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The mob attacks

Fascists: Here are a few more stories today that suggest to me that the new wave of protests over statues honoring individuals from the Confederate side of the Civil War has nothing to to with fighting racism and everything to do with exerting mob rule and power over others.

This mob will tolerate no disagreement, now or ever. And if you dare mention this to them, they will come at you with every weapon possible (including fists and sticks), not to debate you but to literally destroy you. And they aren’t merely interested in silencing any dissent, they wish to destroy our knowledge of American history, so that no one will know anything and be more at their mercy.

Update: I will likely be adding links to this list all day today.

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  • Dale Martin

    How this fight between two groups of monomaniacs, the former armed branch of the democrat party and the current armed branch, gets blamed on the Republicans and other conservatives is quite instructive. The media has lost all credibility with their monomanical coverage of stories that promote the particular concepts that they are in love with…I am sure that if two groups of socialist-leninists got into a fight, CNN and their klones would somehow blame white nationalism, or the NRA for the violence of obvious mental defectives fighting with each other….

  • Cotour

    I repost this comment to this more dedicated to the subject panel:

    The over arching problem with this pastors thinking and all the other people that are on board with him is elementary. The Founders of America, predominantly white males all, some who were slave owners in their day, constructed a document of governance that included within it irrefutable thinking and concepts that were in direct opposition to their own self interests and the self interests of their progeny related to slavery.

    What do I mean by that? The white founders of America, who lived in their day and who owned slaves wrote a document that they understood in time would end their own wealth engine. Why? Because they understood as evidenced by their work product that it was immoral and wrong. (What a concept, government having and enshrining detectable irifuatble morality)

    These arguments of rehashing and attempting to rewrite, erase or deny our history is pointless, unless you are a political operative who is intent on using the subject as a political weapon to where this history can never be reconciled. There is no reconciliation of these facts, facts are facts.

    If you want to focus on this subject in the literal terms that they are being focused on by one side then you must travel back through history and discover who were the first humans to enslave another human being. And when you follow that time line you are delivered to Africa and Africans “owning” Africans. It can also be argued as a fact that the Europeans who bought slaves from these Africans who actively practiced slavery and supplied slaves to the European / American market are equally guilty, if guilt is really being looked for.

    And then you must look at a Civil war that was fought primarily by white males, that was fought related to states rights IN OPPOSING CONTINUING SLAVERY. Six hundred thousand white American males plus (600,000+) shed their blood and died in pursuit of fulfilling the Founders instructions.

    And then you must ask yourself : Who ended the practice of slavery? America and the Constitution and the Founders who designed it to do so.

    What we are all witnessing today in America is the fulfilling of the leftist argument that America is fundamentally founded in corruption and criminal acts. But here we are, 600,000 dead to end what must have been ended by the white people who invented America, and just one year after our first two term BLACK president and no one can see any progress?

    And make no mistake, I am not offering that racism of all sorts by all kinds of people does not exist in America through out its history or even today, not at all. By design and through battle we move into the future.

    I will stop here but I have so much more.

  • Dale Martin

    I think the Frankfort school seized upon race after WW 2 as the wedge issue of choice. Perhaps because of what the Nazis did to the other socialists and communists, I do not think the modern socialist mental defectives cared about the fate of the Jews as much as they did being excluded from taking part in the third reich social change. We need to remember that these sorts of creatures have only an outer life, consisting of bothering everyone else with their theories. Take away their causes, and one would find nothing in their existence……just programming, and that would be obviously defective!

  • Lee S

    Ok, 1, Bob… I have read your essays on the disputed territory’s, … I did not realize that the land was legally sold to settlers…. that’s a bit of a game changer… but I’m still waiting before I make up my mind regarding the whole issue… it’s a serpentine mess..
    2. WTF is going on over there guys?
    I’m what you would call a pinko commie leftie, but I just cannot get my head around the closing down of free speech by these so called leftists… where I come from, to be left wing is to be in favor of union rights for the working man, a decent social safety net provided via the government from our taxes and good healthcare ,.,,
    These nutters who protest about any viewpoint that conflicts with their own have highjacked the name “lefty” just as much as the neo nazis have highjacked the right wing…
    We badly need to get back to a middle ground where we can discuss politics like grown ups….

  • Lee S wrote “We badly need to get back to a middle ground where we can discuss politics like grown ups.”

    Hear hear! On this we are in complete agreement.

  • Lee S wrote, “I did not realize that the land was legally sold to settlers…. that’s a bit of a game changer.”

    To my mind, the game changer for you should be that you will in the future reserve your opinion about a subject when you don’t know a lot about it. It would also help us to have an adult conversation here if you would have the graciousness to admit you were wrong when you previously wrote the following:

    “Perhaps the Palestinians would calm down if the Israelis stopped building on their land?”

    “And if you are going to claim the moral high ground, it’s best to not be a blatant land thief while claiming it,” while referring to Israel.

    “Can you tell me by what right Israel has to go and build on land taken illegally?”

    You had no idea what you were talking about when you mouthed those leftist/Palestinian talking points, and now that you have learned that you were wrong the adult thing to do is to recognize it publicly. (I do this all the time here on BtB. Why shouldn’t you? It makes for a better and more open conversation.)

    I also suspect it is possible you have not read all my essays, since I think you would actually find yourself surprised and in agreement by what I wrote in my essay, Building a real Peace Forest in Israel, and would have felt compelled to comment. That you have not commented on this strongly suggests you have not yet read that essay. I really think you should.

  • wodun

    Lee S, the problem is that if you speak out against the violence of the left, you get labeled a neo-NAZI. Literally everyone is called a NAZI regardless of their beliefs. It is very rarely true but always used to dehumanize people to excuse violence and punative government actions against groups of non-Democrats.

    Just look at how Trump is demonized as defending NAZIs because he said both sides were violent in Charlottesville and that both sides also had some good people in the crowd.

    The disgusting thing is that there even some libertarians and others on the right embracing this line of attack even though they know the left considers them NAZI too.

  • Cotour

    Trumps problem is that he explains things in everyday man terms, just like any of us would talk if we were sitting hashing things out sitting face to face. His political acumen when he is “winging it” is wanting. (And the media knows exactly how to bait him. Wake up Mr. president) The counter part to this is someone like Obama or B. Clinton. Looks good, speaks well, sounds good…………and says the same exact zero content every time, but it sounds and feels good. (Now thats a politician, slimy, disingenuous and lies, lies, lies in every word. Trumps lies are more based in his ego and massaging IT rather than lying about intent and agenda. Two very different motivations).

    Trump was for the most part very accurate, both sides came for violence and the police allowed it to happen. His problem is that he tends to over speak in such situations and there in he attempts to pander to both sides showing his compassion and understanding for both. Usually that technique might work well, but not when it can be extrapolated by the media that the president of the United States said that some of the NAZI’s were “good people”. A fatal communications blunder. But again, what he said was for the most part correct and true.

    But this is Trumps to figure out and master in his own way, I can not tell if he is learning any new techniques he is just brute forcing it.

  • Jwing

    As a kid from Queens myself, I completely understand Trump’s manner of speaking in a blunt, confrontational way when needed without backing down.
    The media is so dishonest in baiting him and selectively parsing his meaning.
    That being said…he needs to up his game, bite his lip and not fall for the media’s rhetorical traps.

  • Garry

    Cotour wrote,

    “But this is Trumps to figure out and master in his own way, I can not tell if he is learning any new techniques he is just brute forcing it.”

    My fear all along was that Trump would fail to become more than he is.

    I hope he does, and soon. I have more faith in Trump learning than I do in anybody influential changing their approach and supporting him.

  • Edward

    Lee S wrote: “These nutters who protest about any viewpoint that conflicts with their own have highjacked the name “lefty” just as much as the neo nazis have highjacked the right wing…

    The neo NAZIs and White Supremacists have not hijacked the right wing. The news media declared them to be right wing. They assigned them to the right wing in order to keep the left wing from looking so bad. People have forgotten that fascism is a left-wing concept, and that memory lapse is by the design of the news media, schools, and other leftist institutions. (13 minutes, Bill Whittle: “Democrats’ Horrible Racist Past”)

  • Cotour

    I say Trump has already fulfilled his destiny, he denied the criminal Hillary the presidency, a major and Herculean accomplishment. Well done! Everything there after is just extra.

    Trump is a natural winner, I am not betting against him, he IMO is much better than all of them. He may be quirky and have his own way, but I would take him over most any of them. He is the political colonic that Washington and our country and the world so desperately needs. Just massaging his ego, no double speak, no smoooooth delivery, no pretty smile to distract the ladies, just needs to do what needs to be done (If he could figure out how to get out of his own way).

    Just sit behind the Resolute desk in your boxer shorts D.J.T., you have already won more than any of them could have imagined. My next question is, who’s next after 4 or 8 years? The leadership powers that be in either party (The one party) are not going to allow this to continue. That is why we must all ensure our voting system, that is the only thing that is in their way.

  • wayne

    No matter what they say about Trump, HRC will never be President. That alone was worth it. Now we face a different set of dangers
    (He does however, need to learn quickly that Priebus, Ryan, McConnell and the usual republican crony-rino-progressive-statists, aren’t his friends and never have been.)

    Referencing DJT’s remarks on Rioters;
    Nothing he could ever (ever) say would satisfy the fake news left wing media. (They were so intent on associating Trump with Nazi’s, they didn’t even care to report the Norks “backed down” over the weekend or that Persia is now threatening us, again.)

    We all know that both sides of this riot in Virginia contained radical elements, bent on violence. Marxists and Nazi’s = street fighting, again a pure European import.
    (Look up the Mayor of Charlottesville, he’s a piece of work. As is the Governor of Virgina, HRC’s ex bag man. And David Duke? –my god, a nobody looking for another 15 minutes of infamy.)

    And this Jason Kessler dude, used to be a hard core Obama supporter and was active in the occupy movement. [“All adherents to Mass Movements are identical and interchangeable.” He’s the Poster Boy for switching alliances, do his nazi-buds know he was an obama-lover?]

    It’s interesting to note as well, during the last 8 years we haven’t heard one lick from nazi’s or nationalist-extremists, it’s all been radical marxist revolutionaries (or islamic radical jihadi’s), from occupy, the race, ACORN, SEIU, the BLM whacko’s, etc.
    In contrast, you could fit ALL the nazi’s in our Country, into a hockey-rink. They scare me infinitely less than the marxists who have totally infiltrated hollywood, our media, acedemia, and huge portions of local, state, and federal government, and number in the millions with their associated useful-idiots and fellow-travelers. (and they forcibly use our tax money to fund their twisted ideology, and if you complain you are a racist!)

    This right/left political spectrum ‘thing is a huge example of the lack of real education in our Country and the general adoption of lefty-narratives in our political discourse & language. And the mornic stupidity of our media elites. (It’s truly Orwellian) Like most of our “problems,” this is entirely an imported foreign-construct overlayed onto America.

    In European Parliments, marginal parties physically sat on either the extreme left or right of the chair and in relative association with whatever dominant party to which they alinged, to garner enough votes to form a government.

    The political “spectrum” is not a “left/right” line-segment, it’s a circle. You run light through a prism to get a spectrum, and that is not analogous to our historical american political process. That’s all european crap-o-la.

    Sabo– Street Artist
    “Cope” featuring obama nazi-youth

  • Cotour

    Wayne, analysis, opinion AND a video, wow. I do not know where you get all of these videos, your a video savant.

    That was “Molten Carpet” level writing.

  • wayne

    C–I’m a TV baby! (And lots-o-people, just like watching the pictures, fly through the air. It’s magical.)

    [Street Artist SABO, is an interesting guy.]

    A message for all the neo-confederates:

    Rev. I.B. Ware with Wife And Son
    “You Better Quit Drinking Shine!”

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