The dark future predicted by this week’s elections

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Because the elections this past week on November 5 took place during an off year, they were mostly local, and thus have a limited value in predicting the public’s overall political attitude. The results however can still give us a hint about the future, and are thus worth looking at for that reason.

In general, the results were mostly mixed, with Democrats doing great in some suburbs and in Virginia, and Republicans doing great in the down slate races in Mississippi and Kentucky. The governorship elections were also mixed, with the Republicans winning in Mississippi and the Democrats winning in Kentucky.

Other results also suggest mixed results on a variety of propositions. The link above notes the defeat of a leftist proposition in Washington that would have repealed the state’s prohibition on using affirmative action quotas. On the other hand, in New York City voters approved ranked voting, an election system that Democrats have used in Maine and California to destroy Republican opposition.

Overall however I consider these results a disaster for the future of freedom, democracy, and our Constitutional system. The Democratic Party has made it very clear in the past three years that it no longer respects all three. More importantly, they have also made it clear that they are willing to use slander, libel, and any number of vicious McCarthyite tactics to squelch and destroy anyone who opposes them.

It is terrifying to me that the public seems undecided or ambivalent about these facts, and still willing to vote for Democrats, many of whom have openly supported these tactics and positions. In fact, it suggests a large percentage of the population, majorities in many places, actually applaud the Democratic Party’s fascist tactics and positions.

This week’s elections therefore once again reaffirm for me a very pessimistic future coming in the next few election cycles. Even if Trump should win in 2020, the voting pattern that we have seen in both 2018 (when the voters gave control of the House to the Democrats) and 2019 suggest that his win will be mixed, and that the power the Democrats presently hold in Congress will remain firm and unchallenged. This is what the voters have been telling us. They are not ready to clean house in the Democratic Party.

Dark times are coming. Be ready.



  • wodun

    Marxism is ascending but I don’t think most Democrats know what is going on in their party and that is by design.

  • Patrick Underwood

    I followed the ranked-voting link to Vox (you should have warned us) and found this related headline: “The media’s biggest bias is its centrism.”

    Americans truly live in two different worlds.

  • Richard M

    As a DC resident, I will say that I don’t think this is as irretrievable as it might seem, since it is an off-off-year election, and the opposition is always going to have a leg up. Virginia is not Maryland. Not yet.

    But I will not deny that it is getting more blue, which is chiefly attributable to the vast growth of Northern Virginia, which in turn is attributable to the vast growth in the federal government over the past decade and more.

    More to the point, to the extent that we’re becoming a more liberal culture, this is what happens when you tamely allow the colonization of major culture forming institutions to an ideological set – starting with schools.

  • Cotour

    Dark times for sure are coming to New York under the guise of the “Progressive” agenda. And the only thing that will turn the peoples attitudes and install a more rational leadership in NYC and NYS will be some level of increased crime, homelessness, chaos and or tragedy unfortunately. All of which are approaching at high speed.

    I think that at this particular moment in time things are extra tribal as far as voting goes but the meaty middle of the road Democrats throughout the country are not happy with their party, who is leading it and its direction.

  • Cotour

    And then came Nanny Bloomberg to the rescue?

    I don’t think he plays well nationally. He has run as every form of political candidate, but he has all the money in the world, almost literally.

    But so did Hillary.

  • Brad Czerniak


    It’s a tough thread to weave to express worry about the first amendment, then accuse those you disagree with politically of slander and libel; crimes which the principal actors have not been convicted of. What ever happened to due process? To “innocent until proven guilty”?

    More to the point, Donald Jr. and others (Rand Paul, et al.) are engaging in far more dangerous McCarthyist tactics against the Ukraine whistleblower.

  • wayne

    Amazon Washington Post = Fake news, Fake opinions.
    There is no “whistleblower,” we have the actual transcript. It’s all contrived, manufactured, fakeness.
    Adam (#2 pencil neck) Schiff, is a fact-witness and he needs to be sworn in and testify as to his “witness” tampering.

    Helter Stelter
    Louder With Crowder

  • wayne

    William Mandel testifies before HUAC (excerpt)
    May 1960

  • commodude


    To convict someone of a crime, a prosecutor has to bring charges. The swamp creatures have proven multiple times that they WILL NOT do so.

    The First amendment doesn’t protect slander. The swamp does.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    The remedy to this is very simple. Just convince a substantial part of the 45-49% of the voting population that will go for Trump in 2020 not to obey any of laws and regulations that will come out of any Marxist administration in D.C. after January 20, 2021. Show the Donkeys that they can reign but not rule. Before talking about civil war, secession, or giving up read this. It could work in America, too.

  • Brad, how about sharing what freedoms we have lost while Trump has been President.

    And do the same for all those who dare speak out against the Fake News people.

    And did you watch “The View” telling Democrat candidates to lie?

  • Cotour

    Yes, what ever happenened to them?

    ” What ever happened to due process? To “innocent until proven guilty”?”

  • commodude


    Those in opposition to the Democrat Party and their acolytes have no rights.

  • Cotour

    I happened to hear an interview between Hue Hewitt and Chuck Todd of Meet The Press, you know, an “objective” conscious, plugged in “journalist”.

    Hewitt was talking about the self revealed strange actions and attitudes of ex CIA head Brennan towards president Trump. Any rational human being that has ever listened to Brennan talking about Trump clearly and unambiguously understands that there is no one on the planet that despises Trump more and it is reasonable to assume that he has in fact taken actions against Trump while in his deep state position. Brennan being a Globalist and Trump being the knight that is slaying that dragon.

    And it was like Todd was hearing this “Ridiculous” information, which he immedaiately dismissed and called ridiculous. Todd thought it ridiculous that a career government employee in the highest levels of the CIA would think that way and actually take actions above and beyond any legal ability to do so.

    Todd compared that to Jack Ruby being involved in a conspiracy to take out Oswald. Not even a possiblity, even though there clearly are piles for emails and messages and actual evidence to prove it.

    Todd just dismissed the thought that Brennan, and Comey, and Ohr, and Strzok, and Page, and Baker, the list is long, that such a conspiracy could possibly exist.

    In the coming weeks or so before Thanksgiving I suspect that Attorney General Barr and Mr. Horowitz will be supplying the subject of most all talk around the holiday table with initial reports on the FISA issue. And that subject will be how the FBI leadership defrauded the court in its submissions related to the FISA surveilance of the Trump campaign and how they set up it all up.

    And Chuck Todd is apparently entirely unaware of ANY of these potentials, a “Ridiculous conspiracy”. Potentials that to me just have to be officially confirmed when the investigations by the Trump DOJ and Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Durham present their evidence. Its plain as day to me, I don’t know about you.

    So here is a clear example of the two realities that exist in America today. However it will be hard to deny when the indictments of whom ever make the cut come down. Then what will the likes of the selectively unconscious Chuck Todd have to say about what is what?

  • Cotour

    Here Todd again runs cover for Brennan.

    ““You ought to ask Director Brennan: What did Peter Strzok mean when he texted Lisa Page on Dec. 15, 2016?” Johnson began, referring to two of the former FBI officials who worked on the Trump-Russia probe.

    Todd said: “Senator, what does this have to do with Ukraine?”

    Johnson read from a text message that Strzok sent Page in which he speculated that the CIA was behind leaks for political reasons.

    “Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking in to overdrive,” Strzok wrote Page on Dec. 15, 2016.

    I think Chuck Todd should resign from his position as mediator on Meet The Press if and when these assertions about Brennan are clearly established, he is obviously IMO playing for and supports mostly one side. The Left.

  • Ian C.

    Oh blyatiful. Guess that we, the “Russian hackers,” have to save the day. Again.

  • wayne

    I’ll throw this in here….

    Jesus Jones
    “Right Here, Right Now” November 9, 1989

    “I saw the decade end, when it seemed
    The world could change at the blink of an eye,
    And if anything, then there’s your sign, of the times.

    I was alive and i waited, waited…
    I was alive and i waited for this.
    Right here, right now, there is no other place i want to be.
    Right here, right now,
    Watching the world wake up from history…”

  • wayne

    on a more pessimistic note…

    Fahrenheit 451
    ‘the fire department arrives…’

  • Andrew

    Let me be very clear. PAINFULLY CLEAR.

    They will either respect the ballot box, or face the Bullet Box.

  • pzatchok

    I f we can not make enough socialists inside America then we will just import them by the millions.

  • Questioner

    Charlie Kirk BOOED OFF STAGE AT HIS OWN EVENT!! Trump Jr. On Stage Too!

    Today is an important day in America’s recent history. There is hope. The fake conservatives will lose the civil war against genuine real conservatives. See below.

  • Questioner


    Charlie Kirk gets confronted by Real Conservatives !!

    Fake conservative Charlie Kirk melts down. A pretty thing to be observe.

  • Questioner

    Conservative Revolt! Conservatism Has Been HIJACKED and Groypers are Taking it Back

    Conservative Inc. will soon go out of business. The subversion of conservatism by conservative inc. has gone on for to long. Almost every conservative value, for the last 50 years, has been forfeited. We are working in the lefts moral framework.

    The neoconservatives who literally came out of the left and Democratic Party started during the latter part of the 1950’s. They invaded, usurped and displaced the conservatives of the Republican Party fully by the end of the 1970’s. The neocons also maintained a strong presence in the Democratic Party. Start by looking up Scoop Jackson.

    Zoomer conservative vs boomer neocons. The young will replace the old.

  • Questioner

    America First!

    Nick Fuentes (21) is the future of Conservatism, and young enough to out-live EVERY Boomer. Glorious speech.

  • Cotour


    I was speaking with a Democrat lady friend who is thoroughly disgusted with the candidates that the Democrat party is offering in the 2020 presidential race. When push comes to shove, and I know she can be emotional, in the end she is a rational person.

    Except when it comes to Trump.

    So I asked her: “What exactly is it that you know that Trump has done that is so against what you think best for the country?”

    ” I just hate him”. “The way he speaks, the way he looks, what he says, he contradicts himself with every other word, the words he uses. God he is so dumb!”.

    “I just hate him!”.

    So you are basing your entire opinion on your just not liking his style?

    “Thats just the way I feel”.

    “But your opinion is just based on your not liking his style, you have not told me anything that tells me about what he is doing as president that is hurting the country in some manner.”

    Then it went off the rails, I saw something in her that I really had never seen before, visceral hate. And she is normally a very nice and compassionate and considerate person. But not when it comes to Trump, she is vicious.

    And at that point after what came out of her mouth, which I will not repeat, I was forced to point out that she was being irrational and quite frankly very ugly and violent. This is very real and disturbing.

    She and many others in America are in full blown Trump derangement syndrome and they are not able to rationally explain what it is that they think and feel and why regarding Trump and his being president. In the coming weeks and months as the media pumps its mostly desperate Democrat supporting narrative this will certainly increase in ways that is not knowable at this point in time because it will be getting much, much worse for them all.

    And what they will do the night that Trump is reelected? Will they all have to be institutionalized? Drugs? Mass suicide? Mass insurrection? Stay tuned.

  • Questioner


    Nick Fuentes is right: it’s difficult to understand why Trump even wants to further increase legal immigration when 77% of immigrants vote for the Democratic Party, making it increasingly impossible for any of the GOP presidential candidates to be re-elected. Apart from the economy, Trump has not respected anything he had promised his main constituency, who are conservative white voters. Trump himself is not a conservative at all, he is a liberal inside. He does not represent conservative values. So he is also for the gay marriage. He could also have been run for the Democratic Party. In this case he would have been able to adapt his election campaign rhetoric easily to the new target group of voters.

  • Cotour

    Oh, Nick Fuentes says that. (Who the hell is Nick Fuentes?)

    There is a big diiference between Illegal “Immigrants” and Legal Immigrants.

    Legal Immigrants, and I have spoken to many of them, are generally very patriotic and they DESPISE Illegal “Immigration”. It is an insult to them and their struggles in getting to America.

    Listen, Questioner, Trump is as close to a rational and pragmatic Conservative as you will or ever see in the White House. EVER.

    What you seem to be attempting to instigate is a Ann Coulter type insurection against Trump. Its not playing at least with me.

    Let me guess, you are a Libertarian?

  • Questioner

    No, Cotour, there are no major political differences between illegal and legal immigrants. It does not matter. You may have illusions about it. Both groups come from same culture and countries. Both groups tend to socialism, big government, welfare support and are open to identity politics (tribalism). Illegals, like their legal brothers, would vote in their vast majority for Democrats. Substantial parts of legal immigrants already use governmental welfare assistance. These are the facts. Listen to Nick Fuentes. All immigration should be stopped for some decades. Sincerely, your (real) conservative Questioner.

  • wayne

    Foreman Mike
    Back on the Border new project
    November 6, 2019

  • Cotour


    I have direct person to person experience asking the exact question that you pose about Illegal and Legal immigration directly to real Immigrants and their attitudes towards their political affiliations. And my direct experience differs from what you, and Nick Fuente, report. Who am I to belieive?

    You, and Nick Fuente, I will assume are young and enthusiastic politcal wana be players and are a bit too zealous to be taken serious. America was founded and is populated by “Foreigners” and the attitudes that they brought with them. They understood well from where they came and the oppression that they suffered and where they now are.

    Today they are called Americans. Are there political forces that attempt to indoctrinate them and enlist them in the Leftist anti American Globalist movement? Certainly, it is what they live for.

    Your, and Nick Fuente’s, brand of Nationalism is dark and not productive and does not respect the individuals who seek to come to America and become Americans, you stero type them and basically call them all Leftist opratives. And many, many more, I would argue the vast majority of these are the people that we should all welcome to America.

    Illegal “Immigrants” are very different then Legal Immigrants.

  • Questioner


    You talk like a leftist, because you are prefer your subjectivity and ideology over objective, real straight facts. Let me guess. Are you a female, liberal boomer? Lady, please do not reject the truth about nonwhite voting. That is a dangerous way of thinking. It is about America’s future. BTW, he is called by the name Nicholas J. Fuentes (not Fuente). We are strong and the future, because present America’s “conservatism”, which was have been subverted by leftist ideology since end of WW II, is false and untrue.

  • Cotour

    I must say that if the FBI is interested in what some foreign operatives are up to in America involving the internet I would suggest they read this previous post because it reads just like someone from China would write English. You Mr. Questioner are not an American. To the Gulag with you in punishement for your failure.

    Uh, oh, your Social score is tanking and heading for 500.

    Whether it be the Russians or the Chinese or the North Koreans or the Ukrainians they are constantly prodding and probing and attempting to sew discord and confusion where ever they think they can in America and in he American media and social media.

    I am sure you would love to raise a political wana be zealot like Nick Fuente, who is barely out of diapers, into the medias radar in order to promote his extreme Right positions in order to further your agenda, but not today.

    If you can, ask president for life, XI, how he is likin Trump so far for me.

  • Cotour

    On a related subject. I fully watched this particular short video that I posted on China’s social rating system.

    No wonder the Chinese have to steal all of their technology and advancments, they have been and are now turning their people into paranoid mental patients who are now unable to speak against anything their overlords think, say or do to them. This is Orwellian, and that is not said for effect this is literal.

    And the likes of Google and Apple and others are in bed / business with the Chinese and them being able to accomilish this offence to freedom and mental health. An American company should not be able to legally do business with another business or government that has such an agenda as this.

    The Germans have nothing on the Chinese, the Chinese are Germans on never before seen super steroids. And where this goes over time is not a good place, no, not good at all. The Chinese might want to invest heavily in mental institutions because that is exactly where they are driving their entire population to.

  • Questioner: You are beginning to remind me of a previous anonymous commenter on Behind the Black, who started out sounding like a sane conservative but steadily shifted toward anti-black bigotry and racism. I eventually had to ban that individual because it eventually became apparent that he or she was not here to argue the concepts of freedom and individual rights, but to push for race-based policies.

    In fact, the similarities are so striking that I am beginning to wonder if you and that earlier commenter are simply hired by some Russian or Soros operation to insert such odious views on my website in order to later smear it and thus discredit it.

    Be warned. While I welcome almost any opinions, there are some I cannot tolerate.

  • Questioner


    Get your facts straight by help of Ann Coulter (it starts about 11:30 in linked video): “Immigrants have been voting since 1970 more than 80% for Democrats!”

  • Cotour


    Have you had the chance to ask president Xi my question about how he is likin Trump so far?

    I will assume that he liked Obama much preferred?

  • Questioner


    President 習近平 has ordered me to introduce you to the following video with two real American Conservatives. Of course, I like to follow his orders.

  • Cotour

    Questioner (Beta male?) :

    I love Jesse Peterson (Man).

    Mr. Fuente (beta male) seems like a very nice young man, well spoken and intelligent. I will keep my eye on him and see where he goes. A little too idealistic and religious for me personally? Might turn into an inflexible religious zealot who can find no reasonable tolerance for anyone who might be different from him. Which would not be good. Like it or not not everyone is the same and fits into a particular “desirable” mold.

    We will see where he chooses to go over time.

    The lesson here? Learn a more seamless, nuanced and balanced way to sell your self or your guru. Why? Because when someone reads your promotions / posts your agenda can be detected and it comes off as being not genuine. Your road to success?

    Be genuine. 習近平

  • Cotour

    And in the dark there bacame a light.

    William Barr’s speech at the Federalist Society, excellent.

  • Andi

    “President 習近平”

    Should address him by his proper title: 習近平皇帝

  • Questioner


    I’m glad you have humor. I gladly accept advice. By the way, what do you think about Ben Shapiro? He seems to me to be a terrible, maybe even bad or evil man. He recently gave a speech at Stanford University, dedicated to Nick Fuentes alone, filled with attacks of Nick of the lowest and most evil kind. One more remark: It is very interesting to hear how Shapiro, as a non-Christian, defines what Christianity is or should be in its view. That sounds pretty arrogant to me. If you enter both names on Youtube, you will find this shame of a political speech. There are also some commented versions.

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