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The anti-Semitic and bigoted Democratic Party

Link here. I was going to write up something similar today, but Jeff Dunetz has done it for me.

His focus is partly that of the mainstream press’s effort to cover-up this bigotry, but in the process he also documents that bigotry quite well, documenting the support given to known anti-Semites and their causes by more than three dozen major Democratic elected officials, including Barack Obama, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California), Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York), Congressman Jerold Nadler (D-New York), Senator Kamala Harris (D-California), Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), and Congressman James Clyburn (D-South Carolina), as well as newly elected Congress critters Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), and this week’s star bigot, Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota).

Nor have I listed every elected Democrat named. The bigotry that is taking over the Democratic Party is extensive. Nor is this a sudden event. It has been on-going now for decades, with no push back from the press or anyone within that party. It has now gotten so bad that the party routinely and willingly seeks the endorsements of known bigots like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

Yet, in America it is still a safe bet that a large percentage of Jews will still be knee-jerk Democratic voters. It is this blind support that makes me so pessimistic for the future. The Democratic Party needed a house-cleaning by the voters more than twenty years ago, during the 1990s, and did not get it. Since then the corruption has grown to a point that it now is running the party. Yet the voters still support them.

Be warned. The worst is yet to come.

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  • Cotour

    Its going to be beautiful to watch the further frantic self destruction of the DEMOCRAT party as they further pander to the Left.

    They are in a political cycle that they must go through and can not go around or short circuit.

    The long term Trump trend is clearly now being revealed and it is not good for the Democrats. No collusion with the Russians (A political fraud from the get go), add to that the potential to replace another supreme court justice, the cartoonish “New green deal”, the statistics related to the economy and employment, specifically the minority employment numbers, Trump demonstrating a real Conservative commitment and devotion to fulfill building the wall and revamping the immigration policy.

    This gives Trump solidified credibility with his base and fosters respect. The imminent appointment of Bill Barr as the Attorney General (Barr is a walking talking legal heart attack that can certainly cut both ways but I am assuming he will play hardball with the people who will and more importantly have worked for the Justice Department and the FBI. Names Like Comey, Strzock, Page, Baker, Ohr, Steele and many others who participated in the perversion of their fiduciary responsibilities, maybe even Ma Barker herself and the DNC operatives that surrounded her.)

    Will the Democrats become even more dangerous and crazy in their protestations? Bet on it. And in doing so they will further reveal themselves to the American public. And then there will be the 2020 election.

    And who will the Democrats offer to battle and destroy Trump?


    Really, thats who they look like they are going to wind up with, creepy, BS, Jackass Joe Biden. Probably pairing off with someone like gape mouth “Beto” O’Rourke (George Clooney does not appear to be a player here). The Democrats are in a desperate search for another Obama like candidate. Alas, Obama is a once in a life time Leftist / Globalist, white guilt puppet operative.

    Yes, the more that the Democrats attempt to obstruct Trump and sell themselves to the American public the more they will be revealed as un and anti American Leftist panderers, American Communists.

    Good luck with that Democrats.

    (Keep laughing BSJ)

  • Phill O

    The growth of Antisemitism has been sped up in the last three decades, both in North America and Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. This feeling flies in the face of rational thought. The muslim nations have been the aggressors against Israel, yet their own “sins” have been given a pass by the world. This same spirit of going against rationality is seen in the dimocrat policies concerning the border and illegal immigration.

    The dimocrats in Santa Fe have pulled national guard from the border and sent a few state troopers to the Bootheel to aide. Only, their aide has come as giving traffic violation to the inhabitants: seems very much like punishing those who vote against them!

    This is a spirit of ignoring facts and moving on racism like tactics, both nationally and against Israel IMPO.

  • Cotour

    Where is it all going?

    The DOJ and the FBI will be demonstrated to have operated well outside of the parameters of their lawful responsibilities.

    “Well meaning”? The best of intentions? Who cares? When your intent and actions become a threat to the lawful functioning of the Constitution then YOU become the threat. I think it has been well demonstrated that both the DOJ and the FBI have and continue to work as extra governmental organizations that all must fear. Much like the Mafia with unlimited funding and absolute power.

    Bill Barr will / needs to / must sort all of this out, and I can certainly see the prosecution of many of the already fired top level DOJ and FBI former employees, beginning with James “The saint” Comey and Loretta Lynch.

    This is where the reconciliation of the two sets of laws created to protect and empower Ma Barker herself begins. And she of course is the political black hole that all of these seditious activities swirl around. And she is the ultimate mob boss.

    In time this all must be revealed and fixed for the sake of every American and person who exists on this planet. That is the only acceptable although disruptive and painful eventuality.

  • Cotour

    We move forward as best as we can:

    Barr is as good as we could get IMO. Although a G.H.W. Bush appointee which gives me pause for the obvious reasons, Barr IMO is a hard nosed serious player that appears to be rational and will not surrender his fiduciary responsibility as the new Attorney General to anyone.

    Barr is no Jeff Sessions.

    “He’s the decider”, as a chimp like former president might say.

  • wodun

    They are very racist against white people as well. This is a major recruiting tool for white nationalists.

    It is very hard to counter because if you believe in being color blind and judging people as individuals, you are called racist by the Democrats.

    The new movement on the left is that race is a social construct, so even if you think race doesn’t matter but that it exists, you are a racist. And if you notice that there are biological differences between different groups of people, even if you don’t believe in treating people differently because of them, you are a racist.

    There is no way to win because the goal is to dehumanize people by calling them racists. The reverse is true for people on the right. A change in behavior would also lead to a shift in how the right judges previously racist people. This is because they are genuinely motivated by ideals and don’t have a perverse incentive to perpetuate racism for power and money.

  • Michael Mangold

    The left’s identity politics combined with incentivized claims of victimization inevitably leads to a hierarchy of groups, with the worst offenders at the top.

  • Col Beausabre

    “chimp like former president” – you shouldn’t speak about Obama that way

  • Cotour

    Col: I would never refer to Obama in terms that you propose. Obama is too dangerous to America and the world to lower ourselves to characterizations related to race and negative / racist stereotypes. Never. You empower the Left by using such tactics.

    Respect your opponent and destroy them as they deserve to be destroyed, completely.

    My reference was to the George Bush jr’s. presidency. I think a chimp might have been a better choice, but thats another discussion.

  • Cotour


    I happened to hear a segment from the Brian Leher radio show on NPR this morning.

    The subject? “Congress needs to be actively laying the ground work to impeach president Trump and not be waiting for the Mueller report”

    The caller to the show who proposed this strategy and which was readily agreed to by Mr. Leher and his other radio guest was asked: “Please tell us what in your opinion would the impeachment be based on that the Congress needs to be working on?”

    Then came the answer: “My God, there is so much here where should I begin?” (He had no answer in the end, but there was a lot of stuttering and rumination)

    In other words the caller and by extension Mr. Leher and his other guest who’s name I did not get all want the president to be impeached and removed but no one had any concrete basis for doing so. They just don’t personally like him and they believe that that is the basis for an impeachment. (I just shook my head. How low and dumb can these allegedly “Intelligent” people go?)

    At this point you have to ask: “Why are these people just not willing to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election and like our system is designed allow the American people their choice and let it play out and then put up your best in the next election?” We move on.

    This indicates two things IMO: 1. The Left is so out of step with the core majority of America especially after the “Be embarrassed and feel guilty to be an American” Obama administration and drive to surrender America to the Socialists and Globalists. And 2. Trump and his in your face American interested agenda is as I have been pointing out from the beginning of this political journey a real and true existential threat to the advances that the extreme Left has made in American politics for the last 50 years. And they will literally do anything to not surrender the ground they have won.

    And those two truths make the Left and the Democrats that they seek to influence and control very, very dangerous to all other Americans. Corner an animal and become a real threat to its existence and you will see just how nasty they will become.

    And IMO the Left and the Democrat leadership that fear them days are numbered. The Democrat party is in a death spiral that can not be stopped.

  • Cotour: I think it is equally bad to refer to Bush Jr this way. It discredits you, not him, and allows others to dismiss everything else you say.

  • Cotour

    The hurtful childish name calling in general I entirely agree with you on as I have stated and I practice here on BTB and in my every day life. And I have never characterized Mr. Obama or his wife or any other differently toned politicos or people in general in stereotypical / racist terms. I just don’t do that, its disrespectful and hurtful and will and should cause your opinions to be dismissed.

    I will stand by my non racist characterization of Mr. Bush jr.. You want to argue that he is a better choice over a chimp in the position of the president of the United States you go right ahead, have at it. And I am certain that he is a very nice guy.

    And I really do not think that anyone that reads my commentary or opinions whether they agree or disagree with me dismisses everything I say because I referred to Bush jr. as a chimp. That is really not rational. But I agree with your basic point.

    Q: How is John Batchelor doing? About two weeks a go he was very sick and was barely able to speak on his show and they have been playing historical interviews to fill time instead of current events of the day. ???

  • Cotour

    Some more evidence indicating how much of a threat Trump is to the Left.

    Choose your reality.

    In my interpretation of reality the Left, which includes the Democrat leadership and their adherents are in a death spiral and they know it and they are so scared, specifically of Trump due to his in your face American agenda that he is all too willing to point out, that they can only choose their version of reality and can not afford to even in the slightest recognize any other reality.

    This forced narrow reality will destroy them in the long term as they trend further and further to the Left. They are going the wrong direction and can not see or understand that.

    America was not built on Socialism nor on Communism, so why attempt to sell the idea that our future lies in that direction? Insanity has taken over the Democrat party.

  • Lee S

    Ok…. I have two questions , or indeed requests for you guys….
    1, Is it really necessary to reference the loony far left radical idiots as “the left”?
    “The left” actually encompasses many, many reasonable people, who have more socialist views than most of the readers of this blog…. I am socialist ( AKA left wing ) leaning, and have nothing in common with those snowflakes of which you speak…. I fight for the right to free speech as much as you guys… But words are important…
    I would not throw the term “the right” out to encompass every one from Reagan thru you guys to the KKK…. The first was right wing politically, the last are FAR right loonys…. At least concider refering to the loony left as the “far left”, or the “loony left” fits well in my book….

    2nd, Ditto to that request for info on John Bachelor… I had thought his voice was growing worryingly worse the last few weeks… I hope he is well, and should you speak, tell him fans spanning the globe wish him well!

    Lee S

  • Lee S wrote: “I would not throw the term “the right” out to encompass every one from Reagan thru you guys to the KKK…. The first was right wing politically, the last are FAR right loonys.”

    The problem with what you say above about the KKK is that is is entirely, completely, and utterly false. The KKK was the underground Antifa for the southern Democratic Party following the Civil War. It had nothing to do with rightwing politics. When the civil rights act was passed in 1964, it was southern Democrats that opposed it, and the Republican Party that ended up forcing it through over their objections.

    For a century the Democratic Party was the home of these bigots. And the Democratic Party during that whole time was home to leftist philosophies, from Roosevelt to Kennedy.

    To call the KKK rightwing is to join the leftwing smear campaign against all conservatives.

  • Edward

    Lee S,
    To answer your first question/request:
    Yes. In the United States, most people on the right have moved left of center, so that when we refer to the left they are, by the new orientation, “the loony far left radical idiots.” Those of us who remained right of center are now considered to be the loony far right reactionary idiots for continuing to believe in law and order as well as in liberty and individual freedom.

    Also, the KKK were Democrats, a left wing party. People also confuse Fascists and NAZIs as right wing, but they were socialists, a left wing concept. NAZI stood for the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party.

  • wayne

    Edward/Mr. Z.

    Good stuff.
    -This once again illustrates the differences between how we (1/2 of us) in the United States label/view our political movements vs. how the Europeans view them,
    Stalin and Hitler (and their respective dictatorships) had way more in common than they ever differed. The political spectrum is more of a circle, than it is a line segment.
    I for example, am not “right wing,” I’m an American-variant Conservative, small “l” libertarian, and a Republican. We used to call those “classical liberals,” until the commies twisted the language into a pretzel.
    Let’s not forget, Hitler & Stalin were best buds, until Nazi Germany attacked Hitler. And we got sucked into allying with one devil, to defeat another devil. (and then we spent 50 years in a cold war against communism.)
    Nazi’s believed in nationalist-socialism, while the Marxists believed in international-socialism.

    pivoting slightly….

    November 9, 1989
    “Right here, right now” Jesus Jones

    >>every one of those German soldiers was a goose-stepping loyal Nazi, until they became loyal goose-stepping east German communists….

  • pzatchok

    I do not understand how a person can support a democrat party that is…
    A: willing to suppress religious freedom.
    B: willing to kill unborn children in the name of ‘a woman’s choice’.
    C: willing to forcibly take away your right to self-defense.
    D: willing to remove your nation’s borders just to accumulate voters.
    E: willing to increase your tax rate according to how much you earn.
    F: willing to legalize dangerous unregulated deadly drugs just because people should be allowed to use them.
    G: willing to give medical care for free to those who choose a dangerous unproductive lifestyle.
    H: willing to force your children into substandard education instead of letting you choose.
    I: willing to hide racists for political reasons.
    J: willing to destroy an industry and all its workers because they think it could harm the Earth.

    For more than 50 years the democrat party has embraced everything left until all they have left to adopt is the far radical left and they are eating it right up. Everything and anything not Republican.
    Before that, they embraced all things racist and sexist. Today we see they are still the center for all things racist and in fact, work hard at hiding and covering it up.

    If you agree with and vote to support any of those things then you are supporting the whole of the party.
    There really is no middle ground, none at all.

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    The distinction is between American Liberal Democrats, which is a center Left American political animal and the much further to the Left / Leftists who are Socialists and basically American Communists who need to destroy the America that you know and love. They despise the Constitution and are using it against itself in order to destroy it. Two very different things.

    For example, Ocassio Cortez is a fully indoctrinated “New” millennial American Communist who goes under the seemingly acceptable and non threatening cover of a “Democrat Socialist”, which is a synonym for American Communist. She’s cute, she is loquacious, looks good in 5″ Manolos, has lots of “Ideas” about how everyone should live, she is the face and the spokes person for the “new Democrat” party.

    Should she survive in Congress she probably has the most potential to become the real deal American Communist millennial leader if she learns how to lie about everything she thinks and intends. Chilling.

    But she may in fact be too pure and honest about her beliefs and is not able to lie. A very interesting potential, the millennial’s may be too pure and idealistic to become fully empowered in America? An interesting thought.

    Joe Lieberman IMO is an example of a reasonable and tolerable center Left American Liberal Democrat.

    (John Batchelor right now is discussing the building of Central Park. Hope all is well with him and he is recovering)

  • Cotour

    Update: John Batchelor is live right now, sounds weak and shaky but he is on the air.

  • Cotour: He had planned to come back this week, after two week break. Expect things to improve steadily from now on.

  • Lee S

    @ Cotour… I am European, English in origen and have lived in Sweden for way more than half my adult life… I have also lived in Greece for 3 years, visited many European countries, visited north Africa to visit my grandfather’s grave ( he died in the battle of El Alamein in WW2), and I have travelled to the US twice… Not the tourist places, but small towns in NC and WV…. I am fairly well traveled.
    I have nothing but admiration for the folk I met in the US.. Almost to a man and woman, genuine, honest folk who work hard ( when there is work, specifically in West Virginia..) , so I do understand the American attitude to independence and freedom…
    But I believe there must be a middle ground… I live in a country with one of the highest rate of tax in the world… But as a single father of two pre-teen chikdren, I benefit greatly from the advantages of a socialist system… I get my rent ( very slightly) subsidized, I enjoy the same very cheap healthcare as everyone else here does.. the insulin that keeps me alive is free to me… The education system my kids are enrolled in is world class.. the roads are in good repair, and the playparks, urban areas and open spaces are kept clean and in good order…
    We pay our taxes and enjoy the benefits… I specifically probably receive more than I donate right now… This will change when my children fly from the nest..
    Neither system is perfect, but to dismiss a more “left” view as some kind of hell is not taking in the big picture..
    @ Bob…. Ok… If the KKK is a wrong example I apologize… But I stand by the intent of my post… I don’t paint everyone right of me with the same brush… And I feel ( snowflake like ;-) ) slightly offended when tard with the same brush as the loony left wingers..

    I’m also happy to hear JB is recovering!

  • wayne

    I doubt she’s all that pure, or idealistic.
    In any 3rd world country on Earth, she’d last about 15 seconds.

    you should visit the Midwest United States if you ever get a chance.

  • wayne

    “Hillary’s America” Trailer’s time to go behind the curtain, and discover the soul of the democrat party…”

  • Lee S

    @ Wayne…. I have 3 trips on my bucket list… I intend to visit an old school friend in new Zealand , taking in Japan while I’m in that part of earth… 3 or 4 weeks..

    When it calms down I want to visit Egypt and see the ancient wonders… 2 weeks..

    And I want to do a coast to coast of the US.. taking in the grand canyon on the way… As I said, I have nothing but respect for our little former colony ;-)
    Such a vast, varied and beautiful land, with such a friendly and welcoming, diverse and interesting population… I might have to plan for a couple of months….
    In a decade or so when my little angels have fled the homestead! :-)

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    You have certainly been around.

    And please note, I make a distinction between a Liberal Democrat which is a center Left perspective and I designate as an American political animal which is fully acceptable to me, to a point. However when the acceptable Liberal Democrat stealthily over time transmogrifies into a full blown anti American Constitution Leftist that bases their point of view in Marxism and who essentially promotes the virtues of Communism over our Constitutional / Capitalist America that is where we depart. And IMO you must also draw this line.

    You seem very willing (For the convenient moment in time and history) to flip the model from the individual is primary and the government is a function of them, to government is now primary and the people are a function of it. A very dangerous position to place ones self and their loved ones.

    “Free” is a relative term, the next question I ask is, at what cost to your freedom?

    America is designed to be different and is an on going political / social experiment which at most times appears to barely function. But that is again by design, our chaos and contention is in the end what will save us all. IMO when all is quiet and seems to be running smoothly, THAT is when everyone needs to be concerned and it is those times when you need to scratch the calm surface so you can detect American and by extension the worlds freedom being drained by some genius who “Knows better”. I.E. Soros, Obama, Ma Barker and now Ocassio Cortez?


    “Cotur–I doubt she’s all that pure, or idealistic.
    In any 3rd world country on Earth, she’d last about 15 seconds.”

    But she does not exist in a third world country, she exists in modern America where she at the moment, no matter how ignorant and idealistic she is or appears to be, she is a “star”, and people are following and empowering her.

    Her staying in power remains to be seen, but she and people like her are not to be ignored or discounted. Why?

    Because she and they exist in modern America and not in third world country’s.

    (And I was incorrect about J. Batchelor, what I heard was just another clip, the rest of show was cobbled together using other clips from different times. I suspect that he is still in not the best condition. All the best to him in his recovery)

  • Lee S: You need to honestly, brutally, and without emotion review the genocides of the the twentieth century. You will find that practically all of them originated from leftist or Islamic sources. (As far as I can tell, there have been no genocides from the right, but I accept the possibility, and even if you find one or two, you will find them to be the exception to the rule.)

    Some leftist and Islamic cultures and countries are not genocidal, but both ideologies have a bad and unfortunately easy tendency to lead to such things.

    And remember, you can’t cite the NAZIs or the Italian Fascists. They were proudly socialist. If you read their position papers prior to their gaining power, you will find their positions and goals very comparable to the moderate Swedish policies you admire so much.

    The problem is that socialism requires, in fact demands, the use of government regulation and power to achieve its laudable ends. And we all know what power eventually does, don’t we? It corrupts.

    The philosophic basis of the right is bottom up, decentralizing power to the individual. Such a philosophy makes it difficult if not impossible for the corrupting nature of power to exert itself.

  • Lee S

    Bob… You missunderstand me to some extent…
    I actually think that Islam is the greatest threat that the western world faces right now… It’s a stupidity complicated problem… The guy who runs my local convenience store is Muslim… He’s a genuinely nice guy, and not about to bomb the crap out of anyone… I grew up in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood… In the UK… I was once beaten up and robbed by a couple of white guys on the way home after working in a bar… The Muslim guys who ran the taxi service we used gave me free rides home for weeks after my beating…. They were appalled…..
    Extreamests will be extreamests… I disagree with anyone who puts religion over basic decency… But unfortunately the extremists are the ones that make the news…
    But one food for thought is that the single most effective attack by the Islamic fool jehadies was 9/11…
    I have no answer to all the questions I raise here…. I just dispare for the future…

  • Lee S: I just wish you would pay close attention to my point: I favor human social constructs that decentralize power, based on endless and widespread readings of history, worldwide, across many cultures. When for good intentions a culture, religion, or political system decides to use power to achieve its good ends the results are far too often disastrous. For a time they might work (such as Sweden or in the U.S. during the last 75 years of the 20th century), but almost always they fail, horribly. More usually they fail relatively quickly, with millions dying.

    On a face-to-face basis you obviously agree. You unfortunately can’t seem to understand this point on a macro level, even though there is amply endless evidence in the past century that proves it.

  • pzatchok

    Lee S,

    I just looked up Swedish Abortion law.

    The Abortion Act (1974:595)[1]
    Section 1
    If a woman requests termination of her pregnancy, an abortion may be performed if the procedure is performed before the end of the eighteenth week of pregnancy and it may not be assumed that it will entail serious danger to the woman’s life or health on account of her having an illness. Act (1995:660).

    Section 2
    If a woman has requested an abortion or if the question of termination of pregnancy has arisen under the provisions of Section 6, she must be offered counselling before the procedure is performed. Act (1995:660).

    Section 3
    After the end of the eighteenth week of pregnancy an abortion may be performed only if the National Board of Health and Welfare has granted the woman permission for the procedure. Such permission may only be granted if exceptional grounds exist for the abortion.

    Permission under the provisions of the first paragraph may not be granted if there is reason to assume that the foetus is viable.

    Section 4
    If an abortion in a case referred to under Section 1 is refused, the matter shall be immediately referred to the National Board of Health and Welfare for review. Act (1995:660).

    Section 5
    Only a person authorised to practise medicine may perform an abortion or terminate a pregnancy under the provisions of Section 6.

    The procedure must be performed at a general hospital or other medical institution approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare. Act (2007:998).[2]

    Section 6
    If it may be assumed that the pregnancy entails grave danger to the life or health of the woman, on account of her having an illness or bodily defect, the National Board of Health and Welfare may give permission to terminate the pregnancy after the end of the eighteenth week of pregnancy, regardless of how far the pregnancy has progressed.

    If, due to illness or bodily defect of the woman, the termination of a pregnancy can not be postponed the procedure may be performed notwithstanding the provisions of the first paragraph and Section 5, second paragraph. Act (2007:998).[2]

    Section 7
    The decisions of the National Board of Health and Welfare regarding permission for abortion or termination of pregnancy under the provisions of Section 6 may not be appealed. Act (1995:660).

    Section 8
    After an abortion or termination of pregnancy under the provisions of Section 6 the woman must be offered counselling. The person in charge at the hospital or health care facility where the procedure has been performed must ensure that such an offer is made. Act (1995:660).

    Section 9
    Any person who, without being authorised to practise medicine, intentionally performs an abortion on another person shall be fined or imprisoned for a maximum of one year for illegal abortion.

    If an offence referred to in the first paragraph is gross, a prison sentence of a minimum of six months and a maximum of four years shall be imposed. When assessing whether the offence is gross special consideration shall be given to whether the act was habitual or for profit or involved particular danger to the woman’s life or health.

    An attempt to bring about an illegal abortion is punishable under Chapter 23 of the Penal Code.

    Section 10
    The intentional disregard by a medical practitioner of the provisions of Section 4 or, subject to Section 6, second paragraph, of Section 3 or Section 5, shall be punishable by a fine or imprisonment of a maximum of six months.

    Section 11
    The proceeds of an offence under this Act shall be declared forfeited, unless this is manifestly unreasonable. Act (2005:294).

    This is actually closer to the US rights idea for legal abortion.
    This is FAR FAR short of the US lefts desire for abortions. The democrat party wants free abortion for any woman who wants one, when she wants one, no matter what. Up to and including when contractions start on the day of birth. The US left even wants it legal for a medical practitioner like a nurse to be able to preform an abortion in ANY “medical” facility.

    Your gun laws a but more restrictive than the general US laws, but not the worst by far.

    As for immigration,
    Sweden is far closer to the US right than the US left.
    The US left wants free and open borders. Not even a background check or ID required.

    You might be far more US right than US left if you think abour it.

  • Edward

    Lee S,
    You wrote: “I specifically probably receive more than I donate right now

    No wonder you like your socialist system. You are living on the largess of someone else. From each according to his ability; from each according to his need. As usual, a number of people somehow find themselves less able but just as or more needy, resulting in a few supporting the many. Those freeloaders are the happy ones, and those who do the majority of the productivity are less so. You have found yourself a sugar daddy, and who would not be happy with that?

    In the U.S., the top 5% of the taxpayers — about 15 million people, including families — pay 2/3 of the taxes, from which tens of millions of people receive outright welfare payments. The bottom 1/2 of taxpayers pay -3% of the taxes. Yes, that is a negative number, because there is even welfare-type payments in the tax laws.

    A few years ago, I was working 70-hour work weeks and had virtually no time to enjoy life. I was paying large amounts of taxes, more than half of which were going to people who were not working, so that they could spend all of their time enjoying life and little, if any, time being productive. I went Galt (who is John Galt?), stopped working, and now I spend my time enjoying life and living off my own savings, earned during my working years. Why miss out on the life that I was earning and deserved just so that others can sit on their butts all day and enjoy the life that they didn’t earn?

    It reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen.

    Meanwhile, when I need some medication, I have to pay more, in order to repay the development costs, so that the rest of the world — including you, Lee S — can buy the same medications for less, because they do not have the development costs amortized into their medication prices.

    You’re welcome.

    Rather than 7 billion people pay the development costs, 0.3 billion do. Is that fair?

    Am I angry about it? Of course not. I am happy to be the one the socialists rely upon for other-people’s-money so that they can pass out free or cheaper stuff in order to get votes from their happy, needy constituents. They are, of course, happy to have people like me pay for their lifestyle at the expense of the lifestyle that I had earned.

    [I’m pretty sure that there is some sarcasm in there, somewhere, but I am too tired from my enjoyable volunteer job to look for it right now, so please consider this a belated sarcasm alert.]

  • Lee S

    Ok, I will address your points one by one….
    Starting with the easiest to refute ;-)
    @ Edward…. I did point out that I am CURRENTLY a net “winner” from the social system. . This was not the case before I had children, and will not be the case when they are grown up… I have no problem with paying my way in the system I live in… It works, and gives a good standard of life to the majority.. there will always be a percentage that abuses our social system, but it’s a small percentage.

    @ pzatchok,
    Abortion laws ???? … Abortion is legal and regulated here… I have been “involved” in an early term one where an unwanted child would have been a terrible burden on myself and the other party… I’m not discussing the morality of the procedure.. but it needs a legal framework..
    Guns? I have enjoyed shooting the crap out of piles of beer cans on my ex father-in-laws private land… He is licensed to own guns and obliged to store them safely… I see no problem with the regulations here… He is a hunter, thus has a need for a gun…
    I don’t see the point of your argument ..

    @ Bob… I would love the chance to chat over a pint sometime.. I think we have more in common than the discussion here would suggest…
    I read the other day that the European Union was responsible for the longest period of peace in the continents history.. my first thought was “bullcrap…. That is actually down to nukes…”
    As an ex pat British citizen I am watching brexit with a close eye, and believe me, I am skeptical about any organisation that holds too much power… Until we are grown up enough to join the galaxy council we should remain a group of individual countries, respecting each others views and traditions… Whilst also guarding and condemning those that abuse the basic principles of human rights…
    I also advocate for a socialist framework which protects the most vulnerable in society… It works here, in the most part… I think a bit more of it could help out over there… And that makes me a leftist… however I’m nothing like the crazy snowflakes that are making the news with their nazi-like behaviour…
    You, and many of the posters here are complicit with poisoning the term “left” as relating only with those with crazy extreamests views… If I am no longer allowed to use the term “left” to describe my political views, then what am I left with to express myself?

  • Lee S. The most important thing that a modern liberal like you should do is to recognize the dangers of leftist policy. Once you do that, I can respect your position to protect the most vulnerable.

    Running from the reality of where liberal policy has too far taken us however makes you complicit with that eventual evil. When it begins to happen you won’t admit to it, and will look the other way, as did many decent people in Russia, Germany, Italy, Venezuela, China, and elsewhere.

    I am not saying you are doing this now, but I fear you will, as are so many today do so easily. This is why I seriously fear for the near future..

  • commodude

    “He is a hunter, and thus has a need for a gun…”

    And herein lies the fundamental difference between the United States Constitution and the socialist enclaves of Europe.

    That should be “He is a citizen, and has the right to own a weapon.”

    It’s the basic point where these discussions reach a breaking point beyond which there can be no rational continued discussion. In European socialism the subject goes begging to the state for the favor to be granted. In our Constitutional Republic, as originally constructed, the state has no legal groundwork to bar someone of the basic right of self defense.

    It’s the difference between being a citizen and being a subject.

  • wayne

    absolutely, good stuff.

    Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with some level of “social welfare programs” to assist the afflicted and dispossessed of our country. However…. what we currently have are endless wealth transfer programs that accomplish nothing but enslaving the “poor” and penalizing the “not-poor,” and it drags us all down. We’ve spent trillions of dollars since the ‘great society’ and essentially all gains have come from the private capitalist end of our economy and in spite of, the oppressive policies of our federal government.
    “Charity Begins At Home,” and if that isn’t enough, then we branch outward to the neighborhood & Community, but we should always strive to keep any level of assistance at the closest political subdivision to the need. It’s not the responsibility of our Federal Government to send people money every month.
    I’ve spent huge amounts of my career in human services, and have been the beneficiary of “mental health spending,” (and it’s provided me a good life) but I’ve always gravitated toward the vocational end of things, cuz’ I believe in, the power of work, (and the division of labor.)
    Everybody Can do Some Thing, but only if it makes economic sense in the long term
    What our System does now, enslave the poor and creates a class of highly-paid welfare recipients, who administer it all.
    There is little difference between the case-worker who dispenses your food-stamps to you, and the recipient of those food stamps, except the case-worker is paid $20/hour, and the Recipient isn’t….
    (and, if you give people free money, no matter what sense of morality they may have, eventually they will waste it, it’s only common sense. What you don’t earn by yourself, you don’t value as much…)

    anyway…. huge topic.

  • Lee S

    @ Bob…. Fear not… I will call out anything I find abhorrent, be it in my own political leaning group, or to the right of me… I am agnostic to bullcrap… I tell it when I see it..
    But I also ( as an outsider ) see the rise of a scary right wing mentality under the trump government…. I guess we could say that everything is getting more extreme… I just hope when everything breaks there are enough level heads to rebuild everything :-/

    @ Commodude…. You are correct.. gun control is an issue that you guys and us guys are never going to agree upon….
    We have gun control, we have WAY less deaths by gun than the US… but I believe that genie is never going back in the lamp… I honestly have no answer to what is essentially a very American problem… I’m just pleased my kids have very little chance of ever experiencing gun violence.

    @ Wayne ..
    We don’t have food stamps….
    No child goes hungry in my socialist, pinko commie country… It’s not your system… I don’t want to inflict my system on you, but I also don’t want you to dismiss out of hand a system which works, and protects the vulnerable… It’s “the left”, so is obviously wrong… But poverty in Sweden is much lower than in the US…
    draw your own conclusions…

  • Lee S

    That should have been “levels of poverty”… Sorry for the typo….

  • commodude

    It’s not gun control, it’s a symptom of a problem. You’re a subject. I’m a citizen.

  • pzatchok

    I didn’t mean to upset you Lee S. I think I might have though.

    What did try to say was that your Idea of being politically Left is far Different than the US idea of politically left.

    The Abortion reference was to show that the Swedish law is if FAR FAR FAR more restrictive than any US law except the idea of total banning.
    Swedish gun laws are a bit more restrictive than the US norm but far more to the right than the majority of the US lefts idea of eventual total confiscation.
    Swedish immigration laws are closer to the US right than the US left.

    It looks to me that the Swedish idea of Socialism is in fact just a general social welfare system. Not total socialism leading to communism.

  • Lee S

    @ pzatchok….
    “It looks to me that the Swedish idea of Socialism is in fact just a general social welfare system. Not total socialism leading to communism.”

    My point exactly… But I’m leftist….
    Am I “the left”?

  • Lee S

    @ commodude..
    I’m a citizen… As are you… If you honestly think you have any more freedoms under your constitution than I do under the Swedish system, then you must have checked your brain in at the door..
    We are all slaves to the system… The difference is you guys have all that high talking crap that your founding fathers genuinely tried to incorporate to ensure your freedom.
    They never envisioned Google, Amazon or Trump…
    We have litteraly millennia being used to being told what to do, and when to do it…
    As the outcome is pretty much the same for a subject of a queen or king, and the free man of the United States, ( born, learn, work, die.) I’d rather have my life in a system that protects the weak and the vulnerable….

  • pzatchok

    Lee S you have a way wrong idea of the US.

    Gun violence is a social issue in the US. It has nothing to do with the gun but everything to do with the attitude of the individual. A basic total lack of respect for other people is the cause. No respect for their lives, boundaries or possessions. the growing “thug life” culture.
    50 years ago high school students would actually take their hunting shotguns and rifles to school with them during hunting season. Leave them unlocked in their cars and trucks. They would go hunting before and after school. No one thought of shooting each other and no one thought of stealing those weapons.
    Now the total lack of simple respect for other people has led to attitudes were if you even show a gun picture to someone they get all upset and at best report you to the authorities or actually pull a real; gun out and shoot you.
    This is what our growing misguided social state has done for us in the last 50 years. Only single mothers were able to get welfare. So they never married. The father was never forced to care for those children. So we had generations of young men without a man in the house to teach them how to be a good productive man.

    As for our poor. Our poor have a huge obesity problem. The average household has 2 TV’s and cable. Two cell phones. A car, and free health insurance. Add in they qualify for cheap to free schooling through college. If they do not have the internet they can access it free at any public library. Plus free housing.

    We are not talking Africa poor, living in a grass hut without even a goat for milk.

    I have found that for the most part, people live the lifestyle they choose in America.

  • Lee S

    Just for context… I was hospitalised for a few weeks over Christmas… I suffer from bi polar disorder, and occasionally go bat poop crazy….
    I spent a couple of weeks in the happy ward while the medical professionals balanced the chemicals in my brain out..
    It cost me about $5 a day while inside… And I left able to go back to work and become a good dad again…

    If I had a similar experience in the US ( without VERY good insurance)…. Well… I doubt that the end result would be as good as I have experienced…
    I’m not criticizing, but hope to open some eyes to the fact that there are other ways… Some of them work… And even though they are “left”, that’s not allways a cuss word.

  • pzatchok

    AS for your idea that the Trump election is bringing about some rise of the extreme right is wrong.

    In fact, there is so little rise ‘of the extreme right’ that a black man actually had to stage his own assault and blame it on Trump supporters.
    “CNN crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted Saturday evening: “Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault. The sources tell CNN that the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.”

    And this is not the first or only case like this.

    There is no rise of extremism on the right in the US.

    But there is a rising extreme left that gets together and attacks those on the right.

  • Cotour

    The main point is that there is a line, and that line is being dragged much, much too far to the Left by desperate government operatives in America specifically.

    American politicos have no self restraint and the people en mass tend to not properly discipline them and so they continue there unabated pandering further and further to the Left and the masses who have come to believe that they are oppressed and entitled to everything. That is the nature of this game.

    There is a line.

  • Lee S

    I will never convince anyone from the US that the amount of guns in circulation is the problem…. And you will never convince anyone from anywhere else in the civilised world that it is “people, not guns” that is the problem ..
    The rest of the world looks at the US gun death statistics and shakes it’s head .
    I will admit that it is now an unsolvable problem… But when you have a look at the statistics, your “god given right to bare arms” has genuinely caused a lot more harm than good.. even if the intension was quite the opposite…
    ( And really…. “A well armed malitia”, to stop the over reach of government… In 2019…. “Hello 1819 calling, we want our Constitution back… “????

  • pzatchok

    Your case would have been paid for.

    But in the US you would also have the opportunity to not get treatment. Your choice.
    At least until you were proven in a court of law to be a harm to yourself or others.
    This is why we have a homeless problem. 90% of them are not getting their needed treatments.

  • commodude

    Lee S,

    Given your attitude and the dismissive, frankly insulting manner in which you choose to discuss these issues, there is no point to continuing this discussion.

    You dismiss the Constitution as “High talking crap.”

    In doing so, you directly insult the 21 years I and many others have spent defending that “high sounding crap.”

    It boils down to state control and how much control we choose to cede to the state. You, a subject of the Swedish government, embrace centralized control.

    I, a citizen of the US, abhor that control, and live in an area and in a manner in which I am neither subject to nor dependent on that control.

  • pzatchok

    And as for our militia keeping the government under control or even being able to overthrow it.

    Ask the Vensuala citizen if they would like the chance to have a few guns today.

  • wayne

    “If you honestly think you have any more freedoms under your constitution than I do under the Swedish system…”

    oh my gosh…

    “The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. James Madison wrote the amendments, which list specific prohibitions on governmental power, in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties. For example, the Founders saw the ability to speak and worship freely as a natural right protected by the First Amendment. Congress is prohibited from making laws establishing religion or abridging freedom of speech. The Fourth Amendment safeguards citizens’ right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion in their homes through the requirement of a warrant.
    The Bill of Rights was strongly influenced by the Virginia Declaration of Rights, written by George Mason. Other precursors include English documents such as the Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, the English Bill of Rights, and the Massachusetts Body of Liberties.
    One of the many points of contention between Federalists, who advocated a strong national government, and Anti-Federalists, who wanted power to remain with state and local governments, was the Constitution’s lack of a bill of rights that would place specific limits on government power. Federalists argued that the Constitution did not need a bill of rights, because the people and the states kept any powers not given to the federal government. Anti-Federalists held that a bill of rights was necessary to safeguard individual liberty.
    Madison, then a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, altered the Constitution’s text where he thought appropriate. However, several representatives, led by Roger Sherman, objected, saying that Congress had no authority to change the wording of the Constitution. Therefore, Madison’s changes were presented as a list of amendments that would follow Article VII.
    The House approved 17 amendments. Of these, the Senate approved 12, which were sent to the states for approval in August 1789. Ten amendments were approved (or ratified). Virginia’s legislature was the final state legislature to ratify the amendments, approving them on December 15, 1791.”

  • Cotour

    Lee S is happy to be a function of the government.

    1215, Magna Carta, 1517, Martin Luther, the reformation, 1776, Declaration of Independence, 1789, the Constitution.

    These events generally define the modern world and how the concept of human freedom is defined. Lee S is happily immersed in the goodness of his governments bosom.

    Like I said, Lee S is happy to be a function of his government, it provides all, but at what long term cost? It is against all known historical knowledge. But so be it, enjoy it while it lasts.

  • pzatchok

    Well Lee S also claims to be a devout Athiest.

    So I am going to guess that anything that even mentions God or religion is idiotic.

    Even though a huge part of Christianity and Judaism stems from the philosophy of Natural Law. Which he would happily agree with.

  • Edward

    Lee S,
    You wrote: “I did point out that I am CURRENTLY a net “winner” from the social system. . This was not the case before I had children, and will not be the case when they are grown up

    You’re kidding, right? I pointed out just one of the ways in which you are an international net winner from your social system: reduced medical costs, because we American’s pay to develop your medications. There are more: America carried the bulk cost of NATO defense. America carries a lot of the other costs of European defense. You’re welcome.

    Oh, that’s right, you didn’t thank us for all the support we give to you so that you live a better life. But that seems typical of those left of center — they just expect handouts, don’t bother to worry who paid for them, and don’t care that someone else is worse off so that they, the leftists, can be better off without earning it.

    You have been sucking off other teats your entire life, you just didn’t know it nor did you care. You still don’t know it, nor do you care. Just so long as someone else delivers their somebody-else’s-money so that you can live the life someone else earned, well, just go with the flow and enjoy that other guy’s earnings. My wealth and prosperity flows to you and others through invisible transfer programs.

    I’m a citizen… As are you

    All subjects are also citizens, but not all citizens are subjects.

    If you honestly think you have any more freedoms under your constitution than I do under the Swedish system, then you must have checked your brain in at the door.

    But your system has granted to you the freedoms that you enjoy. It can take them from you just as quickly.

    My system admits that freedom is a natural state, like the animals in nature have, and guarantees that the government will not take them from us.

    We are all slaves to the system…

    Actually, the difference is that the U.S. system was set up so that it was the slave to us and your system was set up to make sure you understood that you are the system’s slave. You project your slavery onto Americans. This is why you think that the founding of our country is merely a bunch of “high talking crap.” The Bill of Rights says it all. It is written not to grant our freedom but to ensure the government does not usurp our freedom. Most of the world grew up in countries where it is the other way around, so they do not understand the vast difference in the subtlety of the distinction.

    We have litteraly millennia being used to being told what to do, and when to do it…

    Which is why you are so eager to accept your slavery under socialism. You sound very comfortable having someone tell you what to do and when, sort of like a three-year old who is not yet ready to accept any responsibilities. We Americans have half a millennium in which we lived mostly free, except when King George started to treat his colonists as his property, not as free men. We Americans quickly learn to be on our own, make our own decisions, and to band together in order to do what we cannot do on our own. Free market capitalism is all about this freedom to band together — or not. Socialism is all about the slavery of being forced to band together (fascism describes it as a bundle of sticks).

    They never envisioned Google, Amazon or Trump…

    Actually, they did. They were the rich ones who ran some of the big companies and farms of their times, and they were the ones who wanted to Make America Great Again, because King George had drastically mucked it up. Again, from your perspective, you cannot see that.

    If I had a similar experience in the US ( without VERY good insurance)…. Well… I doubt that the end result would be as good as I have experienced…

    Once again, you received free stuff at the expense of other people. No wonder you are so happy about it. My eyes have long been opened to that other way, and it works for you, especially since it was not earned by you. Your parental sugar daddy came through once again, so why should you worry about being on your own, buying your own insurance, or being responsible for your own decisions? Just do what they tell you when they tell you to do it.

    I will never convince anyone from the US that the amount of guns in circulation is the problem…

    No you can’t. Those who already believe it cannot be convinced, and those who know the truth also cannot be convinced. The number of guns is not the problem. We have peaceful areas with guns in almost every home, and we have areas like Chicago where there are few guns, but many of the ones that exist are in the hands of criminals, not in the hands of those who could use them for protection.

    Your mistake is to assume that America is homogeneous, where guns are concerned, but it is not. Many places with more guns are more peaceful, because they have the correct attitude. Some places with fewer guns are more crime ridden, because the attitude is that the victims are unarmed and will not shoot. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, and by then the crime is complete, the criminal gone, and the police can only write a report; but that is safer for the officer, anyway. (6 minutes)

    In other places, guns are so prevalent that the criminal is likely to get shot by his victim, so he does not commit the crime.

    It is not the number of guns but the attitude of those who have the guns. Plano Texas has a peaceful attitude. Chicago has a violent attitude.

    And you will never convince anyone from anywhere else in the civilised world that it is “people, not guns” that is the problem ..

    Of course not. The rest of the world believes that guns just jump up of their own accord and start shooting people. This is what many think happened to Kathryn Steinle, and that the poor perpetrator just happened to have it in his hand, at the time, so the leftist San Francisco jury let him go free. The rest of the world no idea that the gun does not have a mind of its own and that it needs a human with ill intent in order to be used for evil purposes. Lee S, that you refuse to understand this is definitely a problem of yours.

    But when you have a look at the statistics, your “god given right to bare arms” has genuinely caused a lot more harm than good..

    The statistics show that cars have caused ten times more harm than good. Of course, you do not see the good that guns cause, because the news from gun-rich Plano does not get to your home; it is too boring (it doesn’t bleed, so it doesn’t lead). There are lessons to be learned from Bastiat’s essay on That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen. You, Lee S, focus on what gets in the news, not on the safety that comes from having guns in almost every home and the attitude to not be a criminal. And because it is not seen, it is difficult to convince the rest of the civilized world.

    pzatchok wrote: “50 years ago high school students would actually take their hunting shotguns and rifles to school with them during hunting season.

    The change in attitude has accompanied the growing amount of socialism in the U.S. Lee S. makes it sound as though this attitude has been standard throughout much of the socialized (as in socialism) world.

  • wayne

    Tell the Truth, or at Least Don’t Lie
    Jordan Peterson/Akira the Don

    “You don’t get to choose, not to pay a price, you get to choose which poison you’re going to take, that’s it.”

  • wayne

    ? A Petition – Frédéric Bastiat
    Candlestick makers’ Petition

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein:
    “Why Socialism Fails & Capitalism Works”
    [excerpted from Joe Rogan episode 1,006]

  • wayne

    Sweden: Lessons for America?
    Johan Norberg 2018

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