why is confirming election integrity only a worry of those on the Right? Why did ‘ballot harvesting’ by a Republican’s campaign in NC lead to his withdrawing from the race? Why is ‘ballot harvesting’ by Democrats so popular, nationwide, wherever they control the voting process?

    And finally, looking on Apple or Google maps, if I have an LLC, partnership, S-corp, etc., does the address to which it is registered match the place where it conducts its operations? If it has a big fancy office building, does that mean it’s more legitimate? If it does, does that mean Sears is still the pre-eminent retailer, both in Chicago and the world? Is there even such a thing as a Sears Tower anymore? What is the economic engine, who does the heavy lifting, of the world’s biggest economy…the big corporations or the amalgamated efforts of thousands of small companies?

  • Cotour

    Jeff F:

    Do you think this vial woman, a “Good Democrat party Soldier”, an elected representative who is blatantly threatening with not so veiled violence that ANTIFA or BLM is documented to bring, do you think she is playing? Do you think that there are no elected reps all over the country that just blow off her threats? Have you watched any of their activities over the summer in the many cities that burned and were looted?

    And no, like I predicted and you now intimated, you will not be here much longer. Why is that? Because you a non substantive and hollow political analyst, a Potemkin village. A “Good indoctrinated Democrat, know nothing, see nothing Soldier”, part of the problem not the solution. I know many of you, many are my friends, and that is too bad for them. Good people, but just ignorant.

    You are stone cold busted here, maybe you should better spend your time commenting on the CNN site? Or better Morning Joe, or even better, and I would bet you plant yourself in front of your TV and soak her in, Rachel Maddow. You will feel better about yourself there.

    Maybe you can educate everyone here as to your take on the activities and plans of the Communist Chinese? What’s your take on them?

    And your feigning your politeness is also fraudulent, save it.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Cotour: Thanks for the reply.

    Folks need to make their points more succinctly rather than post long jeremiads. I can’t respond to every conspiracy or baseless charge made, so let’s just focus on one.

    I made a prediction that the Dominion voting audit will amount to nothing in court. Let’s see how it pans-out.

  • janyuary

    md mill, I apologize — you didn’t ignore Mr. Z’s rules, no name calling or profanity, and that is good.

    The spirit of such rules is that the topic of conversation remains the subject at hand, not the qualities of the individual commenting on the subject. Mr. Z is a classy host. Some of his commenters, however, have less class.

  • Cotour

    And what are your feelings on the Communist Chinese?

  • Jeff Fauva

    Dominion truthers: (thanks to Trent – a readable source)

    “The examination of the Antrim voting equipment was conducted Dec. 6 by a team from Allied Security Operations Group, a Dallas-area cybersecurity firm whose representatives have put forward inaccurate and flawed testimony and analyses in support of lawsuits brought by the Trump campaign and its allies.

    Russell James Ramsland Jr., a cybersecurity analyst and former Republican congressional candidate who is identified in multiple media reports as an officer of ASOG, swore an inaccurate affidavit in at least one such case and gave flawed analyses of voter turnout in the Nov. 3 election. Antrim County would not say whether the ASOG team that examined the voting equipment included Ramsland, who, in one analysis confused voting districts in Minnesota with ones in Michigan”

  • Cotour

    The Detroit “FREE” Press.

    If it comes from Detroit then I am certain that it is reliable.

    I can not wait to see the NYT’s report.

    Dominion from what I have gathered to this point in time is up to its eyeballs in this fraud and I am pretty certain that it will be revealed to some great degree. For some anyway.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    Mr. Fauva:

    I knew you’d appreciate that. I do try to get all angles of a story to attempt to cut through the murk and hyperbole, even the ones I may not personally agree with or that cast shade. Facts are facts. From them we can extract truth.

  • Trent Castanaveras


    It is my belief that biased media try to keep their opposites honest. They do diligent research (well, some of them do) and report what they believe the other side would prefer to remain quiet. Personally, I want the big picture. Then I can make my own judgment.

  • Questioner

    Jeff Fauva:

    You speak against the truth! I don’t know if it’s out of deception, ignorance, or laziness (to deal with the evidence). Probably a mix of everything. Man there is a lot of evidence. For example, I myself have certainly received more than 50 testimonials from these hearings, which were heard live over the internet.

    In fact, the courts have almost always dismissed related claims not for lack of evidence but for formal reasons or a lack of jurisdiction. I say this as a foreigner who shouldn’t really care who you Americans vote for. One thing is certain: President Trump won the election. You leftists have betrayed the American people.

  • Cotour

    Jeff F:

    That was much much more than just a reply.

    If you consider yourself an informed Democrat, or worse, you are in fact a trained Democrat operative spending time here to throw your monkey wrench into this particular more Conservative platform then I suggest you need to go back to mother for additional training, your doing your cause no good here.

    Its very revealing and I appreciate your time and effort, we need much more of it all over. Your doing a community service.

  • wayne

    hope you’re joking about the Detroit Free Press!– it’s been a rag for some time. (Currently owned by Gannet. They went bankrupt quite some time ago (late 1980’s) and merged their printing & newsroom together with the Detroit News, which is also a rag.)
    -I should have been more precise about Georgia– ‘our side’ will turn out more votes, but they won’t count.

  • Rick

    How hard is it to learn Chinese?

  • Cotour

    “Dominion’s vote totals showed 663 people voted in a district where there were only 6 eligible voters and only 3 of those 6 actually voted. Somehow, Dominion added 660 additional votes to the final tally. ”

    DOMINION: Its a Feature, Not a Glitch.

  • CAPT Constitution

    Lol…if we were to go through the whole process and President Harris got sworn in to become #47 in mid-Feb 2021…and as seems likely, the whole chicanery eventually comes to light…

    Would President Trump get relief to undo the fraud, get sworn in as 48, then run for re-election in 2024 and end up serving 10 years? That would just be the most massive Karma in the known Universe!!! Talk about Leftist heads exploding!!

  • m d mill wrote: “You really do have a tenancy to express an outsized vision of your own SINGULAR virtue that is unwarranted and inexplicable.”

    Point very well taken. These comments by me were more emotional than rational, and were simply wrong. And being reminded that one should always be humble is useful. Thank you.

    However, the people who have decided to not take sides is sadly shrinking steadily. We as a society are factionalizing, just as Washington feared and warned us against.

    To understand how much our society has changed in this manner, when I was in the first grade my teacher devoted a class in teaching us who the Founding Fathers were and what they tried to accomplish. Though she taught the lesson at the level that first graders could understand, she made it a point to tell us about Washington’s farewell address, in which he warned future generations to not put their teams above the nation. She actually tried to explain the dangers of factions to us, and I think she largely succeeded, because I came away with a reasonable understanding of the topic, for a first grader.

    What is interesting is that this woman knew about Washington’s speech, and what he said in it. Nor was she alone. I remember growing up hearing about this speech many times from my elders. Its points were wise, and important to keep in mind.

    How many teachers do you think today have that knowledge?

  • Edward

    Jeff Fauva,
    You wrote: “No, I don’t have time for questionable sources. I don’t have to read them to predict how this Dominion story will go:

    This explains why you have no idea what we write. You really don’t pay attention. You think that you are so smart that you don’t have to read anything to know what it says, you Devine it from its source. Well done you, but it is why you are wrong so much of the time.

    Robert said that you don’t read what we write, and you just proved him correct.

    You have told us that you are perfectly happy to forego research and to spout off your nonsense in complete ignorance of actual facts. We see plenty of people like you, but here at BtB, we like to talk about reality rather than fantasy.

    On the other hand, if your attitude were acceptable, then I and others could disregard your own questionable sources, using your own standards: you disregard any source that fails to confirm your opinion. You are the one that Simon and Garfunkel sang about: “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” (Or was it Gilbert and Sullivan? I keep confusing those two duos.)

    Folks need to make their points more succinctly rather than post long jeremiads.

    You just don’t want to take the time to learn anything new. Instead you prefer to live in blissful ignorance.

    We see plenty of people like you come here, and many times we realize that they are just trolling us. Are you just trolling us?

    Perhaps I am wasting my time on this site.

    Perhaps, but you are certainly waisting ours, because you have yet to bring one piece of evidence to support your opinions. You are allowed your opinion, of course, but you keep arguing against facts that are presented with nothing but …. well not even with that much.

    A ruling that a plaintiff does not have standing is not a ruling on the evidence that he has in his hand. It just means that the judge thinks that the plaintiff is not the one harmed by the defendant’s actions.

    In college, I lived for a while in an “Animal House” type of residence hall. A few years later, the tenants of the neighboring apartment sued the owner of the “Animal House” claiming that they reduced the property value of their landlord’s building. The judge ruled that the residence hall was indeed a horrible neighbor (the drug dealing there made him say that the place could be guilty of RICO statutes), but the residents had no standing. In retrospect, the landlord probably would not have had standing unless he were trying to sell his building, because he had not yet been harmed.

    Just because a court is not willing to take on a case does not mean that an injustice has not been committed.

    You, Jeff, have been completely unconvincing, except to convince us that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • wayne

    –yes, it was Simon and Garfunkel.


    Gangs of New York: Bill the Butcher kills Walter McGinn

  • Questioner

    Is this a last resort action to enable Trump to save America in order to avoid martial law?

    Sidney Powell: “Trump Could Trigger 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference”

  • Trent Castanaveras

    The Antrim County Dominion forensic audit is released, with certain redactions.

  • Trent: Thank you! I advise that everyone download the pdf immediately. I am going to post, and provide the pdf.

  • Questioner

    Trent Castanaveras:

    Many Thanks. This is great, incredible evidence !! But wait, you can’t convince a lying leftist with facts. In most cases this is hopeless.

  • wayne

    As well, thank-you for that link. I’m a firm believer in reading actual source-documents.

    Just a reminder of the time-line were under:

    “December 14, 2020—electors vote in their States:
    The electors meet in their respective States and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots. The electors record their votes on six Certificates of Vote, which are paired with the six remaining Certificates of Ascertainment. The electors sign, seal, and certify six sets of electoral votes. A set of electoral votes consists of one Certificate of Ascertainment and one Certificate of Vote.
    December 23, 2020—electoral votes arrive in the District of Columbia:
    Electoral votes (the Certificates of Vote) must be received by the President of the Senate and the Archivist no later than nine days after the meeting of the electors. If votes are lost or delayed, the Archivist may take extraordinary measures to retrieve duplicate originals.
    On or before January 3, 2021—Archivist transfers Certificates to Congress:
    As the new Congress assembles, the Archivist transmits sets of Certificates to Congress, as requested. This generally happens when the Senate does not receive its set of Certificates on time. The transfer occurs in late December or early January when OFR’s Legal staff meets with representatives of the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.
    January 6, 2021—Congress counts the electoral votes:
    Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes. The Vice President, as President of the Senate, presides over the count and announces the results of the Electoral College vote. The President of the Senate then declares which persons, if any, have been elected President and Vice President of the United States.

    If any objections to the electoral votes are made, they must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least one member of the House and one Senator. If objections are presented, the House and Senate withdraw to their respective chambers to consider the merits of the objection(s) under procedures set out in Federal law.”

  • Max

    This is interesting, the office workers we’re listening and taking notes outside the room the supreme court judges were discussing the Texas problem. Here’s what they said ;

  • Cotour


    First: We have vice president Mike Pence, the man who is now central to this election fraud issue and the man who will count and accept or reject the results of the 2020 presidential election:

    “You Have a Rendezvous with Destiny, Mr. Vice President” – On January 6th Vice President Pence Will Choose the Direction of the World for Years to Come”

    Second: We have this Ukraine news conference released just today:

    Who this is I am not certain, but what he is saying about the supposed incoming president elect, Joe Biden, would never be said by any leader or quasi leader of a country with that supposed change in leadership about to happen. He plainly calls out the Biden’s, Joe specifically, and their $pecial interests as they relate to certain monies requested and $upplied for $ervices rendered. This would only happen if it was certain and reasonable assurances were given that the power $tructure in the United States was with them. To do otherwise would be suicide.

    What will vice president Mike Pence choose given the ever growing pile of evidence of fraud in the 2020 election? Freedom for America and the world? Or, slavery for America and the world?

    What will he do? We are all going to find out soon enough.

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