The man who invented the first programmable computer.

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The man who invented the first programmable computer.



  • Dale Martin

    Interesting story….I went to high school at Travis AFB in CA. One of my friends was John Draper, aka; Captain Crunch, he was like that, no limits and always inventing things in his bedroom!! (He had an AM station in there and I was his first DJ), he invented the Blue Box and was the first Hacker….I had no idea at the time what he would do…In the early 60’s, there was something in the air!!!

    There a lot of us old farts around who have lots to impart to the younger kids….Many of whom have no idea where all this came from, and cannot conceive of older folks having done it….I wonder if the current crop ever asks where and by whom all these gadgets were invented???

    Dale Martin

  • Great story. Is this Portland in Maine or Oregon?

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